Hi everybody! Well this is just a song fic. And yeah. In this story Rose plays the ukulele I know it a mostly everybody places Rose to play the guitar and something like that but I wanted something different. Well VA doesn't belong to me but this song does. The song is called "To Me"and is written by me, pammy143. So I hope you like this one-shot. And I hope you like the song I written too oh and some part of the lyrics are owned my Shakespeare from his sonnet, sonnet 18.


It was a usual day in St. Vladimir. I was just playing my ukulele, which Lissa bought me when we went to Hawaii when her family was still alive. I was about to play one of my song I made until Dimitri found me somehow. Oh didn't I mention that got kick out of Stan's class again and was suppose to meet Dimitri when the class was done, but instead I went to my room and get my uku and ran to my secret spot in the forest. I was quite a sight. Sunlight crept through the trees whit small lake glistening.

"Rose what are you doing here? You were supposed to meet me after class" Dimitri said.

"Sorry Comrade but I got kick out early and so went to my room got my uku and ran to MY secret place so I could play." I said calmly. He looked at me weirdly cause I guess he didn't know what a uku was.

"A uku meaning ukulele is a traditional instrument from Hawaii duh Comrade." I said very smartly. He just shook his head from how I said my response.

"How long have you been playing it." He asked

"ummm a couple of years I guess." I said. then I noticed that he was sitting beside me….. very closely.

"I been writing songs too." I said proudly.

"May I hear one?" he said hopefully.

"Sure!" I mean I always wanted to sing him one of my songs. And I got a perfect one too.

Shall I compare the a summer day Cause boy you're beautiful on your own way My heart jumps when you're near Come on and listen its very loud and clear You are my love My soul My everything You are my rock My fire The reason for these tears

Boy do you know what you do to me you make me go crazy running through my mind with thoughts and dreams that I with it could be with you and me

Boy I got something to prove to that my heart is true to you can't explain this feelin but my heart is achin boy do you know my love is for you why can't you see it's me that right for you

Boy do you know what you do to me you make me go crazy running through my mind with thoughts and dream I wish it could be with you and me

Shall I compare the a summer day thou art more lovely and more temperate that what Shakespeare said one day and to me you're always that way

"Roza that was beautiful and I do love you." He said.

"I love you too Dimitri." We gazed into each other's eyes. It was a perfect moment. Then he kissed me it was soft and sweet. It was a little peck but to me it was everything I needed.

"so you wanna learn comrade?"

"Sure I would love that Roza."