Lisanna's back and Lucy feels left out. Natsu wants Lisanna back on his team. What about Lucy?

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Chapter 36- Team Natsu Returns

Although Lucy was still gone, the guild had almost gotten back to normal. Everyone was still well aware that Lucy wasn't here, but they all mutually agreed to avoid the subject and just worried internally on whether or not they'd ever be able to see Lucy again. On the guild calendar they had unconsciously started to mark down the days till Lucy was supposed to return, but again, nobody said anything about the matter and they all just anxiously glanced at the calendar to figure out how many more months till her return. Although the Lucy topic was moot, the other three guild members, Natsu, Gray, and Erza, were openly speculated and often a topic of discussion. Fairy Tail knew that the three could handle themselves easily in a fight, but they were extremely skeptical about Lucy being able to hold her own and that was the main reason why everyone was so anxious for her to return. They wanted to see if she returned and they hoped more than anything that she would.

The three other members of team Natsu had been gone quite a long time and Makarov assumed that they had finished up their jobs quickly and went looking for their ex-teammate. Makarov could only hope that they hadn't found Lucy. They would find their way back to the guild eventually, more hopefully at the end of Lucy's yearlong training session. Meanwhile Lisanna was back with her brother and sister and was helping Mira out with the bar and serving. After all of this time away from Natsu, and time spent with her siblings -her real siblings- instead, Lisanna was able to reflect upon her actions and draw out the conclusion that her actions on the job with Natsu, Erza, and Gray had not been the best choice. She had done a lot of thinking and she came up with a suitable reason why she had acted the way she did and she thought it was because she had been so used to the Edolas Natsu who was weak outside of his car, that she just instantly forgot she wasn't in Edolas anymore. That's what she convinced herself of anyway.

Whether that was the truth or not, what happened happened and there was nothing anyone could do to change it. Lisanna just wanted to be best friends with Natsu again, just like they were before she got sucked into Edolas, but from her observations of him the month after they returned from their job, it wasn't ever going to be at that level again. Natsu had found someone even more precious than herself, though the idiot probably didn't even realize it himself. Lucy was special to him, in a different and deeper way than Lisanna had been to Natsu. When she realized this, Lisanna couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous of Lucy, however she quickly smothered the emotion and it just turned into less than violent envy. Just a longing to have things return to the way they used to be.

Levy, always worrying about her blonde friend, had buried herself in her books since Lucy's disappearance and Jet and Droy had had to go on several missions without her because they couldn't get through the barricade of books that was in her apartment. The bluenette often did this when she was worried or upset for any reason. The only reason she had been able to hole up in her apartment for six whole months was because she had plenty of money saved in her savings account and that was how she managed to pay her rent and eat for all those months.

That period of solitude ended when Gazille came back from his seventh job since Lucy's disappearance and found that the bookworm still hadn't come to the guild. As soon as he heard about it, the metallic dragonslayer marched right down to her apartment and forced his way in to find Levy reading a book surrounded by piles of more books in a fortress built out of books in her living room. The dragonslayer, unimpressed with the feat, took the book from the girl, slammed it down, threw the surprised script mage over his shoulder and hiked her all the way back to the guild where he sat her down by the car and then ordered something to eat for himself. He was tired from his job and grumpy with Levy's antics.

The only word that had come in about any of the three members of team Natsu since they left had come in the form of rumors. The last ones said they had been staying at Blue Pegasus for reasons unknown. Although Fairy Tail was on good terms with Blue Pegasus, the members were still uneasy. They hadn't gotten any word from any of the absentees from team Natsu, and they usually sent one at least once a week. The tension in the guild was getting stronger and everyone could feel it.

Then one day, a month and a week before Lucy was supposed to return, the doors to the guild slowly creaked open to admit a very tired looking armored mage with her arm wrapped around a seemingly unconscious pink haired dragonslayer. The pink hair was almost completely covered with white bandages that were wrapped all around his head and various other places on his body. On his other side, struggling to support him, was a small blue haired boy who looked skinny and about to fall asleep.

"Erza! Natsu! What happened?" Mira cried, running up to them and taking the little boy's burden from him. He didn't resist and gladly let her take Natsu's weight from his shoulders, but as soon as it was gone, he swayed and what little weight he had worked against him and had him falling toward the hardwood floor in a dead faint. Erza had to lunge to catch him before he gave himself a concussion and she flipped him over her shoulder.

"Where's Wendy? We need her now." Erza said, voice harsh and overused.

"I'm here! What happened? I'll heal Natsu-." Wendy was reaching for Natsu as she said this, but Erza yanked him away, surprising everyone.

"It's not him that needs healing, it's Gray." As Erza moved out of the doorway and farther into the room, Hibiki came in with unconscious Gray on his back. The bandage wrapped around his shoulder had started bleeding again and the ice mage looked paler than he normally was. On top of that he was shivering profusely, and having an ice mage shivering was never a good sign.

"Oh my. . ." Wendy put her small hands over her mouth, appalled.

"Erza, what. . . ?" Lisanna was saying as she came up to help.

"He's been poisoned. We've helped them out getting them both stabilized, but Rayu was reaching his limit and he can't heal as well as you can Wendy." Hibiki explained.

After that little scene with Gray, Rayu, and Kaizoku, Hibiki suggested that they return to Fairy Tail where Wendy was so that they could get better treatment. Although Erza had refused to go until they figured out what had happened to Gray, Hibiki managed to convince her when it happened again about a week and a half later and Rayu admitted that he couldn't do it anymore, even with Kaizoku helping him. Fairy Tail was closer to Wendy and Porlyusica who were both better at dealing with poisons than he was.

Erza, after going the whole way without resting and always carrying one of her teammates, finally collapsed and was caught by one of Makarov's gigantified hands. Gently, he set her and the child down on the floor to sleep and came up to look at the battered faces of his children, frowning.

"Who's this young one?" Makarov finally ventured and bent to turn the underweight boy face up. When he did so, he heard a gasp that came from Wendy.

"Kaizoku?" She asked to no one in particular. The boy remained sound asleep next to Erza as Wendy touched his face and looked over him to make sure he wasn't injured. The only thing she could find was that he was underweight. "Thank goodness you're alright. I thought you were dead." Wendy began to cry.

"Wendy?" Makarov placed a hand on her back. "Do you know who this is?"

Wendy looked up at him with teary eyes and cried, "He's my twin brother."

That took everyone by surprise. Wendy had a brother? Then where has he been all this time?

"Master," Mira's voice broke through the shock. "We should get them to a bed."

Makarov looked up at Mira's worried expression and nodded. They did need to get to a bed.

"Natsu should be fine." Hibiki explained. "It's Gray that needs the attention." Hibiki readjusted his grip on Gray. " Although they were both hit by an SE carriage, Gray had been injured even before then. Natsu's a bit scrambled, but he's healing fine and just needs to sleep it off. Rayu said it was okay for him to be taken to his house. Gray still hasn't come out of his comatose and at this rate, he never will."

"Give me flamebrain, I'll take him home." Everyone turned and stared at the sound of Gazille's voice. His demeanor hadn't changed, although Levy knew better than to believe the outside appearance. She knew he was just as worried and confused as the rest of the guild. "I know where he lives."

Without another word, Gazille grabbed the pinkette from Mira's grasp and walked off, being careful not to jostle the guy too much.

"Oh shit, Wendy!" Hibiki slung Gray off his back onto the floor and started doing compressions. He'd stopped breathing again.

"I'm coming!" Wendy jumped over her brother to aid Hibiki and immediately went to work on Gray who was now going into convulsions. It was painful for everyone to watch as Wendy worked her Healing Spell on Gray. "Hibiki-kun, please tell me everything that you know about his condition."

"His shoulder wound is from a sword of some sort and on top of it he was bit by something that poisoned him. He wasn't hit as hard as Natsu was by the carriage, those wounds are already healed. It's the poison that won't let him wake up. It-."

"Prevents its victims from using their vocal chords and causes excruciating pain. I've encountered this kind of poison before, during the Nirvana incident. Remember when Erza was poisoned by Cobra?" Wendy asked.

Hibiki could only stare. "You mean to say that this is Cobra's work?"

"Yes, but it's more powerful than before. I'm gonna need some things to make this easier." Wendy said, all business.

"Just tell us what you need Wendy and we'll get it." That was Mira's voice from right next to her.

Wendy nodded and started listing off the things she'd need.

Gazille had dropped Natsu off at his house five hours ago, so why couldn't he bring himself to leave the idiot? The iron dragonslayer looked into the bedroom again where Natsu was sleeping soundly under the covers and yes, Gazille had placed the flame dragonslayer under the covers and had brought them all the way up to Natsu's chin like they were supposed to be.

People thought he was insensitive and uncaring of others, but that was only half true. He cared about certain people and, as much as he hated to admit it, Natsu was one of those certain people. Gazille didn't quite understand it, but he just pushed it off on being a dragonslayer connection between them. Even Wendy was somewhat special to him, and he disliked kids, but only because he wasn't good with them. They always cried when he tried to be nice.

Now he couldn't leave the idiot alone by himself with no one there to wake up to. This was all bunny girl's fault for leaving and worrying everyone sick. Gazille finally just pulled up the only chair in the house next to the bed and planted himself in it, resolving not to move until the idiot woke up. Just as he'd made that thought, his keen ears picked up a soft knock on the wooden door. He knew exactly who it was just from that small sound, so, sighing in annoyance, he got up to open the door for Levy who had two bags of groceries in each hand. She just smiled up at him and held out a hand full of grocery bags. She knew him too well, and he hoped she was the only one who did. It would be embarrassing if it was anybody else. Levy, at least, could keep a secret.

"We may be here a while, so I brought some food for both of us, and Natsu when he wakes up. I'm sure he'll be hungry." Levy explained as Gazille took the offered bags.

"We? Us? You plan on staying here too?" Gazille asked, suddenly skeptical and a bit nervous.

"Well duh. I'm not going to leave you alone and I'm sure Natsu would like a more welcoming face to wake up to." Levy said innocently, making Gazille glare as they walked to Natsu's kitchen. "No offense Gazille, but you don't exactly have the prettiest face. You might scare him when he wakes up."

Gazille just set the bags on the counter and snorted unflatteringly. Levy just frowned. She hated it when he did that and he knew it. "I'll make lunch. You go watch Natsu."

"Fine." And Gazille disappeared into the bedroom. Levy then got out the rice and started to clean it. As she did, she looked around the room. It was surprisingly quite orderly for Natsu and, other than a coating of dust from the long absence, clean. To be honest, Levy thought that it would be more chaotic since this was Natsu's house and he is male. She decided that she would get to cleaning the dust away when she finished making lunch.

Meanwhile, Gazille was sitting in the chair beside the bed, brooding. He still was embarrassed to admit that Natsu was a -and he soured his face up when he thought this- close friend and very important to him. He truly was worried about Natsu and hoped that the idiot would wake up soon otherwise he was going to slap him and make him wake up. Gazille could smell Levy's cooking and frankly, it was making his mouth water. He'd never tasted Levy's cooking before and right now he was kind of regretting he hadn't because just the smell was killing him. Unable to help himself, Gazille followed his nose back out into the kitchen.

Levy spotted him and gave him her white toothed smile. "It's almost done. Go wash your hands before you eat." When he gave her a scowl, Levy planted her feet and placed her hands solidly on her hips. "You heard me, now get."

Still frowning, Gazille grudgingly went to the sink to wash his hands. Levy was surprisingly very traditional, she even set the small breakfast table that was in between the living room and kitchen. "Alright. Don't scarf like you do those metal scraps, chew properly like a civilized being or else I won't be cooking for you again." Levy threatened as she served up her meal.

"Isn't this a lot of food for just two people?" Gazille asked and he ate.

"Don't talk with your mouth full." To this, Gazille just rolled his eyes. "I know it's a lot of food. I want there to be some for Natsu when he wakes up and we have no clue when that will be. I want there to be food for him to eat when he does."

Gazille suddenly set his rice bowl down, contents not quite gone yet, and seemed to stare off into space. He was concentrating on something. Levy assumed that it was a sound so she stayed as quite as she could, but carried on eating.

"You should get his food ready then, because flamebrain just woke up." Gazille said, getting to his feet and making his way to the bedroom. Levy, unable to help herself, dashed after him to see Natsu with his eyes open and trying to sit up. Gazille helped the guy sit up and propped the pillow up behind him.

"Where am I?" Natsu's voice was thick with disuse.

"You're at your house Natsu." Levy explained, trying to contain her excitement.

"How'd I get here?" Natsu rubbed his forehead.

"I brought you home." Gazille growled.

"Oh!" Levy finally threw herself at the pinkette and hugged him tightly. "I'm so glad you're okay! We were worried sick Natsu!"

"Speak for yourself." The iron dragonslayer muttered to himself.

Levy glared at him for a split second. "I speak for everyone when I say 'we'." The script mage pulled away from Natsu to look at his bewildered face, only to start crying and pulling back into a hug. "I'm so glad you're back home safe."

Natsu, not really knowing what to do helplessly looked at Gazille for advice, but all he had to say was, "Now look what you did, you made her cry." Natsu just ended up hugging Levy and patting her on the back to calm her down. The moment ended when his stomach let out a very loud and impatient sound that seemed to echo through the room.

"I'm sorry. You're hungry aren't you. I'll go get your lunch right away." Levy sniffled happily and, before Natsu could say anything, disappeared from the room.

"How long have I been asleep?" Natsu asked, watching the door. He could now smell the scent of Levy's cooking and it was making his stomach speak its own language and he was constantly having to swallow to keep from drooling.

"Beats me. It's almost June, though, if that helps any."

"June?" Natsu sounded shocked.

"Not quite yet, but almost." Gazille corrected.

Just then, Levy came in with a tray full of food and Natsu forgot what he was about to say. He was ravenous. "Don't scarf or you'll just end up throwing it back up." Levy instructed. Gazille just exited to go finish his own lunch. Natsu ate enough for three people and he could have eaten more, but there wasn't any food left for him to eat.

"I'm still hungry Levy-chan." Natsu whined, flailing his bowl at her to bring him more. Natsu was definitely more himself, and it was starting to piss Gazille off.

"You've eaten everything I've cooked. There's nothing more to give you." Levy told him, snatching the bowl from him. "I wonder if Gray will be this hungry?" She wondered aloud.

Natsu stopped whatever he was doing and froze, remembering. "Gray." He then looked at Levy with a heavy expression. "What's happened to Gray?"

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