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Summary: When Puck breaks Kurt's heart Santana swoops in and helps show the shattered boy how healing revenge can be.

Chapter One

There's a fire starting in my heart…

"Hey Kurt," Mercedes said brightly as the countertenor arrived at his locker located right next to hers. She tried her best to sound upbeat, but not so much as to annoy her friend. She'd heard about his recent breakup; not from him, which stung a bit seeing as they were besties and told each other everything, but from Rachel who'd heard it from Finn, who'd spent all weekend trying to cheer up his heartbroken brother, succeeding only in gluing his hands together while making a "Hope You Feel Better" card and starting a small fire in the kitchen while trying to bake him a cake.

Mercedes closed her locker as she took in the sight of Kurt. His usually neat hair was disheveled and carelessly combed to the side, and his outfit seemed to have been thrown together as an afterthought, as if Kurt had nearly walked out of the door naked and only realized clothes were a necessity at the last minute. His face was another story. His lips were chapped and the area around his nose was red and irritated, probably from repeatedly blowing his nose with harsh, scratchy tissue. His eyes were hidden beneath a large pair of Jackie O. style sunglasses, hiding what were undoubtedly large and puffy eyes, the result of three straight days and nights of crying.

She reached out and pulled a stray fabric softener sheet sticking out from Kurt's pocket, crumbling it up and throwing it on the ground. Still Kurt didn't look at her, instead staring inside his locker mindlessly, his hands at his side like a zombie.

"Do you want to talk about it?" she asked, gently rubbing his arm.

Kurt didn't respond to her gesture, but hearing her voice seemed to have broken him from his reverie. He said quietly, "I'm fine. There's nothing to talk about." He said it as cheerfully as he could even though his voice threatened to crack with each syllable. Mercedes bit her lip anxiously; she wanted to help, but how do you help someone who refuses to acknowledge there was a problem? And in Kurt's world, where everyone was impeccably dressed with airbrushed skin and camera-ready smiles, there was no room for imperfection. So he did his best to ignore the problem at hand, choosing instead to present a happy face to the world, hoping no one saw past the façade. Knowing this, Mercedes felt there was nothing she could do in helping her best friend deal with his first break-up.

"I'm here for anything if you need it. You know that, right?" she said comfortingly. Kurt turned to her and opened his mouth, about to repeat his previous statement, when something behind him caught his eye. Before she could ask what was wrong Kurt grabbed a random book from his locker, slamming it shut as he walked away as quickly as possible.

Wondering what had upset him so, Mercedes looked behind her and further down the hall she saw the stocky figure of Noah Puckerman, Kurt's ex-boyfriend, leaning into the giggling, smiling, curvaceous body of Quinn Fabray. Puck was twirling his finger around Quinn's hair, stealing kisses from her pouty lips, sending her into fits of laughter as she half-heartedly pushed him away, which seemed to only draw him closer. Mercedes pursed her lips in anger, silently contemplating whether or not killing the mohawked boy was worth ruining her new Nikes.

Finally I can see you crystal clear…

Kurt lifted his sunglasses from his face and stared into mirror of the girls' bathroom where he had sought refuge from the cornea-burning images that he'd witnessed in the halls only minutes ago. He'd gone clear across campus to the science wing, knowing his class wasn't anywhere near there but not caring. All he cared about was putting as much distance between himself and his ex as possible. Ex. That sounded so weird in his head. Ex. "Ex," he said, watching his reflection as his lips formed the word. "Ex." It sounded even weirder out loud.

But then again their entire situation was weird. Kurt and Puck had been going out for months, and he still hadn't seen it coming. Puck was Kurt's first boyfriend, his first sexual partner, the first person he'd said "I love you," to, and Kurt was in turn all these firsts for Puck as well. Puck even came out as bisexual to the glee club and then the entire school, dealing with all the taunting and teasings that came along with it, dodging slushies and punches and throwing a few of his own as well. However, fighting bullies was like child's play compared to meeting Kurt's dad. Burt Hummel didn't really seem like the scary type at first, but if given the right setting and the wrong situation Burt could strike fear into the heart of any badass. When Puck first met him he had to practically tie a string around his dick for fear of wetting himself. But once he got Burt's blessing he started viewing the man as a (somewhat frightening) father figure.

So after all those hoops had been jumped through it came as a shock to Kurt when last week, on a rainy Thursday night, Noah (as he'd come to affectionately call him) crawled into Kurt's basement bedroom and unceremoniously announced, after a very passionate kiss from Kurt, that they were through. Or as he put it, "So, I think I'm gonna have to break up with you." Confused, shocked, upset; these are all words that described Kurt's state of mind after hearing Puck's news. Stunned into silence he sat wordlessly as Puck said he'd found someone else and didn't feel good about keeping it from Kurt. He admitted to kissing and getting a little under-the-sweater action from this girl ('girl?', Kurt thought) but he swore up and down that nothing else had happened. So after ten minutes of explanation Puck left, announcing he had a date with her at eight.

Kurt didn't believe it. He thought it was a nightmare. Waking up the next morning he wasn't sad or depressed or angry. He was hopeful. 'He'll come back', he thought. 'He just needs to wander a little bit. Give him time and he'll come running back. He'll miss what we had.' Puck ignored him at school that day, and Kurt did the same as well, thinking all the while that Puck was just trying to make him jealous, trying to elicit a response from the usually icy diva. 'Let him wait,' Kurt thought. 'He'll break before I'll ever go crawling back to him.' So it was with great sadness that Kurt saw Puck meet up with Quinn in the parking lot at the end of school. No one else saw them, and if they did they paid them no great deal of attention. No one else saw Puck's arm draped over Quinn's shoulder, or Puck hold the door open for her, or the thousand watt smile on Puck's face as Quinn leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek as they drove off together. No one saw it but Kurt. It was then that the hope he'd been clinging to all day shattered into a million little pieces.

He spent the entire weekend holed up in his room, a rotation of Burt, Carole, Finn, and Rachel trying to rouse him from bed and cheer him up. He wanted to call Mercedes or Tina, but what could he tell them? That he'd been dumped? That the first and so far only boy he'd ever loved had left him for a cheerleader, the corpse of their relationship not even cold as he paraded her around town? He was too embarrassed to tell them anything, deciding to let Rachel inform them and spare him from admitting the humiliating details.

The weekend passed and he never left his bed. Finn slept with him to keep him company, though really he was making sure his little brother didn't do something harmful to himself in his depression. When Monday morning came around he had no desire to go to school, but Burt reminded him that it wasn't the end of the world, and that he shouldn't let a boy get the best of him. "Nobody pushes the Hummels around," he'd said. What Burt couldn't understand, what Kurt couldn't even convey into words, was that it was the end of the world. It was the end of his world. What was life like after being with Noah Puckerman? Kurt didn't want to find out. And seeing Puck with Quinn this morning…well that had been like taking a bullet.

"It's nice to see your flair for the dramatic hasn't taken a hit in this trying time," he whispered to his reflection. He smirked, trying to cheer himself up in spite of the past few days. While rummaging in his bag for his Visine to get the red out of his puffy eyes he heard a toilet flush and saw a stall door open. Santana strolled up to the sink next to his, washing her hands clean and glaring at him disapprovingly.

"God Hummel, you look like shit." She flicked the droplets of water from her hands as she grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser. "And you're talking to yourself. How soon before I see you on the street offering blowjobs for spare change?"

"Oh, Lopez, I'd be more inclined to exchange witty comebacks with you if I didn't spy a pregnancy test peeking out of the back pocket of your last season flea market jeans," Kurt quipped, dabbing at the puffy bags under his eyes with a tissue he had run under the cold water.

"What? This?" Santana asked as she whipped out the small device, setting it to rest on the lip of the sink. "Just doing my monthly check-up, wondering if I can audition for 16 and Pregnant."

"And…?" Kurt asked, wondering about the results.

"The world is safe from a Santana, Jr. for now," she announced as she launched the pregnancy test in the air, smiling as it landed in the trash with a thud. "What about you?"

"I know you slept your way to an A in Biology, so I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm a boy, so I can't get pregnant, no matter how hard I try," Kurt said, finally finding the eye drops within the deep recesses of his Marc Jacobs messenger bag.

"Yeah but now that Puck dumped you the only thing you have to worry about impregnating is your fist," Santana said as she leaned cockily on the counter of the sink. Kurt shot her a hurtful glare before turning back to his mirror and applying the Visine.

"I trust Rachel's told you the happy news, then," Kurt said, blinking away the eye drops, hoping it relieved the redness in his eyes.

"Please, I avoid talking to Rachel just like any normal human being with functioning ears," Santana scoffed. "I saw that sexually confused mohawk and Miss Teen Pregnancy working on forming a new strain of oral herpes behind the football field."

Hearing about Puck with Quinn stung Kurt a little. He fluttered his eyelids again, blinking away what now had to be mostly tears rather than eye drops. He was surprised when Santana handed him a tissue, though she was looking away when she did.

Blotting his eyes and wiping his nose Kurt felt a little embarrassed crying in front of the Latina, but he was surprised when she placed her hand her hand on his shoulder. Though he was sure she meant it as a comforting gesture, the way she was rubbing his shoulder felt more like she was wiping gum off her palm. After a few seconds he saw her roll her eyes in the mirror and snap her hand back to her side. "Can you stop that now? I don't really know how to act when people get all weepy in front of me," she said uncomfortably.

"I always imagined you delighted in the tears of others," Kurt sniffled, shooting her a grateful smile.

"Not everyone," Santana shot back, "just those of little children." She handed Kurt another tissue and turned to fix her hair in the mirror, careful to avoid the strategically placed razors concealed within.

"Let's go," Santana said, grabbing her purse and walking towards the bathroom door.

"What?" Kurt asked, still dabbing at his eyes.

"I don't know about you but I'm over school for the day," Santana said, holding the door open. "Let's kick this bitch."

"It's only first period," Kurt said. "And we haven't even been to a class yet."

"Look, if we leave now, we can get to the Lima Bean while this guy I know is still working the register and he can hook us up with some free drinks," Santana said impatiently. "You wanna go or not?"

Kurt deliberated for a good minute and a half before he relented. "Fine," he said. "But only for the free drinks."

"Whatever," she said as she waited for Kurt to pass through the door before following him out as well. "If I were you I'd order a cold drink, if only for the fact that it comes with a straw and now that Puck's out of the picture your sucking skills could use some exercise."

Wondering why the hell he was ditching school with Santana, Kurt strode toward the parking lot hoping they didn't kill each other before the day was through.

See how I'll leave with every piece of you…

"These éclairs are crazy sexual," Santana said, examining the long dessert in her hands. "Do you think they have a giant army of pastry dough men in the back and they just cut off one of their dicks and cover it in icing whenever someone orders these?"

"I think you've been hanging out with Brittany too much," Kurt said as he stirred some non-dairy creamer into his coffee. Once he had it to his liking he didn't even raise the drink to his lips, instead pushing it away from him and staring at it forlornly.

"What's wrong? Your coffee not gay enough?" Santana asked as she sucked the cream from her éclair.

"No, it's just…" Kurt began. He fiddled with the protective sleeve of the coffee cup before mumbling, "whenever I'd be done stirring my coffee Noah would take it from me and drink some, and then he'd pour a little of his hot chocolate into my cup because he'd say - ," and here Kurt's voice waivered a bit as he had to choke back a sob, "he'd say someone as sweet as me shouldn't drink something so bitter," Kurt remembered with a smile. "I guess I got used to it and I just realized…that's never going to happen again."

Santana cocked her eyebrow when Kurt's eyes began to glisten with tears. When a stray one fell she shoved a napkin at him and hissed for him to stop.

"Okay, you're gonna need to man up real quick, Hummel," she said, looking around to make sure no one she knew saw her with such a weakling. "First of all, while you were describing that story to me, I'm pretty sure I heard your testicles get sucked up into your body to make way for the vagina God forgot to give you when you were born. Second of all, you need to get over him."

"It's only been a few days," Kurt said as he dabbed at his eyes with the napkin. "According to Sex and the City it takes exactly half the amount of time of the relationship to get over the breakup."

Santana blinked and held her mouth open in disbelief. "How in the hell have the people in this town let you say things like, 'According to Sex and the City' and still live?"

"Noah's been really protective of me, and now that he's gone I – I don't know what I'm going to do," Kurt said with a sigh. "I'll probably end up gang-raped in the middle of the football field."

"If that does ever happen, you should totally let Jodie Foster play you in the movie version," Santana said as she stuffed the éclair down her throat. "Oh my God. Okay, I'm going to need the rest of this pastry dough man because if his dick tastes this good imagine what the rest of him tastes like."

"Would you like a room?" Kurt asked, wounded that Santana wasn't taking his problems seriously. She eyed Kurt and took another few bites of her dessert before setting it down.

"You know that we would never let anything bad happen to you," Santana said. "And neither would Puck, no matter what your guys' current relationship status is. And you have got to get over him. I mean, yeah he's hot, but believe me when I say there are plenty more fish in the sea."

"And how many of them are gay?" Kurt asked, his arms crossed.

"Who knows?" Santana said. "I mean, who knew Puck liked to suck on a skin-lollipop just as much as he liked to munch on hair pie?"

"I don't know what it is about you but every time we talk I feel like throwing up a little bit," Kurt said.

"Look, you can sit here and cry about how Puck won't be there to pour hot chocolate in your coffee anymore, boo-freaking-hoo," Santana said, "or you can focus all that energy on getting back at that loser."

"What do you mean?" Kurt asked, unsure of where Santana was going with this.

"That asshole cheated on you, dumped you, and now he's flaunting his new inflatable girlfriend right in front of your face, and you're not angry?" Santana said disbelievingly. "I don't know what part of town you grew up in, pero mijo, en Lima Heights, we don't take that shit lying down."

"What are you saying, you want me to power drop him over a fire hydrant and sever his spine so he can't walk again?" Kurt asked rhetorically. Santana arched an eyebrow at him, a smile playing at her lips.

"And where did you learn that little move?" she inquired.

"I may have been forced to sit through a viewing of Blood In, Blood Out with Finn and the other boys when I had absolutely nothing else to do," Kurt smirked.

"I knew I liked you, Hummel," she said as she sipped her drink. "And no, I'm not suggesting bodily harm…well, at least not permanent bodily harm. But yeah, cold, harsh payback."

"That's not really my style," Kurt said uncomfortably. "I'm much more the type to sit and cry and listen to old breakup songs in the dark until I recover from the breakup."

"Well that's just stupid," Santana scoffed. "Getting revenge is so much more…cathartic. You work out your anger at Puck and you get over him that much faster. And hey, if you make his life a living hell, well, it's not like he doesn't deserve it."

"I don't know," Kurt said. "I'm not really good at causing people pain. I'm not you, Santana. I mean, yes I can throw a barbed insult about someone's lack of fashion sense, but I can't go around ruining their lives."

"Don't think of it as ruining their life, think of it as making yours better," Santana stated simply.

"I don't think so," Kurt said with finality.

"Oh fuck, do I have to do everything around here?" Santana cried. She rose from her seat and made for the exit, yelling for Kurt to follow if he wanted a ride back to school despite the fact that he'd driven them.

Don't underestimate the things that I will do…

"Santana!" Kurt hissed, trying to get the girl to stop despite being weighed down with their various purchases from the hardware store. "Santana!" he hissed again, afraid to raise his voice too loudly as class was in session and he didn't want to get in trouble from any of the teachers.

"234…257…ah, here we go," Santana said. "Locker 275. I trust you know whose locker this is, right?"

"Of course, that's – that's Noah's locker," Kurt said, his arms still full with what Santana had called 'payback necessities'.

"Gold star for the gay boy," Santana said, slapping Kurt on the shoulder. "And do you know why we're here?"

"I know it can't be anything good," Kurt said.

"Shut up," Santana said. She reached into a bag Kurt was carrying from the hardware store and pulled out a pair of bolt cutters. With them she cut the combination lock to Puck's locker, opening it and searching inside.

"Damn. This bitch has nothing of value in here," she said as she rummaged through his various books and belongings. "Although he does have a fair amount of hair scrunchies in here. I'm guessing they don't belong to you?"

"No," Kurt said bitterly, knowing full well they must belong to Quinn.

"Oh well, that should just make us feel less guilty for what we're about to do," Santana said simply.

"What are we about to do?" Kurt asked. He gasped when Santana pulled out the lighter fluid from the bag and popped the top open, indiscriminately spraying the sweet smelling liquid all over the inside of Puck's locker, joy splashed across her face.

"What are you doing?" Kurt yelled a little louder than he meant to. He grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Okay, so did you seriously not know what I had in mind when we bought all this stuff at the hardware store?" she asked, a little mad that her fun had been stopped.

"I don't know!" Kurt exclaimed. "I didn't think it involved this!"

"What did you think?" Santana asked.

"Well, I thought we'd burn all the gifts and things he'd given to me in effigy," Kurt said, "sort of like giving them back to the universe as a thank you for the time it gave me with Noah."

Santana stared him down and shoved the bottle of lighter fluid into his chest. "'A thank you for the time it gave me with Noah?' You are so lucky you have me around." Reaching into her pocket she brought out a pack of matches, pulled one out, and handed that and the matchbox to Kurt.

"Go on," she said encouragingly.

"I can't," he squeaked, nervously shoving the matches back to Santana. She rolled her eyes and pushed them back to Kurt.

"You can," she reminded him. "Just think of all the ways he hurt you. The anniversaries he forgot, the dates he skipped to hang out with Finn, his cheating, the way he dumped you," she said, grabbing one of Quinn's hair scrunchies from Puck's locker and waving it in front of Kurt hypnotically before tossing it back in. "Now ball all of those things up in your fist with that match, drag it across that little strip there to light that bitch up, and throw it in his locker," she exclaimed. "And watch as all those things burn away," she whispered into his ear.

Something snapped within Kurt. Santana was right. All the bad things Noah had done while they were together came flooding back to Kurt in a wave of anger, and that coupled with their recent breakup and the still raw wound to his heart gave Kurt the strength and stupidity he needed to light the match and flick it into Puck's locker. The flames danced before his eyes, beautiful and dangerous, and he heard a triumphant whoop from Santana before he felt her dragging him away from the scene, the fire alarm ringing in his ears as he heard Santana laughing in the distance. It wasn't until they were safely hidden behind the bleachers of the football field that Kurt realized, he was laughing too.

There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out of the dark…

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