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Chapter One

"Out of medical supplies again, huh?" Mercurial Crash couldn't help but arch an eyebrow at the two Killjoys that stood before her. "You guys just can't seem to keep out of trouble, can you?" she glanced at the red haired male in front of her. "At least you're still in one piece, Party Poison. Lady Luck damn near had a heart attack when she found out why your brother had come to us so hastily, trying to trade off some medication for his ba-"

"Crash, don't keep our guests waiting at the door!" chided another female Killjoy, slightly shorter than Mercurial Crash, with short, bright pink hair. She nudged her fellow Killjoy and whispered in her ear. "Besides, we don't know if Kobra has told Party about his missing bass yet."

Mercurial Crash's eyes widened a little in realisation before she seemed to quickly mask over her expression with a sheepish grin, running her hand through her slightly wavy, brown hair.

"Ha ha! Sorry! Where are my manners?" she laughed nervously before inviting the two Zone Six Killjoys into the old day unit of the long-abandoned hospital that they called their home. "Can we get you anything? A drink? Some Power Pup?"

We're probably not staying too long," Party Poison replied. "We were wondering if you had any pain pills and ointment spare. We used the last of the supplies the other day."

"Everything okay?" asked the pink haired Killjoy, slightly concerned now. "Are Kobra and Ghoul alright?"

"They're fine, Space Biscuit," Jet Star replied. "The only mishap was that Fun Ghoul burned his hand trying to fix up the Trans-Am's engine the other day. Our trip today is purely because I hadn't realised how low on medical supplies we were until yesterday during a routine check."

"And what about just a good old courtesy call to see if we are still alive?" came another voice. Another female Killjoy stepped into the room, casually running a hand through her long, dark, wavy hair. "When was the last time you guys dropped by just because you missed us?"

"Uh, well how about now, Lady Luck?" Party Poison laughed a little nervously at the latest Killjoy to enter the room, noticing how her gaze was mostly fixated on him. The red haired Killjoy coughed and cleared his throat before trying to change the subject. "So, where's Sugar Fiend? It's unlike like her to not be here to say hello by now."

At Party Poison's words, the three Zone Seven Killjoys fell into an awkward silence, glancing at each other. Party Poison and Jet Star picked up on the sudden change of mood and immediately exchanged slightly worried glances of their own. In the end, the unnerving silence was broken by a new voice.

"She refuses to leave her room," a male Killjoy with paw print tattoos on his neck and pierced ears let out a small sigh and leaned against a door frame, addressing everybody in the room. "She's been in there since the gunfight two mornings ago against a group of Dracs. She won't listen to any of us."

Space Biscuit's frown deepened. "She's not going to do herself any favours hiding away like that, but we can't help her if she won't listen."

Party Poison tilted his head questioningly at Jet Star before looking back at the solemn Zone Seven Killjoys. "What happened?"

Lady Luck shrugged. "Don't ask me. Sugar Fiend started acting odd after her ray gun got damaged when some idiot Drac got a lucky shot and blasted her gun from her hand. If you ask me, she's damn lucky that she didn't lose her hand with it!"

"I believe there may be more to things than that," Space Biscuit sighed. "Did you notice what damage had been done to that ray gun?"

"Luckily, mostly paint damage," Lady Luck replied, running her hand through her hair again, shaking it out a little before turning to the paw-print-tattooed Killjoy. "Hey, Wolf Venom, did you manage to take a look at it and see if it could still fire?"

The male Killjoy shook his head. "The most I managed to get out of her was that it was still operational. She refused to let me take a look at it and give it a thorough check when I offered."

Space Biscuit sighed and shook her head. "None of you get it, do you?" she asked. "Yes, Sugar Fiend's ray gun still works, but the paint job was ruined. Half of the text on one side has been scorched off."

"The writing on the side?" echoed Mercurial Crash. "What does that have to do with... oh... Oh!" her grey-blue eyes widened in realisation before her expression changed to one of sadness and concern. "Oh... I hadn't thought about that."

Party Poison and Jet Star exchanged yet another look of confusion between themselves before the red haired Killjoy spoke up. "Uh... I feel like we're missing out on something that may be somewhat crucial to understanding this entire conversation and situation," he folded his arms across his chest. "Would somebody care to explain?"

The Zone Seven Killjoys were silent for a as they looked at each other. If Jet Star and Party Poison hadn't known any better, they would have thought that the Killjoys before them were engaging in some sort of telepathic conversation. One which they had been excluded from. However, after a couple of minutes, Space Biscuit took it upon herself to speak up, clearing her throat uncomfortably before looking up at the red haired Killjoy and his frizzy haired partner.

"Sugar Fiend probably hasn't told you much about another Killjoy called Sonic Zombie, has she?" the pink haired Killjoy asked in a rhetorical tone. "He was one of our friends that was travelling with us when we got caught up in the nuclear blasts and were stranded here. He was a really good friend. Liked to goof about a lot and make jokes, but I think that was primarily to try and keep everybody's spirits up about our whole situation with BL/Ind," Space Biscuit managed a soft snort, her corners of her lips twitching up into a small smile at some fond, unspoken memories before the expression faded into a lop-sided grimace. "He was Sugar Fiend's boyfriend."

At Space Biscuit's words – and the tone of them – Party Poison and Jet Star knew that this was not going to be a story with a stereotypically happy ending. But these days, not a lot of tales were. Especially ones that involved fellow Killjoys.

Space Biscuit let out a small sigh, her gaze unable to continue meeting both those of the two Zone Six Killjoys and that of her fellow teammates and friends. "I'm going to cut a long story short because I don't want to keep both of you away from the others back in Zone Six for too long," she said, her voice unnaturally flat, almost emotionless. "We had another Killjoy, who was also one of our close friends. Not as close as I am to Sugar Fiend, but we knew her well enough to trust her. And we did. In fact, we had so much faith in her as a friend, none of us realised that she had started to switch alliances. Not until she had lured us into a trap with Korse and a S.A.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W. Unit," Space Biscuit's green-brown eyes narrowed and she almost seemed to be glaring a hole through the ground in front of her, her hands clenching into fists. "We'd fought against loads of Dracs before, but the S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W. Unit... They were really something else. We were utterly outnumbered. And all because of her."

Jet Star shifted a little uncomfortably where he stood, glancing briefly at the other Zone Seven Killjoys in the room. All of them had stoic expressions on their faces. He guessed that he could only imagine what it had felt like for them to fall foul of BL/Ind and their elite unit. And all because of the horrible actions caused by somebody they had all known and trusted. Jet Star's forehead furrowed as he tried to associate with such a betrayal: It would be the equivalent of somebody like him or Fun Ghoul turning traitor. The thoughts of actions like that was enough to fill him with anger and upset. He couldn't even begin to comprehend just why somebody – a Killjoy, no less – would willingly cooperate with a power-hungry tyrant like the Better Living Industries.

"During the fire fight against Korse and his S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W. Unit, we had made a unanimous decision to retreat," Space Biscuit continued, looking at her comrades almost as if for them to silently back up her statement that they had all agreed on escaping. "But it seemed that there was only one escape route, and that our chances of all getting out alive were pretty slim as they would follow us. Hell, we were extremely lucky to even have that single point of exit. It was only because we had some unexpected help from a fellow Killjoy," she motioned towards Wolf Venom with a grateful nod. "That we were able to escape," a pause. "Well, most of us, that is."

The pink haired Killjoy stopped for a moment, glancing at her teammates again, almost as if silently asking for their approval to continue with the account of what had happened that hellish day. Lady Luck, Mercurial Crash and Wolf Venom all gave her a short nod in confirmation and she closed her eyes almost painfully for a moment before speaking again, her voice quieter than before, as if afraid that somebody could be listening in on the conversation.

"All of us were a little panicked about the situation. We had never seen Korse before. Or a S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W. Unit. We just wanted to get the hell out of there," Space Biscuit didn't maintain eye contact with anyone as she continued. "And in the hurry to escape, we got careless. Mercurial Crash had sprained her ankle quite badly, trying to avoid getting ghosted. So we were trying to flank her and help her out whilst returning fire." At her words, Mercurial Crash's cheeks flushed a little in embarrassment and Wolf Venom put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. He knew, as well as the rest of them, that they did not blame her for what had happened. To this day, all the blame was directed to the same person who had willingly turned them into BL/Ind. And for what? Just because she had been sick of surviving on Power Pup and was not sleeping in a five star hotel? As if BL/Ind would keep their promises to a Killjoy...

"Korse could see that one of our team was struggling and he tried to block off our escape route," Space Biscuit fiddled with her lip piercing as she spoke. "And that's when Sugar Fiend had stepped in, trying to cause a distraction and clear the path for the rest of us. None of us knew how inhuman this guy was. We had all though that the stories we'd heard about him had been blown out of proportion. He almost killed her that day."

The silence in the room seemed pretty uncomfortable by this point. The Zone Seven Killjoys usually tried not to remember the events of that day. They hardly spoke about it amongst themselves, let alone with anybody else. Even Party Poison and Jet Star felt a little unnerved. They had never experienced this side to their Zone Seven counterparts. It was definitely an eye-opener, though they were not sure if they preferred this new side of them to how they usually were. However, they understood the severity of their past encounter with Korse and his men. It was a situation that most Killjoys would never want to be in. Not to mention, the Zone Six Killjoys definitely owed their comrades their support. Especially after the amount of times that they had helped them out with medical supplies and whatnot.

"Korse has always been a powerful force," Jet Star said, his voice quiet, full of compassion and understanding. "Quite often, you hear of other Killjoys getting ghosted by him. You're all lucky that you managed to escape with your lives," he cleared his throat a little when he thought about what had brought about the start of this entire conversation and his dark brown eyes looked at his feel. "Well, I mean..."

"It's okay," Mercurial Crash said, stepping forward to put a gentle hand on Jet Star's shoulder. "We're grateful for both of you being so patient and understanding with us." She offered him a gentle smile, but even Jet Star could tell it was a forced expression.

Lady Luck, who had been uncharacteristically quiet, decided that this was her cue to speak up and add her say to things. "The thing is that we don't actually know if Sonic Zombie is still alive or not," she gave a momentary look at everybody, her gaze lingering on the red haired Zone Six leader before she turned her attention back to inspecting the lace arms of her black jumpsuit. "He basically made himself a distraction to Korse and the S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W. Unit, putting himself between them and our escape route so that we could get away with Wolf Venom. After all, Wolf was the only one who knew a sure way out of the mess we had gotten ourselves into."

At her words, a confused expression crossed Jet Star's face. It was rare enough that the Zone Seven Killjoys had decided to flee from a fight – though he knew that they had been completely justified in doing so – but to leave one of their own behind? It seemed just so out of character for all of them to do. Especially for Sugar Fiend, considering that it had been her boyfriend's life on the line.

Wolf Venom seemed to pick up on Jet Star's uncertainties. The tattooed Killjoy cast a glance at Space Biscuit, Mercurial Crash and Lady Luck, gauging if any of the three female Killjoys were going to speak before he addressed Party Poison and Jet Star. "Giving the circumstances of the situation that we had all faced back then, the only way for the majority of us to survive was if somebody could hold off the attackers whilst the rest of us made a break for it. Mercurial Crash's ankle was starting to look quite bad and she required assistance from both Lady Luck and Space Biscuit to mobilise," his grey eyes locked with Party Poison and Jet Star, never wavering. "Back then, I didn't understand the relationship between Sugar Fiend and Sonic Zombie, but I knew she didn't want to leave him there. She urged him not to do anything stupid, and that she was going to stay with him and see things through. Unfortunately, she hadn't been in any fit state to be making any decisions, not after her encounter with Korse. She could barely stand on her own and we needed to get her injuries seen to. Sonic Zombie understood this too and made me promise to get her and the others to safety. It wasn't my place to interfere with his wishes. I had to half-carry Sugar Fiend out of that place. The last I saw of Sonic Zombie was him sealing the locks on the doors as they slid shut, still blasting the hell out of those damned S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W.s with scarily good precision."

"If anyone was a good shot out of all of us, it was Sonic Zombie," Mercurial Crash said with a sad smile which quickly faded. "Sugar Fiend won't believe that he's gone though. She still thinks he's alive. And you know what the Zones are like with news and whatnot. There have been on and off reports that Sonic Zombie is being held for information by BL/Ind."

"And what do all of you believe?" Jet Star asked quietly.

"None of us want to accept that he's dead," Lady Luck's voice was firm, determined. It matched the expression on her face. "We're all waiting for the right time to investigate properly. To infiltrate BL/Ind and get to the bottom of things. And if he really is alive, we're going to get him the hell out of there."

There was the fiery determination that the Zone Seven Killjoys were known for. Inwardly, Party Poison breathed a sigh of relief. At least they still had hope. And in the desert, a little hope could take a Killjoy a long way. However, there was still one thing left untold. "So, without trying to sound dumb or rude, what is the connection to Sugar Fiend's ray gun?"

Space Biscuit gave a short, embarrassed laugh. "We seem to have strayed from our initial explanation to you guys, haven't we?" she scratched her head, ruffling her short, pink hair a little. "Sorry about that... So yeah, about her ray gun, have you ever seen it?"

"Can't say I've had the chance to inspect it at close range," Party Poison replied. "Then again, we Killjoys always find it difficult to part with our ray guns, right?"

"Duly noted," Space Biscuit nodded her head. "Well, since that incident, Sugar Fiend had detailed her ray gun with some words that would always remind her of Sonic Zombie. Like a memory. Though, she has never really explained it to us. She doesn't like to talk about the whole subject much. It's understandable."

Ah-ha. And there it was. The answer to Sugar Fiend's seemingly abnormal behaviour. It all clicked into place in Party Poison's head. "Maybe I should go and talk to her..." he mumbled, mostly to himself, but his words had not gone unheard by the others.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" asked Jet Star, arching an eyebrow at his friend and leader. "If she won't talk with the others, she'd probably be disinclined to communicate with you too."

"It's worth a try," Party Poison replied. "I mean, the worst that could happen is that she doesn't talk to me, right? Besides," he quirked a small smirk at Lady Luck. "Some people complain that we don't do courtesy calls to our friends anymore to see if they are still alive." He chuckled to himself when the dark haired Killjoy's cheeks flushed bright red and she suddenly decided that the floor was of personal interest, avoiding eye contact with him.

"Well if that's what you want to do, Party Poison, then we would be grateful for your time," Wolf Venom remarked. "Just be wary. And don't forget to knock before you enter. Let's not forget the time that Fun Ghoul walked in on her changing. I'm sure you don't want a scalpel thrown at you."

The Zone Six leader laughed a little at the memory before he gave a small nod to the others. "Well, I'm sure you can all keep yourselves out of trouble for a while," he grinned at them. "Though try not to cut Jet Star's hair if you get bored, okay?"

"I'm sure I can keep an eye on any antics and nip them in the bud before they occur," Wolf Venom chuckled as Jet Star's eyes widened and he bundled his long, curly locks in his hands as protectively as he could. "We'll catch up with you later, Party Poison."

With a final nod and wave of a hand, the red haired Killjoy separated from the others and made his way through the almost eerily-quiet corridors.