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Set after Brotherhood.

This story contain violence, abuse and sexism.

It all started on the day Fuhrer Grumman fell ill. The upper echelons of the military were left to run the country. They started with an evaluation of a certain commanding officer at Eastern HQ. Roy Mustang. The evaluation was bad. Normally he would work harder in evaluation weeks to give off a good impression. However this time his procrastinating nature was discovered by an undercover officer.

The leaders eventually decided what to do about the lazy brigadier general. Mustang was never popular among the higher officers due to his young age and this sealed his fate. The verdict – DEMOTION. Demoted to Major and ordered to work under the new commander for Eastern Command. He had to reprove himself worthy of his position.

Roy sat at this new desk among his subordinates Hawkeye, Havoc (with use of his legs regained), Furey, Breda and Falman. His old team taunted him about the demotion.

"Serves you right Sir, should have done your paperwork."

"It's about time someone noticed."

"I'm surprised that no one noticed before."

"I hope we don't get another lazy bum as a commanding officer."

Despite their taunts, they deep down felt regret. They had high hopes for Mustang to become Fuhrer and now his dream was even further away to reach. Roy on the other hand kept his head low and focused on his paperwork. Today was the first day of the new commander, Roy either wanted to make a good impression and climb up the ranks again as quickly as possible or make the guy who took his job's life hell. He mentally thought over which would be the best option. He hadn't made his decision by the time he entered.

The man was about 5ft 8 (Roy was mentally happy about being taller than him), small built but a serious face and a sword sheath on the belt of his military pants. He had curly blonde hair slicked back and glasses on his face. He looked at the team scornfully but then walked in front of Roy's old desk, his new desk, indicating he was going to speak.

"My name is Brigadier General Richard Garand, I will be the new commanding officer at Eastern HQ, I hope you work hard under my watch, that is all I expect. Work, obey and know your place. Now continue with your work men."

Much to Roy's relief he didn't take his old desk (he still had things in his drawers that he wanted to retrieve), instead he chose the private office next door. He entered but then came back out. His piercing gaze turned to Lieutenant Hawkeye who was working diligent.

"You," He pointed at Hawkeye. "A minute in my office, now," With that she stood with no protest and entered his office.

Once the door was shut, the men began discussing.

"So what do you think of our new commander?" Havoc said in a whisper.

"Seems kind of snobby." Breda said.

"And arrogant." Furey said.

"Like Mustang." Roy glared at Havoc.

"Even I showed some respect to my subordinates, you have to admit that. I didn't go around calling you "you"" He said confidently.

"I wonder what he's got against Hawkeye, he sounded angry." Breda noted.

"Maybe he has interest in her." Havoc said with a smirk on his face as he glanced at Mustang to see his reaction.

"Unlikely, he would have spoken softer." He said definitely as if to reassure himself.

"I hope she's okay." Furey muttered.

"She'll be okay, she has us." Mustang said with pride in his voice.

"You mean she has you." Havoc joked.

"Better interrupt the conversation before the Lt falls for the cold hearted bastard, ey Mustang" Breda egged him on.


"You're a Lieutenant correct?" Garand had sat behind his desk with papers in his hand, he glared at the Lieutenant in a cynical manner.

"Yes sir." Riza stood firm.

"And you were the second-in-command under the previous head of eastern HQ," He was no longer asking questions. "Who was this idiot before me who decided to place leadership into the hands of a woman?"

Riza looked at him disgusted, not only at the fact he had doubted her abilities and insulted General Major Mustang but the fact he was a sexist. He was one of those men who didn't believe in women in the military.

"Regardless, you have been given good evaluations by all your superiors and they insisted that you become my chief aid. I'm not happy with this decision, but I'll have to cope. I still doubt the reliability of those reports. Considering the rumours I hear about women in the military; how they perform sexual acts for their superiors to boost their ranks. I did hear that the last commander was a womaniser, I'm guessing you were one of the military women he fooled around with. What an idiot, women have no place in this sort of workplace, if they wanted to whore around, then they should go work in a brothel-"

Riza snapped, she had had enough of his sexism, however she still had to maintain a calm composure. "With all due respect sir, those rumours are not true. The former commander was a womaniser, however he never engaged in those types of relationships with female officers. Also this impression of military women is false and overly exaggerated, many women have an important role in the military-"

"WHO SAID YOU COULD SPEAK WOMAN!" Riza stopped instantly slightly startled. Garand slammed his hands on the table. "YOU WOMEN HAVE NO IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE WORKPLACE. ALL YOU SHOULD DO IS GO HOME AND STAY IN THE KITCHEN. THAT IS WHERE YOU WOMEN BELONG!" His voice suddenly became quieter but was still filled with venom and Riza could detect a threat. "Know your place Lieutenant, as my aide you will do as I say, keep your mouth shut and your legs shut, and do only as I say." Riza unintentionally looked at him revolted, he saw this expression and saw red.

"WHO TOLD YOU, YOU COULD MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH M-"His hand had raised to strike the Lieutenant across the face but Garand stopped as the door to his office had rapidly been opened.

Roy stood with his hand still on the handle, looking nervous about disturbing. "Sorry for the intrusion sir, but we heard a loud sound and wanted to check everything was alright." He was no longer talking to the General, his eyes were directed to Riza. Her face wore her emotions plainly on her face. The simple look of fear made Roy firmly plant his feet on the ground, he wouldn't leave the Lieutenant alone with this man. She was no longer his subordinate but that didn't matter he would still protect her and the others like he used to.

"I didn't give you permission to enter soldier. Next time knock before entering." He spoke with hostility toward the Major but more civilised than he had to the Lieutenant. He looked at her than at his watch.

"It's about time for the lunch break, you are dismissed." The two saluted and proceeded to leave. "Oh and Lieutenant, we'll continue our discussion later." With that Riza shut the door behind her and rushed eagerly away from the office and towards the mess hall.

Garand's appearance is actually based on a Gintama character. There will be special mentions in the next chapter if you can guess who.

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