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Chapter 6 - Home is where the heart is

Tony sighed as he pulled up outside his apartment building, what a day, they had had a serial killer rushing round killing the daughters of marines, and they had been working almost no stop to try and catch him, he had been coming home long after Ziva had gone to bed and was leaving early in the morning, desperate to catch this guy, he had hated it, but they had caught him and saved a 16 year old girl from becoming his next victim, he groaned as he clambered up the stairs, if they had a girl he was never letting her out of his sight, well same if the baby was a boy too he supposed.

He carefully unlocked the door and poked his head round, Ziva was curled up on the sofa eyes closed in front of the TV which was showing some lame reality show, he winced at the sight of her asleep on the couch, she didn't look comfortable, her hand was resting over her now large belly, at now six months, she was getting big, she had been off work for 3 months now, and it was beginning to get to her, at first it had been ok and she could wonder around, but after a while when her pregnancy became too difficult to hide and she risked being seen by someone at NCIS they had realised that she couldn't go out and wonder so often, and as Tony wasn't keen on her driving, fearing that she might crash and kill both her and their child, she had to remain cooped up in the apartment, it was clear that she hated it, she was such a free spirit, now she was trapped in a small apartment unable to run or anything, this was not how his ninja assassin liked things.

Slowly and quietly he slipped into the apartment and hung up his coat, when he turned round he found Ziva's eyes locked on him, he winced "hey" he greeted moving over to her "sorry I am late, but we caught the serial killer" he didn't go into any more detail, he could see how much she missed work and didn't want to pain her by telling her about the excitement, she sighed and heaved herself into a sitting position "there is some food for you in the microwave" she said "sorry I was hungry" "no problem" he said moving over to grab the plate, he ate hurriedly before returning to the living room and carefully sat down next to his pregnant ninja wife, she didn't say anything, she just sat there, then she burst out, "I can't stand this anymore Tony, I hate having to stay here all the time I feel like I am locked up with nothing to do, I have watched every single movie you have, and I thought that would be impossible but no I have watched them all" Tony looked at the case of DVDs "all of them" he said dazed, wow she had been bored, he couldn't remember the last time he had seen half those movies. "Yes" she growled "I am so bored Tony, I have cleaned everything at least 50 times today and arranged everything, but I don't know what else I can do"

Tony reached over and tugged her into his arms, rubbing her back gently "hey" he said gently "I know how hard this must be for you, and I am so sorry, but you know what I think" she shook her head "it will so be worth it in the end, when we have a new bundle of joy running around" he placed his hand over hers on her stomach and she sighed leaning against him "yeah" she said "I know it will be" Tony hugged her before saying "I do have something you could do" she looked at him "what" she asked, he stood and went to his bag and pulled out a file "decide which one you like the most" he said, she took the file from him and opened it "apartments" she said in surprise, she looked up "three bedroom" she asked "really, that desperate for another after this one" he smiled "well if you are offering" he teased falling back onto the sofa and tugging her back into his arms so that she lay across him "I just thought we can afford it and it can be an office or a gym, or a man cave" he said, she grinned and looked through the listings "you have been busy" she said, he grinned "I like this one" he said selecting the sheet "three bedrooms, close to work and has a park opposite, where you can go running and we can take our kid to play and stuff, I know it is more expensive than the others but I think we can manage it"

Ziva studied the apartment's details "it does look nice" she said with a smile "well" Tony murmured into her hair as he kissed her "since I have been working overtime in the last case and am in desperate need of sleep why don't I call in some of my overtime hours tomorrow and we go check it out, before it is too late" Ziva nodded excitedly, desperate to get out "yes" she said "yes do that" he smiled and they lay there for a bit before tiny rubbed her arm, "let's go to bed" he said "you shouldn't be sleeping on the sofa, or can you not bare to miss the ending of whatever bad show you are watching" he gestured to the TV, she chuckled "oh I don't know it is pencilled me in" she said sarcastically, Tony laughed "I think you mean it has drawn you in" she sighed and carefully sat up, he tugged her up and they went into the bedroom together and curled up side by side, in each other's arms.


Ziva felt Tony's arm snake around her waist and pull her close, she resisted the urge to grin and looked at him pointedly with a look clearly saying 'now is neither the time or the place', but he was grinning cheekily at her and when she saw that cheeky grin and the mischievous glint in his eyes she couldn't hold back her own grin.

The woman showing them around didn't seem to mind, she just smiled at them as the elevator stopped and the doors opened with a ding. They followed her down the hall to a door which she unlocked and stepped aside to allow them to enter.

As Ziva stepped into the apartment and a warm feeling spread over her, a sense of comfort and belonging, as the woman launched into a well-rehearsed speech to Tony Ziva stepped away and began to look around, she moved into the kitchen looking around, then into the smallest bedroom which would be a perfect office, then into the master bedroom which was amazing, then she pushed open the door to the second bedroom and looked around, then she closed her eyes and smiled as she almost heard a child's laugh echoing around the apartment, squealing in excitement, then she could almost hear Tony laughing, his laugh mingling with the laugh of their child.


She turned to find Tony standing behind her watching her, he took one look at the smile on her face and smiled before turning to the real estate agent with a grin "we'll take it" he said.


It didn't take long for them to pack up their stuff, Tony's movies took the longest, they moved over the weekend, much to Tony's relief he wasn't called in. it was hard enough for him worrying about Ziva, now she wanted to help, she was strong and she wanted to help carry everything, Tony constantly had to watch her, in the end he had her bossing all the moving people around about where to put everything, that seemed to pacify her slightly, he put all the furniture up and left her to do all the unpacking whilst he went to work, making her promise not to do any heavy lifting, it kept her content for a while which pleased him, their new apartment was perfect.

He came home a week later to find the last boxes unpacked, "Zee" he called as he dumped his bag and shrugging out of his jacket, "in here" he heard her call and he frowned and headed to the second bedroom, he pushed the door open and yelped "Ziva, what are you doing" "painting" she said as though it was obvious from where she was standing on the step ladder a pot of paint resting on the top step a paintbrush in her hand, the floor was covered in sheets and she was wearing an old NCIS gym top that like her was covered in paint. He looked around, he had picked up the paint yesterday intending to do it at the weekend, but she had beaten him to it, they had decided on a gender neutral pastel green for now as they didn't know the sex of the baby, and Tony had to admit, it was a nice colour.

"what do you think" Ziva asked looking pleased with herself "I have been painting for most of the day, it is actually rather relaxing" "um yeah it looks great, come on get down" he said moving towards her "you shouldn't be climbing Ziva, you could fall and hurt yourself and the baby" she gave him a look, "Tony I am perfectly fine, I have been up her for a while, and I am used to my new weight now, I won't fall" "yeah well doesn't mean I am not worried" Tony said "come one get down", grudgingly she took his hand and allowed him to help her down, he grinned at her "you are covered in paint" he said, she grinned "you can talk" she said, he frowned and then yelped as she jabbed the paintbrush as his neck, he staggered backwards, struggling to stay serious and glare at her, when all he wanted to do was laugh.

He brought his hand up to his neck and wiped the worst of the green paint away, then he advanced on her as she backed away giggling playfully, she made to duck past him but he caught hold of her gently and laughing kissed her neck, she turned to look at him and gasped as he poked her on the nose with his paint hand leaving a green spot, she burst out laughing again before flicking paint at him again, growling he released her to dip his hand in the paint pot at flick paint back at her, they carried on like that until laughing hard Ziva stumbled towards him, streaks of green paint in her hair, she laughed and put her hands up "enough" she gasped "don't ruin what I spent most of the day doing" she sighed then and leaned against him, they stood in the middle on the room looking around, painting the baby's room, certainly had made everything seem more real.

"you know what we need now" he murmured, she shook her head "furniture" he said with a smile, she grinned "I will look into it tomorrow" she said softly "come on" she said then tugging him out of the room "let it dry" smiling Tony followed her out, before he closed the door though, he took a long look around the room, 'not long now' he thought, in just over two months, this room would be occupied, with their son or daughter.

Ziva sank onto the sofa and when Tony joined her she sighed and lay her head on his shoulder "how are the team" she asked, he smiled "not bad, Abby misses you, she has pictures up all over her lab and keeps asking me every time I come in if I have heard from you" Ziva smiled "what do you tell her" she mumbled "no, and I promised I would tell her if I did, you might want to call her" he added "to stop her from trying to trace you, getting herself into a panic thinking it is Somalia all over again" she smiled slightly at that "maybe I will do that tomorrow" she mused "since I can't think of anything else to do from here" "you could learn another language" he suggested, she rolled over to give him that look that he knew only too well "Tony I am already fluent in 10 languages, I don't think I need to learn another" he shrugged "just a suggestion" she smiled "let's go to bed" she suggested "there is nothing more we can do tonight" he nodded and guided her to the bedroom, she curled up against his chest and he slowly placed his hand over her belly, Ziva fell asleep quiet quickly, exhausted after painting all day, Tony lay awake though.

Things were getting more real with each day that passed, he and Ziva had finally expressed their feelings, gotten married, moved into a new apartment, and lied to their boss, not to mention, they were having a baby together. He lay awake thinking, a baby, wow, he was going to be a father, that was what scared him, he might hide it from Ziva not wanting to worry her but that didn't mean he wasn't worried, he knew nothing about kids, so how was he meant to be a dad, how would they manage, there were to many things he and Ziva had considered, like schooling, and what were they to do with their kid when they had to work, who would leave early to take care of them if they were running late at work, he just hoped that once everyone got over the shock, they would be help them, he hoped Gibbs wouldn't be too mad at him, he wanted Gibbs to be ok with it, he was more his father than his own had ever been.

That was another thing, what to do about their fathers, he didn't know what to tell his father, he hadn't spoken to him in a while, he didn't really know if he even wanted his father to be in his child's life. Then there was Ziva's father, threatening to take their child away, to brutally train them to be an emotionless soulless kill, he had assured Ziva that her father would never touch their child but could he guarantee it? He would protect his child until his dying breath from Mossad and anyone else who would even try to hurt them but could he go up against the whole of Mossad? That didn't mean though that he wouldn't, if it meant protecting Ziva and their baby.

At that moment he felt something from under his hand, he frowned and looked down, then his eyes widened as Ziva stirred uncomfortably and her eyes opened and she too frowned "Tony what's wrong" she asked, but he shushed her and placed her hand next to his, her eyes widened in shock "the baby is kicking" she gasped in delight "oh" Tony felt a smile spread across his face as he felt his child kick again, Ziva was giggling softly in amazement even though it couldn't be very comfortable for her, she was just amazed, Tony wrapped his arms back around her and they lay there feeling the baby kick every now and then, when they finally settled Ziva closed her eyes still smiling, she felt Tony pull her close and kiss her gently, then she felt his hand stroke her belly and then heard him whisper "nothing will ever hurt you or you mommy I promise, I will always be there to protect you, until my dying breath, I will never leave you, I love you both so much" Ziva smiled gently, she knew he meant it, and for the first time in a while, she felt completely and utterly safe with her family.

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