Bonus Chapter

Takes place around chapter 13 What would have happened if Olivier came to Eastern HQ

Just so you know, yes it is short and there's only a smidge of Royai, but I'm seriously lacking inspiration. I was going to post it up tomorrow, since it's my birthday *o*, but I'm at work all night so that can't happen.

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Olivier Armstrong sat in that meeting and she was pretty sure her eyes hadn't failed her. That new General, well she assumed he was a newbie since she had never seen or heard of him, she didn't bother learning newbie's names unless they would have some use to her. Mustang was an exception however, he was that annoying that she would never be able to forget his name. That newbie, purposely pushed coffee over Hawkeye and that silly clod Mustang tried to help her and nearly went against superior orders to do so. She mentally laughed, maybe he wasn't a complete ass kisser after all.

She watched as a flustered Hawkeye hurried out of the room. For the rest of the meeting she could feel someone watching her. She subtlety turned and caught the culprit. That newbie general who appeared out of nowhere, glaring. His eyebrows pointing sharply. Olivier quickly shot him a glare and he backed down. Clearing his throat slightly but pretending to have interest in the meeting. She glanced over at Mustang and noted his shifty eyes. She could almost swear that he was eyeing up the door. When the meeting had finished he had dashed out the door before anyone else.

Olivier laughed at the fool and slowly began packing her papers up. Eventually she and the newbie were the only ones left in the meeting room.

He walked over her snobbishly. "You must be the Queen of the North. Major General Armstrong." Olivier was quite insulted he didn't offer his hand not that she would have shook it anyway.

"And you are?" He opened his mouth and she waved her hand. "It doesn't matter fresh meat." She quickly picked up her files and began heading towards the exit her head held high.

"I think it does matter, considering I'm in charge of Eastern Headquarters."

She laughed. "Ha! You only got your position because that fool fell off his high horse." She tried to leave but he grabbed her arm.

"I haven't introduced myself yet though, woman." He said venomously into her ear.

"Neither have I." Olivier stopped moving and struggling, long enough for Garand to loosen his grip on her arm. She turned swiftly and shoved her fist deep into his gut. This caused him to curl over and left him defenceless. She kicked him as if he were a three-legged chair, so he lay on the floor.

"Listen you maggot. I am Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong, Queen of the Briggs fortress. Not just some woman. Worms like you need no introduction." Her lip twitched in annoyance and she walked out of the room with confidence.


"I see that idiot Mustang finally got you into one of those dreaded things." She looked at Hawkeye clothed in the dreaded miniskirt. She had slipped into the "mustang team" office to visit Hawkeye and get to the bottom of what she saw at the meeting.

Hawkeye looked down at herself, clearly embarrassed. "Could be worse though I suppose." Olivier muttered reboosting Hawkeye's confidence slightly.

"I didn't come here to talk about the upstart and his disgusting fantasies. I came to talk about that other arrogant maggot, the one keen on burning people with coffee."

Riza's eyes widened, she had hoped no one had noticed it. "Don't hold back anything. Tell me everything." She looked at the ground undecided. "Whatever dirt he has on you or that other fool, it doesn't matter. Just tell me everything." Her voice was firm but encouraging. Enough that Hawkeye slowly began telling her of the life the past few months.


By the time Hawkeye had finished, Olivier had already unsheathed her sword and was heading for the door. Hawkeye tried to stop her.

"I'll go finish of that sexist son of a bitch myself." She'd opened the door. "Did you tell Mustang?" Hawkeye shook her head.

Olivier shook her head as well in response. "You should tell him. He could torture him in ways that I can't." With that she headed down the corridors in search of Garand. She found him speaking to a lower ranking officer.

"You!" She pointed her sword at him. "I challenge you to a duel." She smirked slightly.

He laughed in disbelief. "Like you can beat me. A lowly woman. Do you even know who I am?"

"I don't know nor do I care. I just demand a duel."

"Oh, what makes you think I'll comply with your demands woman?"

"A refusal just proves you're not man enough to face me. Even that fool with his head in the clouds agreed to face me one time."

He merely smirked in response.


That's how the two ended up on Eastern HQ's training grounds, a large crowd gathered around them all watching. Including Hawkeye, Mustang and the team. Hawkeye had confessed to Mustang about what had been happening. He had taken it extremely harshly, he himself wanted to fry Garand into little pieces but wanted Olivier to torture his ass, because he knew that would ultimately humiliate him the most.

They had both unsheathed their swords ready, when Mustang started shouting.

"Make sure to kick his ass Armstrong. If you do I'll get you dinner, all on me. And as many flowers as you want." He smirked slightly at the end, his arm still tightly around Hawkeye's shoulders.

"I'm not doing this for you, you moron. Don't think so highly of yourself. I'm doing this to prove a point."

The referee blew his whistle and she tightened her grip on the sword. "That women are even stronger than men."

She dashed forward quickly dodging the jab that Garand had sent forward. She used her sword to hit the hand holding the sword. Blood gushed out but he refused to loosen his grip. He cried out in pain the used his other hand to grip the bleeding hand which was still holding the sword.

"Is that all you've got. I heard rumours you were heartless-" Olivier interrupted his rambling by sending the sword towards a head attack. He had to shut up and dodge quickly to escape her quick jabs. Garand hadn't attacked in a while due to the pain in his hand.

"Come on, fight like a man!" She taunted him causing him to rush towards her, his sword raised. She was quicker however, she ducked down and swiped at his feet knocking him flat on his face and outside the ring.

She spat on him. "You lose. Anyone could kick you ass, woman or not." She wandered off towards the crowd and went straight up to Mustang.

"You owe me dinner."

Her back was turned and she failed to noticed Garand rushing towards her, sword raised above is head and blood dripping down his face. Other soldiers called out to warn her. She turned to find he had already been incapacitated. Hawkeye had fired a bullet through his leg, sinking him to the ground.

"I believe you own me a dinner now, Sir." She said smirking at Mustang. He returned it.

"No problem." He nodded. "But later. We've got business to take care of." He referred to him and his subordinates. Armstrong shrugged and walked off proudly.

Team Mustang crowded around the Garand cowering on the floor. Mustang ducked his head low down to speak into his ear.

"Let's see how you like it when you get tortured, you sexist pig." He grinned evilly and did the others, Havoc brandished the rope enthusiastically as Mustang pulled on his alchemic gloves.

The groundskeeper after hearing repeated muffled screams and shouts, came out later to find Garand stripped to his underwear and wrapped around a log over a fire, an apple shoved into his mouth. Just like a roast pig.


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