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Chapter 4. Explanation

Ichigo remembered everything. Every single thing he remember so clearly. He didn't understand it, but he remembered it. He was even angry at Rukia for having to lie to him about such a thing. Whatever that thing is. Did she expect that he wouldn't remember. He stalked out of the house in a bad mood.

" Oi Ichigo!," Keigo waved.

Ichigo completely ignored him. He wasn't in the mood to see him.

" Oh-oh, someone's in a bad mood," Keigo followed him.

Ichigo just snorted, searching the school. Where are you? I know you're somewhere close, Ichigo scanned. Suddenly there she was. Rukia.

Ichigo stared at her a long time. Was he expecting him to forget last night? She should've known better. Ichigo walked in front of her.

" Ichigo! Good Moorning," she greeted, giving it her best to smile widely.

Ichigo frown. It was no time for lies, he thought and frown deeper. " Rukia-" he began.

" Oh no! If we don't hurry we'll be late! Gotta run right," she turned to walk away.

She was running away from him. Ichigo was tired of this. He really wanted to know what was going on...why somehow he feels it taken over his life. He feels different! He senses something different. No to mention what happen this morning. Something was definitely strange. He step forward, grip Rukia wrist and spun her around.

" I know" he said plainly, narrowing his eyes.

Rukia glance back, her smile fading. Shit.

How would she explain? To Ichigo what she was without freaking him out. Rukia matched his eyes. Then again, she sort of did already explain before.

" Explain," Ichiro crossed his arms, a firm scowl on his face.

Rukia glance around. Ichigo's friends were watching intently, among other classmates. Rukia forced a sweet light smile on her lips.

" Ichigo can you come with me for a moment,"

" All you have to say just say it right now-," a hard kick to the stomach stopped Ichigo words all together.

" Oh my! Ichigo are you all right? We have to take you to the nurse," Rukia practically dragged Ichigo to a secluded place. " I hope you're happy now, that was a bigger scene then the one I had planned," Rukia frowned and crossed her arms.

" What the hell was that for? Couldn't you have asked politely damn " Ichigo groan stranding.

" I did. You wanted me to explain right?" Rukia sighed.

It was one thing to get so involve with a human, but an entire different thing that that human now had more power than she intended and now she had to explain just what's happening. Rukia knew she was in serious trouble. She felt it the moment she stab him and felt her powers drown away. Ichigo nodded, face gone all serious.

" I remember you sneaking into my house, then forgetting, yesterday that thing attack us and...something about you lending me your powers. What is this all about?''

" It's very dangerous. Right now you have the powers of a soul reaper, a shinigami as I prefer to call it. Yesterday I sort of lend you about all my powers by accident. I am a Shinigami. Sent by the Soul Socity to protect this town's people from evil spirits known as hollows," Rukia pulled out a notebook and started doodling. " Like ghost. Only those with high spiritual power are able to sense or see hollows," Rukia turn her drawing towards Ichigo. Ichigo frown deepen.

" That cell you had sends messages to me about the hollow activity. Right now I am in a temporary body. When the cell beeps it means it's close by and needs to be destroyed. So I change into a soul reaper, leaving my temporary body behind. Until I gain my powers back, like it or not you have all my duties as a Shinigami...Any questions?" Rukia glanced at Ichigo ,just finished showing a drawing of Ichigo with shinigami clothes defeating a hollow.

Ichigo leaned on the wall with his arms crossed.

" Only two. First of all why the hell do your drawing suck so bad?-" he wasn't even done before Rukia threw the notebook at him.

" My drawing aren't bad! Jerk how could you say that!" she yelled back insulted.

" -and second of all, if your only duties were to protect people from those hollows, why were you in the bar a couple weeks ago? and then doing all in which you did after what. Why are you in school? You aren't human are you?" Ichigo must've got the right question because Rukia stumble back. She glared back and with a whirl turn to leave.

" I'll come to you if we have to deal with any hollows," she icily replied walking away. Ichigo scratch his head. That hadn't answered his question. Unlike yesterday today seemed like a hollow free day. Ichigo couldn't get his mind off what happened before. Was he truly a soul reaper now? He wondered why Rukia looked so angry at the second question , he'd asked. Did she want to be human or something? Or act like one...? Ichigo had loads of more questions by the time lunch came, but as he walked upstairs to his usual place, the questions vanished when he saw Rukia waiting there.

" Why are you here?" Ichigo asked, rather rudely.

" As of now I am like your mentor. I have to be close to you if a hollow approaches, so don't flatter yourself by thinking I want your company," Rukia sat down to the left of Ichigo.

Who said I wanted your company, Ichigo thought but ended up shrugging instead of saying it.

An awkward silence filled between them. Ichigo pick up his juice and started sipping when he noticed Rukia staring intently.

" What? You have a problem or something?"

" How peculiar. How do you drink that? If that is a box?" she picked up the juice box.

" You stick a straw through it," Ichigo replied.

" Straw. How can you stick a straw though it? If it's all cover up-," Rukia tried poking the straw though the box. She frown. " What kind of devilish product is this? Absurd-" she tried the other side. Nothing happened. She tried to punch a hole on the juice, but the straw would only bend. Just about to throw the juice when Ichigo hands grip hers.

" You poke the straw through that tiny hole right there,"

Rukia tensed. She didn't like what that touch made her feel.

" Ah! I see," Rukia noticed, her hands pulling back.

" The place you come from...Soul Society and all that do they have everything from here?" Ichigo questioned.

Rukia shook her head. " No...it doesn't have all the stuff from here, but it's a happy place. For everyone but me," she sighed.

" What do you mean?"

Rukia cursed herself again. She had said too much. Thankfully a beeping noise was heard in her pocket. She slid on her glove.

" Hollows. Let's go,"

" Hey what's that for-"

Rukia slammed her palm on his forehead. Dragging his soul away.

" Whoa! What you do to me! Is that my body!" Ichigo stared alertly at his body on the floor.

" No time to complain, come on-," she burst in a run.

Ichigo followed. Fortunately it was a weak hollow. Ichigo defeated him in a couple of strikes. Rukia tried not to pay attention to every move Ichigo did. She had never encounter just a strong spiritual energy before, but even now. Ichigo reminded Rukia too much of Kaien Shiba.

" Not bad for a starter," Rukia mentioned when Ichigo was going back to his body.

It was already dark outside.

" Tomorrow we start training," Rukia decided to leave before any more strange thoughts enter her head.

" Wait...where do you live anyways?" Ichigo asked before she left.

" Concern about my business Ichigo?" she replied with a smirk.

" As if," he muttered.

" Don't worry I have a perfect place. See you tomorrow-" Ichigo watched her leave with a frown.

Who did she think she was, he was only asking. With a sigh he went home. It wasn't until later that he thought he heard something in the closet. Probably a ghost, he figured trying to fall asleep. Then out of no where he thought he heard breathing. Huh? Ichigo ignored it and tried to sleep. In the morning he woke to the sound of rustling in the closet. Ichigo got up, having enough, he swung the door open.

A scream rang out.

Ichigo jerk back. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CLOSET!" he yelled when he recognize the dark black hair and small body...hold up what is-Rukia was in the process of changing.

" Haven't you head of knocking first! " she slam the closet door shut.

Ichigo turn his back towards the closet. He had just seen a girl dressing in front of him.

" So this is the place you're staying at?" Ichigo realized, still not over his surprised.

He pass a hand though his hair. He has a girl as his roommate. A girl who happened to be the person who almost lost himself to in the bar and who is apparently a soul reaper.

" Dammit Rukia what have you gotten me into," Ichigo murmured quietly as the closet door swung open and out pop the short wonder herself. Things keep getting stranger and stranger. " Oh by the way Ichigo, I'm going to be staying in your closet for a while," Rukia mentioned, with a smile. Ichigo sighed thinking something along the lines that Rukia was definitely something else.

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