It's like I never lived

Before my life with you

So much was missing here

I never even knew

I still picture the place we were

When I fell into your world

My heart is in you

Where you go, you carry me

I bleed

If you bleed

Your heart beats

Inside of me

You're keeping me alive

I don't know why I feel this way

But something's right

You're like the morning air

Before the light arrives

No more lonely and

No more night

No more secrets to hide

I'll hold you near

Together, we'll never die

Your love is keeping me alive

"Keeping Me Alive"
~The Afters~

"Bell's, where are you?"

I heard Edward's feet thumping up the stairs and before I could even answer, his lips pressed warm on my neck.

"I should have known." He leaned into me, resting his chin on my shoulder. "How's it coming along?"

I turned and kissed his scruffy cheek.

"It's coming along nicely, I think." I scanned the monitor and sighed quietly to myself. I was finally writing. Something I'd wanted to do forever. And not just a news article or a spread for a magazine, but my very first manuscript. I'd been at it for about six months. Edward had encouraged me to just go for it; follow my dreams. After a few months of therapy and finally using the correct medication, I was feeling like a new person. Gone were the absurd worries and daily struggles. I slept well, I ate well and felt like I could take on the world.

We'd moved into an amazing older home, built in 1909, a month after we got back from the infamous lake trip. It was a gorgeous two story home with a view of the Space Needle from my office window. Edward liked to spoil me, any chance he got.

"Well, how about I take my gorgeous girlfriend to dinner downtown?" He smiled and stood up.

I swiveled in my chair toward him, looking up into his handsome face. Stubble covered his jaw in a blonde-gold shimmer and his hair was overgrown and unruly, as always. He had his shirt rolled to his elbows and had most likely ditched his tie in the car as soon as he'd left the office.

"I could definitely use some food." I stood and reached up on tiptoes to kiss his chin, breathing in his soap and Edward scent. "Let me get changed and we can go."


Edward kept dinner casual. We strolled downtown, stopping at one of my favorite small sushi places and feasted like kings and queens. We toasted to love, friendship and everything wonderful that the future would bring us and our loved ones.

After dinner, Edward grabbed my hand and we walked further up the street, he stopped next to a garbage can and smiled at me. He paused for a moment and looked across the street, shaking his head. I was just getting ready to ask if he was okay when he started to speak.

"Bella, this last year has been the best of my life. I couldn't have asked for anything more than I've been given, but I'm going to anyway, because I want you to be mine. Forever." He shifted subtly, and my heart started to race like I was on speed.

Oh shit. Oh my god. He's gonna do it.

"When I saw you standing here, on this very curb, one year ago, my entire world turned upside down. Everything I had thought I'd known, believed in, capsized the moment you stumbled backwards in front of me and tripped on that garbage can."

My hands were shaking and the tears that were burning my eyes, threatened to cloud my vision and spill.

Edward moved to one knee in front of me, next to the garbage can and pulled out the most gorgeous square cut diamond ring I'd ever seen.

"Bella, you're my best friend. I love you and I want to be best friends forever. I want to grow old with you and have babies with you. I want to always wake up to your beautiful face on the pillow next to mine." He held the ring toward me.

"Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?"


"Bella! Earth to the bride!"

I shook my head and laughed.

"Sorry, Rose. Got lost there for a minute." I stared into the mirror, stunned by the woman I saw reflected back at me.

"Wow, Rose. You did good. Amazing." I reached to touch my hair and was immediately swatted.

"Do not fuck up my good work, Bella." She sprayed half a can of hairspray on my head and smiled as I choked on the fumes.

"Are you trying to kill me with that crap? Holy shit." I sputtered.

She just laughed and started tossing all of her stuff back into a large bag.

"You ready to see your Prince Charming?"

I nodded. The nerves in my stomach were making me shake; I used a paper towel to wipe the sweat from my palms.

Edward and I had decided to do a 'First Look' photo session. We were going to exchange our own gifts privately before the ceremony. I was praying this would take some of the nerves away and I'd be able to make through the vows without puking on the front of my white silk dress.

I grabbed the small, flat gift box from the vanity and did one small spin for Rose who declared me gorgeous and smacked my butt, sending me on my way.

One of the two photographers was waiting for me in the hall, and smiled when she saw me.

"I hope you're really ready for this." I shook my gift box at her and she smiled.

"Totally ready. We're going to do everything just as discussed in the garden. I will escort you to the meeting spot and Edward will already be there. When you're ready, just give him the word to turn." She grabbed at her phone that buzzed and grinned at the screen. "As a matter of fact, the Groom is in position. Just waiting on his lovely Bride." She winked and together we walked toward the garden.


I stood quietly, staring at Edward's back. We had opted for a more casual wedding and he was wearing a white shirt, sleeves turned up to the elbows and a lightweight linen vest with matching pants. His hair waved in the breeze and every single ounce of nervous energy was immediately swept away. I was so ready to do this.


He turned slowly and I absolutely lost my breath and all coherent thought. I flung myself into his arms, wrapping mine tightly around his neck.

His arm wrapped securely around my waist and one hand went to the back of my neck. He whispered into my shoulder.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world, Bella, and I'm the luckiest man in the world."

We eventually separated and he handed me a small box.

"Just a little something." He smiled, placing it in my hand.

My eyes misted up when I opened it and found a small silver bracelet laying on soft white velvet. There were three charms dangling from the delicate metal. A camera, a heart and a garbage can.

I laughed and fought the tears.

"Thank you, Edward. This is the best gift." He helped me put it on right away.

"I'm glad you like it." He looked almost embarrassed and I laughed again, holding up my small package.

"For you."

He lifted the lid and pulled out the small card that rested on tissue paper.

You are the love of my life. But that's not all that you are...

He smiled up at me and opened the small square of paper that had my handwriting scrawled across it in purple ink.'re also going to be a daddy.

I watched him intently. He turned the card over, re-reading it, and then stared at me and then back at the card.

"Are you fucking with me, Bella? Because, why in the world would you fuck with me about this? Holy shit. Are you fucking with me?"

I laughed at his shocked expression.

"Nope. Not fucking with you, Edward."

His laughter filled the garden.

"Ohhh baby." He chuckled. "Literally." He leaned down to kiss me briefly before opening the rest of the box.

Inside was a plain white onesie with the words, 'I love my Daddy", written across the chest.

"Well shit, you just had to one up me on the gift giving, didn't you?" He held me tightly in his arms and we swayed quietly for a few moments before being reminded that we still had a ceremony to attend.


"I am proud to announce, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen!"

We held hands and laughed together as we walked into the small reception hall to the cheers of our family and friends.

Jake's was the first smiling face I saw. He gave me a cheesy thumbs up and grinned. Next was Emmett, Rose and their sweet little girl, Zowie. I saw my parents, along with Edward's, huddled together laughing and chatting. It warmed my heart to have everyone that I loved in one place, celebrating the best day of my life.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I sent a silent prayer of thanks to Jasper. I wouldn't be where I was without him. I wouldn't have found Edward without him.

"We are going to start the evening off on the right foot. The Bride and Groom are going to have their first dance."

Edward swooped me gently up into his arms and we swayed back and forth the music playing.

"I can't believe we're a threesome." He murmured against my ear.

We had decided to wait a few weeks longer before telling the family. Let them come down from the wedding high, let us get through our honeymoon.

"Everything is going to be amazing, Edward. I can just feel it."

He cupped my face and smiled down at me, his emerald green eyes sparkling in the lights.

"Everything is going to be absolutely perfect, Mrs. Cullen, because we have love, faith and family." He looked up over my head and laughed. "And we have the best friends."

He turned me so that I was looking at Jake, Rose and Emmett. They were holding up a sign that read, "Tonight he'll get his".

"I couldn't imagine a better way to start our lives together." I smiled back at Edward and warmed when his hand discretely brushed across my stomach.


Through the window

I see you waiting

You are smiling

Cause I'm coming

Your eyes are a story

An ocean of memories

Pictures of faces and places

And all of the things

That make us feel like we have it all

All of the times

That make us realize

We have it all
Life is beautiful

"Life is Beautiful"
~The Afters~

The End!
I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has read Out of the Blue. Your words of encouragement and love always made my day.

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