Zoey hated hunters.

Not only because they were always so hard to spot, since they were literally never still, but because they frightened her. She prided herself in finding no fear with any of the normal infected. She rarely got scared when a Smoker somehow got his tongue around her ankle, for someone in the group was always there to free her. The Boomer did make her nervous, only because he disgusted her so much since she's been thrown up on countless times before. And the witch was basically harmless unless you provoked her. All she had to do was turn off her flashlight and walk right back the crying witch and all would be safe. The tank was truly frightening, but they rarely came along.

But Hunters, on the other hand, did many things to Zoey. One, they pissed her off mainly because they always seemed to go after her. Maybe it was because she was the weakest of the group (though she tried not to be). She did play so many video games before the zombie infection spreaded, so she knew how to do many things, she just didn't have as much as experience as her teammates.

Her closest friend was Francis. He once told her that he had a whole shop full of Harley Davidson motorcycles since he owned it. He was a biker, but was a total sweetheart at that. Whenever Zoey got hurt, he'd always be the first one to help her out. It was weird—like they were friends or something.

And then there's Bill, who was a Vietnam Veteran back in the day. He was a tough guy, who had no mercy on the infected when he killed them. He said he liked doing this, almost like he was reliving his youth or something. He was slower than the others only because he was the oldest, but he had the best aiming and reaction timing.

Louis was a district account manager. He was the leader of the group, and always had a new idea to get somewhere. He was nice, and could run the fastest. Zoey barely talked to him, but she knew she could trust him with almost anything.

Back to Hunters.

They pissed her off. Whenever they pounced on her, they always drew some blood and the group had to give up one of their health packs. Most of the time she saved hers, looking out for a possible Hunter attack.

And she would admit that she was scared of them.

They scared the shit out of her.

Whenever she heard the distant snarl of the Hunter, Zoey could feel fear dominating her senses. She hated that growl. She could never see the Hunter when he growled, but she knew he was around.

And then when she would least expect it, he'd pounce on her. And she'd scream and try to shoot at him, but he'd somehow rip the gun out of her hands. She's get cut in the torso (which was why she had to wear under armor. If not she'd be dead by now) and eventually someone would shoot him off of her.

Damn Hunters.

"A Hunter." Francis murmured as they all walked down a hallway of a building. Zoey froze when she heard that chilling, distant snarl that chilled her to the bone. She unconsciously moved closer to Francis, though she knew that was futile.

Bill glanced at Zoey. Everyone's thoughts were the same.

'Be ready, Zoey.'

But she never was.

No matter how hard she tried to stay calm and control her breathing, that damned snarl ripped through her senses and messed things up.

Another snarl came. Zoey's eyes widened as she sensed it behind them. And just as she whirled around, her gun ready, something tackled her viciously onto the back. Her gun fell from her hand, her wind was knocked from her, and she hit her head pretty hard from the fall. A Hunter was looming above her, his hood covering half of his face and his claws ready for shredding.

She tried to scream but nothing came out. A shot rang through the air, and the hunter fell back, lifeless. Francis.

He helped her up. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." She said shakily, trying to catch her breath.

"Why do they always go after you?" Francis wondered aloud.

Bill chuckled. "Maybe they find you attractive."

Zoey rolled her eyes. Bill rarely cracked a joke, and for that she was grateful. He had a dry humor, one that she just didn't get.

"Let's keep moving." Louis said, looking over at Zoey. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." She picked up her gun, her hands still trembling. Damn Hunters.

They went down to the hallway and found a couple of normal infected. Zoey soon regained her composure after killing a few. Soon, they were in a safe house.

Zoey leaned into the wall while everyone else got ammo.

"Do you all want to rest," Louis said, "or keep going?"

Bill dramatically reloaded his gun. "I can keep going."

Francis shrugged. "I'm not tired yet."

They all looked at Zoey. She hid her exhaustion, picked up her gun which seemed heavier than usual, and said, "Keep moving."

She picked up another health pack and some ammo for her gun. Then everyone went out of the safe house to keep moving. There were immediately some infected, though no special infected.

Zoey shot a woman right in the head, and immediately shot a small child coming after her. She used to feel really bad for having to kill them, but she knew that the infection had taken them over though she always did seem them throw up to fight off the infection. It was too late. They were mindless zombies now.

"Boomer!" Bill shouted, just as he shot at the upcoming boomer. The boomer exploded, green blood splashing everywhere around him. The group made sure to go around the blood, the sickening smell of the boomer wavering around them.

And then a whole horde came.

Zoey never really liked hordes. She always seemed to lose sight of her teammates because of the crowd of zombies. But this time, she had a pipe bomb.

"Pipe bomb!" She announced, throwing it into the middle. Almost all of the zombies ran to it, screeching and snarling, and then it blew up, killing them all for good.

They moved into another building. It was silent. They walked into the building, which must've been some kind of department store, and they found more ammo on the front desk.

And then they all smelled the smoke.

The smoke of a Smoker.

It was raw and putrid. Zoey had to pull up her shirt to cover her nose, or she would get into a coughing fit. Even Bill's face crinkled up from the disgusting smell. And the smoke was everywhere, making everything look hazy.

"Damn Smoker." Bill grumbled, scanning the room with a scowl. "I think he's outside waiting for us."

Zoey silently agreed with him. Bill was a wise guy. And the Smoker's almost never went out into the open—they always stayed on roofs or hid behind trees since their tongue could latch someone from a great distance.

"I'll go get him." Zoey said, approaching the window. Francis joined her side silently, and she said nothing.

"Where is he?"

Zoey jumped when a snarl came from her right. A Hunter. She turned just in time to see him pounce at her, and the gun (once again) dropped to her side as he knocked her down.

She flailed helplessly, though she felt no claws digging into her skin. This time, however, she watched in shock as he stood over her, studying her face. And just as Francis aimed at the Hunter, Zoey felt the Hunter pick her up and carry her off.


Like it? Hate it? Let me know. This is my first story for Left For Dead, so go easy on me. I play this game all the time, and I love it. Let me know your thoughts!

And by the way, this story takes place in the FIRST Left For Dead. I've only played the second one twice so I'll stick to what I know.