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What happened last

Wufei looked back from the driver seat. "Well here's your chance. We're here."

Harry fidgeted in in his seat nervously while Draco just sat there rigidly. Both were nervous but while Harry allowed it to show through, Draco had always been taught to hide his emotions. Both heads whipped up when the door to their hospital room opened. And two sets of eyes widened dramatically when five teens and a woman walked in.

Duo looked confused when he saw two boys already in the room. The whole team seemed to be confused, even silent Heero and Trowa had slight furrows to their brows.

Lady Une stepped forward to greet the nurse before turning to them.

"Okay which one of you have an id. number of 847000?"

"Duo is 847 triple zero" Trow said, "right Duo?"

"Yeah thats my number, why?"

Une smirked, "well than, Duo meet your twin brothers, Harry and Draco. They are thirteen. All information we have on them is in this folder." She handed them a thin folder, "oh and I have given you all a week of so that you can get to know each other. I'm guessing they'll be coming to with you at Quatre's?"

Duo smiled his eyes lighting up, "well dud. What kind of brother would I be if I abandon them?"

"A terrible one" Sarah piped up but quelled under the G-boys glares. "Sorry, but Duo I have to talk to you before you leave with the boys."

Sure but can we at least introduce ourselves first?

Sarah blush, she had forgotten about that. "Sure sure, go ahead."

Duo's grin widened, his amethyst eyes sparkling. "My name is Duo Maxwell. I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie!" Duo saw the smaller boy lean forward to whisper in the bigger teens ear. He only just managed to catch his words.

"Does that make him a truthful wimp?" The boy whispered before bursting into giggles.

The bigger boy stepped forward, his hand extended finally allowing Duo to get a good look at him. He had blonde hair with just the slightest hint of brown that reached down to his shoulder blades. It was pulled back into a low ponytail with a few strands that hung loose to frame his face. His eyes were a mix of amethyst and blue, but leaning more on the blue side. He was of medium height only about three inches shorter then Duo's own 5"5'. He was so intent on memorizing his brothers appearance that Duo almost missed his introduction.

"It is nice to meet you. My name is Draco Malfoy." The G-boys could tell he had been brought up by a rich family because of the way he spoke and stood. Just like Quatre.

Duo reached forward to clasp the offered hand, but surprised the boy by pulling him into a hug.
"Sorry" he said after he released Draco. " just had to do that."

Draco gave him a small smile. "It's okay, don't worry about it. Besides I kind of wanted to do that too."

Duo's grin was wide and excited as he looked at the smaller boy hiding in the shadows. He held out his hand, "I'm just going to warn you, I'll probably hug you too. I'm a pretty affectionate person." He waited for his little brother to step forward, confused when he didn't.

A deep sigh came from Draco. "Just a moment please. Let me talk to him." He led the little teen into a corner just close enough that with their enhanced hearing the G-boys could still hear.

"Come on Ree. You agreed to this. You wanted to meet him. Now go introduce yourself or I will Imperio you and you'll do it anyway."


"Do it."

"What if..."

Draco gave another sigh. "Do you remember the conversation we had earlier?"

There was a pause then a quite "yes."
"And you saw him hug me just a few minutes ago right?"


"He didn't hurt me. Do you really think he is going to hurt you?"

Another pause, then an almost whispered, "no. I guess not." They could all hear the uncertainty in his voice and Quatre winced at the waves of emotions crashing into him.

Draco smiled, pride in his eyes. "Good. Then come along. Our wacko of a brother in waiting to smother you."

The smaller boy gave a tiny giggle, amusement dancing in his eyes. He walked towards Duo, his hand held slightly out. "Hello."

Duo's smile could have lit up the room as he clasped the hand. Eyes roaming over his brother's face, taking in every detail he vaguely heard him introduce himself as Harry Potter. He didn't answer as he was too busy analyzing and memorizing the boys every feature.

He had an elfin face, with a little pointed nose and chin. His hair was long and blonde with thick black streaks running through it randomly. It reached past his think little waist to his knees and was hanging to frame his face. His eyes were big, looking like a deer in the headlight, giving him an adorable look that made Duo want to give him a big hug and never let go. They were a beautiful amethyst color, even more purple than Duo's, seeming to glow brightly in the light of the room. They were shrouded in shadows yet somehow still managed to hold an edge of innocence. His skin was very pale making him look like either a vampire or an elf. The boys clothes were huge, seeming to hang off his thin body like rags.

"Nice to meet you," Harry whispered.

Duo grinned widely, his eyes lighting up as he pulled his younger brother into a soft hug. The tiny body stiffened at first before melting into the warm embrace. When he pulled away Duo could hear Harry give a small whimper at the loss of contact and stored it away in his mind for later.

"Okay" Duo spoke in his loud voice, "now that we know each other... I can introduce everyone else! Mr. Cold over here is Heero, or Hee-chan you can call him either. Then the silent one is Trowa, the rich one is Quatre, and last but not least, the mean one that likes to pull my braid..." at this Duo gave a small sniff, "is Wuffers!"

Wufei growled and yanked the boys braid so that he fell onto Heero. "Don't call me that Maxwell!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Trowa saw Harry flinch at the shout. Looking behind him he could see Quatre shaking at the fear that was radiating off of Harry. As he thought about Harry acted a lot like the scared, abused animals that Trowa sometimes worked with.

Duo, oblivious to Trowa's thoughts on Harry, turned to nurse Sarah. "So what did you have to tell me?"

"Well as you probably noticed Harry is very small for his age. He is extremely underweight. I want Harry on a strict eating regimen. Please make sure that he eats every meal and has many snacks in between meals. What else is concerning is his heart and lungs. I noticed that his lungs seem to be very weak and his heart beat is very erratic. Harry, do you ever have trouble breathing?"

Harry nodded, "yes, quite often."

"Do you know what might be causing these problems?" Duo asked.

Sarah shook her head no, "there are too many possibilities. I took a bit of blood earlier and sent it to one of our doctors who will be the one caring for you while we figure out what is wrong. He will be testing it but we won't hear back for about four days. When the results come in we will call you for an appointment where Dr. Rentick will examine you, and with the information your blood gives us, come up with a diagnosis."

Duo nodded, "so what should we do if Harry has trouble breathing?"

"Just keep him calm. A good thing to do would be to put his head on your chest so he can feel you breathing. Then have him try to match his breathing ot yours. IF we are lucky it is only something easy like asthma. If that's all then you are free to go."

Duo's face once again lit up, "okay! well come on then little kiddies! We have shopping to do!"

Quatre grew excited, "yes, let's go shopping! We can use my card and I can get new clothes for the both of you, especially you Harry."

All the other boys groaned, 'not shopping!'

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