cherry lips
freeverse - (oc)rumerhugo
dedicated to my darling fiance, mittens. :)

prompts: flying leap, photography, cherries, and red tulip.

why don't you just,
g o for it?
take a flying leap,
((steal away her heart,
with those red tulips you bought)).

don't be afraid of something s i l l y,
like love&rejection,
don't be afraid of heartache, young hugo.

"take a chance,
take a risk.
you're so boring sometimes."

that's what she said to you,
as she snapped your picture,
((to add to that book she keeps under her bed of photograpy,
& most of the pictures in that book are of you)).

her lips are the colour of,
c h e r r i e s,
so warm and inviting.

your heart races,
underneath that cotten tee shirt of yours,
/pound, pound, pound.

"it's okay to be afraid,"
she said to you once, back when your muggle grandmother was in the hospital.

but you aren't afraid,
not the way you were then,
not anymore.

now, all you want is to
those cherry lips.

so you do it,
you close the distance between the two of you.

{her name is r u /m/ e r}
and forever you'll remember her as,
the girl with the cherry lips.

a/n: and then a girl by the name of Rachel swept in and stole Rumer's heart. ;) Love you, Fiance! :)