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Professor Severus Snape sat at his desk marking essays. While he didn't particularly enjoy grading essays, there was something rather satisfying about placing a bold, red mark across a ridiculously unedited paper. Really, one would think a student turning in an assignment would at least proofread the paper before turning it in.

As he read one paper after another, Severus became aware of a tingling sensation at the base of his neck. He rubbed his neck, attempting to make the tingling disappear. It didn't help. Slowly he realized this was the same feeling he got every time someone was watching him. It had been helpful during the war when Severus needed to be fully on his guard.

He glanced up from the diminishing stack of essays to observe his students. This group of students made up his Advanced Potions class and was comprised entirely of 7th and (as the students who had returned to finish school after the war were affectionately called) 8th years. And, even though he would never admit it, they were a bright group of students. One didn't become an Advanced Potions student by luck. Only hard work and talent could get you in this class. Every one of them seemed to be diligently working on the tasks he had set them. No one was looking at him. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, Severus shrugged slightly and returned to his marking.

Hermione Granger risked another glance at her professor through her eyelashes. He had, of course, realized someone was watching him. Luckily, its seemed that he was unaware just who was watching. Professor Snape didn't seem particularly worried either. He probably figured he could out-duel any one of the students in this class, even if one of them tried something. Hermione snorted softly to herself. He was probably right! Severus Snape was many things, and one of those things was a proficient dueler. Actually, Hermione was distracted because she had recently become aware of how many "things" Professor Snape really was.

At the start of the year, she hadn't expected too much to be different. She was, of course, in Advanced Potions (as well as Advanced Just-About-Everything-Else). As usual, she and her friends were excited and happy to be heading back to Hogwarts. The happy ending to the war had made everyone look forward to their futures. There was a small number of 7th and 8th years returning. Some had sadly not survived the war, some had simply decided to not return, and some (like Harry and Ron) had decided to embark on their careers right away. Both were in training to become Aurors. So, Hermione had returned to Hogwarts with a small, but rather close, group of 7th and 8th year friends. Draco Malfoy (who was nowhere near as much of a prat as he'd been before), Neville Longbottom, Blaise Zambini, Pansy Parkinson, Seamus Finnegan, Lavendar Brown, and Parvati Patil had all returned. So had Ginny and Luna, but they were 7th years. There were few enough 7th and 8th years that they had all been placed in a dorm together.

However, when she stepped foot into the Great Hall during the first evening meal, she realized nothing was the same. Her glance swept the teachers' table. Hermione noted that Professor McGonagall, who was sitting next to Headmaster Dumbledore, looked slightly irritated. Not unusual. None of the other professors was out of the ordinary. Professor Lupin was back in his role as Defense teacher and Professor Snape was once again teaching potions. And that was where her musings stopped. Professor Snape was talking to Professor Lupin in a most civil manner. In fact, he looked downright friendly! Hermione didn't know what they were discussing, but the topic seemed to be enthralling to both of them. Professor Snape had, in Hermione's opinion, never looked better. He looked healthy, not sallow and too thin. His hair was clean and slightly wavy. Even his nose didn't seem so…unattractive anymore. Apparently, winning a war and no longer having to play both sides agreed with him!

While Hermione watched, fascinated, something even more amazing happened. Snape smiled. He really smiled. Not a smirk or a grimace, but a bonafide smile! It made him look, well, handsome. Hermione found herself smiling, too. At least until she realized she was smiling. She shook her head, and returned to the conversation with her friends.

For the next few weeks, Hermione found herself studying and thinking about Professor Snape. Whenever she didn't think he was looking at her, she was looking at him. When she couldn't look at him, she thought about him. Hermione was worried that he was becoming an obsession. He simply fascinated her. He was a hero, but didn't claim it. He seemed completely unaware of the respect and high opinions people had of him. Whenever someone mentioned it, or even suggested it, he reacted with disdain and derision.

Hermione had thought she was keeping her latest obsession to herself, but that thought came crashing down on her when Ginny confronted her in the library.

"Spill it," Ginny demanded. "I want to know what is going on in that brain of yours."

Hermione looked up in shock. She'd been reading when Ginny had pounced on her. Ginny grabbed her book out of her hand, and demanded to know what has going on.

"Wh-wh-what do you mean? I'm not doing anything! Well, definitely not now since someone took my book!" Hermione made a grab for the book, but Ginny held it out of her reach.

"Tell me! You spend all your time mooning over Professor Snape! You're always staring at him! Spill it! Do you have a teacher crush?" Ginny giggled at the thought.

"Of course not! I am not mooning over him! I am, well, I am…It's just that…well…" Hermione stuttered around for a few more moments. Finally, she sighed. "Okay, fine. I don't have a crush on him. I just am interested in him. He is pretty amazing, when you think about it! He -." Hermione broke off as the smile on Ginny's face grew larger. Her eyes took on a knowing gleam. Hermione sighed. "What?" she asked irritably.

"I don't believe it! You do have a teacher crush! Well, at least it is on somebody good, not Flitwick or Hagrid or somebody. I can see how Professor Snape would do it for you. He's bloody intelligent, not half-bad looking, and I bet he's really good with his hands!" Ginny wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at Hermione.

"He does NOT 'do it' for me, as you put it. I don't even find him that attractive. He's just an interesting man that has done a lot for our world. My interest in him is purely intellectual." Hermione started to gather her things. She tried to ignore the look Ginny was giving her, as well as the blush rising in her cheeks. She was NOT attracted to her teacher. Not in the least. Even if he did have the world's sexiest voice. And even if he made her melt with every smirk or snarky remark. And even if he had a pretty good sense of humor and was one of the most intelligent men she'd ever met. And even if watching him dice potion ingredients with those amazing hands made her knickers wet. And even if he…Hermione suddenly dropped her books on the table.

"Oh, Merlin, Ginny! What am I going to do? I do have a crush on my teacher! What happens if he finds out? Am I obvious? He's going to find out!" Hermione was well on her way to a major panic attack when Ginny grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Hermione, relax!" she said while shaking her friend. "It's not exactly an uncommon thing. Teacher crushes are as old as, well, as old as teachers! I bet the very first teacher had a student who had a crush on him! It's not a big deal. And he won't find out, unless someone tells him. Or if you suddenly leap on his desk and ask him to take you, although that could be interesting!"

Hermione took a few deep breaths. Of course, Ginny was right. There was no way Professor Snape would find out she was attracted to him. She would continue acting like always, and he'd never know. Ginny certainly wasn't going to say anything. Everything would be fine.

"You're right, Ginny. There isn't anything to worry about." Hermione grabbed her bag and books and started for the door of the library. She looked back over her shoulder, "Not to mention, my attraction to Professor Snape will never be-!" Hermione stopped short as the door to the library swung open. She suddenly found herself face to chest with none other than, "Professor Snape!" Hermione dropped her bag on the floor.