~Part Three Of The Forever Trilogy~

Chapter 19

Have A Happy Holiday

December 25, 5000.

(Jade's POV)

Today was going to be a good day for several reasons. First of all, it was Christmas. That's my favorite day in the year. Snow covers the ground, kids are out playing, and everyone gets presents! But I've never really ever gotten much for Christmas since my birthday is so close to the holiday. But it's still one of my favorite holidays.

We were in Twinleaf Town, sneaking around, so close to the Unova borderline. But it was Christmas and we were going to stay and celebrate the best we could. It was risky all right, but it was a risk we were willing to take. Besides, we'd been on the run so long we just wanted to relax.

It was really cold, and it was snowing. Kids were out running around with their new sleds and other winter toys. Indigo was carrying baby Aqua at the moment; I usually carried her, but today was a special day I should spend with my boyfriend.

Plato. I glanced over at him. He looked serious, as always. His black hair was hidden under a hat, which made sneaking around easier. I wished he wouldn't be so serious sometimes. When was the last time I saw him smile? I had no idea.

I looked back at our surroundings. We were in the main square in Twinleaf, where all the wonderful shops were. We used to come here and hang out all the time. I remembered those days. It had been so nice. I hated to admit it, but I really missed just hanging out in town with my friends.

"So this is Twinleaf?" Crimson asked, looking around.

Topaz nodded. "Yeah."

"This is where most of us grew up," Plato told him. "We all went to a school in Jubilife."

"I can see you growing up here," said Indigo, smiling. "This is nice. A lot different from the past, though. Reminds me of Pallet in a way."

"Don't say that too loud," I warned. "Here Pallet Town is home to the president. His castle is there. Indigo Plateau is where the government is run."

Ironic, right? I still wondered why Synis let the Mount Silver Resistance last so long. We were so close to him, it was kind of scary. I would never understand that man or whatever ran inside his twisted brain.

"Oh," she said. "Sorry."

"I'm not surprised at all," Crimson said with a scowl. "Synis would choose Pallet of all places. I bet it's all just a joke to him."

Everyone grew silent again as we walked along. I looked through shop windows, nostalgia everywhere. There was tons of stuff I would have loved to buy for myself and everyone else. I suddenly was overwhelmed by the feeling of jealousy. I wished I could be a normal person with a normal life. I mean, I loved Pokemon, but I just felt so left out about some things.

I sighed, and pulled my hand away from Plato's, wrapping my arms around myself. I stopped walking.

Plato frowned, and looked down at me, stopping. "What's wrong?"

"I miss it," I said. "I miss it all."

Everyone else halted to see what was going on.

"Go on ahead," said Plato. "We'll catch up to you."

Grey pursed his lips. "All right. Don't linger too long."

"We won't," Plato reassured him, and then they continued on. Then he returned his attention to me. His serious expression softened, and he sighed. "I know, Jade. I do too."

"It's all so crazy," I muttered, staring at the snow covered ground. "All of this... I wish we were normal, Plato."

He was silent for a moment, and I felt him take my arm. "Come on, let's sit down and talk."

I let him lead me away to a small park-like area. He dusted the snow off a wooden bench, and sat down on it. I sat down next to him. His serious expression was back, and there was a concerned glint in his wonderful silver eyes.

"Jade. Why didn't you tell me? I have a right to know how you feel," he said. "I can't try to make you feel better if you don't tell me."

"I'm sorry, Plato," I sighed. "Everything's just been so hectic, and we've had no time to relax, and we've been getting surprise after surprise lately. I'm just tired of all of this, Plato. I'm not cut out for war. I just feel like this is never going to end. I want to grow up. I want to get married. I want to have a family. How can I have all of this when there's a constant death threat above our heads? We're almost adults, Plato! We should be thinking about the future, not worrying about if we're going to die the next day! I just-"

He cut off my rant by kissing me. That's my one weakness. He knows that's what calms me down, oddly enough. It took a moment for the gesture to register in my brain, though, and I kissed him back with a happy sigh. He quickly pulled away, though, to much of my disappointment. I pouted. We were so busy we never had any time for anything intimate. It made me sad.

"Jade. Relax," he told me, and I sighed. "I understand. I... want the same things you do. But we've got to hang on. Only we can end the war, Jade, and you know it."

I stared at him, realizing what he just said. No... No way. Oh my Arceus.

"R-Really?" I gasped.

"Yes, really," he said. "I would never lie to you."

I couldn't believe it. This was not happening to me. I threw my arms around him and hugged him, pressing my face against his chest.

"That means a lot to me, Plato!"

He hugged me back, staying silent. We remained like this for a few minutes, until our moment was ruined by screams and furious roars. We yanked apart, startled; the only thing that could be making that roar was a Pokemon. Now what? Arceus, couldn't we go through a town without encountering some sort of disturbance?

A Tyranitar of all things came storming down the street. It looked furious, and was shooting powerful Hyper Beams everywhere. Some of the attacks hit buildings, busting signs and even forming holes in the walls. Sparks flew everywhere. It was like a monster movie!

"Gah, Tyranitar is really ticked off! It won't stop rampaging!"

"I know! Arge, we have to knock him out! It's the only way!"

Two kids came running after the berserk Pokemon. Well, they were more like teenagers, a guy and a girl. I easily recognized the girl. What was going on? Crim and Indi weren't the only ones being sent into the future to help us? But Crimson made it sound like that!

The girl was Perla Berliz-Palmer, the little sister of my boyfriend. She had to be around fourteen. Her long, golden blonde hair was down, though she had pigtails on each side of her head. Her bright eyes were orange. She took after Pearl, while Plato took after Platina. I absolutely adored her outfit—a peach low v neck tank top with a white undershirt underneath, a white skirt, knee high orange socks, and white boots. Last time I remembered her, she had black hair; I wondered which was her natural hair color.

The boy had to be the same age as her, though he was much taller. He had bright crimson hair that was long enough to pull back into a short ponytail. His eyes were silver. He was wearing all black. I took note that both Perla and the boy had no winter clothing; they had to be freezing. I wondered whose Pokemon the Tyranitar was.

"We have to do something, Plato!" I exclaimed, turning to him.

"No duh. We're going to have to knock it out like the guy said," said Plato. "We'll have to blow our cover."

"That's fine with me!" I exclaimed, opening up my bag to take out a Poke Ball. I then stood up. "Let's go, Beryl!"

"You're up, Tempo!"

My lovely Meganium appeared in a flash of light at the same time as Plato released his Floatzel. To much of my surprise, the boy sent out a impressive looking Feraligatr, and Perla released a adorable Piplup. Well, if the boy was with Perla, they had to have strong Pokemon.

"Okay, Beryl! Petal Dance!" I ordered.

"Aqua Jet, Tempo," said Plato.

People were really freaking out now, I noted.

Tempo surrounded himself with water, and launched himself into the air. Beryl let out a cry, and sent pale pink petals swirling at the Tyranitar. The boy's Feraligatr use a vicious Hydro Pump, and Perla's Piplup performed a impressive Bubble Beam. All attacks hit the Tyranitar, and our combined efforts knocked it out. It collapsed, unconscious. The boy then took out a Ultra Ball and returned it.

Turning to Perla, he said, "Now we need to find that creep who riled up Tyranitar. He needs to be taught a lesson."

"Oh, Argent, can't that wait?" she whined. "We need to thank the trainers who helped us! Look, there they—OH MY ARCEUS! BIG BROTHER!"

The next thing I knew, Perla had ran all the way over here where we stood to glomp Plato in a hug. Even though he had to recognize his sister, the sudden display of affection caught him by surprise. He hugged her back rather awkwardly, patting her back. I giggled.

"Perla," he said, pushing her away. "What are you doing here?"

"Um..." Her face flushed. "Well, Argent and I were training, and there was this bright flash of light, and the next thing we knew we were here! And then we met this really weird blue-haired guy whose Blastoise ticked off Tyranitar, and he went off on a rampage and then you helped us stop him!"

"Argent?" I asked.

"Oh, Jade! Yeah, that's him! He's your-"

"Little brother!" I exclaimed joyfully, proceeding to run over to him and squeeze him in a hug.

"What the-" he began, obviously startled.

"Oh, cute little bro! I never got to meet you! I'm Jade, you're big sister!"

Argent was stunned silent. Plato and Perla caught up to us. I let go of him, and stepped back.

"Jade," sighed Plato. "You can't just dump that all on him."

"Argent was away when you guys came to the past," said Perla. "He never got to meet you because of that."

My little brother was still silent, probably trying to understand the situation. He must be like Dad, then.

"We need to go," said Plato. "The cops are sure to come out of hiding soon. Besides, you mentioned a blue-haired guy, didn't you, Perla?"

She nodded, bobbing her head up and down. "Yeah! He said his name was Navy or something..."

Navy? What was he doing here? Whatever it was, it could not be good. I looked at Plato, feeling frantic. I hoped the rest of the gang was okay. With Navy around, you could never know. I wanted to see them now!

"Are Crimson and Indigo with you?" asked Argent.

I grinned. "They sure are! Come on, cute little bro! We gotta move or we'll be caught!"


(Crimson's POV)

I honestly did not think I would have to put up much of a fight.

This guy was strong. What did they call him? Navy, right? He had his own freaking army waiting for us outside of Twinleaf in a ambush. They all specialized in Water types, too, so Fiero would be no help in this battle. I had Fulmine out, and the poor Raichu was working overtime. Even with Miele, my Leafeon, it seemed hopeless.

"Fulmine, Thunder! Miele, Leaf Blade!" I commanded my two Pokemon.

The Raichu manged to knock out a vicious Gyarados, and the Leafeon took out a Quagsire. We were making slow progress, but we were so outnumbered it was insane. I finally understood the predicament my family and friends were in. This was all mad.

I grit my teeth as several Tentacruel came our way. I never liked Tentacruel. They were nasty things, and their stings hurt like hell. I had a bad experience once, okay, so I really, really do not like them at all. They're like the only species of Pokemon that I don't care for at all.

"Fulmine! Keep on using Thunder! Miele, return!"

I hastily returned the Leafeon to her Poke Ball. She would only get hurt worse against a Tentacruel. I knew who to use next. I took out his Poke Ball, and threw it.

"Go, Ira!"

The Poliwrath appeared in a bright flash of light, and he let out a battle cry. Fulmine's attack knocked out several of the advancing jellyfish Pokemon, but there were still so many. They were surrounding us to finish us all off.

"Ira, use Brick Break!" I commanded. "Fulmine, Volt Tackle!"

Ira executed his attack with class, but the Tentacruel wasn't knocked out. Fulmine blasted forward with wicked speed, her orange body surrounded by high volts of electricity. She made contact with several of the mob of Tentacruel, knocking them all out. If I kept this up, we'd be out of this in no time.

"Blaster, Aerial, hang in there!"

I turned slightly to see Indigo dueling with Navy himself. The two Blastoise were locked in mortal combat, and it appeared that the enemy Blastoise was overpowering Blaster. That could not be good. The Navy guy was laughing at Indi, too, who look hard pressed, frazzled, and pushed to the limit.

We were battling to kill, not the knock out.

Navy's Feraligatr chomped down on Aerial, Indi's Pidgeot, with ice coated fangs. The bird Pokemon let out a cry of pain, and I swear to Arceus I hear the bones in her wing snap. The alligator tossed the bird aside like she was nothing, and advanced on my best friend. Blaster struggled to get out of the other Blastoise's grip so he could aid his trainer to no avail.

"Little Miss Oak, you don't belong here," Navy said with a smirk. "You're out of your league. I can crush you like a bug. And I will. Feraligatr, finish her off."

"No!" I exclaimed with horror. "Indi! Fulmine, Volt Tackle now!"

The Raichu finished off the remaining Tentacruel with Thunder, and then blasted forward with wicked speed, covered in golden electricity. I followed with Ira as fast as I could. She leaped, and slammed right into the Feraligatr, knocking it right off its feet.

"Finish it with Hyper Beam!" I commanded.

Fulmine pushed herself up off the fallen Pokemon's chest, leaping into the air. She pointed her head down, and a brilliant red beam of energy shot out of her mouth. The Hyper Beam hit the Feraligatr right on the head. Its cranium snapped back, and I could hear the snap of its neck. I didn't care that I just had my Raichu kill a Pokemon. I just had to save Indigo.

"Indi!" I cried as I reached her.

"Crimson!" she exclaimed, and suddenly her blue eyes grew wide. "Look out behind you!" She grabbed my wrist and yanked me out of the way as the two grappling Blastoise rumbled by.

"Thanks," I said hastily. We had to help Blaster. "Fulmine, use Thunder on the enemy Blastoise!"

The already dark sky rumbled, and the air crackled with electricity right as a lightning bolt came crashing down. Blaster managed to get out of Navy's Blastoise's grip just in time to avoid the wicked bolt.

"No!" yelled Navy. "Gah, you're too much like Red!"

"So they tell me," I growled, unintentionally standing defensively in front of Indigo.

Navy suddenly smirked. "Oh, what do we have here? It looks like the Mini-Red has a little girlyfriend." He laughed.

What? Who? What was he talking about?

"Are you mad?" I asked incredulously.

Navy merely laughed again. "No, no, merely making notes. I take my leave of this battle. Retreat!"

"No!" I yelled. "We can't let him get away!"

I was about to run after him, but Indigo grabbed my arm to stop me.

"Crim, let him go!" she said. "It's not worth it."

"But-" I began to protest.

"We're almost to Unova," she said. "There's no point in chasing after him when we're almost there."

I sighed heavily. "...You're right. Dang it. Oh well. Let's go inspect the damage."


(Plato's POV)

When we got there, everyone was dealing with the aftermath of some big battle.

"What happened?" I demanded of Gold as soon as we got to him.

"Navy, man!" Gold said. "Dude, those admins never give up, do they? Arceus, he had a freaking army, Plato! He only left when Crimson's Raichu took out his Blastoise. And, whoa, who are these guys?"

I sighed. Navy. Earlier, and I mean way earlier, in June, Topaz, Rubin, Grey, and the late Scarlet bumped into Maroon. Then not so long ago, Topaz, Rubin, and Cerise encountered Verdant. Now we met up with Navy. Who was next? Flax? Pink?

"This is my sister, Perla; you should recognize her," I said, and she waved. "This is Argent, Jade's younger brother."

"Ah, sweet!" A big grin broke out on his face. "A mini-Silver, eh? Now we just need a mini-Crys, and the Johto trio will be reborn!"

Jade giggled. "That would be so funny!"

Argent just glared at him.

I had to admit, things really were getting interesting now.


December 31, 5000.

(Topaz's POV)

"IT'S ALMOST A NEW YEAR, YEAH!" Gold crowed.

We all were gathered in a clearing in Unova. According to Alizarin, the closest city was Icirrus. To get there, we would have to swim across the lake that surrounded Dragonspiral Tower. We were still several days away. Rinny promised us we'd be able to relax now that we were in Unova.

We were going to celebrate New Years, of course.

Today, Jade finally turned seventeen. We did the best we could to celebrate. Plato promised to get her whatever she wanted once we reached civil civilization. Now we were counting down to the new year, the year 5001, also Grey's eighteenth birthday.

Sapph grinned. "Yeah! Can't wait!"

"It's almost time to count down!" Jade exclaimed excitedly.

"So, anyone have any New Years resolutions?" asked Rubin.

"Resolutions?" Gold laughed. "Who does those anymore!"

"You could use some," Rubin said dryly. "Especially if you're dating my sister."

"Ouch, that was a burn," Crimson laughed.

Gold rolled his eyes. "I don't need to change! Sapph loves me just the way I am! Right, Sapph?"

"You could be a little less perverted," she told him, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Hey, you're supposed to support me!"

We all laughed. We chatted for a few more minutes. I scooted closer to my boyfriend; he cracked a smile at me, and put his arm around my shoulders.

"Okay, get ready to count down!" exclaimed Jade.

"10!" we all said together grinning.










"HAPPY 5001!"

"Happy birthday, Grey!" said Fiori.

"Thanks," he said, his lips twitching into a almost smile.

"All right, guys!" said Crimson. "This is a brand new year! We're gonna take back the regions! Synis is really going to regret all of this!"

"We can do this!" said Indigo.

I grinned. "We are in Unova now, after all."

After that, we all watched and listened to the fireworks going off. I leaned my head on Rubin's shoulder, and we enjoyed the spectacle together. This was a great way to start a brand new year.


January 1, 5001.

The next morning, when we were all packing up to head for Icirrus, I noticed Cerise asked Rubin if they could talk in private. I paused in my packing, frowning slightly. I shared a tent with my siblings, and everyone else did the same if they had siblings with us. Crimson noticed the change in my mood.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Cerise wanted to talk to Rubin for some reason," I said. "Alone."

"So? They're best friends, right?" I nodded. "Then there's nothing to worry about."

"You don't know that," I said defensively. "I've noticed the way she looks at him sometimes."

"And how's that?" he asked.

"Like she wants him," I said. "And I mean really really want. Please tell me you know what I mean."

He frowned slightly. "Cer likes Rubin?"

"No duh!" I snapped, giving him a sharp look. "Arceus, don't tell me you're like Dad in that way too!"

"Like what?"

"Oh, nevermind!"

I finished stuffing my blanket into my bag. I threw it over my shoulder. I took my Pokedex out of my coat pocket, and checked the time. Until they came back, we'd have to wait.

I started getting antsy really fast. I tapped my gloved fingers on my thigh as I sat on a cool rock. Everyone else was keeping up a conversation. Finally, Sapph came over to me.

"She must be telling him," said Sapph with a growl.

"What?" I exclaimed.

"Cerise told me she had to tell Rubin how she feels, even if she knows she can't have him," Sapph said with a aggravated sigh. "Ugh, I hate this drama! Why can't we all just be friends! Seriously! I swear, everyone that has a best friend of the opposite gender ends up falling for their friend! WHAT IS WITH THAT?"

"Crim and Indi are just friends," I said. "Same with Argent and Perla."

"Not for long, I bet," she snorted. "Arceus, what's taking them so long! We don't have all freaking day! I'M GOING TO GO CRAZY JUST SITTING HERE!"

I pulled my knees up, and wrapped my arms around them.

"You know, Sapph," I said with a sigh. "I hate to admit it, but lately I've felt so distanced from Rubin... Seriously, I understand that he wants to catch up with Cerise and all, but he spends more time with her than anyone else. She might be taking in the wrong way.

"Eh, Topaz, don't worry about it," said Sapph. "I know my brother. He's a good guy. Girly, but good. He'd never cheat on you are anything. But I don't blame you for being jealous. I am too. Rubin has time for his sister and his girlfriend, but wedging in his best friend just is not working."

"At least you have Gold," I sighed.

"Yeah, good point."

I sat in silence. Sapph plopped herself down on another rock. Several more minutes ticked by.


I jumped, startled. I slid off the rock. Rubin was back! Alone... Were was my sister? That traitorous sister of mine?

"Rubin! What took you so long?" I asked.

"Uh..." His face flushed. "It's a long story... Can I tell you later?"

"Yeah, sure." I paused. "Where's my sister?"

"Uh..." His blushing face got even redder. "She's a little upset right now... She might take a while."

"Great!" exclaimed Sapph, throwing up her arms. "Now we have to wait even longer! Argh!"

Happy New Years, guys... Things were going to get really tenuous. But I felt relieved that Rubin was refusing her advances. I was angry at my sister, yes, and she was going to make things really awkward now. Ugh, why couldn't life be simple?




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