~Part Three Of The Forever Trilogy~



4998 to 4999.

I moved away from Goldenrod City in the state of Johto, where I had grown up for my 'whole' life, to Twinleaf Town in the region of Sinnoh. There, at Lake Verity, I 'met' my partner and first Pokemon, a shiny Pikachu I named Raiden. When my 'mother' found out I had a Pokemon, she kicked me out of the house since it was illegal. Then me, and my Pokemon loving friends—Rubin, a somewhat girly boy, Jade, a hyper, happy girly girl, Plato, a extremely serious guy, and Viola, a wilderness loving tomboy—along with Diamonda, Plato's perfectionist, popular, and slutty older 'sister' left to become Pokemon trainers.

The first real Pokemon trainer we met was Amethyst—or Am, as he liked to be called. He helped us get through Eterna Forest. Then we met Chase—my best friend and crush—and another trainer named Sapphire. They promised to help us get to Mount Silver, the home of all Pokemon trainers.

The next big thing that happened was when we were traveling to Snowpoint City. We were attacked by a mysterious woman with silver hair named Karen, and her henchmen. We found out that most of us—that is, me, Rubin, Chase, Jade, Plato, and two other kids named Gold Jr. and Sapphira—were the children of the Pokedex holders, and had been kidnapped by the Masked Man when we were five years old. I was the daughter of Red and Yellow, Rubin and the Sapphira girl were the children of Ruby and Sapphire, Chase was the son of Black and White, Jade was the daughter of Silver and Green, and Plato was the son of Pearl and Platina. The legendary Pokemon called Celebi rescued us by sending us into the future.

When we were in Petalburg City in the state of Hoenn, Chase 'died'. And then when we got to Mount Silver, we met Gold Jr. and Sapphira, who liked to be called Sapph. Later on, thanks to a creepy letter I recieved, I found out that Chase was really alive, and his real name was Grey. He was on the Masked Man's side.


4999 to 5000.

We were all captured by the Masked Man, who was really Synis, the president of the massive continent that contained the states of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova, which once had been separate regions. Synis had always been behind everything that happened to us. Karen and Grey were working for him, along with a man named Brown. And he wanted us to do the same. We also found out that Am was the son of Gold and Crystal, Gold Jr.'s older brother. Somehow, we managed to escape via a time machine.

And, did I meantion Diamonda was pregnant? I would later find out that Am was the father.

We found ourselves in the proper time. We met our parents, and our siblings. They sent us to a special trainer academy organized by the great Professor Oak. There we met Flax, Maroon, Navy, and Verdant. Flax tried to win my heart and failed. The four guys turned out to be working for Synis. In order to escape them, we found ourselves in a time our parents were kids. Rubin was captured, and Grey was back on our side. We discovered Synis was trying to use the legendary Pokemon called Groudon to combine the regions earlier than before.

We invaded Synis's hideout in the Desert Resort of Unova to rescue Rubin and stop them from using Groudon. When I found Rubin, he told me he loved me, and I told him I felt the same way, which I did. Then, during the battle against Karen, Flax, Maroon, Navy, Verdant, and Pink (Grey's replacement), Groudon escaped, and began to wreck havoc, combining the continents into one. Since I blacked out from using my Viridian powers, I was later told that Celebi came to the rescue once again, sending us back to the future after we said goodbye to the Pokedex owners.

After that, with our friends Sapphire and Scarlet's help, we returned to Mount Silver. Professor Pine gave Pokedexes to Rubin, Jade, Plato, Sapph, Am, Grey, and me. Rubin and I got together officially. Also, Diamonda gave birth to a lovely baby girl she named Aqua.


5000 and beyond.


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