"There it is." Bill stated as the whole group stood in front of the looming, three-story house.

"How do we get inside?" Francis asked. There was a tall, towering iron fence that surrounded the property with barbed wire on the top, so it was impossible to climb over.

Zoey was the first to try and open the gate. Of course, it was locked.

"We need to hurry and think of something," Louis said, looking around. "Before another horde comes."

Dakota stood next to Zoey. He didn't have to carry a gun; he could rip a zombie in half with his claws. With his hood on, Zoey briefly wondered if he was a zombie again. She didn't realize she had moved to where she was in front of him until she felt him gently grab her hand and heard him whisper, "I'm here, don't worry. It's me."

Bill tossed the coordinated to the ground casually. He looked like he was in deep thought, the cigar in his mouth hanging limply as his jaw clenched.

However, when Dakota stepped forward, everyone turned to look.

"I can get inside." Dakota told them, crouching low to the ground. Right now, he looked like any hunter—except for his jacket. "I can get inside, find the key, and unlock the gate."

"What if there is no key?" Francis asked.

Louis shot a woman who was running at him. Urgently, he said, "Dakota—go!"

Dakota flung himself high over the fence and landed on all fours. He pounced again to one of the windows on the second floor and quickly disappeared inside.

"Hopefully he comes back," Francis grumbled.

Zoey turned to glare at him. "He will. He won't leave us."

Francis still looked doubtful but said nothing more.

"Bill!" Zoey cried, aiming her gun behind him. "Watch out!" She quickly shot an obese man in the head. Blood splattered on Bill's back and his features twisted in disgust.

"Damn it!" Bill snapped, glaring at the ground.

"You're welcome." Zoey said to herself, keeping an eye out. She could sense an upcoming horde. Come on, Dakota. Hurry.

When they stood there for a few minutes with no Dakota, Francis was frustrated.

"I knew he wasn't coming back." Francis snapped, looking worried. "Now we're stuck here! We shouldn't have trusted anyone."

"He'll come back." Zoey protested firmly. "He has to."

Everyone got completely silent when a hunter's growl pierced the air.

"Not now," Zoey murmured in horror, turning to look around. Where was he? Dakota—where the hell are you?

"Dakota!" Zoey yelled, her voice echoing. She knew zombies would hear it. Her voiced sounded desperate. All of them were depending on him.

A few zombies had already found them. Francis and Louis were taking care of them while Bill was watching Zoey's back. They all knew the hunters always went after Zoey. It was a learned fact.

Another growl came, and it sounded closer. By now, Zoey felt scared. She didn't feel like being pushed to the ground with a hunter clawing for her face. It wasn't fun.

Bill let out a grunt when a Smoker suddenly latched onto his leg with his tongue. Bill fell to the floor, dropped his gun, and was being dragged towards another building. The Smoker was standing on the top. Zoey quickly aimed for the Smoker but had a feeling he was too far. Instead, she aimed at his tongue and shot it. The Smoker let out a pained cry, and Bill ran over to them.

"Thanks," He grunted.

"No problem."

Just as Zoey said it, she felt something large shove her to the ground. She hit her head on the concrete, and a hunter was perched over her, trying to claw at her stomach. Thankfully she had good reaction to these things. She was holding him back with her hands, pushing back against his shoulders to keep his arms spread out. He was moving so fast that it was hard to keep track of where his mouth was.

She heard Bill being taken by the Smoker again. Louis and Francis were surrounded by zombies at the moment. All was chaos, pure chaos.

It's amazing how things could change so drastically in just a few seconds. One moment they were simply waiting; the next they were all being attacked.

Zoey gritted her teeth and kicked out her legs, trying to shove the hunter off of her. He was a large, taller one, with bigger claws and sharper teeth that were dirty with blood and flesh. He smelled heavily of body odor and blood.

Her eyes widened as his jaw was gradually getting closer to her. Her arms were shaking now. She didn't know if she could hold this up any longer…

Behind the hunter, Zoey saw Bill hanging from the side of a building by his neck. He would die soon if she didn't act.

But no matter how hard she tried, Zoey could not shove the hunter. It was like she was playing arm wrestling and they were both in the middle, but she was losing steam. The hunter had more energy than her.

Zoey was just about to try and do something when a large blast knocked the hunter over. The blast was so big that she was sent rolling over a few times, and smoke surrounded everyone. Zoey began coughing from the smoke, and stood up immediately, finding her gun. Where did that hunter go? And who the hell did that?

When the smoke cleared, she saw that the fence was blown down. Dakota walked over the broken fence holding a large bazooka. He set it down carefully, crouched down, and took down the hunter that was just about to pounce on Zoey again.

Zoey smiled to herself. She knew he'd come back. But who knew he would use a bazooka?

She immediately went for Bill, whose face was now purple. He was moments from death. She quickly shot at the Smoker until smoke exploded again and Bill fell to the ground, coughing and sputtering. He was hurt, but alive.

"Come on," Zoey told him, helping him up, "we need to go. Dakota came back."

"Let's go!" Louis shouted, shooting the last zombie. Everyone ran over the broken fence to the house. Of course the front door was locked. Dakota went in through another window and unlocked it through the other side.

"I couldn't find a key." Dakota told them. "So I found the basement and found a weapon. It took me awhile to learn how to use it, since I've never shot a gun before."

"It's fine." Bill told him, his voice hoarse from being strangled. "You did good."

Zoey glanced at Francis. He looked happy and sheepish. Yes Dakota took awhile, but without him, they would still be trying to figure out a way to get inside the gate.

"Which way to the basement?" Louis asked Dakota.

"Follow me."

Everyone followed behind Dakota through a long hallway, which led to an open door. They ran inside, the lights already on, and found a large room full of weapon equipment.

Zoey immediately went for a better pistol and another gun. Everyone upgraded on their guns, admiring all the weaponry on the walls.

"So where are the tanks?" Louis asked. There was a large space in the middle of the room with just a table.

Bill, smiling widely, jogged to the table and picked up a set of keys. "It's in the garage. Here are the keys."

They gathered grenades and any supplies they could carry. Then, they all ran upstairs and it took a few minutes to find the garage. The garage had three camouflage hummers and a tank right in the middle.

"Get inside." Bill told everyone. The top opened and Zoey was the first inside, followed by Dakota and everyone else. There wasn't a lot of space inside, but did they care? No. There were a set of controls in the front, where Bill situated himself. Louis closed the door as Bill turned the tank on.

It roared to life.

Everyone cheered and high fived each other. Zoey felt like she had never been happier. For once, they were moving forward.

"Open the garage door," Bill told Louis, who held the switch.

He flicked it on, and the sound of the door opened would attract zombies. But they knew zombies would not be able to take down a tank.

"How do you know where to go?" Dakota asked Bill.

"Just trust me." Bill replied.

Zoey sat against the wall, cradling her gun in her lap as she felt the vehicle moving. It ran over a few bumps, which she supposed were zombies. It wasn't exactly a smooth ride, but it was better than any car she's been in. It was a tank.

She was practically flowing in excitement.

"Well guys," Louis said, grinning, "tomorrow, we might sleep in warm beds. We might have cooked meals. We might be away from zombies. We might have to never shoot a gun again. Tomorrow, we'll be safe."


Truly safe. Not just momentarily, but safe, like before this all happened.

Zoey felt a tear trickle down her cheek and she wiped it away. Dakota reached over to grab her hand, interlacing their fingers as he smiled fondly down at her through the hood. Zoey smiled at him, not bothering to hide the tears of pure joy that fell down her cheeks.

"Now," Bill grunted, "let's blow this joint."

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