~Part Three Of The Forever Trilogy~

Chapter 40

The Resistance Strikes Back

May 23, 5001.

(Topaz's POV)

The brand new uniform felt crisp and stiff against my skin. It consisted of a white tank top underneath a forest green long-sleeved jacket made of sturdy fabric, and matching shorts. It was a military uniform, so it had buttons that you did on the left side, securing the front that would otherwise flap open. As a general, I had four stars. I had a brand new holster that could hold my Poke Balls and my two guns that had the laser and bullet choices. I had pulled my hair back into a high ponytail as usual. I added my fingerless gloves to my uniform.

Once I felt prepared, Raiden leaped onto my shoulder, and I stepped outside of my tent. We had camped out just outside of Twinleaf Town, which we were going to attempt to siege. All of the tech was still arriving. It was dark out; we would be attacking at dawn.

The hovercraft were arriving now. The jets would only come if the Government retaliated violently with their own air force. But we doubted if Synis really cared about this little town. If we were successful quickly enough, we would attempt to take Jubilife City, too.


I looked up to see Gold screech to a halt in the air on a hoverboard. He pulled up his red goggles, and I could faintly see him grinning in the dim light. He was wearing a red uniform similar to mine as a commander.

"Check this out! Plato designed it for me!" he exclaimed excitedly. "First flying skateboard ever, man. Now I have a ride, and Fiori's got her badass hoverbike. We're all set! You're sticking with Apollo, right?"

I nodded, and then, as if on cue, the Rapidash returned from getting his armor on. He trotted up to me, and then halted. I checked to make sure it wasn't too tight or loose. The metal plates that made up his armor were fireproof. It had a built in saddle, and the bridle was underneath the head plate. On the breastplate and on each side plate that shielded his rump was the Resistance's symbol—a simple Poke Ball surrounded by a laurel wreath.

"Let's go," I said to him, and he nodded. "Can't keep everyone waiting."

I followed Gold to Am's tent, which wasn't that far away from my own. Apollo went with us, but stopped outside the tent to wait for my return. Gold hopped off his hoverboard, and followed me inside. The light was dim inside, but brighter than it was outside.

Am, Grey, and all the commanders were standing around a table. I went to stand by Rubin, and Sapph made room for Gold.

"Sorry for making you wait," I said apologetically.

Am, as always, dived right in. "As you all know, the Government army is known for taking advantage of the women and girls of whatever city they are stationed at. They won't hesitate assault a female member of our forces. So, to ensure safety, I've made it mandatory for all females to partner up with a male."

"What?" Sapph demanded angrily. "That's freaking sexist!"

Of course she would complain.

"C'mon, Sapph, just go with it," Gold sighed.

She scowled, and crossed her arms over her chest. Everyone else looked pretty much irritated with her. But that was only expected. No one else responded, so Am continued.

"You can choose your own partner," he said. "Dismissed."

We all filed out of the tent. Naturally, Crim and Indi partnered up, as did Grey and Fiori. While everyone else headed off, Rubin, Gold, Sapph, and I lingered. We had decisions to make.

"Let me guess," Gold said. "Rubes and T want to work together, right? So Sapph and I'll team up!"

"Sounds good to me," Rubin said with a nod, and Sapph agreed.

"Let's get going," I said, turning and walking over to where Apollo was waiting.

I mounted the Rapidash, and gripped the reins firmly. Rubin had a hoverbike like Fiori, and he climbed onto it from where it was parked to the side of the tent. It came to life, lifting off the ground using an anti-gravity mechanism. Gold hopped onto his hoverboard, joining my boyfriend in the air. Sapph had an armored Tropi out, and she climbed onto the Tropius's back.

I urged Apollo forward, and we headed off. The troops were already gathering to begin the march to Twinleaf. As we made our way to the front, many of the soldiers saluted us. We returned the gestures, saluting them back. I urged Apollo into a canter, and moments later we pulled up to a halt next to Grey, and Rubin, Gold, and Sapph went to join the other commanders.

"Where's Am?" I asked, looking down at my fellow general.

"He's staying behind to make commands," Grey replied evenly. "So there's no anarchy."

Though that was reasonable, I was still a little surprised. "I always thought he'd want to battle," I said.

"Oh, he does," Grey said, looking up at me. "But his duties as High Commander come first."

Yeah, I understood that. He had his job to do. We were the ones who would fight. "I know."

I was then given an earpiece to keep in touch with headquarters. I fitted it into my ear. It was wireless, more of Plato's new tech. We tested it, and it worked just fine. Now we just needed to wait for the signal to begin.

Everyone prepared. Grey released his Dragonite and climbed onto the massive dragon's back. Crim and Cyan were sticking with their Charizard, who had armor. Indi's Pidgeot's wing was healed, so she would start off on her, and then probably switch to her Rhydon later. Fiori had her hoverbike, as already mentioned, and Navy did, too.

"The operation begins now," Am's voice said inside my ear.

Dragon unfurled his wings and launched himself into the air. The rush of wind nearly flattened us on the ground. Apollo gathered himself, and took off, speeding into a gallop. And everyone else followed suit.

Twinleaf did not see this coming.

We broke into the town with a roar, surprising any poor soul that was out and about so early in the morning. The hovercraft blasted ahead, heading off to bomb the Government's military base stationed outside of the town—the building Rubin, Grey, Scarlet, and I had been sent to destroy nearly a year ago.

Nearly a year. I couldn't believe it had been almost a full year. Time went by so fast.

But then a loud, eerie wail sounded—a siren.

They already knew we were here.

Suddenly, Apollo halted, nearly throwing me off his back. Rubin hit the brakes, swerving violently so he could stay with. Everyone else continued forward, unfazed, and Goldy and Sapph slowed down to get back to us.

"Apollo, what the-" I began.

"Holy crap!" Rubin exclaimed, his eyes wide with horror as he stared up at something.

Goldy and Sapph finally caught back to us. "Guys, what's-"

I had never seen a Pokemon like this thing before. It was huge, and looked like a zombie dragon. It had gray skin and ice blue wings, though one was half ripped off. It was standing between two towers. The temperature around us dropped as the thing hissed, unfurling its tattered wings, pulling up its gimpy front legs. It was terrifyingly hideous.

"Rapidash," growled Apollo, pinning his ears back against his skull. Kyurem.

So this thing was Kyurem? It had been mentioned by Cyan and some of the others once; it had been after Reshiram or something. But what they described was not this thing.

"What... What is that?" Rubin demanded, not taking his eyes off the legendary.

"Kyurem," I said, trying to stay calm. "Apollo called it that."

"That is one f*cked up piece of work," Gold said, eying the thing.

"No duh!" Sapph exclaimed.

The zombie-dragon-thing hissed again, and ice started forming on Rubin's hoverbike and Gold's hoverboard. The cold started to get to me, and I could see my breath. Abruptly, the hoverbike's lights went out, and it dropped to the ground.

"Rubin!" I cried out, leaping off of my Rapidash's back.

I rushed over to him as fast as I could as Gold's hoverboard started to wobble; he hopped off of it before it could crash to the ground, breaking in half. Sapph slid off of Tropi's back.

"Rubin!" I exclaimed again as I pulled him off the smashed hoverbike as gently as possible.

"Aaah, watch it!" he yelped as I tried to help him. He couldn't quite stand by himself, so I tried to support him as best I could. "Urgh... Just... pain."

"Where does it hurt?" I asked, looking up at him as Gold and Sapph came over. I wondered if it was an injury I could heal.

Rubin pulled away, leaning over, pressing his hands on his knees, a grimace contorting his face, trying to steady his breathing. He turned his head to look up at me a little. "Urgh... Where do you think? The hoverbike's seat just got shoved upwards."


Gold snickered, and Sapph smacked him upside the head. "Oh, dude, I feel you. But... hehe... It's too funny!" Sapph smacked him again.

Rubin glared up at him, still trying to recover. A hiss caught our attention, and then shrill laughter. Gold, Sapph, and I whirled back around to face the dragon. Apollo was even more tense, his ears still pinned back, and his front lip curling up. Kyurem wasn't alone.

I could recognize Pink from anywhere. Her long pink hair was down, and her matching eyes fierce. She seemed to have gained some weight, but not much. Her outfit was as slutty as ever—a low cut v neck pale pink tank top, a fluffy white miniskirt, and dark pink stiletto boots.

"Ugh, not you again," Gold said, wrinkling his nose in disgust.

Pink scowled, and flipped her hair. "Shut up! Better me than Flax."

"So you'll just be the first one who dies," I said with a shrug.

"Shut up, you whore!" she snapped, her hands clenching into fists. "You think you're all that and a bag of chips, don't you? What a conceited little bitch! Ugh, I'm just sick and tired of you!"

Whoa. What the hell did I do? Other than the death threat? Seriously, I never did anything to her. I knew more about the other admins than her. She hadn't been around for as long. And, well, I was tired of being called a whore when I wasn't one. But I never got the chance to voice my opinion.

"Okay, that's it," Rubin snapped, pushing himself up and standing up straight. "Nobody talks to my girlfriend that way. I'm sick and tired of all this crap. What the hell did she ever do to you?"

Pink sneered at him. "So the pussy boy has a spine. Wow. I'll talk to her like the whore she is. What has she done to me? Screwed up my life!"

"You're nuts!" Gold exclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest. "You've barely been an admin. We barely even know you!"

"Yeah!" Sapph agreed, scowling. "How could she screw up your life?"

Pink flipped her hair again. "I may not have been an admin this whole time, but I've been around. Synis just finally allowed me to join the ranks when Grey defected. You have no idea what I've been through!"

What was that supposed to mean? She had me confused now. I had one hand resting on the handle of one of my guns, but I paused. But Pink had seen the movement; her eyes flickered down to my hand, and then back up at me.

"You wouldn't kill a mommy, would you?"


(Navy's POV)

I decided to go looking for some of my friends after a bit. I sent Blastoise up ahead to look for anyone, keeping Empoleon with me. I had ditched my hoverbike earlier when it had started to ice up for some reason. It was really cold, and I was freezing in my simple red uniform. Man, I felt weird wearing red, too. It just didn't go with me. At least the navy uniforms would be different once it got started up. I had sustained some minor injuries, but nothing major so far.

Blastoise returned, and nodded to me. I took out Empoleon's Poke Ball, and returned him. Then Blastoise led me farther back towards the back of the town. We didn't come across much opposition, which I found a bit strange. The temperature began to drop even more, and I noticed there was a lot more ice around here, and even some snow.

I was pretty sure that was not normal for May.

"Get ready," I said to the Pokemon, and he nodded.

We burst into the plaza, and what I saw shocked me. Pink was here, and with Kyurem of all things. Man, if Synis knew she took Kyurem... There'd definitely be trouble. Anyways, a battle was going on. Topaz's Pikachu and armored Rapidash were out. Gold has his Typhlosion and Ambipom in action. Rubin's Altaria and Camerupt were out also, along with Sapph's Blaziken and Tropius. The buildings were damaged, and frozen. Kyurem looked angry.

How the hell did she get the legendary out anyway?

"Pink!" I yelled, catching everyone's attention. "Synis sent you?"

She jerked, turning to look at me. A scowl formed on her face as she glared at me. Blastoise stationed himself by my side, ready to join the fight if necessary. Everyone else stopped what they were doing to watch.

"Of course not," she said hotly. "I sneaked out here on my own. Synis doesn't let me do anything fun now that I'm a mommy. You know that."

I gritted my teeth, scowling. I couldn't believe she just said that. Did she tell them the whole thing, then? Pink was a ranter, just like Flax. She talked too much. She had no boundaries. She didn't know went to stop.

That girl was a disaster.

"Do they know?" I asked her calmly.

She laughed shrilly. "Who the father is? Not yet. You just reminded me. Thanks, Navy."

Crap, I didn't want her to tell. If they found out Grey fathered her child, they would hate him. And he had something great with Fiori now, and I didn't want that to be ruined. Grey was so messed up, so troubled. He was my friend. I wanted him to get himself back together.

"Don't you dare," I said darkly, and Blastoise growled, tensing for battle.

"Dare what?"

Oh snap.

I turned abruptly, startled. Crap, it was Grey. His eyes were narrowed as he took in the situation. Fiori was by his side, looking freaked out by the sight of Kyurem. Viper and Kitty were out of their Poke Balls. Pink was delighted to see him, of course, her eyes brightening up.

"Nothing," I said, trying to cover myself.

"Shut up, you pussy!" Pink snapped angrily at me. "I'll tell them whatever the hell I want!"

Fiori snapped to attention, and gave the younger girl a look. "Who the hell are you?"

"Pink Mazenta," she replied with a flip of her hair. "You're the Kimu girl. Why are you with Grey?"

"Yeah, I'm Fiori Kimu," she said, raising an eyebrow. "Of course I'm working with Grey. He's my boyfriend. What's it to you, anyways?"

Crap, that was the last thing you wanted to say to that girl.

Pink's hands clenched into fists, and her scowl got even worse. Viper hisses, slithering in front of Grey, who looked like he was getting angry. Crap, this was going down faster than I thought.

"What's it to me?" Pink snarled. "Everything! He's-"

Blastoise saw my signal, and his cannons exploded, launching him into the air. The roar of water cut off Pink's statement, which was the point. I couldn't have her blurting that out.

"Don't listen to her," I said once Blastoise had landed. "She's lying to tear you apart."

"I am not a liar!" she yelled, furious. "You're the liar, you f*cking traitor!"

"All of you, shut up and tell me what the hell is going on," Grey ordered, very much angry now. Not that I could blame him.

"Pink says she has a son," Topaz said, speaking up for the first time since I had arrived.

"Agh!" Sapph exclaimed. "It's so gross! Seriously, what is wrong with you people?"

Though she was kinda being a hypocrite, she had no idea. That was how I felt about pretty much everything. But Grey, on the other hand, had to quickly mask his face, and gave me a sharp look.

"And you didn't care to share that with us, Navy?" he asked, his voice like ice.

Pink gave me a taunting grin.

"Didn't think it mattered," I said with a shrug. "It's not like it's your kid or anything; you'd never sleep with Pink. Why'd it matter if Flax or Maroon knocked her up?"

The obnoxious girl cracked up at my statement, while Grey just rubbed his eyes. Fiori frowned, obviously confused. Sapph looked pissed off, Gold was trying not to freak out, Rubin was horrified, and Topaz also looked confused.

"Only Flax and Maroon?" Topaz asked. "Why not Verdant?"

I grimaced, and rubbed the back of my head. "Verdant's... homosexual."

The reactions were pretty much the same—shocked, appalled, startled, horrified.

"Whoa-oh-oh!" Gold exclaimed, his eyes wide.

"That's disgusting!" Sapph shrieked. "All the freaking admins are screwed up! What is wrong with you people?"

"Not all the admins," Fiori said, shaking a finger. "Grey and Navy are sane."

I let out a strained laugh and rubbed the back of my head. Grey narrowed his eyes at me.

"Shut up!" Pink shrieked. "At least I act like a girl! You Senries are probably both gay too!"

So much shrieking.

"For the love of Arceus!" Rubin yelled, officially pissed off. "Just because Sapph and I act slightly like the opposite gender does not mean we're homo. Honestly, stop being so stereotypical."

"I second that!" Sapph growled.

"Man, she's dumber than me," said Gold.

Topaz slapped her forehead.

Suddenly, Kyurem, who had just been standing there, hissed, and I heard something land behind me. I turned around to see a agitated Maroon slide off his Charizard's back. Everyone tensed, expecting the worst.

"P.M.," he said, ignoring everyone else. "What the hell are you doing?"

"None of your business!" she snapped at him.

"You took Kyurem without Synis's permission, dumbass," he deadpanned. "Do you want to get yourself killed?"

She glared up at him. "Talk to me like that again and you'll never get laid again!"

"Good. Keep your STD ridden body away from me," he said, his anger slowly building. "F.A. sent me to get you."

"I'm not going anywhere until they know who Cade's father is!" she exclaimed defiantly.

Dear Arceus, she didn't deny what Maroon said. I shouldn't be surprised, though. She could get all the medication she needed anyway being with the Government. I highly doubted Synis was happy about that either.

"Too bad," Maroon deadpanned. "Charizard, grab her."

We all moved back as the Charizard leaped into the air, unfurling his wings. She ran towards Kyurem, trying to make a break for it, but the fire dragon was too fast. He grabbed her, and carried her over to his trainer. He landed gracefully, and presented the squirming girl to Maroon.

"Where's the Master Ball?" he asked irritatedly.

She smirked at him deviously, and stopped squirming. "In my bra. Where else could I put it?"

I honestly had no idea how she could fit that in there.

Maroon really was pissed off now. "Hand it over or I'll get it myself."

"You wouldn't dare!"

Well, he did dare, and then returned Kyurem with the defiled Master Ball. Pink screamed at him, and called him horrible, profane names. Charizard struggled to hold her in place. He ignored her and turned to face us. Everyone tensed again.

Maroon hesitated. He seemed torn, confused. He didn't know what to do anymore, did he? Especially now that I was gone.

"Sorry about this," he said finally, before climbing onto his Charizard's back, and taking off.

Yeah. The Government was unraveling.


Hours later...

(Topaz's POV)

Death. Death was everywhere. Death and destruction. Corpses were strewn about, blood pooling in the streets. It was blood of humans and Pokemon alike. Several buildings were demolished by bombs. Civilians were running in the streets, panicking. It was almost noon and Twinleaf still hadn't been taken, and the bombing of the military base had backfired.

They had sent their air force, and were bombing the crap out of us until we got our larger Pokemon out—Neptune for me. The Gyarados could easily take out fighter jets. But still. We had to take out that base.

Rubin, Gold, Sapph, and I had managed to push our way through working together after the incident with Pink. Everything that had happened was on the back of my mind; I couldn't believe all that happened. But I had to focus.

"Get down!" Gold suddenly yelled, and we ducked behind the chunk of debris we were hiding behind. Rubin, of course, pushed me to the ground, shielding me with his body. I think Gold did the same with Sapph. Something exploded behind us.

When we looked up, we saw the only tower in the area collapse on itself. I think that was the bank.

Eris, destroy the tank with Psychic, I thought.

Rubin released me right as we heard screeching metal and screams from inside the machine. We all slowly rose up to peer over the edge of the rubble. The tank that had been harassing us had been crushed, all mushed together into a single ball of warped metal by Eris's Psychic; the Espeon was sitting beside me. Blood began to run down the sides, dripping onto the asphalt.

"Damn," said Goldy.

Eris just blinked innocently.

Rubin took my hand, and helped me to my feet. I brushed off my bloodied, burned, and torn uniform off as Goldy and Sapph got on their feet. They were lucky to have red uniforms; you couldn't see the blood.

"All the troops are gone in the area," Rubin noted, looking around.

"It's too quiet," Sapph said, looking over at her boyfriend, who nodded.

That was not good.

"Protect, now!" I yelled as I heard a shrill whistle.

We all dropped back down as Eris surrounded us with a energy shield of protection. Then we just heard a deafening roar. I reached out to Rubin, and he pulled me in close. I pressed my face against his chest, squeezing my eyes shut, as we waited out the bombing. How Eris managed to keep Protect going on for so long, I had no idea.

I had no clue how long it lasted. I just knew that when it was over, all I could hear was a high pitched hinging in my ears.

It has ended, Eris told me.

The shield around us vanished as I pulled away from Rubin. We were engulfed by smoke filled with tiny particles of debris. We coughed and hacked, covering our mouths with our sleeves. Gold managed to release his Pidgeot and told him to use Defog.

What we saw when the smoke cleared was mind blowing.

The bombs had blown everything up. All the formerly standing buildings had crumbled to the ground, some in flames. The tank that had been turned into a ball of metal was half melted. There were fires spreading from leaking fuel. It looked like a real war zone.

"All of the people," I said quietly. "In the buildings..."

"Just wiped out," Gold spat bitterly. "For no reason."

"Synis wouldn't order this, would he?" Rubin asked, looking at us. "I thought he wanted us alive."

"Who cares?" Sapph spat, pushing herself up. "They're still dead!"

We all stood up. I walked out into the disaster, Eris following me. All three commanders followed me. I was so angry now. This had been going on for far too long; it was time we ended this. I returned my Espeon, and took out Zeus's Ultra Ball.

"Topaz?" Rubin asked, walking up to stand beside me. "What are you doing?"

"Going to the military base," I replied evenly, releasing my Aerodactyl. He cawed, and took to the air. "I'm going to shut it down."

"Not by yourself you aren't," he said, taking out his own Poke Ball and releasing Serenity. "That's where all the vile leaders are."

"Mmhmm, I have to agree," Gold said, walking up to us with Sapph. "Too bad we don't have bomber jets right now. We could just bomb 'em and get it over with."

"Well, we don't," I said stiffly. "And Twinleaf can't take much more. So instead of yacking our jaws and wasting time, we should be flying to the base."

Zeus latched onto my shoulders, unfurled his wings, and took to the air, carrying me with him. I swear I heard Gold say, "Serious Topaz is freaking scary."


We landed behind the base, at the door that Scarlet had picked for us nearly a year ago. It was, of course, locked, just like last time. But we just had Phano bust down the door this time. The Donphan easily took out the two guards inside, and then we were able to proceed.

Unlike when Rubin and I were here with Grey and Scarlet, the halls were full of soldiers and cadets alike. We actually had to fight our way through. It was intense in such close quarters, and I was drenched in even more sweat by the time we reached the command room.

"The door's locked," Gold said after jiggling the door knob.

"They must be scared of us," Rubin said, an amused smirk on his face. "Especially since we called for back up."

"C'mon, let's get this over with!" Sapph exclaimed, getting impatient.

I wiped my bangs out of my eyes, and looked up at Gold. "Can Phano take it down?"

He took out his Poke Ball, and shook his head. "No, he's too tired."

"So what now?" Rubin asked.

"Valor," I said after a moment of thought. "He can do it."

"Then let's go this!" Sapph exclaimed, slamming her first into her palm.

We all backed up in the hallway, making room for the Camerupt's charge. Rubin released him, and told him what to do. We readied our guns, and I released Raiden for the first time since we entered the building. He eagerly awaited the action.

We leaned up against the wall, and Rubin gave the order. The Camerupt charged forward, and tackled the door, which gave way under his weight. There were shouts from inside as we followed Valor into the room, pointing our weapons.

"Surrender now!" I commanded.

Valor had taken out the guards with his charge. The other officials were frozen, startled. They were all men, and looked younger than I expected. A couple of them had to have been barely older than us. Valor returned to Rubin's side, Raiden had leaped off my shoulder to stand in front of me, Phano was in front of Gold, and Tori was in front of Sapph.

"Surrender to the Resistance," I repeated.

"Or die," Goldy offered. "Your choice."

"And why would we surrender to barbarian youth?"

A man I had seen more on television back during my childhood came into view. His graying brown hair was gelled back, and his blue eyes were calm, but sharp. He was in his fifties, and was slightly taller than Rubin and Sapph, but shorter than Gold. His name was Malenvo, and he was the vice president. It was weird seeing him here; why would he, as the vice president, even be here?

"Because we can shoot you dead," Gold said flatly.

Malenvo smirked. "You must be Gold Jin."

"Actually, it's Commander Gold Kimu."

He narrowed his eyes, and then turned his attention to Rubin, Sapph, and me. I did not change my stance, and Raiden growled threateningly.

"Then you must be... Topaz King, Rubin Birch, and Sapphira Hunter," he said.

It was weird hearing my name here in the future. It was the same way with my friends, to. I was so used to being a Rosso again I forgot I was supposed to be a King here.

"Wrong again," I said. "If you paid any attention to Synis you'd know our real names. I'm General Topaz Rosso."

"I'm Commander Sapphira Senri, got it?" Sapph snapped.

"And I'm Commander Rubin Senri, Sapph's brother."

"Oh? You're adopted? How sad," said Malenvo, amused. "And I'm surprised the Resistance chose such young leaders."

He really didn't know then, did he?

"Don't you know who we are?" Sapph demanded angrily.

"You are annoying children," he deadpanned, waving her off. Then he turned to the remaining officials. "Seize them."

Now that was the worst thing he could have done. I had told Raiden to use Discharge whenever someone tried to grab us. Rubin took my hand and pulled me down behind Valor with him. Gold grabbed pushed Sapph down behind Phano, and then joined her. She quickly returned Tori. Raiden leaped up into the air, and discharged electricity from his body. Several bolts shot out from his body, hitting everyone in the room but us.

"Valor, melt the control panel with Flamethrower," Rubin told the Camerupt.

Flames shot out of the fire camel's mouth, and hit the control panel in the center of the room. Sparks flew, so we hid back behind our Ground type Pokemon. When I peeked out again, the panel was destroyed.

"You pesky children!" Malenvo exclaimed with fury from his spot where he was slightly paralyzed. "How dare you-"

"Demeter, bind him with Vine Whip."

The Venusaur appeared in a flash of light, and then vines shot from the flower on her back. They wrapped around the vice president, and lifted him up off the ground. We emerged from our hiding places.

"That's how we dare," I said before facing the other officials that remained standing. "Surrender if you want your precious vice president to live. Or don't. I don't care."

Malenvo opened his mouth to say something, but Demeter covered it with a vine. Just then the cavalry arrived a little too late.

"We're here!" Crim announced as he and Indi burst into the room, guns drawn, with Fulmine and Scythe out. "To help...!"

"Little too late for that," Rubin said, dusting imaginary dirt off his uniform.

"Oh, shut it," Crimson snapped, glaring at him.

"Don't start Crim," I said darkly. "We have enough tasks on hand."

"Who's that?" Indigo asked, gesturing to the vice president.

"Malenvo, the vice president," I replied. "He's our new prisoner. Now we can get secrets on the actual Government, not just Synis and the admins. Jewel and Navy can only tell us so much."

She nodded, pursing her lips. "Understood." Then she eyed the shocked, surrendering officials. "What about them?"

"Lock them up."

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