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"Hey Han-" Emily started, but was almost immediately cut off by her best friend.

"You need to get to the hospital, now!" Hanna screamed into her phone as soon as Emily spoke.

"What happened? Is Spencer okay?"

"I don't know, we were hanging out and all of the sudden she was in so much pain and completely pale and she started shaking because she was scared, so Aria and I drove her to the hospital."

"Well what's wrong? Let me talk to her!"

"I don't know, Em! She started to get really loopy and she almost passed out as we got inside the hospital. They took her right back to run tests."

"Ok, well I'm at the pool right now, can you just tell her that I love her and that I'm on my way?"

"Sure, when do you think you will get here?"

"I can get there in like 20 minutes, I'll hurry." Emily said as she scrambled to find all of her stuff and her car keys and rushed out of the locker room.

"Ok, but be careful! We don't need you in the hospital too!"

"Yeah, I'll be fine, just please go try to find out if Spencer is okay and call me if you hear anything, ok?"

"Alright, we'll see you in a little while, I'll go try to find something out."

"Thanks, Han."

"Emily." Hanna said quickly before Emily hung up.


"Spencer will be fine, I know it."

"I hope so." Emily said as her voice cracked.

Emily rushed to her Mercedes and drove to hospital as fast as she could and she managed to make the normally 30 minute drive, in 20 minutes. She didn't even bother changing out of her wet swimsuit; instead, she threw on her shirt and jeans and ran to her car.

She ran into the hospital and immediately spotted Hanna and Aria sitting in the waiting room, waiting for her.

"How is she? Is she okay?" Emily asked her two best friends.

"We don't know, we aren't technically family, so they won't tell us anything about how she's doing." Aria explained as Emily started walking towards the nurse's desk.

"Hi, I'm Emily Hastings, I'm looking for my wife, Spencer Hastings, she was brought in by my friends a little while ago."

"Sure, your wife is in room 302." The nurse told her, and as soon as the number left her mouth, she was headed towards room 302.

Emily rushed into the room and saw her pale wife lying on the bed, unconscious, with a lot of tubes sticking out of her and she almost lost it.

"Excuse me? Are you Mrs. Hastings? I'm Dr. Nathaniel Jordan, your wife's doctor." The kind looking man said from the doorway as Emily looked up.

"Yes, hi. I'm Emily Hastings." Emily said as she shook Dr. Jordan's hand and then wiped the tears that were falling from her eyes. "How's my wife doing?"

In the beginning, it had taken Emily a while to get used to having a 'wife', but now she loved saying it whenever she could.

"We're trying to figure out what's wrong with her, we have her sedated because of some of the tests that we had to run, and she's connected to an IV. We also have her on blood pressure medication. We're monitoring everything and we should know the results of the labs in a few minutes."

"Okay, and how is the baby?" Emily asked, as she looked at her gorgeous 7 months pregnant wife, who was still as skinny as usual, except for the baby bump.

"We're monitoring the baby too and an ultrasound tech is on her way up right now to take an ultrasound to see if everything is alright."

"Why hasn't it been done already? It took me 20 minutes to get here; someone should have already been down here checking on our daughter." The normally cool, calm and collected Emily yelled at the Doctor.

"I'm sorry, I'm just worried about both of them." She apologized as the doctor just stood there and looked at her.

"It's fine, Mrs. Hastings, I completely understand. We were trying to get her blood pressure and blood sugar stabilized and that's what we've been doing the whole time. We also took blood to run tests and did an exam on her before we sedated her. We needed to have your wife stabilized before we could worry about your daughter."

"Okay, well did you find anything during the exam?"

"When she came in she was really quiet and didn't say much, she kind of just whimpered a little bit when she was in pain. She was really pale and cold, like she was in shock, and she was crying and she kept asking for her wife, other than that, we didn't get much out of her." The doctor told Emily, causing her to break out into tears as she walked over to sit next to Spencer and hold her hand.

"Have you noticed any changes in your wife at all in the past week or two?"

"Well, she's just been really tired lately, more than she normally is, and she keeps getting headaches and she's been kind of nauseous. She just finished her architectural internship and we just moved back to Rosewood, so we just chalked it up to stress." Emily said as she thought about all of the things that had been going on lately.

Spencer went to Harvard for her bachelor's degree in architecture and finished in four years, and then got her masters degree and finished her architectural internship almost four months ago. After she finished the internship, she was already three months pregnant and they decided that they wanted to move back to Rosewood to raise their family, so they went house hunting and found a gorgeous mansion to move in to.

"Okay, well I'll take that into account when we get all of the results back."

"Alright. Can you please send our friends in? They were the ones who brought Spencer in."

"Of course, I'll go send them in."

A few minutes later, Hanna and Aria came walking in to the room and saw Emily crying at Spencer's bedside, a sight that made both of them tear up.

"I'm a horrible wife and mother. I couldn't even be there for my wife as she was crying for me earlier and our daughter is probably not doing to well either. This is so screwed up. She is a healthy 25 year old, this should not be happening." Emily cried as Hanna and Aria surrounded her and gave her a big hug.

"Hey, don't say that, you are a wonderful wife and mother, I promise you. You got here as fast as you could, and you're here now." Aria said, trying to make Emily feel a little bit better.

"Wait, did you say daughter? It's a girl?" Hanna asked excitedly.

"Yeah, it was Spencer's idea to keep it a secret from everyone, but oh well. We're having a daughter!" She said excitedly after she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Yay, I'm going to spoil her so much! You don't even know!" Hanna exclaimed.

"So how are Spence and the baby doing?" Aria asked.

"I don't even know yet. They don't know what's wrong; they are waiting for the test results and someone is coming up right now to do an ultrasound. I just hope they're both okay."

"Hey, they will both be fine, Emily. It's Spencer. She's just giving us all a little scare to keep us on our toes and then she will as good as new. Right?" Hanna said in her matter of fact voice causing Emily and Aria to nod in agreement.

"Listen, we'll go back in the waiting room, but come and get us when you know more." Aria said as she saw the ultrasound technician come in with an ultrasound machine.

"So are you ready to see your baby?" The technician, named Joanne, asked.

"Definitely. I just want to make sure she's okay. Do you know when my wife is going to wake up?"

"No, I don't, but I can go find out if you want me to."

"No, that's fine, I was just wondering. You can just check on the baby, thanks." Emily said as she planted herself right next to Spencer's bedside and stared at the ultrasound machine.

"Okay, here is your baby. You can see a leg, an arm, there's the head, and you can hear the heartbeat." Joanne said as the baby's heartbeat echoed throughout the room, causing Emily to release a big breathe of air, that she didn't know she was holding in.

"Does she look okay?"

"Her heartbeat is really strong and normal, and she's a little small, but that's to be expected since your wife is so tiny, but your daughter looks perfectly healthy for 28 weeks." Joanne said, giving Emily a reassuring smile.

"Thank you. And if you don't mind, can we have a picture of her? I know that Spencer will want to see that she's okay with her own two eyes." Emily chuckled as she thought about Spencer's stubbornness.

"Of course, here you go. I'll probably be back to check on the baby again if the labs show something, but for now, everything looks completely fine." Joanne said as she rolled the machine out of the room, leaving Spencer and Emily alone.

Emily continued to sit by her wife's bedside, holding her hand and talking to her the whole time, even though she was still sedated, she hoped that Spencer could hear her talking to her.

About 30 minutes after the ultrasound, the doctor came by to check on her again.

"So the results of the lab were inconclusive, but I think I know what we're dealing with, so I'm going to run a few more tests, and we should know what's really going on within an hour or two."

"Okay, thank you, Dr. Jordan." Emily said quietly as she watched a nurse take more blood from Spencer.

About 15 minutes after that, Emily felt Spencer's fingers twitch a little bit, and as she looked down at their interlocked hands, she could see her fingers starting to move a little bit.

"Spence, honey, can you open your eyes for me?" Emily asked, as her eyes started to tear up again.

"Baby, I'm right here, just open your eyes for me, please." Emily begged, needing to talk to her wife and tell her how much she loves her.

Emily watched as Spencer's eyelids starting twitching and then finally her beautiful brown eyes opened and connected with her wife's worried eyes.

"Hi, it's nice to have you back. Man, you scared me." Emily said as she stood up and placed a gentle kiss on Spencer's forehead and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"I love you so much, you know that, right?" Emily asked as she sat back down and grasped her wife's hand again.

"I love you, too." Spencer said quietly, but confidently as she looked around the room and then back at Emily.

"What happened?" She asked, still a little out of it, and completely confused as to why she was in a hospital bed.

"You were with Aria and Hanna and they said that you were really pale and shaky and that you were in a lot of pain, so they brought you in." Emily explained to her wife.

"What? Is she okay?" Spencer asked as she placed a shaking hand on her stomach and tears started to stream down her face.

"She's fine, they already had someone come in and do an ultrasound. She said that she looks great for 28 weeks." Emily told her scared wife as she reached up to wipe the tears off of her face.

"Okay, well then why am I in the hospital right now?"

"Because your blood work was kinda funky, so they're doing more tests. We should know what's wrong in about an hour of so."

"Okay, well distract me while we're waiting."

"I can do that. So Hanna and Aria are still in the waiting room if you want to see them. But I do need to tell you something." Emily said shyly as she looked at their hands.

"What did you tell them?" Spencer asked with a smile evident in her voice.

"What? How do you know I told them anything?"

"Because you're my wife. I know you extremely well. So, let's hear it."

"They know it's a girl. I know you wanted to wait, but I said 'our daughter' while I was yelling at your doctor and then I accidentally said it again after they walked in here. I didn't tell them on purpose, I promise."

"Hey, Em. Look at me." Spencer said as she squeezed Emily's hand and waited for her wife to look her in the eyes.

"It's fine, honey. I believe you. Plus, it's Hanna and Aria, they're our best friends, and it's fine if they know. I just thought it would be a nice if only the two of us knew, but it's not that big of a deal. I promise. Now, would you like to tell me why you yelled at my doctor?" Spencer asked quietly and compassionately.

"Because I was scared and I didn't have any answers. I rushed here from the pool and it took me 20 minutes to get here, and when I got here they were still waiting for the labs to come back and no one had done an ultrasound yet and I was just pissed off and scared out of my mind. I should have been there to take you to the hospital, but instead I get this awful phone call from Hanna." Emily stopped as she started to cry again, causing Spencer to tear up as well.

Emily was very sensitive, but she still didn't cry very often, and Spencer had never seen her wife cry as hard as she was right then. Spencer looked into her wife's gorgeous eyes and started to caress her cheek with one hand and squeeze Emily's hand with the other.

She waited for Emily to calm down before she talked to her again, and it took a good 10 minutes before she finally stopped crying.

"I'm sure it was scary, but I'm fine now. I'm sorry that you were so scared, I'm sure me being out of it, didn't really help with that, but I'm glad that Hanna and Aria were here for you. And don't beat yourself up about not being with me to take me to the hospital, I was the one who told you to go to the pool, you need to keep practicing, so don't feel bad about it for one second." Spencer said seriously; once Emily took it all in, she looked at Spencer and nodded somberly.

"And 20 minutes? REALLY?" Spencer shouted in a perfect mom voice.

"Yes, I wanted to be here as soon as I could."

"But, Emily, it normally takes about 30-35 minutes to get to the pool, how fast were you going?"

"I was going pretty fast."

"Nice way to not answer a question. Look, I wasn't dying or anything, I'm fine, so next time, go the speed limit. I don't want something to happen to you. Got it?"

"Yes, mom." Emily joked, causing Spencer to smile and bring their interlocked hands to her stomach, where the baby was moving around.

"See, she agrees with me. She doesn't want anything to happen to her mama either." Spencer said as Emily leaned forward to place a kiss on Spencer's baby bump.

"So how was practice today?"

"It was fine, until I got that phone call. Shit!" Emily said as she covered her face with her hands.

"What? What's wrong?"

"I didn't tell anywhere where I was going. I was lucky enough to be on a short break when Hanna called and then I just bolted out of the locker room, I didn't even tell my coach. He's going to kill me."

"Hey, I'm sure he'll understand. Plus, you're there all the time and you work harder than anyone else, it's not like you skip out on practice a lot."

"I hope so, I need to call him. It'll just take me a minute or two." Emily said to Spencer as she gave her a kiss on the cheek and then started walking into the hallway.

"Honey, why are you soaking wet?" Spencer asked as she finally got a good look at the rest of Emily, whose shirt and jeans were completely soaked.

"I'm still in my swimsuit, I just threw this on over and rushed here."

"Well, do you have a change of clothes in your bag?"

"Yeah, but my bag is back in my locker. Hey, it's fine. It's not a big deal." Emily said as she waved it off and went to go outside to make the phone call.

"Oh, I just got a text from Spencer." Hanna said as she looked down at her phone that just buzzed.

"Me too." Aria noticed.

Can you please go back to our house and get Emily a change of clothes, she's still wearing her swimsuit and she's completely soaked. Can you bring me a book too? And grab Em's iPod for her?

Thanks! Love you both.


"Well, you heard the lady, let's go!" Aria said as she stood up and looked back at Hanna.

"Yeah, and we both know that you don't mess with pregnant women."

"Exactly, which is something that I learned the easy way and you learned the hard way." Aria said as she started laughing at the things that Hanna had done or said to Spencer at some point during her pregnancy, causing Spencer to completely attack her.

"Oh, yeah. But some of those jokes were worth it." Hanna said as she smiled, remembering the things that she had done.

"All good?" Spencer asked as Emily walked back into the room 5 minutes later.

"Yeah, you were right, he understands. He was so pissed off when I first called, he yelled at me for a few minutes, but then I explained and he apologized for yelling at me. So, it's all good."

Spencer was about to say something when Dr. Jordan walked in.

"Hello, Mrs. Hastings. It's nice to see you awake and alert, how are you feeling?"

"I still feel a little nauseous and I have a headache, but I feel better than I did earlier."

"I'm sure you do. So I just got the second set of labs back." He said as his face became more serious.

"How bad is it?" Spencer asked sharply.

"It's not good."

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