~Part Three Of The Forever Trilogy~

Chapter 22

Starting Fresh

January 6, 5001.

(Indigo's POV)

"Girls, come on outside!" Jade sudden exclaimed once she was done with Professor Willow; she was the last one to get registered.

I glanced at Perla. "I wonder what she's up to."

"Who knows?" the younger girl chirped. "Let's just go! Come on, Indi!" She hopped up and proceeded to drag me out of the lab.

I zipped up my jacket right as we stepped outside. It wasn't as nice as my winter coat, but it was better than nothing, and I doubted Perla would let me go back inside. The girl was really excited, jumping up and down, shouting at Jade, asking her what we were going. Everyone else looked annoyed and agitated.

"We're going shopping!" Jade declared.

"What? NO!" Sapph yelled. "You are so not taking me shopping!"

"Yes, I am," Jade said. "We all need makeovers. This is a brand new year! We're in Unova! It's time for a fresh start!"

"YAY! I LOVE SHOPPING!" Perla squealed, nearly busting my eardrums.

"Do I have to?" sighed Viola.

"Yes," Jade said firmly. "We all are! Come on! Professor Willow told me about this mall in Accumula. It's really good, she says! Let's go there!"

"But we don't have that much money," Jewel said.

"Don't worry about it! We do, too," said Jade. "Let's go! The walk to Accumula isn't that long!"

I sighed, and glanced over at Topaz. She didn't look very pleased at this prospect either. But there was nothing we could do about it. So, I sighed again, stuffed my hands in my pockets, and followed the rest of the girls. Jade ended up having to drag Sapph herself. Oh dear Arceus, this was going to end badly.

I could just feel it in my bones.

Seriously, sometimes I felt like I was the only sane one around here. Especially around Crimson. And his outbursts. He seriously needed to see a counselor about that. I would never admit it, but he really had scared me yesterday.

Crimson. What was I going to do with him?


We reached Accumula rather quickly, as Jade had said. Nobody paid any attention to us as we walked along. We probably just looked like a bunch of teenagers or something. It felt good to see yet another Pokemon Center here after not seeing any the entire time we were in Sinnoh.

This was way more like home.

Home... I missed it. I missed training with Dad. I missed seeing my mom's cheery, smiley face. This could never be my home like it was to Topaz and the others.

"Here we are!" Jade declared.

It was, indeed, a mall. People of all ages were filing through the front doors. Pokemon were everywhere, too. This was exactly like home. This was how it should be.

"What's first?" asked Fiori.

"Hair cuts!" Jade exclaimed. "Come on! Let's go get our hair done!"

"Okay, that's one thing I do need," Sapph said, tugging at a strand of her hair; it went down to her shoulders.

"Okay, let's go!" Jade lead the way.


"This feels so much better!" Sapph said with a happy sigh. She had gotten her hair cut back into a bob.

"I know, right?" Fiori said with a grin; she had gotten her hair cut short too, as in boy short.

Of course, not everyone got their hair cut real short. I would never cut my hair short—I preferred it long; the shorter it was, the more spiky it would get. And yes, spiky hair does get just as annoying as really curly hair does. When I was little, I had it real short, and it would get so spiky like my dad's I had to always wear it in a ponytail.

I had gotten my hair cut only a little shorter; it needed trimming due to split ends. Other than that, my hair was virtually the same.

"Oh, Topaz, you look so pretty!" I heard Cerise squeal, catching my attention.

I turned my attention away from a hyper Perla, who hadn't gotten her hair changed at all; she liked it just the way it was, and begged Jade to let her keep it the same. Jade reluctantly agreed.

Anyways, I think Jade was putting more into Topaz than anything else since Rubin just broke up with her. She either wanted to make Topaz feel better, or she wanted to make Rubin regret his actions. I thought she was doing both. And, well, it looked like the former might be working.

Topaz really did look pretty. She had gotten her bangs trimmed, so we could clearly see her eyes now. Her hair was down; that was the first time I had ever seen it that way. It was longer than I thought—it went past the small of her back, though not quite down to her rear. She looked even younger it down.

"Thanks," she said, turning a little pink.

Cerise had her hair down, too. It really was curly; I wondered where she got that from. She had gotten it cut down to her shoulders, and had her bangs clipped back. She looked really, pretty, too.

"What's the point of this?" Jewel asked; her hair hadn't changed much either; she had just gotten in styled, which helped a lot, making her look simply gorgeous.

"We're in a new place," said Esmeralda. "We need new looks!" Esmeralda's hair was shorter now, too, going down to only a little past her shoulders, and her bangs now swept across her forehead. That was a lot different from how it was at first.

Jade grinned. "Exactly, Em!"

Viola snorted, crossing her arms. "I was perfectly fine the way I was." Her scruffy purple hair had been cut down to a little past her chin.

Jade giggled. "I'm sure Rinny will like it!"

"What?" she snapped. "What did you just say? Excuse me? Are you on something? The squirt doesn't even like me! Have you been paying attention? He calls me 'old hag'!"

Jade waggled her finger at Viola. "Now now, Vio, you know a boy likes you when he's mean to you!"

Viola's jaw dropped, and her hands clenched into fists. She shut her mouth, and gave the auburn-haired girl the darkest glare I had ever seen from her.

"I swear to Arceus, Jade, if you ever say that again, I will slap you," she growled. "Alizarin does not like me. End of story."

Cue awkward silence. A few minutes later...

"My work here is done!" Jade exclaimed happily, clasping her hands together. "Now let's go get clothes!"

Sapph groaned, and Jade gave her a stern look before taking her by the arm and dragging her along. I sighed, and followed the two girls. This was going to be a long day, that was for sure.


Though it was the middle of winter, Jade made us pick out both winter and summer outfits. I didn't argue with her; that girl meant serious business when it came to fashion. She had something up her sleeve though; I had a feeling she wasn't quite done with us yet.

I was trying on a new navy blue winter jacket when I accidentally overheard Jade talking to Topaz.

"See? I told you your clothes are getting too tight!" Jade was saying.

"I haven't grown since two years ago," Topaz replied. "You can't tell me I'm growing now."

"Well, that shirt is waaaay too tight. You're growing up, Topaz! Now I can really make Rubin jealous!"


I grimaced. Jade wasn't going to drop that, was she? She really was like her mother. Aunt Green was always up to something. And by something, I meant relationships. I had heard that if it wasn't for her, Uncle Red and Aunt Yellow would never had gotten together.

"It's true! He'll be jealous in no time! He is so going to regret dumping you."

"Jade... My love life is messed up enough. Don't make it worse."

"It's going to help, not make it worse, Topaz! Just you wait and see!"


"There is no freaking way I'm wearing that," Sapph growled, pointing to a dress that Jade was holding by the hanger.

"Oh yes you are!" Jade said in a sing-song voice.

That was what was up her sleeve. She was making us all dress up in either a dress or a skirt, no exceptions. This got Perla, Cerise, and Esmeralda all excited, but the rest of us... not so much. I wasn't a dress fan myself. I was so tall, so it was easy for guys to look up my skirt. Being so tall, I was pretty busty too, so I wore baggy shirts all the time so no one would stare at me.

Yeah, that was the last kind of attention I wanted, but it looked like there was nothing I could do about it.

"You can't make me wear that thing!" Sapph shrieked.

"Oh yes I can!" said Jade, grinning deviously. "Watch. Me."

"Remind me never to make Jade mad," Jewel said with a whimper.

Viola groaned. "I hate my life so much right now."

Sapph proceeded to bolt away, and Jade chased after her, still holding that dress. The rest of us sighed, and sat down to wait for our own torturous turn. Oh man, this was going to end badly. Especially for me. Why did you have to do this, Jade?


When Jade was done with Sapph, I seriously did not recognize her right away. I had a hard time grasping the fact that this was Sapphira Senri, the most masculine girl I had ever known in my life who would rather be dead than caught in a skirt.

"Ta-da!" Jade exclaimed, gesturing to a very annoyed looking Sapph.

Sapph really did look pretty. Somehow, Jade had done her hair so that it was twirled in perfect ringlets, and even put make up on her. The dress was light blue, a total contrast to her red eyes. It had a modest bowl neckline, and went down to her knees. It was very formfitting, which made me realize Sapph must do the same thing I did.

"I hate you," Sapph growled darkly.

Jade giggled. "I love you too, Sapph! Okay, Perla, you're next!'

Perla squealed, and jumped up and down before heading off with Jade. Fiori smirked at Sapph, who was scowling darkly, her arms crossed over her chest. And so we began to wait some more. I was dreading my makeover so much.


When Perla came back, she looked so happy and excited. And she looked absolutely adorable; Jade really knew how to bring out her childish charm. Instead of the typical small ponytails on each side of her head while the rest of her hair was down, she had all her pale gold hair in pigtails, tied with red ribbons.

"I feel so pretty!" she gushed. "Oh my gosh!"

She was wearing a very cute outfit that just brought out her naivety even more. It was a sleeveless brilliant crimson dress outline with a thin white stripe around the neckline, and the rim of the skirt. The straps were white as well. She had red and white striped knee high socks, and red flats.

Cerise squealed. "You are so pretty!"

Jade grinned. "Hehe! Okay, who wants to go next?"

"I do, I do!" Cerise exclaimed eagerly.


I thought I was about to die of boredom when Jade and Cerise returned. I hated to admit it, but out of the two Rosso girls, Cerise was the prettier one. Topaz just looked... so young. And she, like Crimson, took more after Uncle Red than anything else. Cerise was more feminine, I guess you could say.

Cerise's favorite color had to be... cerise, which is a dark pinkish red. And that was the color theme of her outfit. She was wearing a dress that ended a few inches about her knees. The sleeves slid down in a way to bear her shoulders, and two straps came up from a separate section of pale pink fabric that covered her chest. There was a white ribbon on it. The torso and skirt of the dress was in two layers; the bottom was cerise, and the top was pale pink. The pale pink part ended short, and the cerise fabric was what ended right above her knees. Her shoes were like ballet slippers.

Was Jade trying to make Rubin like Cerise or make him regret breaking up with Topaz? She helped Cerise out a lot, and I hoped that didn't backfire her plan.

I'll never understand guys.

"Topaz! How do I look?" Cerise asked her older sister.

"You look lovely," she replied, giving her a soft smile.

Jade clapped her hands together. "All right! Vio, come on, you're next!"


At least Viola was more tolerant of Jade's antics than Sapph was. I think Jade gave Viola a break, only making her wear a dark purple sweater-dress. Or maybe not, because the dress showed off all of Vio's curves. I think she was trying to get Alizarin, too. Poor kid.

"Indi, come on!" Jade said, grabbing me by the arm. "It's your turn!"

I sighed. "All right. Let's get this over with, then."

I let her lead me away. I watched her as she went through rack after rack of dresses trying to find one for me. She would take one out, hold it out to me, shake her head, and then put it back. This happened several times. I quickly became bored.

I wondered what the guys were up to. I bet they were having more fun than we were here. I much rather be training right now, or finding Am, or whatever we were supposed to do next. That was up to Topaz and Grey to decide, being generals and all.

"Aha! This is perfect!" Jade suddenly shoved a dress at me, and then pushed me towards the dressing room. "Hurry up and try it on!"

I sighed, and headed in to do so. And soon as I put it on, I knew I was going to get attention. It clung to my body, and the skirt was rather short and tight. The top of the dress was white, as was the skirt, and in between it was a deep navy blue.

I felt so vulnerable.

"Well? Does it fit?" Jade called from outside.

"Yes," I sighed.

"Let me see!"

I opened the door and stepped out. I felt even more self conscious as my friend inspected me. However, she seemed very pleased.

"That's much better!" she said. "You need to stop wearing baggy clothes, girl! You have a nice figure! You know you can't catch Crim's attention if you're hiding all the time!"

"W-What?" I stammered, feeling my face heat up. "W-W-What does Crimson h-have to do with a-anything?"

Jade giggled. "Indi, it's pretty obvious you have a biiiig crush on him."

No no no! She did not just say that! This was so not happening to me! I just stared at her with wide, horrified eyes. Ugh, it was really that obvious? My life was officially ruined.

"You say a word of this to him and I'll kick your ass," I threatened, putting the death glare on my face I got from my dad.

Jade cringed slightly, and made a face. "Okay, okay! Once I get Kümmern back together, Primary's next on the list!"

"What?" I asked, confused.

Jade giggled. "Oh, nothing!'

I facepalmed.


I couldn't do this. I couldn't show myself like this. I didn't want to freak anyone out. It was bad enough I was one of the tallest ones here. Cyan, Grey, Shirou, and Alan were the only ones present who were taller than me. I was pretty sure Am was too, but we hadn't met up with him again.

This was going to be so awkward.

"I can't believe you're making me wear this, Jade," came the irritated voice of Topaz. "Will you seriously stop messing with me after this?"

Jade pouted. "But you look gorgeous!"

I looked back at Topaz. She was wearing a pale yellow shirt that bared her right shoulder, and a white pleated skirt. Her golden hair was pulled back into the typical high ponytail. Raiden was once again out, perched on her covered shoulder.

"I don't care."

"Come on, sis," Cerise said. "You should keep on wearing that! It makes you look older!"

It really did.

"I don't want anyone to see me like this!" Sapph whined.

Fiori laughed. "Heh, Gold's going to love it!"

"Exactly my point!"

Fiori was suffering right along with us. She was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with a modest v neckline, black vest, and a skirt that matched her eyes. At least her outfit wasn't the most outrageous. Ugh, I was dreading this so much.

"Let's go! The guys should all be in here!"

'Here' was Professor Willow's house. Jade called Plato and asked where we could all meet up. Apparently the professor was from a rich family that owned a mansion, which would be where we would be staying for the night until the next day. She opened the door, and we all begrudgingly walked inside.

"I know! It was so—HOLY CRAP, IS THAT YOU, SAPPH?"

Sapph froze right in her tracks. It was Gold who yelled that. He stared at her, his eyes wide with shock. The rest of us were kind of frozen, but Jade was grinning so much like her mother. The guys all stared at us. I fidgeted, feeling very much self conscious.

"Yep, it's Sapph!" Jade exclaimed, beaming. "I gave everyone makeovers! We have to look fabulous in Unova, after all!"

Gold walked up to Jade, and glomped her in a big bear hug. "Thank you so much!"

Sapph unfroze, and gave her boyfriend a death glare, and I swore her eye just twitched.

"Oh, it was nothing, really!" Jade giggled, patting his back awkwardly.

Gold let go of Jade, rushed over to Sapph, and took her hand, proceeding to drag her up the stairs, leaving the rest of us in a awkward silence.

"Well then," said Viola.

Fiori smirked.

"I found it!" Alizarin reappeared, holding what appeared to be a rolled up map. And then he dropped it as soon as he saw Viola. "Um... Erm... Don't look at me like that, old hag!"

"I'll look any way I want to at you, squirt!" Viola snapped, her hands clenched into fists.

"Please don't fight!" Jewel exclaimed, interrupting them.

Viola scowled, and crossed her arms over her chest. "Humph. Fine. I can change upstairs, right? I need to get out of this thing."

"There are bedrooms upstairs, so yes," said Professor Willow, who looked very amused. "You can choose your room as well, Viola."

"All right, thanks." She shot a glare at Alizarin before bounding up the stairs, her shopping bag in hand.

This was so awkward. I felt like I was blushing like crazy. Everyone else walked over to where the others were, so I forced myself to join Crimson, who looked very much shocked.


"Yes, yes, I know, I look like a girl," I sighed, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Well, yeah, but... Um..." His face was as red as his name. "You look... er..."

Cyan, who was nearby with Jewel, narrowed his eyes, and deadpanned, "Just spit it out already before you drive us even more insane."


I stared at him, eyes wide, my face heating up even more.

"Yesss!" Jade cheered, fist pumping. "Finally! It worked! Primary is in the go!"

Plato gave her a stern look. "You need to stop that."


"Just stop."

"Aw, but it's so fun!"


(Topaz's POV)

Grey called a meeting for the leaders of the Resistance and the Unova League. That was fine with me except for one thing: Rubin was a commander, and had to be included in the meeting. It also didn't help that I was feeling awkward in my new clothes.

Grey had all of us go into the kitchen. We sat at the dining table.

"All right, I'm going to get straight to business," Grey said, business mode on. "We need Unova's help."

"Of course," said Shirou. "And we're here to help!"

"Is there anything we need to do?" I asked. "Are there any ways for us to get stronger?"

"That has a pretty obvious answer," said Alan. "You can take on the Gyms. Not only will it help you get stronger, but more trainers in Unova will respect you."

"Is there anything else besides the Gyms we could do?" Rubin asked, actually sounding civilized for a change.

Of course he would ask that. He didn't like battling that much, which was a major problem since we were in a war. And for some reason his well-intentioned question just irked me.

"Rubin," I said. "Contests won't make you stronger. We need to train if we're going to beat Synis."

He narrowed his eyes at me. "I know that. Excuse me for wanting to do something more fun than sic Pokemon on each other!"

"You've had no problems battling in the past," I snapped. "What's the problem now?"

"There is no problem," he retorted. "I just want to see what contests are like! Arceus, give me a break!"

"Why should I?" I growled. "You didn't give me one!"

Rubin opened his mouth to reply, but Grey interrupted.

"Both of you, shut the hell up," Grey snapped angrily. "We didn't come back here to hear you bicker. We're all sick of this crap. Yeah, you broke up, but that doesn't mean you have to chew each other out each time you speak to each other. Get over it. Grow up."

I didn't know why, but I found it amusing that Grey was always the one giving advice.

I sighed, and leaned back in my chair. "Sorry. You're right."

Rubin snorted, and crossed his arms. "Yeah, whatever."

Grey pinched the bridge of his nose. Alan and Shirou were silent.

Shirou cleared his throat. "Well, there are contests. If you want to check them out, too, go right ahead!"

Alan took out his PDA. "If we're going to meet with your High Commander tomorrow, we'll have to set up a schedule."

"We'll not have to," Shirou said, shaking his head. "Schedules aren't important right now, Alan! The Elite Four'll understand. Besides, they need to meet the Resistance too."

"Fine, I'll call Manny," Alan said, standing up. "If you'll excuse me."

I watched him leave. Something was wrong. Shirou frowned, and excused himself as well, following Alan. I looked over at Grey. He shrugged, and then rubbed his forehead. He was pretty irritated with Rubin and me. I didn't blame him.

I looked over at Rubin. He was leaning back in his chair, his legs crossed. A perpetual frown was on his face. I hadn't seen him smile since we broke up. It made my heart ache to see him like that, and I wished so badly he would stop being a stubborn idiot and just listen to me. And he was purposefully not looking at me either.

Maybe Jade's plan did work, then.

But I had a feeling it would backfire too.

Everything did for me.

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