lil dead playmate

by ~tharailwaydra

a lenore/squee crossover fanfic (intro) I

What a world... what. a. world. today wasnt a normal/horroe day like all the rest. Squee has met a new friend, or in lenores case, a cute and dead friend. It seems lil Squee is just very unfortunate here. In the past, he has encountered his homicidal neighbor, lurking in Squee's bathroom one night when he moved here. And lets not forget that his other friend is the anit-christ, Pepito. Which that scares him, but he protects him from bullies.

So far, Squee hides in his room from his abusing parents, waiting for his day to end. He got tired of listening to Shmee. So he stood by the window, watching other kids play together. Watching them playing games, riding bikes and just laughing. Oh he wished for a normal, human companion...

Next morning, Squee has woken up to hearing such a familiar sound, sounding like something outside. He arosed from his bed to check out the window. There he saw a large moving truck. Squee's eyes widen with amazement. He hoped the new neighbors had someone the same age as him, and normal...

He saw the car door opened, revealing someone. Squee looked closer to see it was a little pale girl, and looked the same age as him. She looked normal, she had blonde hair, and wearing a black dress. But just looked pale. Almost as if she were dead. "naw.. that couldn't be..." Squee said to himself.
So he decided to go and meet her. He got dressed, and did his daily bathroom routine. "'kay mom and dad, im going out!" Squee said before he left. "Shut up and get a job already!" He heard his dad yelled. Squee sighed feeling all hollow inside... But he took a breath to leave that behind when he meets his new neighbor. Squee walked across the other side of his neiborhood.

Squee passed by tons of boxes and the movers, he looked everywhere to find her. He felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around to find her from behind. "Hi, im Lenore, whats yours?" She asked. "o-oh, im Todd, but you can call me "squee"
"Squee's" a cute name" she said smiling crooked.
"thanks." He replied. Leaving them to their silence. So Squee spoked up. "sooo are you the new neighbor?" Squee asked.
"Yup, I had to leave my last neighborhood, since theres this one neighbor really scary, Mr. Rodger." This reminded him of the scary neighbor man. "so how is he scary?"
"He was always trying to make me happy, and making up happy yet sad pretendings, like going to happy-fantasy land."
Squee's eyes widen. "I kinda know this scary neighbor myself. One night, I found him in my bathroom looking for bactine. He met my bear, but he yelled at it and stabbed it over and over again."
"Oooooh... Neat." Lenore said with interests. Although Squee wanted to skip the subject. "Hey, you wanna come inside for some tea?" Lenore asked.
Squee brighted up again. "Sure." He replied.

Lenore showed him inside. He followed her, which led to the kitchen. There was boxes all around him. boxes layed on the walls. "Just sit down and i'll get the tea and biscuits." While Squee waited, he looked around bored. It already looked spooky in here. And spotted a dead cat under the table.. Lenore arrived again carrying a plate full of tea and biscuits. And in her other hand was a srange doll. She placed the doll in a chair right next to Shmee. "This is Ragamuffin, he used to be a cannibal vampire, but now he turned into a doll." The doll turned its head at Squee, then at Shmee. "That teddy bear smells evil, I tell you!" Ragamuffing said.
Squee gasped, dialating his eyes.

"How did it t-t-talk!" Squee asked. "I kinda came back to normal, but since Lenores been embalmed, it turned myself half normal." Ragamuffin replied.

"Wait, you mean Lenore's i-i-is DEAD!" Lenore nodded, yup, been dead for years, I thought you'd knew... And since I look dead n' stuff." Lenore tilted her head.

-Oh, what a unfortunate day..