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Chapter Four

"Hey, c'mon people! Break it up already!" Space Biscuit yelled as she, Wolf Venom and Jet Star tried to get in between Little Red and Fun Ghoul. The short Zone Six Killjoy was struggling against the restraining arms of Kobra Kid, whilst Little Red fought ferociously to break free from Rocketship Dropout's grip. Who would have thought such simple jokes and banter would have gotten so out of hand?

"Seriously, Red, I'm sure Fun Ghoul didn't mean what he said!" Rocketship Dropout tried to placate her irate friend. After all, Little Red was both older and stronger than her.

"Well, then he should take it back, suck it up and apologise!" Little Red retorted. "Before I make him!"

Fun Ghoul snarled at her words. Opening his mouth to snap back a retort, his voice was drowned out by the sudden, unexpected sound of an engine starting up. All seven Killjoys ceased activity to snap their heads in the source of the sound. They were all just in time to see a cloud of sand and dirt kick up following an aggressive rev of a throttle as Sugar Fiend took off down Route Guano, the red dragon logo dancing along the back of her purple leather trench coat as it billowed out behind her.

"What the hell is she-" Little Red's demands were cut off abruptly as Party Poison ran past and towards the Trans-Am, Missile Kid hot on his heels.

"Get in the car!" he barked as he helped Missile Kid into the back of the car before he jumped into the driver's seat. The Zone Six leader knew he did not have to repeat himself: Just seconds later, the chassis of the Trans-Am shifted slightly as Kobra Kid, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul leapt into the car too. Jet Star, ever the cautious one, made sure that Missile Kid was securely strapped in as Party Poison started up the engine, engaged the shift stick and spun the wheel as he slammed his foot on the gas, sending the rear end of the Trans-Am fish-tailing around before they set off after Sugar Fiend.

Rocketship Dropout, Wolf Venom, Space Biscuit and Little Red stood coughing from the dust cloud that the Trans-Am had kicked up.

"Anyone wanna tell me what the hell just happened?" Little Red frowned, exchanging a somewhat bewildered glance with an equally confused Rocketship Dropout.

"Whatever it is, I don't think the problem is here," Wolf Venom said in a calculative voice. "Or Sugar Fiend would have warned us to arm ourselves. She looked like she was after something. Or someone," he nodded at the others. "I think we better get after her before she does anything... reckless."

"What the hell is this?"

"'This'? Come on. I thought you were all smarter than that. This, my dear friends, is my salvation."

"The heck are you talking about? Salvation my ass!"

Sugar Fiend's hands gripped the handles of her motorbike so hard that the skin on her knuckles – visible on her fingerless gloves – started to turn white.

"You set us up, you bitch! What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Me? What's wrong with all of you? Staying in hiding, eating dog food and living like desert rats."

"Hey! I happen to like rats!"

"Shut up, Space Biscuit. Nobody asked for your worthless information."

Gritting her teeth, Sugar Fiend shifted her foot on the gear of the motorbike, pulling her ray gun out with one hand, getting ready to take aim at what was in front of her. Just how long had they been spied on like this? It was alarming that none of them had noticed her standing there, back at the mailbox. Security was definitely going to have to be tightened when they got back to Zone Seven. The red and black haired Killjoy hoped that Mercurial Crash and Lady Luck were alright back at their base.

A shot rang out, the superheated ray gun blast narrowly missing her head, bringing Sugar Fiend's attention back to the present situation. Growling under her breath, the Zone Seven leader aimed her gun as steadily as she could whilst still riding at speed, trying to close the distance between herself and the BL/Ind team in front of her. Pulling the trigger, Sugar Fiend drew in a sharp intake of breath and cursed as she quickly reholstered her ray gun, using both hands to steer her bike out of the way of the tumbling Drac that she had just shot – and then again to dodge the skidding, spinning BL/Ind motorcycle as it slid out of control across the tarmac, angry hot sparks flying up as metal ground against the well-worn road in an angry protest.

The commotion had most certainly caused concern to the occupants of the BL/Ind car. The front passenger's window rolled down as another Drac slid halfway out of the vehicle, firing its ray gun at the Zone Seven Killjoy. No sooner had that Drac started shooting, another one rolled down the window in the seat behind the driver, also taking aim. For now, it seemed she was not making any moves, letting the Dracs fight for her instead.

"Coward!" Sugar Fiend roared as she pulled out her ray gun again to return fire.

"So this is how you want to live? You want to give up everything you ever stood for just because you can't take not sleeping in a hotel or having the little luxuries in life that we used to before BL/Ind started all this crap? By the way, in case you haven't noticed, you've chosen to side with the company that started all this shit?"

"I think it's better than cowering in the desert, eating dog food and any other scraps that you come across."

"And you think they're going to continue to pamper you like this? You're still a Killjoy!"

"Was. And no longer am. Besides, I'm of great use to them. I'm too valuable for them to dispose of."

"One day, you're going to run out of use to them."

"A shame none of you will be around to see if that's true. Am I right, Korse?"

"Party, what the hell just happened?" Kobra Kid demanded as he cast a concerned frown towards his brother. "Why'd she just take off like that?"

"I don't know," the Zone Six leader's brow furrowed as he thought for an answer for himself. "Whatever it is, Fiend sure seemed-WOAH!"

Party Poison's green-brown eyes widened as he jerked the wheel of the Trans-Am sharply to the right before swerving the car to the left again, its back end skidding as he fought to straighten the vehicle back on its original course.

"Dude! What the fu-" Fun Ghoul's angry voice was cut off to irate muffles as Jet Star quickly leaned over and clapped his hand firmly over the tattooed Killjoy's mouth. He would be damned if Missile Kid was going to pick up on any swears again. Deciding to continue Fun Ghoul's question, with less colourful vocabulary, the frizzy haired Killjoy spoke up. "I think what Ghoul was trying to say was what just possessed you to do that?"

"I'm guessing you three didn't see from back there," Kobra Kid replied on his brother's behalf, looking a little pale from their close encounter. "Looks like we know why Fiend took off in a hurry. You can thank my brother's good reflexes that we didn't just collide with one dead Drac and its trashed bike."

In the back of the Trans-Am, Missile Kid looked from Jet Star to Fun Ghoul with her wide, innocent eyes, noticing how the two Killjoys on either side of her had fallen quiet. She didn't quite understand exactly what was going on, but judging by the uncomfortable atmosphere in the car, she knew that things were pretty serious. And, if anything, she was sure that she could feel the Trans-Am accelerating even more than before. Glancing at the red haired Killjoy in the driver's seat, she could see that Party Poison's posture was tense.

"Don't you think we should warn the others about the obstacles on the road?" asked Jet Star, ever the one to be concerned for the safety of other people.

Party Poison shook his head in response, never taking his eyes off the road ahead. "Normally, I would," he replied with a frown. "However, I have a pretty bad feeling about all of this. We need to catch up with Fiend. Besides," he managed to force a small smirk. "I'm sure Space Biscuit will be a careful driver."

"Jeez, Space Biscuit! Is this how all of you crazy people from the UK drive, or just you?" Little Red yelled, clinging to the side of the jeep for dear life as it swerved precariously.

"I believe it's probably wise not to upset the driver," Wolf Venom remarked before he daringly stuck his head out of the speeding military vehicle, glancing back at the way they had just come. "Especially if she's dodging Drac road kill."

"Did you just say Drac?" yelped Rocketship Dropout from the back of the jeep, her eyes wide beneath her purple mask.

"You heard correct," Wolf Venom ducked back into the safety of the jeep's interior. "Though I'm not sure if that had been the doing of Fiend, or our friends from Zone Six," his grey eyes shifted to Space Biscuit as she concentrated on the road. "I know I'll probably regret saying this, but you might want to put your foot down even more. Dracs usually mean trouble."

"You don't have to tell me twice." Space Biscuit gave a sharp nod of her head as she shifted gears and slammed her foot aggressively back onto the gas pedal.

Letting out a string of profanities under her breath, Sugar Fiend steered the bike sharply to the right, shifting as much of her weight in the same direction as she dodged out of the way of the dead Drac that had been shoved from the rear passenger's side of the BL/Ind car in front of her. She was sure that she could head and feel something in its arm crack beneath her bikes tires and could not help but wince a little at the thought of the damage done – even if it was to the enemy.

Suddenly, the remaining motorbike-mounted Drac seemed to change its tactic; rapidly decelerating so that the Zone Seven leader shot straight past it, before accelerating again, sandwiching the red and black haired Killjoy between itself and the BL/Ind car.

Sugar Fiend's eyes narrowed as she glanced over her shoulder. It was not like a Drac to come up with a decent idea like that. Maybe this one still retained a little brain power. After all, Dracs used to be free-willed humans, did they not?

Ray gun fire erupted again. This time, it came from both in front and behind. Not good. The Zone Seven Killjoy knew that it would only be a matter of time before one of the Dracs got a lucky shot in.

There was not much time to dwell on that, however, as the BL/Ind car suddenly slowed, almost causing Sugar Fiend to crash right into the back of it. Gritting her teeth, she did not have much of a choice but to also apply the brakes. In turn, this closed the gap even more between her, the BL/Ind car in front, and the Drac from behind. If this kept up, she was going to be ghosted in no time.

With another glance over her shoulder and a few pot shots at the biker Drac, Sugar Fiend decided to take a risk, manoeuvring sharply to the right and hitting the throttle, moving alongside the black BL/Ind car. Switching her ray gun to her left hand – closer to the car – the Zone Seven Killjoy blasted at the car and its occupants, managing to shatter the glass in the back window. Her dark brown eyes widened. The only occupant in the rear of the car was a single Drac with a gun, who she quickly took care of.

There was a sudden, white hot flash of pain in her right upper arm. Sugar Fiend barely had enough time to yelp out, before she felt her bike nudged sharply to one side. She was not sure exactly what happened next, but she figured that she must have leapt off her motorbike to avoid being pinned underneath it as its side scraped against the road with a horrible screeching sound, sending hot sparks flying. The impact of hitting the tarmac and desert sand at speed was definitely not a pleasant one and the Zone Seven leader was sure that she must have blacked out for a moment or so because when she next opened her eyes, her vision was met with a pair of black combat boots. Blinking to try and clear her blurry vision, Sugar Fiend looked up to see that it was a Drac.

Alarm shot up her spine and she tried to roll to her feet, hissing sharply as pain shot through her already injured shoulder.

"I wouldn't move if I were you, Sugar Fiend."

The red and black haired Killjoy's head snapped up in a mixture of shock and hate. The Drac standing before her let out a laugh as it lifted a hand towards its mask, pulling it off. Beneath the synthetic vampire mask was a female with long, brown, wavy hair, glasses and a cruel smile. Behind her, Sugar Fiend could see a BL/Ind motorbike. So that was the plan all along? She was never in the car. No wonder it seemed a little off that a Drac could be so cunning without receiving instructions.

"You..." the Zone Seven Killjoy managed to growl through gritted teeth. She made another attempt to push herself off the dusty, sandy ground, letting out a gasp as blinding pain shot through her shoulder. She knew this feeling. She had dislocated her shoulder some years ago and the current sensations were horribly familiar. Her eyes scouted the nearby ground for her ray gun. To her disdain, the purple weapon was nowhere in sight. Narrowed dark brown eyes cast upwards again at the smirking figure standing over her. "What the hell do you want, you bitch?"

The female 'Drac' threw her head back with a short laugh. "Really, Fiend," she chuckled. "Is that any way to great an old friend?" she crouched over the Zone Seven Leader. "I was just in the neighbourhood when I spotted all of you, so I figured I would stop by and see how you were all doing. Still enjoying living like desert rats, I see. Not gotten bored of eating Power Pup yet?"

Refusing to humour the female 'Drac' for now, Sugar Fiend's only response was a heated glare.

The wavy haired brunette let out a snort. "Still as stubborn as ever, huh?" she leaned closer to the prone Zone Seven leader. "I think it'll be more fun to break you than it was messing up your precious Sonic Zombie."

It was almost as if an electrical shock had jolted up her spine and momentarily numbed the pain she was in. Sugar Fiend's uninjured arm shot forward, fingers latching onto her enemy's hair as she jerked her head towards her, meeting the damned brunette's face with her head. The Zone Seven leader let out a satisfied snort as she heard a wet crunch before her adversary made a muffled cry. Letting go, she could already see blood dripping onto the sand. She was pleased that it was not hers.

"You broke my nose, you bitch!" yelped the female 'Drac', her voice and words slightly muffled by her hands over her face. Acting before the Zone Seven Killjoy could respond, she was quick to lash out; her black combat boot connecting solidly with the red and black haired Killjoy's side, sure that she felt something give under the force of the blow, knocking the Zone Seven leader back across the ground. With a small huff and a wipe of the back of her hand across her bloodied nose, she walked over to the winded Killjoy, applying her boot to her opponent's damaged shoulder as she leered down at her, her light blue eyes burning.

"I should kill you, Sugar Fiend," she said in a low voice. "There will be a nice reward for your head. But I think I would much rather have some fun with you first," she reached into her pocket with one hand. "Take away everything and everyone you ever cared about. Break you. And then, when you're begging on your hands and knees, I might consider putting you out of your misery. Might."

The object in her hand dropped onto the sand in front of the Zone Seven leader, just as a ray gun blast whizzed through the air.

"Get away from her, you crazy-ass bitch!"

Sugar Fiend immediately recognised the voice to be Kobra Kid's. Through the dizzy haze of pain, she felt some relief wash through her.

"We'll meet again, Sugar Fiend."

"You can count on it..." Sugar Fiend rasped out through gritted teeth. She felt the pressure leave her shoulder before she heard the running of footsteps, moving away from her, followed closely by the sound of an engine starting up.

Letting out a shaky sigh, the injured Killjoy closed her eyes for a while, trying to will the throbbing pain and nausea to stop. She was vaguely aware of the screeching of tires, accompanied by an almost aggressive roar of an engine and a second sound of protesting rubber against tarmac. Forcing her eyes open for a moment, her good arm reached out towards the object that they brunette had dropped there. As her fingers tightened around it, she felt a new pain in her chest as she recognised what it was.


"Jeez! What the hell happened? Jet! Red! Get your asses over here!"

There was the thudding of footsteps, the noise a steady crescendo as they grew closer, coming to an abrupt halt next to her.

"Sugar Fiend! Talk to me. What happened?"

Gentle hands helped to lift her from her prone position, turning her so that she was resting against someone's lap.

"Fiend? Can you hear me?"

She blinked her eyes open at the sound of the voice.

"... Zombie...?"

"Fiend, it's me. Party Poison." The blurry swirl of colours soon took shape before her, revealing it to be the Zone Six leader.

"She's got a ray gun wound to her right upper arm," Jet Star frowned. "I think her right shoulder's dislocated, but we gotta remove her jacket to be sure. We should take her back to Doctor D. I'm worried about her breathing. She might have a broken rib."

"We've got plenty of medical facilities in Zone Seven," Little Red countered. "Surely, she'd be better there."

"Fiend..." Space Biscuit's face hovered into view. "Who the hell did this? We saw someone running from here..."

At her friend's words, Sugar Fiend's grip on the metallic object in her hand tightened. The pink haired Killjoy seemed to notice this and her fingers gently pried the item from her friend's hand. Her eyes widened in shock. "Fiend... These are..."

"I found her ray gun!" Rocketship Dropout came running over to where everyone seemed to have gathered, skidding to a stop next to Space Biscuit. "She cocked her head to one side. "What are those, Biscuit?"

"Dog tags," Wolf said quietly, peering over at the shining, engraved metal plates. He frowned. "I've seen those before."

"They belong to Sonic Zombie," Space Biscuit's eyes narrowed. "Fiend... was he here?"

The Zone Seven leader shook her head weakly. She could feel herself on the brink of passing out from the pain now. "She dropped them here..."

"Who?" Space Biscuit demanded. Her body was starting to shake with anger. Noticing this, Wolf Venom placed a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. It helped. But only a little.

Sugar Fiend closed her eyes, feeling Party Poison support her head as she started to lose consciousness. The last thing she could remember was her own voice whispering a single name.

"... Renegade Turncoat..."

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