The Wing School

The Wing School

It was nearly the end of summer when two girls around the age of 16 were sitting at a table looking over pieces of paper.

Kara Winters sat back after reading over the paper. Her green eyes looked at her friend Miroki Sekkio.

"Well this is interesting, I didn't think we would get an offer to a different highschool." Kara murmured to Miroki.

Miroki sat back in her chair, taking a sip of root beer, "No kidding, what kind of school is this?"

Kara looked over the papers again, "The Wing School, a private school given to only chosen students. Students are given the chance to try everything, though they can choose their own courses there are after school activities they must attend."

"Weird, why would a private school be willing to pay for so many students? I hear that half of the students from our school is going to that one." Miroki said thoughtfully.

"I agree this is too weird, I heard from Adam, that they are willing to pay for everything. Our school uniforms, books, backpack, the works. My mom thinks I should go, she's heard good things about the school, and it's not everyday a school will pay for everything." Kara looked over the forms.

"Adam is going too? Wow, I wonder who else is going, anyway I'm not too sure about this. I hate the idea of a school uniform."

"Please come Miroki? I don't want to go without you, besides I hear they have lots of great stuff. Please?" Kara pleaded.

"Okay, I'll come, but only because I know you'll be there."


Miroki chewed her lower lip, "You know Kara, I have a weird feeling about this school. Are you sure that's there is nothing fishy about it?"

"I'm sure, mom checked the place out herself."

Both girls nodded, so they agreed to go to the school together. Kara Winters was very go-lucky around Miroki, but otherwise she was serious. She thought things through, and tried her best at the things she did. Kara loved to write, and wrote fanfiction in her spare time. She was to say the least very good at what she did. She had green eyes, and her brown hair was cut in a pixie style.

Miroki was Kara's best friend, and partner. Miroki has long raven black hair two sections of her hair done up in two buns, trimmed by a golden ribbon. The last section is twisted up and pinned to the back of her head, leaving the ends of her hair fanning out, giving her the warrior look, and she also has electric violet eyes. She was very good with drawing, and drew anime characters in her spare time. Her drawings were just as good as Kara's stories. Miroki was serious about her work, but loves to play. You could say Miroki loves to perfect her work.

Despite their differences both girls had a few things in common. First they went on the Internet almost everyday, second they loved anime, and third they both ran a website just for anime. They were pretty glad to run into each other, since finding other anime lovers was almost impossible. In fact after they finished talking about the school, they went on to their next subject the G-boys.

"So which one do you like?" Miroki asked.


"Hmmm… Heero? He's cute, though I can't say I like his attitude."

"Nope, but I agree, he's probably just needs to get out more." Kara shook her head.

"Uh, Duo? A lot of people like him, he's funny and cute too."

"No, I do admit Duo would be a lot of fun to be around." Kara grins.

"Quatre? I like him."

"Let's see, normal, nice, nice looking, but no sorry try again."

"I would say Wufei, but I know what you think about him, and I feel the same. So it has to be Trowa."

"Yep, Trowa."

The two girls grin a one another.

"So Kara if a G-boy showed up at your front door, what would you do?"

"I would ask him what does he want." Kara answered levelly.

"What? No blushing? No glomping? No asking him more about himself?"

"No, I don't want to be one of those crazy fan people. If they are real people, then I'll treat them like real people. Even if I like him." Kara told her firmly.

Miroki shook her head, "No wonder you don't have a boyfriend."

Kara grins, "Either do you."

They burst out laughing.

Kara wipes a tear from her eye, "Anyway you better get going, tomorrow we have to drop by the school and get our stuff. I'll pick you up at 12:00, okay?"


~The Next Day-12:00~

Kara borrows her dad's car, Miroki was right beside her.

"I can't believe your dad let you borrow his car." Miroki exclaimed.

"I told him I would be extra careful."

They parked at the back of the school. Miroki looked up at the huge school. Both of them gasped, they knew it would be big, but that school was more than big. Coming into the school a young woman looking strangely familiar greeted them.

"Hello, are you students?"

"Yes, we are." Miroki spoke up.

"Good, first you will have a tour of the school, then you will get your things, and then you will have your physical examination."

"Excuse me Miss? What physical examination?" Kara said startled.

"We just want to see which after school activities you can handled that's all."

Kara and Miroki stared at each other as the lady walked in front of them. They looked around the school; it just as big as they thought it looked. There were huge gyms, one for gymnastics, fencing, indoor games, swimming, and Marital Arts. They passed by the computer labs, chemistry labs, and art room, among other rooms.

"This is crazy, who in the heck is paying for all of this?" Miroki whispered.

"No idea, I like to know why they chose to many students. What's so special about us, that we get chosen for a place like this?" Kara whispered back.

When the tour was over, they went into an empty room. There, they were given their uniforms. This made Miroki stare at them; she looked over to Kara to see her reaction. The uniforms was a dress, much like the ones…

"In those anime cartoons." Kara whispered.

"No duh, look at this, it reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura."

Next the physical examination, which wasn't all that bad, expect for the shot they were given at the end. When they got back home, the girls were tired, but Kara couldn't rest yet. She had promised that she would update their site before school started. Logging on to the computer Kara checked the site, she frowned, typing quickly she frown again.

"Hey, Miroki, get over here."

"What Kara? I'm tired, and I'm going home."

"The Gundam Wing page is missing from the site." Kara explained.

"What? How did that happen?" Miroki looked over Kara's shoulder.

"I don't know it's gone, like it never existed at all."

"Maybe it's a computer glitch, just write and tell them something happened to the page, and that we'll get it up and running within the week."

Kara nodded and started writing. After Miroki left Kara went to bed. Nervous about the new school, it was comforting to know that she would meet few old friends. Best of all she found out that Miroki was in all of her classes.

"Then why do I feel like I'm in over my head?" Kara thought to herself as she fell asleep.

Author's Note: Yay! I'm done please read and review, okay? Please pretty please with a cherry on top? I like to thank Female Mewtwo, who provided me with Miroki Sekkio. The character is hers if you don't know. So what is going to happen? What is the Wing School? What in the heck happened to Kara's and Miroki's site? Till next time on Wing School!