Words can be a girl's best friend and her worst enemy, and or Hermione it is the former. They, those hurtful, horrible, evil people spit things at her (Mudblood, filth, shame of my house) but she thinks of other words, thinks of Shakespeare and Frost and Dickens, and she can ignore the insults.

When Harry doesn't talk and Ron has left, Hermione reads, quilts herself in prose to stay warm. She thinks about the other Hermione, the one who waits as a statue for for sixteen years, and she thinks about how long she's going to have to wait for both of her friends.

She knows the power of words, certainly. The Quibbler and Educational Degree Ridiculous-whatever proved that. She knows which words will bring Ron back, and which will give Harry strength. She isn't scared so much of spells.

Hermione knows how they're going to win.