A/N: WARNING: You guys are going to be SO mad when you read this. XD


Anima libera,
ti senti candida,
lassù nel cielo volerai

Anima libera,
sempre mi illumina,
nel buio dei pensieri miei~

Thirteen year old Teto (A/N: Can anyone else not believe she's officially 31!) quickly stopped all movement when the odd tune flowed from the television. She had absolutely no idea what it was saying but she was attracted to it... It was almost like a virus...

Teto didn't even notice when she'd suddenly stood up and started dancing and singing.

"Anima libera,
sovente e magica,
sei la speranza dentro me

Anima libera,
leggera e unica,
nel cosmo azzurro brillerai~!"

Next Door...

"Damn it, she's at it again! Last week is was Waka Laka and now this! Master will NOT hear the end of it this time!" Miki sighed as Mikuo stomped out of the room. The man-skirt somewhat ruined the effect of anger...

"At least Len isn't singing Pretty Cure again..."


"Only one time you were caught you mean..."

Everyone laughed much to the shota's despair.



Yuki pouted as she put her arms down which were previously in the "C" position. It wasn't her fault Kaito took her to the YMCA last week...

A/N: ... I was listening to Anima Libera and I had a weird one-shot idea for Teto and Ted... didn't end as planned. XD The last part you ask? I just felt like making Kaito AND Len suffer... Kesesese...

Lalalalala~, I will never be afraid again. I can walk on water, I can fly, I will keep on fighting till I die~

So don't kill me for posting this! DX

Songs Used:

Anima Libera –DJ Raaban

Waka Laka –Jenny Rom vs. Zippers

Futari wa Pretty Cure –(From the anime...)

Y.M.C.A –(Sombody that isn't me who I'm too lazy to look up...)

I can Walk on Water, I can Fly –Basshunter (I love him~)