Easter Fireworks

"How do we ever find the time for this stuff?" Kara asked Miroki as they looked through the candy section.

Miroki shrugged, "We're just buying Easter candy."

"Yea, but we've been busy planning attacks against Oz, when we're not planning we're training, and when we're not training we're doing homework."

"And here comes the million dollar question," Miroki grinned, "How do they do it?"

Kara muttered, "I just don't know how we do it. It's already April, Miroki, April! In the past eight months our lives have been turned upside down. Fantasy has become a reality. There was a time we couldn't use a gun to save our lives."

Miroki raised a brow, "We couldn't?"

"Well, one of us couldn't," Kara amended, "Now here we are, acting like nothing has happened, shopping for candy!"

"You're right Kara, this is amazing," Miroki nodded, "We need a vacation."

"Or we could just do that."

This was one of the many on going conversations about the girls' lives. It seemed that nothing was what it seemed anymore. A day before Easter and at the request of both their mothers Miroki and Kara were shopping for Easter candy. There had been so many changes to their lives. Also suspicious cousins, crazy siblings and mole within the school played no little part to the growing stress. However, there was one way to cure their stress, which was… TO GO EASTER EGG HUNTING!!!

As Kara's looking through the different types of chocolate eggs when she asked, "Miroki, I know this is a really stupid question, but I wonder…can Heero get high on sugar."

It was a stupid question, because Miroki ended up starting and boinking her head on the rack above her head as she spluttered, "Heero? High on sugar? I don't think Duo influenced him THAT much!"

"Well… how do you know, Heero never eats any sugar, at least none that I can see…"

Miroki rubbed the bump that was sprouting out of her noggin, "Heero probably only eats rations…ick."

Kara wrinkled her nose, "Well that's boring! He should try some chocolate. We should make him happier."

Miroki nodded, "We should experiment on him. The changes in the Perfect Soldier when he eats sweets." She pictured herself and her best friend strapping Heero to a table.

Scene plays:

Heero struggles hard against the bonds, "Miroki! Kara! Let me go!"

Miroki and Kara are in white lab coats and have psycho grins on their face, "Uh uh Heero."


Miroki waggled a finger at him, "Kara, the Mars Bars!"

"One jumbo Mars Bar."

Miroki jams the food down Heero's throat.

Heero miserably attempts to spit it out but Kara forced him to swallow.

"Ok…" Miroki checked the computer screen, "His heart rate hasn't changed yet… oh! It's going faster!"

Heero's eyes widen as he felt energy surge inside him.

"Miroki," Kara said, "Marshmallow rabbits."

"3 bags of Marshmallow rabbits."


"Kara! Ten Reese Peanut Butter Cups."

"Ten Reese Peanut Butter Cups."

"One Crunchie!"

"One Coffee Crisp!"

"Ten packages of Smarties."

"4 bags of Cotton Candy!"

"100 Sour Patch Kids!"

"6 boxes of Popeye Sticks!"

Heero's mouth is stretched as candy after candy is shoved in his mouth. Suddenly, Heero lets a huge grin fall to his face and he squeaks, "CANDY!!!! CANDY!!! HEEE HEEE!!!!! HEEE!!!"

Scene Ends.

Miroki laughed to herself.

"I think I hit my head too hard when I fell out of bed this morning," Kara moaned.

Miroki eyed Kara, "You really didn't fall out of bed this morning did you?"

"Did Duo pick the lock on the door?" Kara asked back sarcastically.

"Did Wufei ask Sally out?" Miroki answered.

"Duo thought it would be 'fun' to give me a wake-up call, FIVE FREAKIN' AM IN THE MORNING!"

Miroki grinned, "How did HE manage to wake up that early?"

"I have no clue; I don't even want to know."

Miroki pulled bags of marshmallow peeps off a rack, "He probably got sugar high."

"Heh, probably." Kara replied, "All I know is that I heard someone yelling at me in the ear this morning and I literally jumped five feet up in the air and fell out of bed!"

"Can you really jump that high?"

"Well considering I wasn't even half awake I guess so."

Miroki tossed chocolate bunnies in the shopping cart, "Cool. Anyways, we've got everything, let's just chuck the dough and be gone."

"Are you sure that isn't too much sugar? We just want to make our siblings happy, not to turn them into little monsters from hell again. Remember last year?"

"Yea, Quatre has nice legs."

"Miroki are you with me at all?"

"I know it's bad to be in his boxers in front of us but those legs so really nice…not all bumpy like Heero's… nice, smooth legs………" Miroki drifted off into La la land.

"Miroki, because of them, none of the guys, not even Duo, would want to have little hellions around their house anytime soon!"

"Nice legs……"

"I give up! I'm the only sane one around here!"

Miroki hit Kara on the head with the bag of marshmallow peeps.

"Ow! Geez! I didn't think you were listening!"

"There's a difference between dreaming and listening."

Kara sighed, "We better get back before Heero thinks we're captured by OZ or something."

Miroki nodded. They paid for the Easter candy and left.

On the way home Miroki thought of something, "Yo Kara?"


"You said we had too much candy…what if we involved the G-boys in the Esther egg hunt? Our siblings won't end up having that much candy…Duo will be happy. Quatre gets to try eating candy for once and…" Miroki got the evil gleam again, "We can find out what happens when Heero, Trowa and Wufei eats candy!!!"

"With our luck, the sugar would just pass through their systems without any effect."

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch."

"Anyhow," Kara said, "How can we convince them to come to this? Most of the pilots won't touch our siblings with a ten foot pole if you paid them hundred dollars for it."

"Well…We could turn Trowa and Quatre into mush with our charm," Miroki flicked her hair to indicate what she meant.

"Now that would be taking advantage of him."

"So? I could do it to Wufei then."

"…………………………………………………………………………………………Are you crazy?!?!……………………………………………………………………………………………"

"Nooo…that was in the store."

"Wufei hates the opposite sex, you know that…right?"

"So he likes people of the same sex?"

"That's not what I meant! I mean, you charm won't work on him. Maybe you should ask Sally to threaten to bonk him on the head if he wouldn't go."

"And Duo would be happy to go, and he can convince Heero for us."

"Yea," Kara added, "Without an 'I will kill you'."

Miroki shrugged, "I think I'll try charming Wufei in my own way anyways."

Kara sighed again, "I can only see how this would turn out…"

Back at the dorms

Heero looked around; he noticed the girls have been gone for quite a long time. He told the girls many times not to leave the dorms so often. Just in case OZ would find out they were the new pilots and capture them. Not like the girls would ever listen to them… Women. Even Noin backed them up, claiming they deserve to have a life…Women. Now he was beginning to sound like Wufei. If he turned into a justice ranting freak like Wufei he'll personally blame them. Those two have turned their lives completely upside down. Even Trowa's turning into a love sick fool. Quatre's no different and now Wufei's actually going out with Sally!!! A WOMAN! And if to add on to all of that, there were many times they were forced to give in to the girls, even Kara! Like that damn cat! Miroki has Quatre around her pinky finger easily and she has the rest of them on chains from her black book! He'd love to blow that thing up. He realized he was ranting… why, out of all people, did Noin have to decide on these to girls for the new pilots?!?!?

Silence followed.

Then it hit him.

Those girls, not even trained, saved them from an OZ base. That's gotta hurt…

Suddenly, he was thrown out of his thoughts by then slamming of a door and the two girls came in laughing, holding huge bags of God knows what. He snorted, clothes, no doubt.

Heero shook his head; at least they haven't convinced them to do something they didn't want to do for a long time now.

Kara yelled over her head, "Hey Heero! Want to go to the Easter Egg Hunt with us?!"


"Please? We bought way too much candy for the Easter Hunt this year. And it's better than to turn our little sisters into hellions again..."

"Hnnn… no."

Miroki dropped the bags on the couch, "Let me handle this…" She walked over to Heero's back, took him by the collar of his tank top and dragged him into the next room.

"Uh oh…he's in trouble," Kara squealed.

"Who's in trouble?"

Kara's bags flew from her hands as she jumped 5 feet in the air…again, "Do you HAVE to keep doing that to me?"


"I never know you're behind me Trowa! You're going to give me a heart attack one of these days!"


"Well, that's a nice answer."


"No prob. Anyways, Miroki talking to Heero…in private."


Kara carefully listens, "Well…no one's yelling, no one screaming, no gunshots, no one's dead yet…"

You think.

Miroki grinned evilly, "Heero, do you want me to really state the 3 reasons why you should go?"

"Like the way I should state why I should shoot you?"

Miroki shrugged one shoulder, "I would've killed you by then."

"I'd like to see you try."

"Ok." Miroki lowered her voice to Heero's tone, "Missions accepted."

"You will fail in your mission."

The two were facing face to face with each other, glaring in each other's eyes. Each to prove the other that they are the best soldier in the room. Suddenly, the light switched on in the room. There was Duo, standing at the door, one hand on the light switch, one hand on a tub of popcorn. At the same time, both Miroki and Heero looked in Duo's direction, both with an evil glare in their eyes.

Duo backed up, "Eh…hehe…is this a bad time to bug you guys?"

Two guns pointed at him.

"Ok!!! Don't kill me!" Duo turned out the light and leapt from the room, slamming the door behind him.

Miroki and Heero then pointed their guns at each other.

"I will destroy you," Miroki said in the Heero voice.

"Omae o korosu."

Outside the room, Trowa watched as Duo cowers behind Kara, ranting something about two Heeros inside that room.

Trowa pressed his ear to the door, "Sounds like two Heeros talking…"

"Well I told you not to into the room Duo," Kara scolded in a motherlike tone.

"Mommy! Mommy!"

At that moment, Wufei walked into the room. He looked at Trowa; he looked at Kara, and then looked at the cowering Duo, whom was clinging onto Kara's shirt, whimpering like a 5 year old. "Weakling," he muttered, "This group is getting weirder and weirder every single day." Then he headed towards the next room.

"I wouldn't do that Wufei."

"Quiet Winters," and Wufei entered.

Kara raised her arms into the air, "I warned him."

As Wufei turned on the light, two bullets whizzed by his head. Two guns pointed at him. Two glares directed at him. Two exactly the same tones said, "Omae o korosu."

Wufei eyed Miroki and Heero. They both had the same posture, the same look of fire in their eyes. "What is the meaning of this!" He demanded. Of course, Wufei's not the most diplomatic person in the world. In fact, he's just downright blunt.

The cocking of two guns sent Wufei out of the room in a rush.

Kara shook her head, "I told you so."

"Shut up woman."

"I resent that intuition."

Finally Quatre entered the room. He looked at everyone. He looked at the angry Wufei, who seemed peeved; the calm Trowa; the cringing Duo and Kara, who was trying to pry Duo off her shirt. "What happened to Duo?"

"Two Heeros!" Duo squeaked, "Two Heeros!!!"

"Now now now Duo. There's only Miroki and Heero, not two Heeros in the room," Kara reassured Duo.

"Two Heeros!" Duo insisted.

A pair of gunshots rang at the same time in the next room.

Kara looked worriedly at Trowa, "You don't think they're dead, do you?

Another pair of gunshots rang.

Trowa shook his head, "Not yet."

Quatre started to panic, "What do you mean? Why are they shooting at each other? What's going on?"

Kara just answered innocently, "Oh Miroki just wanted Heero to come to the Easter Egg Hunt this year. We ended up buying too much candy. You guys want to come too?"

As if by magic Duo perked up, "An Easter Egg Hunt? Candy? YES!"

"…" from Trowa.

"We'd be happy to," Quatre answered.

"Weak games…"

"You're not going to eat more candy are you?" Kara asked Duo.


Kara sighed, again.

Meanwhile, inside the room Heero and Miroki squared off, guns pointed at each other, deadly looks in their eyes.

"Give in Yuy."

"Mission denied."

"Accept the mission." Miroki replied.


Miroki felt really evil. Still with the same posture and looks she changed her voice to Dr J's, "Go to the Easter Hunt Heero."

"It's a waste of time."

Miroki went back to her Heero voice, "You're chicken Bawk bawk!"

Heero's eyes narrowed dangerously, "I refuse to go and that is final. Say anything else and I will kill you."

Miroki narrowed her eyes to match his then shot the gun out of Heero's hand and out of sight, "Strike one."

Heero gave the ultimate 'you-are-going-to-die-slowly-and-painfully' kind of look.

Miroki pulled out the baby sitting picture of him and waved it in his face, "Strike two."

"I refuse to be told what to do by a new pilot."

Miroki pulled out an Easter egg and threw it at his feet, it exploded with a pop, it was a stinkbomb. Miroki then took out the rest of them and held them in her hand, "Strike Three and you're out."

"What in the @#$%$%@! Was that?"

"A stinkbomb. I have other types of bombs of course," she held up a bright pink Easter Egg, "This one will leave you with fried hair for a few months, now choose."

"You have a psychotic mind," Heero growled.

"Look who's talking," Miroki chirped in a Heero voice to insult him.

"Can you mimic everyone?" he asked incredulously, now realizing what she has been doing for the past half hour.

"Yep, I wanted to be a voice actor!" Miroki coughed a few times and said loud enough for the people in the next room to hear, "Injustice! Women are so unhonourable!" Then using the same voice, "I admit, I am weak. I, Chang Wufei, is weaker than a woman! I'm a weak little weakling WAAAHHH!!!"

On the other side of the room…

Trowa and Kara had to keep Wufei back as he tried to lunge for the door.

"I'm going to kill that woman! Out of all the injustice I'm going to kill that woman!!!"

Kara tried to reason with him, "Wufei, she was just trying to prove a point. You know Miroki, she's…well…," Kara paused, trying to find the right words, "she likes pushing your buttons."

Wufei's arms were in front of him as he tried to break free of their grip, "She's pushed my buttons long enough onna!"

Kara grunted as she tried to get a better grip on Wufei, "If you asked me months ago, I would have said I never would've have held Wufei back."

Duo mumbled between fistfuls of popcorn, "Well just shows that the training paid off."

"Duo! Some help would be nice!" Kara tried to be kept from being thrown from Wufei's arm.

Emptying his hand of popcorn, Duo got up to take the arm Kara was clinging on to.

Kara looked up to Wufei, "Wufei, just one question."

"What is it onna?"

"Do you really want to be shot?" Kara stressed the words really and shot.

Wufei just stopped for a moment, "What kind of stupid question is that onna?"

"Well, if you go in there, you'll be shot." Kara said as if he was the one asking the stupid thing.

"She does have a good point Wufei," Trowa stated, "Miroki's never really liked you in the first place."

"So it won't hurt her too much if she disposed of you." Duo said.

Wufei thought about this for a minute. Though as much as he would have liked to kill the annoying onna in which she insisted he'd call Miroki, it probably wouldn't be worth his life just to get a bitter revenge on her. Even if he were able to kill her, there was still Quatre to deal with, and Kara, and when there's Kara, there's Trowa. Quatre wasn't much of a threat, except he would make the Solitary pilot guilty, if that was even possible beyond belief. Winters, he wasn't sure about. She definitely have a thing against hurting other team members, but what would she do if Wufei hurt her best friend? Well Trowa, is Trowa. As much as he hated to admit it, he would have to restrain himself for killing Miroki, again.

Back to Heero and Miroki. They were at a showdown, so to speak.

"Heero," Miroki once again switched her voice back to match Heero's, "If you don't come with us. I'll have to use the final threat…" she pulled out her cell phone, "I'm going to call Milliardo, use your voice, and say you're going to marry Relena."

Heero's eyes widened for the first time since the conflict, "You wouldn't."

"Oh I would! I would!"

A million thoughts raced through Heero's mind at that moment. Out of one of them, he couldn't believe she would go through all this trouble just to get him to go to the Easter Egg hunt. After all, why him? He was antisocial, silent, and as Kara say, blunt to the point of annoyance, wouldn't it just be better if he didn't go? What did Miroki think she was going to gain by getting him to go to this stupid, childish, pointless game?

Heero warily looked at her and asked, "Why do you want me to go to this?"

Miroki just gave her evil grin, " To see if you're actually human in that," she walked over and poked him, "in that shell of yours," then stepping back her grin widened, "And to see if you'd get high on sugar!"

Heero started at her, bewildered, "To see if I get high on sugar?"

"Yup! Besides, it'd be funny to see what happens," still maintaining the Heero voice, she started jumping up and down as if she was hyper, "WEEE!!!! Me having fun!!! Like sugar!!! I like Relena!!! I hate Zechs!!! WEEEE!!!"

Outside the room, everyone was staring at the door.

Quatre looked like he got hit on the back of his head with a two by four. Duo's jaw was hanging open quite nicely; he looked like a stranded fish more or less. Wufei was just glaring at the door. Trowa's one visible eye was widened. Kara sighed, "I think she's high on sugar." She paused for a minute, "this is taking way too long, if I don't come back, well, send a swat team after me." With that she decided to head towards the door.

Both Heero and Miroki to see Kara poking her head through the door, "Is everyone still alive in here?"

Miroki looked at her best friend, "Everything's dandy, I've almost got him."

Though Kara wasn't a voice actor like Miroki, she did mimic Miroki's words, "WEEEE!!! Me having fun!!! I like sugar!!! I like Relena!!! I hate Zechs!!! WEEEE!!! Does that ring any bells?"

"Yes," Miroki paused, "So what? Just go, and keep the door closed before Heero finds his gun in the light."

Kara's eyes widened, "Heero, before you do anything, it wouldn't kill you to have a bit of fun in your life… I'm going to go now." With that, the door slammed closed.

Miroki turned back to Heero, "Well? What's your final answer?" she still had the cell in her hand.

Heero grumbled something under his breath.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Heero snorted, "Fine."

"Mission complete," Finally, Miroki went back to her normal tone, "Luv ya Heero!" Then she leapt from the room.

Everyone stared as Miroki leaped out of the room with a funny grin on her face. She waltzed right up to Quatre and hugged him, putting her arm over his shoulder, "Guess what Quatre-kun?"

"Uhh… I don't know Miroki, you seem awfully happy."

She gave a Cheshire smile to him, "Heero has agreed to go to the Easter Hunt with us. Now we'll all be together! Oh, how I love him so!"

Duo was gaping at Miroki, "You know, I think she lost a few marbles in there."

"Like she had any to begin with?" Wufei resorted back, "But loving Heero is just outrageous."

Kara just shrugged, "She's just hyper, and she didn't mean it." She paused, "right?"

"Nope!" Miroki jumped away from Quatre, while she thought, This would put on a nice show… hehe…but I've gotta get mouth rinse after this… Running back into the room she grabbed Heero and put a big wet one on his lips, BLECH!!!!! she thought.

Now was Kara's turn to look like a fish out of water, "Either she has completely off her rocker, or we shouldn't have had that double chocolate fudge sundae before coming here."

Quatre didn't know how to react. On one hand he was in complete shock, on the other he could feel the mischievous waves bouncing off Miroki, in very huge waves.

Wufei looked like the world had just ended.

Heero spluttered and stared at her, "Are you out of your mind Sekkio?"

Miroki answered sweetly, "It's right to show your true emotions for somebody…" then she lowered her voice for only Heero to hear, "If you don't want me threatening you again you better play along…or else…"

Kara just shook her head, as she decided to leave the dorm. She said over her shoulder, "There's something I need to get."

Heero glared at Miroki, "Is that so?"

"Remember… I have the voice."

Heero kept a restrain on his voice as he said, "But I thought you had emotions for someone else." He mentally kicked himself for going along with this. This is the stupidest, stupidest thing he could ever do!

Miroki sweetly replied, "No, only for you my darling," kissing him again she cried in her mind MOUTHWASH!!!! MUST NEED MOUTHWASH!!! How can Relena kiss him?

Quatre should hear the sweetness literally dripping off her words. Whether she was being truthful, he could not tell at all. Duo nearly just fell on his face, "Hey! What about Q-man!?!?"

Miroki shrugged, "I was just bored so I flirted with him for a few months," Ok… Quatre deserves something really big from me after this prank.

Wufei was ready to scream out the injustice of all of this, "Sekkio! Who in the right mind would want Yuy? How could you be such dishonorable as in to toy with Winner's emotions? Have you now honour?"

"Yep! I don't!" Miroki clung onto Heero's shoulder as they emerged from the room.

Duo hit himself on the head, "Why him? Heero has much of a personality as a bar of soap."

"Soap's more exciting," Trowa gritted.

"Oh poo. Heero and I have so much more in common than Quatre and I. We're both-"

"Psychotic? Trigger happy? Completely out of your minds?" Duo nearly shouted.

"Stubborn, strong, weird/ gifted. C'mon, what would I see in a weak, nature loving, art boy?" Oohh… that burned…Sekkio, you're going out of boundaries!

Though somehow is sounded like Miroki was egging the other guys on, those words stung. And a flash of pain appeared in Quatre's eyes.

Ok, now you've done it Sekkio! Pushing Heero away she spit on the floor, "That was disgusting! Heero! You have baaaaaad breath!"

At that moment, Kara chose to come back in the room. This time, she was holding a bag and what looked to be a gallon of mouthwash, spearmint. Kara walked up to Miroki and gave her mouthwash, "A gallon of mouthwash, and it's spearmint by the way."

"What in the blazes! Explain what in the bloody hell is going on here!" Wufei demanded in exasperation.

 Miroki took a gurgle of mouth wash and blew it out at Wufei.

Kara then said in a low voice so that only Miroki would hear, "The other bag just has some stuff in it for you and perhaps two tickets to a concert from which I swiped from Zack on the promise that I wouldn't go out with Trowa. But I didn't say anything about you and Quatre."


Duo just stared from Miroki, to Heero, to Kara, and then back to Miroki again, "Ok, I think I missed something."

"No duh Einstein," Kara said sarcastically.

Miroki walked over and took Quatre into her arms, sitting down on the couch, "I never meant to hurt you Q-bean, I over said my words. I didn't mean to hurt you so much," she rubbed his back, "I was in the mood for a prank so I decided to pretend I like Heero. He only agreed cause I threatened him. I wouldn't love a stubborn ass like him."

Quatre looked at her, somewhat confused, "So all this time, you were just joking."

Miroki gave him a squeeze, "Of course, you're the sweetest, gentlest, and most talented boy I ever knew. And I love ya."

Duo looked like her was ready to pull out his hair, "So all this time you were just fooling with us!"


"You onna have absolutely no respect!"

"I know, but I have the best guy in the world!"

Duo just shook his head, "You are getting stranger by the day."

"Yea, well, you're no walk in the park either Duo. Now, let's go to the Easter Hunt," Miroki took Quatre's hand, and whispered just so he could hear, "And later, we have a concert to go to."

As the group walked out the door, Heero was the last to leave. Yes, those two girls have definitely turned their lives upside down.