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Chapter 1: The strawberry, the bar, and the soul reaper.

Two words...

Oh Shit!

The same words that crossed Ichigo Kurosaki the moment he noticed her. The girl with the blue deep eyes an black short hair, dressed in a uniform, and with a sweet smile pasted in her lips. Ichigo hands tighten on the desk. The girl didn't seem to notice him. She glance around, without meeting anyones eyes and just continue to smile.

" Hello I'm Rukia Kuchiki," she smiled and made a slight wave motion with her hands. It's her! It's that one chick.

Rukia had just passed her first introduction at school. As if things could get much worse. Two hollows attacked near a grocery store just on her way over here. Honestly, If the Soul Society expected her to fix the problems with the hollows and go to school at the same time they seriously are out of their minds. Then she met the glance of someone in the room. Shock cross her. It can't be...! The memories of the last encounter with him flushed before them.


Sitting there legs crossed Rukia Kuchiki stare blankly at the tables. She stared at the people around her. Humans having nothing to do than hang here. Rukia sighed. She couldn't imagine spending so long in the human world, but she wanted a huge break from the Soul Society. Tomorrow was her first day of high school, though it wasn't the first day of school either. She'll be entering at the middle of the term. The Soul Society expected her to solve the whole issue with the hollows escaping from Hueco Mundo while she stayed over there. Rukia wanted to take a break, the only thing that can make her escape the Soul Society, at least for a while, was for her to agree to this. Yet she felt a little anxious to be going to a human school. Rukia stare at her pack of books she'd been reading. According to her highly research it was " Cool" to hang out around here. Everyone came to these " bars" she was trying to act human as possible. She manange to sneak in that she was 18. Occasionally crossing her legs, pretending to be enjoying herself.

" Anything to drink miss? " a woman skeptically glance at Rukia.

" Oh, thank you..," Rukia force an innocent smile that even made the woman less skeptical of her.

As soon as she left she frowned. Drink? As in what? Water? This human world is so confusing, Rukia huffed.

" The hell we doing here? " Ichigo muttered glaring at Keigo Asano " I can't even believe I agreed to go to a place like this."

Ichigo scowled looking around.

" Would you calm down, you're 18, senior in high school and yet here you are not even enjoying this? Relax Ichigo. Go meet some hot babes or something," Keigo Asano punch his shoulder before losing himself in the crowd of people dancing.

Ichigo rolled his eyes, scowling. Sure have fun, he mumbled to himself. Along my dead body.

He moved past people, pushing some people out of the way he sat down on one of the tables.

" What's this? What an odd shape I've never seen one like this in the Soul Society,"

Ichigo attention went to where he heard her. Then he noticed the girl studying a type of dishware. Ichigo raise an eyebrow staring at her. She had jeans and a blouse. Huh? She wasn't exactly dress like any of the girls here. She was outdress. He saw a frown in her face deepen when she put the dishware back. Her eyes met his suddenly. Ichigo looked away, then pretending to be concentrated in his tropical drink.

" Here you go miss," a waiter put down a drink on the table where Rukia sat.

Rukia smile politely at him.

" Oh, Thank you so much," she sweetly smiled.

The waiter smiled back and nodded before leaving with a grin.

As soon as he left the frown return to Rukia. She picked the orange slice from the drink, dangling it in her fingers.

" Why in the world would they put an orange peel on a drink? It's inlogical," Rukia mumbled to herself.

" It's more for decoration," Ichigo found himself answering.

Rukia eyes shot to his in alarm.

" Oh...really," she change her voice to sound nice again until Ichigo caught her off.

" Look you can cut the act. What's the point of faking that you enjoying this when you clearly aren't," Ichigo noted.

Rukia drew back. She thought she was doing good.

" How would you know," before she could catch herself her normal voice came out and in sounded demanding.

Ichigo snorted.

Rukia found that annoying somehow. That little snort. She wanted a comeback to that snort. She cross her arms.

" Oh and by the way the dishware is to put cigarretes in, they don't want people smoking inside," he answered her previous confusement.

How did he know that? Had he been saying it aloud this whole time, Rukia glance curiously at him.

" Thanks," Rukia snap though she wasn't sure where this fire came from. Rukia grabbed her drink an drank it full. Somthing fuzz inside her brain.

What the hell is this? Rukia put the glass down clumsily. Ichigo couldn't take his eyes off of her. He found her sort of amusing. Right now as she saw her drink the whole glass of vodka he couldn't help not looking at her.

" Um...another..I think," Rukia ordered.

Ichigo curiously raised an eyebrow as he realize not only had she drank 3 bottles of vodka she was still going to ask for one more. Rukia had only raise her arm a couple of inches before Ichigo caught her hand.

" What the hell is wrong with you? You some acoholic? Come on you really need to get out of here," Ichigo pulled her up. Much to both their surprise. Rukia stare at him in disbelief. She didn't even know him. Now he was pulling her out. Rukia stumbled she wasn't use to people pulling her along.

" Leave me alone..carrot top," Rukia grumbled taking her hand back, ignoring the thing that told her not to.

Ichigo hated that nickname. He ignore her comment.

" I don't need your help, I'm perfectly fine," Rukia turned abruptly but her equilibrum wasn't at her best defense tonight. She stumbled into the ajar single bathroom. Ichigo had a laugh that wanted to come out from inside of him. What the hell is she doing? He followed her into the bathroom. He close the door. The last thing he wanted was somebody to burst in and demand why there's two people in the bathroom. Rukia stumbled on the sink.

" What kind of drink is that? Is it for trickery or devious plans? " Rukia asked realizing that Ichigo was behind her.

Ichigo snorted again, making Rukia annoyed again.

" How old are you really? " Ichigo taunted though Rukia didn't get the hint.

" Technically you don't want to know. But in some form I'm 17...I think," Rukia was spilling out words she shouldn't but somehow had no control. It's that drink! It's diabolical! She thinks. Ichigo shook his head murming stange chick in his head.

" The hell you're drinking at 17! Whatever! Last thing you want is to go home by yourself in this condition," Ichigo mumbled again glancing at her.

" I can go home by myself," Rukia denied trying to get past Ichigo.

" I've doubt it, here I don't know who you are but I'll take you home," Ichigo offered.

He was being generous to a complete stranger. Rukia glared. Not the reaction Ichigo was hoping for. As if I need help from a human to go home!...she thought.

" Fool! Just get out of my way," she snapped at him.

" Hey! I'm trying to help you here!," the words escaped Ichigo mouth faster than they had come to his brain.

" Do you think I need help from you idiot," Rukia galred.

Ichigo glared back bending down closer to her face.

Who was this chick to tell him off, he thought.

Rukia met his glance. Then something shifted in her.

Desire? It was more like inside of her. She met his brown eyes more clear now. A stong hold by those eyes. She then couldn't stop-couldn't control herself. That drink was making her thought mix into actions. A strong desire overpowered her. She reach up wrapping her arms around him she kissed him. Ichigo stuttered back but her mouth was still to his.


Then he felt it too. A strong desire. He couldn't seperate his mouth from hers. He bend down lower, grabbing her by the waist to pull her closer. A grunt escape Rukia. She pressed her lips harder against his. Ichigo felt the pressure of her lips. This midget is too freaking short, he thought it just as he put both arms around Rukia tiny waist and lifted her up into the sink. Rukia recalled reading situations like this. She wrapped her legs around his back.. Ichigo didn't mind the legs around him. Right now he didn't even recognize himself. He never felt like this before. Never. This girl tasted like vodka and smell like lavendar. Two thing to weird to go together but it worked perfectly for her. Ichigo hungrily pulled apart seconds before continuing. Rukia reach for his shirt while he reach for her blouse. Pulling it up and tossing it somewhere else. He allowed her to do the same except Rukia had done it in a more abrupt way, almost like she wante to take everything off right here and right now. This is that " human experience" I was reading about, Rukia thought back. Ichigo reach for the strap of her bra now. He caught himself there. What the hell did he think he was doing? He didn't even know the chick. Rukia took advantage of his hesitation and started unzipping her own pants.

" Wait-," Ichigo protested the moment Rukia mouth came to his again.


This girl was on fire! She kissed Ichigo furiously. Ichigo couldn't even restrain himself from kissing her. When he pulled apart to breath Ichigo took his change.

Well if I'm doing this, might as well know her name, he concluded.

" What's your name? " his voice came out hoarse and husky.

" Why?" Rukia argued.

" Just tell me! " Ichigo grunted losing his concentration on her again.

" Rukia...Rukia Kuchiki," she replied before busying herself with removing more of her pants.

" I'm Ichigo...Kurosaki," Ichigo pointed to himself, his mouth meeting hers again.

His arms tighten on her back.

A knock on the door stopped them from going any further they both growled.


Ichigo leaned against the wall gasping for air. Rukia angrily look at the door. Hating that they ruin the moment. Ichigo looked down at his shirt. He grabbed it and quickly put it on.

" Going," I replied still out a breath and gasping.

He tried to not look at Rukia. Who wasn't dressing back up.

" What's wrong? Dress up!," Ichigo passed her her blouse.

" Why should I? " she argued still angry.

" Because if you don't they'll bust the door open! ," Ichigo now noticed the way she looked.

Tiny but slim. Her body was slim. Something beep on her that beep meant Rukia immediately jumped off the sink counter and pulled her pants over her legs with haste.

" This never happen okay? " Rukia murmured opening the door and leaving.

" Ahaha sorry, I was sick, he was helping me out," Rukia smiled sweetly disappearing before the guy could look at her longer than 5 seconds.

" Young man, step out of the bathroom," he yelled at Ichigo.

" I'm going," he replied a little disoriented.

He stared after the girl. Where did she go? That girl?

" Now!," the man yelled again and Ichigo stumbled through the crowd like a total loser.

" It's you!," Ichigo accused seeing the girl who was introduce in front of the class.

Rukia eyes widened recognizing him.

Ichigo stood up. His eyes meeting hers. Both with the same surprised. Until Rukia looked away.

" I'm sorry I don't think we've met," Rukia politely said.

Her legs crossing and she bowed. Lifting her skirt in modesty.

" As I said everyone this is Rukia Kuchiki treat her with respect," the teacher announce.

The rest of the class cheered and clap at the new girl.

" WOO! Hey Rukia Kuchiki! You can sit next to me!," Keigo Asano waved his hand for her to come, scrambling from his seat.

Rukia pasted smile twitch. The seat was right next to Ichigo's too.

" Why, thank you. You are so kind," Rukia walked over and sat.

Ichigo was still scrambing up.

" Ichigo it'll be nice of you to sit down," Sensei murmured motioning for him to sit.

Rukia and Ichigo both stare at each other. An unmention glare between them. Then a smirk played at Rukia lips.

" Oops," she purposedly dropped a pencil down over at Ichigo feet.

She lean down to pick it up. When sitting back she murmured 2 simple words.

" Play Along," while Ichigo had two words himself.

" Won't happen," Ichigo glare back a smirk on his face which she return equally.

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