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Faith Hill was a very respectable hospital. The Doctors were some of the best out there and their equipment was always up to date. They also kept blood records on everyone so to allow children whose parent had died in the war to find relatives they called it The Family Reconstruction Act. The nurses there didn't like it when people claimed that their blood wasn't on the record. So when two kids walked in saying just that the nurse on duty was not happy.

The taller teen spoke first. "Excuse me. My name is Draco and my brother Harry and I don't think we are registered on the blood records."

Nurse Sarah slowly turned to stare at the small boy next to Draco and her gazed softened as she took in the tattered clothes and skinny body. "Okay, come with me." She watched as Harry reached up to grab Draco's hand and allowed the bigger boy to guide him after her.

They entered a small room containing a bed with a few machines and wires surrounding it. "Okay" Sarah spoke in a soft voice that was rarely heard. "I need you to sit on the bed and roll up your sleeve. I won't be drawing your blood yet so don't worry. I just want to check out your arm."

Draco nodded and sat down but little Harry hesitated, his face scrunched up with distrust. Draco looked up at the nurse, "do you think we could have some a sandwich or something? We haven't eaten in a while.

"Sure" the nurse walked out but lingered at the door after asking another nurse to get the food for her. Sarah was not very happy at what she heard.

"Harry" Draco spoke concern clear in his voice. "You have to trust this nurse. We are in a hospital, she will not hurt you."

"I-I know. I can't help it. My mind says to trust her, but my body says that grown-up hurt me. I don't want to get hurt anymore Dray!"

Sarah heard the rustling of sheets and glanced in the room in time to see Draco pull the smaller boy into his arms. "Don't worry Ree" she could hear the concern in the boy's voice and had to wipe away a small tear that escaped her eye. "I'll protect you I promise. I will do everything in my power to make sure that never happens again.

"What if it's our brother?"

The teen sighed, "If our brother hurts you then I will hurt him. Or I'll just take you away from him, but stop being so pessimistic. We haven't even met him yet. I'm sure he'll be nice."

Harry slipped out of his brothers arms choosing instead to lay his head down on Draco's lap. "How do you know he'll be nice? What if he hits?"

"He won't hit. And I know he will be nice because I'm nice and you're nice. It has to run in the family. Look Harry. If you really don't want to meet him then we can walk out right now, but I really think you should give him a chance."

The small teen gave a small yawn, "okay" he finally mumbled.

Sarah took that as her queue to step into the room plate of food in hand. "Here you are. Sense there are four sandwiches I figure you can each have one now while I ask you some questions and get a physical. Then after I draw the blood you can each have one more. You can each have an apple afterwards too because you'll need the sugars. Is that okay…." Sarah slowly trailed off as she finally got a good look at the two teens on the bed.

Harry had placed his head on Draco's lap his hands fisted in the boy's pants. His brother was carding his hands through the long hair a soft smile on his face.

Draco took the sandwich that was handed to him and stared intently at the nurse. "So, what now?"

Sarah spun a chair around. "Well now I ask you some essential questions about you and then take your height and weight to make sure you are healthy. Then I'll draw your blood, put it in the records and see if you have any family. The first question is rather simple, what is your name?"

The teen hesitated, "Draco."

"I would like your full name please."

"I don't know my full name. Both of us were adopted but into different family's. We only just found out that we were brothers two weeks ago."

Sarah's head shot up, "okay. Just answer all of these questions with your adopted family then. That goes for you too Harry got it"

Draco saw Harry give a sleepy nod and continued. "My full name is Draconis Lucious Abrotix Malfoy."

Harry gave a small laugh at this, "wow. No wonder you never give your full name!"

Sarah quickly interrupted before the two could go any further. "Parents names and dates of birth?"

"My father Lucious Malfoy, born March 9, 1954, and my mother Narcissa Malfoy, born August 17, 1955."

"Okay. Last question and then we do the physical. What is your date of birth?"

Draco grinned finally a simple question. "July 31st 1980."

Sarah quickly wrote it down before hopping of her chair and moving to a corner of the room. "Come over here and stand on the scale."

Draco slowly slid Harry's head off his lap and followed Sarah obediently slipping off his shoes and stepping onto the scale then moving to stand against the wall as instructed. Sarah tutted around him, muttering his height and weight as she went.

"Let's see, 130 lbs, 5ft 5in. Great thanks." Sarah led him back over to the bed and sat him down. "Now I just have and give you a quick check up before drawing your blood." She quickly checked his breathing and heart rate, stuck a Popsicle stick down his throat and looked in his ears before declaring him perfectly healthy. "Your turn now Harry so sit up dear."

The small teen slowly sat up and yawned "okay. Shoot."

"You're Name?"

"Hadrian James Potter."

"What are your parent's names and dates of birth?"

Harry hesitated for a moment before continuing "James Potter, birth, March 27, 1960, death, October 31, 1981. Lily Evans Potter, birth, January 30, 1960, death, October 31, 1981."

Sarah glanced up to see the pain in the young boy's eyes, "I'm very sorry for your loss. Who did you grow up with?"

"I lived with my Uncle V-Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Cousin Dudley Dursley."

"What is your date of birth?"

"July 31, 1980" Harry spoke with smugness evident in his voice.

Sarah's head whipped up confusion etched on her face. "Wait you two are twins?"

The boys nodded while grinning.

"Harry I thought you were like seven or eight!"

Harry scowled "I am 13!"

"Well I know that now. Any way you come over here and we and get your height and weight."

He boy nodded and slipped to the ground with a small groan. He headed to the corner to step on the scale, the coldness of the tiled floor seeping through his thin holy socks and causing him to shiver.

"Let's see, weight 49lbs, height 3 feet 7 inches. Good now I've got give you your check up." She did the same to him that she did to Draco but at the end she wasn't smiling. "Okay Harry, after I place your blood in the system I'm going to put it through some tests."

Harry looked scared, "why?" He sat back on the bed and could feel his brothers lean arms wrap around him. He leaned back into the warm arms snuggling into the strong chest.

Sarah hesitated, "well the thing is you have a very weak heart and lungs. I have a few ideas of what it might be but I'm not completely sure. Off that subject Draco I want you to roll up your right sleeve and relax your arm."

Draco froze as she said that. It seemed it was time for the blood drawing, and Draco Malfoy, Ice Prince of Slytherin, was terrified of needles.

I really hope you emjoyed this first chapter of my story. There will be more soon I think.