Okay… so C=2x3.1415926-

"Psst, Rin!" I groaned as the lead of my mechanical pencil snapped off. Just ignore him, Rin… 5358979- "Hey, hey Rin!" I huffed and took a deep breath, glaring at the half finished worksheet in front of me. "What Len?" I practically growled. "Pass this to Mikuo…" I gave Len my darkest glare for disturbing my studies over a stupid note he, a D- student, shouldn't have even been writing in the first place! I work hard to maintain my A+, thank you very much. And this annoying bastard can NOT keep pestering me with his little love letters and whatnot. "please?" He added, thinking that was the reason I was so upset. The nerve… I sighed and gave in, making sure to carelessly toss it to the boy beside me.

Mikuo Hatsune.

The stupid, horrible sense of humor, annoying boy of my math class.

I could hear him picking the paper up and unfolding it, as much as I tried to focus on my work, it was too… there. Like when someone gets in a fight and you SHOULD be getting a teacher or leaving the area but you just can't stop looking. Only this time, I can't stop hearing. And then he laughed his trademark annoying squeal-of-a-laugh... yet another piece of lead snapped.

3238464338… uhm… 327950… times 8.56387—8.6… is 27.0004-

"Hey, dude, pass this to Neru please," I sighed deeply and snatched the small sticky note from Len, passing it to Mikuo to pass to Neru. For someone with so much paper to waste, he rarely does his work…

Neru Akita.

She only likes three things: boys, texting, and boys. Neru is known as the texting champion at our school, never being caught by any teacher before and replying within two minutes at all times. She's really smart when she wants to be, but unfortunately, that's about never.

Neru just read the note and tossed it in the bin next to her. As far as I know, Neru doesn't have anyone else she associates with outside her clique, and even then her conversations are short and to the point. Her texting however… she can spread a rumor around the whole school and back within twenty minutes, and because of this, she's usually left alone and feared by those with a reputation to keep up.

I took a deep breath and got back to work, glancing at the clock quickly to see how much time I had left. I should be able to manage within five minutes… I jotted down the rest of the problems on the board in advance just to be on the safe side. Luckily, the rest of the class went by without another peep from Len. The rest of his notes were to the people on the other side of the classroom, thank goodness... but now it's English class…

I nearly ran down the halls to get to the English room early. I'm usually late, being on the other side of the building from English and get put with Len in the last two seats available. It's just God's way of saying "that's what you get for sinning". Not that I'm a bad girl of course… but… I'm fifteen. Life happens.

"Please move…" I said in a small voice at the group of girls blocking the smallest hall of the school to talk about "how cute Justin's hair got over the weekend". I'm rather quiet and shy and… just plain awkward as most would say. And bringing attention to myself is the opposite of what I want, especially with so many faults I have. One the girls gave me a glare as I tried to push pass her as lightly as possible. Which progress until the next hall, commonly referred to as "Make-Out Zone". Though in my opinion, more like teenage-pregnancy-and-late-to-class hall… And as if luck was on my side, it happened to be the 7-feet tall football team and their tall, pretty, popular, bitchy girlfriends. By the time I made it through one couple, the bell already rung.

"Someone is quite early today…" Mr. Lang (A/N: lol get it, Lang-Language, and they're in Asia. XDDDD –shot-) commented sarcastically, referring how the bell rang fifteen minutes ago. "The hall is really small and so many peop-" "Just sit." He interrupted, turning back to the projector. I awkwardly lolled to the side, searching for a seat. Luckily three students were absent, but of course it'd have to be the three students sitting by the people I absolutely cannot sit by. Not to be picky or mean or anything but… these are some bad, bad people to sit by. Aoi's seat is in between Meiko and Miki, both nice girls of course… Well, Meiko's nice if you're looking for an excuse to get out of school and be hospitalized. You even look at that girl for more than a second and she'll threaten to skin you alive and make you watch her grill and eat your flesh… her words, not mine. And Miki is… well… challenged. She has a very carefree and rather childish mind. She doesn't know anything you're talking about unless it's in the simplest words ever used by mankind. Then there's the other empty seat, by Miku and Lilly. Lilly doesn't bother me much, she just leaves you alone unless you try to talk to her. Then she'll give you this "I know your unpopular ass isn't trying to befriend me" look. But Miku on the other hand… ugh. Miku will out right embarrass you with no shame. She'll actually tell you that you're not worth a seat next to her. In. Front. Of. Everyone. Then lastly, the seat between Kaito and the wall. Wall – pretty cool. Kaito – scary. I haven't actually seen or heard about Kaito ever doing anything bad or hurting anyone, but he's so tall and just has this vibe about him… I can't explain it. He's so big and intimidating that it makes me uneasy when he's even in the same room as me, or even the same hallway. I've taken the long way to biology just to avoid him before. We've never talked or anything—and I really don't want to start now. So let's evaluate my options, shall we?

Sit with Miki & Meiko - Get my assed kicked and a headache

Sit with Lilly & Miku - Be shunned and embarrassed

Sit with Kaito & Wally – Possibly be beat up

At least with Kaito there's a possibility… I gulped and nervously headed to the seat next to Kaito as quietly as possible, as if he could know I was there if I moved too much. Needless to say, I tried to act totally normal and comfortable as I walked over to the possible Death Machine…. I mean there has to be a reason he's sitting alone, right?

"-Course hair. A rather promiscuous woman, Natsumi preferred the warm party atmosphere of-" Oh, we're reading this AGAIN? I swore we read this story like two weeks ago… "Excuse me," I almost scream and jumped from my seat when Kaito spoke. His voice was MUCH deeper than I imagined. "Sorry to bother you, but do you have the notes from the last chapter? I was sick last week." I briskly nodded and scrambled for my notebook. As I pulled the yellow book out, two of the worst possible things that could happen in the middle of class happened:

1. My PLASTIC cell phone fell out of my bag and onto the HARD TILE ground and the case broke.

2. My mother simultaneously called me.

3. The ring for her calls (which my little sister played around with) are Copacabana by Barry Manilow…

Why God, why?

I turned the shade of watermelon as the whole class burst into hysterics. I immediately pulled my cell phone off the floor and silenced the ring, dropping it twice in the process, and handed Kaito the notebook.

And here marks the end of my typical nerd-girl life…

A/N: ...Don't ask. I was bored. I had just finished class. I was too lazy to finish the story.