(Lizzy's POV)

Me and Jane were talking on the phone after yet another break up for me and some how the conversation drifted to Drop Dead Fred! Not that I minded much I liked remembering him but this time it just made me sad. I mean it was just after a break up and it was about the crush no one could see and I never got over! But I just kept on talking.

Until she said something that made my heart break a little "Glad he's never coming back! Though I do owe him for sinking my boat." I could hear the air quotes around him.

Those words dawned on me with a meaning she didn't intend he's not coming back I thought Oh my god she's right he's not I has never thought about it. It's not like I didn't know he was never coming back I just never thought about it. She didn't know that, that reality would have this kind of impact on me.

"Really I'm..." I trailed off when I could hear the sadness in my own voice. She did to.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing but I have to go I have something I need to do"

"Oh... Ok but if you" I hung up I didn't want her to hear me if I stared to cry. I plopped on my bed and awaited the tears that never came eventually drifting to a fitful sleep. Dreaming of a life that would never come true turning into my reality my sad realty ending with me old and dying alone. This was a reoccurring dream I hade ben having it since my first brake up since Drop Dead Fred left it usually resulted in most likely an unhealthy amount of alcohol the following day. Like I said sad reality.

(Drop Dead Fred's POV)

This is worse than those stupid pills I thought after yet another failed assignment the tenth to be exact each one resulting in me being replaced as the chiles imaginary friend, I never understood that because I am not imaginary at all, this had started to happen about two assignments after snotface when they had stopped being fun. I was lost.

"Fred" it was my boss the one who controls it all "what is wrong with you it's like you're... you're... I don't know" he paused to think.

"Go away I'm too depressed to talk about work"

"I will not and that's it depressed that was the word I was looking for! I'm so glad I remembered" I rolled my eyes and he went on "Now then why are you depressed?"

"I don't want to talk about it" I turned away and put my head in my hands, I was putting on that childish act I used so well.

"Come on you can tell me!" He was acting, well trying to act like a parent comforting a child rather than a boss. He was doing a bad job at it to, but I played along with a dim hope that I would be able to see Snotface and what a cute face she had.

"I miss Snotface" I used my best sad puppy face.

"That Elizabeth girl!" he was shocked. "Well it's not like this hadn't happened before. So I will give you a choice you can stay... or you could go see her again. But if you go to her you will no longer be an imaginary you will be a human for ever unable to" like he thought it would make a difference.

I cut him off, "Snotface please" that word please tasted gross I would wash my mouth out later.

"You could have let me finish. But ok Lizzy it is, good bey and good luck Fred."