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"You really need to be nicer to the people with the needles," Gibbs teased.

"I was nice," Tony insisted.

Gibbs laughed and felt the last of the tension ease out of him. He turned to ask Tony another question when he realised that Tony had already dozed off, head resting against the window.

Gibbs swallowed, taking in his senior field agent's appearance. He was pale, the cut on his temple standing out. Livid bruises lined his neck already and Gibbs had the feeling that there were many more.

"You scared the shit out of me Tony. What am I supposed to do with you now?" He asked, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel as he debated whose apartment he was driving to.

Gibbs sighed and decided to drive to Tony's apartment, figuring the other man would be more comfortable in his own bed.

With a quick glance, he noticed Tony was still asleep.

"I almost lost you DiNozzo, so you better be damn careful next time," Gibbs said.

Gibbs turned off the car and turned back to Tony. "DiNozzo, wake up. We're here,"

"I'm awake," He groaned, opening his eyes slowly. He sat up, groaning again as his body protested the movement. He stubbornly refused any help getting out of the car, but leaned on Gibbs as they walked into the building.

"I'm fine boss," Tony protested.

Gibbs ignored Tony's sudden protest as he grabbed his elbow and guided him towards Tony's door.

"Where are your keys?" Gibbs asked.

Tony reached in to his jacket and held up his key ring.

"I've got it," Tony grumbled as he reached toward the door.

Gibbs watched as Tony fumbled with the keys, successfully unlocking the door, but dropping them as he pulled them from the lock.

Tony bent with a muffled curse, intent on picking them up and then pitched forward as his vision grayed, dizziness overwhelming him at the movement and change.

Gibbs immediately grabbed Tony's arm and steadied him. With a small smile, Gibbs reached down and grabbed Tony's keys and placed them back in his hand.

"Let's get you inside. The doctor said you can't sleep for the next forty-five minutes. So, I'll make you something to eat and then you can sleep,"

Tony leaned heavily against his boss's side and shook his head. "Okay,"

Gibbs got Tony settled on to the couch before heading in to the kitchen to find food he thought Tony would be able to eat. "What are you in the mood for?" He called out to the other man.

"Sandwich is fine," Tony groaned. "Any pain pills?"

"After you eat,"

Tony muttered something that Gibbs didn't quite catch, but figured he didn't really want to know in the first place.

Tony managed half the sandwich before refusing anymore. After downing the pain pills, he curled up on the couch, intent on getting the sleep he craved.

Gibbs checked the clock. "Get your ass in bed DiNozzo. I'll come in to wake you in an hour,"

Tony rubbed his neck slowly and struggled to sit up. "Yeah," He agreed. After a few moments, Tony stood and made his way to his room.

Tony paused in the doorway, turning back to his boss.

"Gibbs?" Tony asked.

"Yeah?" The old man said looking at his agent.

"Thank you. I mean, for saving my life and for staying with me now," He finished feebly.

"I'd do it again in a second," Gibbs stated without hesitation.

Tony nodded and turned back around, walking toward his bed.

Gibbs followed after him, wincing as Tony struggled out of his shirt, revealing bruises along his chest.

"What did that bastard do to you, Tony?" Gibbs asked in dismay.

Tony shrugged, mumbling an answer as he climbed into bed, pushing at the blankets until they were right.

"I almost wish I hadn't killed him," Gibbs stated as he fixed the bottom of Tony's blankets. "Cause I'd really like to wrap my hands around his neck and strangle him to death,"

"Wouldn't be worth it," Tony told him. He yawned, exhaustion overwhelming him. "I'm tired. Just gonna sleep, okay?"

"Sure," Gibbs agreed. "I'll be here when you wake up,"

Tired green eyes locked on Gibbs speculatively. "You always are, aren't you? Whenever I need you, you're always here,"

"Any time," Gibbs smiled. "Now get some sleep,"

Tony nodded, already mostly asleep.

Gibbs watched him sleep for a few minutes, before slipping out of Tony's room.

"I'm awake," Tony said when his boss entered his room for the third time. He sat up, stretching before standing.

"You're supposed to be resting," Gibbs pointed out.

"I did. I'm fine," Tony said grouchily, scowling more when he heard his scratchy voice. "Now I'm up,"

"How are you feeling?" Gibbs asked as he shifted in Tony's doorway.

"Sore," Tony admitted, rubbing his throat.

Gibbs felt the rage fill him again, as he remembered the sight of Tony, being held by the bigger agent until he wasn't breathing, gun pointed at his head. As Gibbs snapped out of his flash back he walked over to his agent.

What he did next totally surprised Tony, as Gibbs hugged him tightly in a fatherly hug. Tony smiled and knew he had the best boss in the world. Just as Gibbs pulled away, his hand met Tony's head gently, in his daily head slap. Tony chuckled and knew he had that coming for him.

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