At the team's next baseball practice, Mihashi was (thankfully) able to move normally again. They were doing a bit of a practice game: taking one player at a time and giving them an at bat, the rest of the team playing in the field. Mizutani had just struck out; Abe threw the ball back to Mihashi. The blond walked back onto the rubber, and as always, Abe stared at his ass hungrily.

"Hey Abe!" Tajima shouted suddenly. The catcher looked at him, shifting his crouch. "Stop staring at Mihashi's ass! I mean, it is pretty nice, but we're trying to practice!"

Mihashi squeaked and put his hands over his butt, trying to shield it from everyone's eyes.

"I wasn't staring at his ass," Abe called back. "Just keep focusing on whatever drill we're doing."

Tajima grinned in a way that made Abe sure he wasn't hearing the end of this. "Alrighty Abe, but just remember that there's no sex in baseball! Even if we are handling long hard poles and balls!"