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Annie POV

I swim gently back into consciousness. The bright hospital lights are blinding. Sounds and commotion swirl around me. I am on something that is moving quickly towards an unknown destination.

A female voice yells out, "Three people. Two adult males and one adult female. All have severe burns. The woman has multiple severe knife wounds and other trauma. One of the males has very serious head trauma with possible concussion." I am in a hospital on a gurney.

The commotion increases. The lights flash. No one has realized I am awake. I catch a glimpse of Auggie as my gurney passes by. He is lying very still on another gurney. He could be asleep, but I know better. No one is there to help him. No frantic people swarm him with concern and help. Why is no one helping him? Auggie is alone. I cannot take that.

I struggle to sit up. A nurse glances down at me, and yells something unintelligible, and I surrender yet again to the blackness that had almost become a friend.

I awaken; it seems like only a second after my eyes closed. The lights are bright, but not blinding. The room is quiet. A glance to my left reveals an empty bed. A look to my right shows Auggie lying in a bed next to me. He is still not moving.

I survey myself, and see thick gauze and bandages crisscrossing my stomach. The bandages continue down both my legs. They hurt terribly; there are bandages on my arms and hands and they feel heavy with pain. My head is throbbing. More than the physical pain, in my mind's eye, I can still feel the burning in my abdomen as the knife presses deeply into my skin, on its way to the organs below.

I become aware that I am restrained by the wrists and ankles. It feels just like it did with Raoul. Again, I am back in that dank room. The shackles are tight, and are growing even tighter. He is coming at me with a knife. I can take no more.

I pull hard at my restraints, despite the almost unbearable pain it causes me. As I struggle, a woman wearing scrubs walks in. She takes one look at me and sprints out of the room. The doctor comes in, with the nurse trailing behind him, a second later. "Ms. Walker, please calm down. You are in a hospital. My name is Dr. Saunders. You are all right. Calm down."

In an angry voice, through teeth gritted in pain, I say, "Get these darn things off of me!" as I pull one more time on the bindings.

The doctor quickly removes the restraints. "We had to restrain you while you were unconscious. You were pulling out your I.V.s. You have suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on both arms," He said as he and the nurse attended to me.

Burns?, I thought. How did I get burned?

Through an incredibly dry throat, I asked the doctor, "How is Auggie?"

"August will be fine. He has a severe concussion, which will probably cause him pain and perhaps nausea. We will have to wait until he wakes up to see if he has suffered any other side effects from the concussion."

"What about his sight? Will he still be able to see?" I croaked.

"We will not know for sure until he wakes up. You will have to wait. I am sorry."

Dr. Saunders asks a few questions about my pain level which I answer honestly: I am in agony. He tells the nurse, Jennie, to order for pain management, and then he sweeps from the room before I have the chance to ask any more questions. He clearly does not understanding what is going through my mind.

Hours pass by in agonizing slowness through the haze and fog of pain and the medication they are giving me.

It is an eternity. I am doing so much more than just waiting for Auggie to wake up. I am waiting to see if my best friend will be able to see for the rest of his life. I have everything to wait for.

I feel myself begin to slip again. From sheer willpower, I stay above the darkness.

A moment later, I hear movement and my head whips toward the direction of the sound. Bad idea. It makes my head swim and I become very light headed as my body spasms with pain. The awful feeling is overwhelmed by the joyous sight I see. Auggie is awake.

I hit the nurse call button and she comes in a second later. When she sees Auggie is awake she turns on her heel to get the doctor.

I struggle to get out of bed, wrestling with the I.V. poles and wires. I attempt to stand on my own. I call out to Auggie, but he says nothing. The I.V. lines are barely long enough as I lurch toward Auggie's bed. The walk is difficult, more of a shuffle. I reach the midway point between our beds just as the doctor and nurse enter the room. Jennie runs over to help me.

"You need to get back in to bed, Ms. Walker." Doctor Saunders, says.

"No." I say with determination. Jennie helps me to reach Auggie's side. He continues to say nothing. I hear myself distantly say, "Auggie! It's me, Annie!"

"Why is he not saying anything?"I ask Doctor Saunders after no answer from Auggie, "Is he OK?"

When the doctor does not respond, I turn back to Auggie. I see tears on his face. Two water droplets make their journey down his face.

At last, Auggie speaks. "I thought they said that if I got hit on the head, I would go blind again. Well," he sighs, "They were wrong."

In pure joy, I throw my burning, aching arms around him.

"Congratulations, August," Doctor Saunders says, with just a hint of a smile.

Jennie is beaming. I am as well. I also have tears rolling down my cheeks. Auggie is grinning so large, I am sure his face will split any second. As our eyes meet, we are happy. For a moment.

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