So this is my first time actually trying to write supernatural fiction and my second fanfiction and it's fun. And nervewracking. And crazy. So yeah enjoy and please review?

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Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Fire and Ice, Robert Frost


The fields outside were bleak, blanketed by a pristine layer of snow and devoid of any life. This was where Ichigo Kurosaki wanted to be. The wind chilled his nose and the white burned his eyes, a prison of snow was fitting for a monster like himself. It was desolate and empty and before the full moon would rise he would surely die from starvation. Or at least he thought he would.

And so Ichigo sat in the barren field for six days, waiting for death and all his friends. There were no circling vultures or hallucinations, only a patch of dirt where his body had melted the snow and a solitary tree off in the distance. He had passed the tree on his way here and the gnarled bark had been a fine reminder of his life up until this point; twisted and filled with distortion. The hunger pains that had once gnawed at his stomach had died away until only fatigue remained. Sitting on the ground and staring at his surroundings had found a way to use up the rest of his little energy. This was the hard part, waiting for nature to take its natural course on a supernatural being like himself, one where men transformed into monsters through both willpower and the moon.

For six days Ichigo had resigned his body to death and his soul to freedom, to be free of the curse he bore. He had many regrets and death his only relief; the thought of unburdening his existence from this world had fuelled his resistance against his lupine instincts. He had resisted food for six days and so when he passed out he passed out with a tired smile. His work had finally paid off and he thought he could rest in peace. But he was naive and once his nose had caught the whiff of a human his stomach made a rumble of approval.

His mind was screaming for him to go and devour his prey while his heart wailed at the foolish human who had crossed his path.



I was child of the winter and snowy deserts like these were my allies. As an Immortal I was indifferent to the temperature outside, it was this dreamy landscape and the promise of solitude which led me out here; astray from my coven. I thought I was alone until I saw the huddled figure two hundred metres away, sitting by himself in the snow. I stood still and felt the wind caress my cheek like a ghost's warning. I closed my eyes and let my senses take over, my ears honing in on the weak heartbeat. I could tell I was missing something and I trained my ears harder listening for any more noise.

I wondered why any person would come out here, the winds were harsh and the constant white was blinding. Not even animals dared to tread in this desert and yet this human did. Something wasn't right, I could feel it in my bones. The human turned to stare at me, I squinted my eyes and saw the blurry features of a man's face, he had forgone a top and only wore a raggedy pair of pants. I realized what I wasn't hearing, the shivering and quivering of any mortal who was stranded in a frigid atmosphere.

His head snapped back to the other side, the man began yelling, his voice becoming more powerful and commanding by the second. My hand went to my pendant dangled loosely around my neck. He was a moon child? He couldn't be, if he was then a pack was nearby. No wolf traveled alone. His screams were getting louder as his finders clawed at his scalp. His body was convulsing and I could only watch in horror as his skin began to rip, torn skin was a sign that the skin's elasticity was thin from weight loss, that the body had been deprived of food for a long period of time. If that was the case his energy level would be low and I stood a fighting chance of taking him down.

His skin was tearing and muscles were shifting, in a few seconds he would attack and I was his target. Black fur sprouted from his chest covering his enlarged body and his pants fell to the ground. He turned to look at me with a muzzle full of sharp canines and a merciless gleam in his golden eyes. He charged and I reached for my necklace ripping the pendant from the chain. It glowed in my hand and sunk into my palm becoming one with my body. My sight sharpened and I knew my eyes had turned a pale blue.

He was bounding towards me, and in return I started running towards him, a long icicle forming in my clenched hand. I raised it above my shoulder and threw it like a javelin. The wolf was unfazed and charged forward snarling, the icicle lodged in his shoulder. We were about to collide when I pushed my feet a bit faster, propelling my body to jump over his snapping mouth. I made it over his head when I was knocked back by the whip of his tail. It wasn't a painful blow but a shocking one, I got up and dusted the snow off my cloak readying for his next attack. He stopped to stare me down with his dark golden eyes pacing from side to side. Drool slipped from his mouth and his tongue flicked across his jaw; he was going to go for the kill.

I drew my arm back and then in a quick motion pushed my hand forward sending a wave snow towards the wolf. Fearless and bold he rampaged right through the snow drift like I thought he would. I led the snow with my hands like my brother taught me, allowing the delicate flakes to bind together like chains around the wolf's body. He was thrashing in the chains and so with a thrust from my arms I sent him barrelling towards the tree. Before he could recover I raised my hand and brought it down, allowing the branches' icicles to impale him into the trunk.

I couldn't hold back the triumphant smile that broke out across my face, this was the first time I had subdued a moon child without any back up. Without warning he began to shrink as his bones crackled. The fur started to fall out in clumps and within an instant he turned into a human dropping onto the ground on a pile of midnight black fur. He looked so odd lying in the snow with his tan skin and mop of orange hair, he looked like he came from the tropics. His wounds were healing by themselves and his heart was still beating; he was alive. I could kill him point blank right now, he separated himself from his pack so perhaps they deemed him rabid. I would be doing him and the world a favour putting him out of his misery but killing without reason was never my thing.

I walked over to his naked body and stared, his wounds were almost done healing, what amazing abilities the werewolves had. I glanced at his left shoulder to see his skin healing up, his bones protruding from starvation. Before it was finished I placed a finger and dipped it in the blood. Immortals could learn a lot about a person from the smallest taste of their blood. I put the finger to my lips and tasted the sweet liquid. A rush of euphoria swept through my body leaving behind a trail of memories and recent thoughts. All I could discern was that he never belonged to a pack and that he was out here because he thought he deserved it, but from his memories he seemed pure and kind hearted.

I took a step back as I saw his most vivid memory, he was changed against his will by another wolf and left to fend for his own devices. Left to turn into an uncontrollable instinctual being. No one to teach him the way of the supernaturals, he was innocent to the hidden war inside our world. The feud between two ancient bloodlines and all the other supernaturals caught in between the crossfire.

I let myself relax allowing the pendant to slowly form in my hand and I tucked the saphire securely inside my pant pocket. I unfastened my emerald cloak and threw it over his body, being careful to wrap him up without rousing him. I lifted him onto my back and ran. I would give him a second chance.