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Chapter 36:

Devil on my shoulder.



Gin shrugged and watched me with a coy expression. "I am not completely uncooperative," I admitted. "But if you so much as attempt to trespass further into my mind than I have allowed, I will end you."

Gin chuckled. "All I need is the truth Lady Rukia. Why did ya kill Lord Ginrei?" Gin was smirking and I glowered at him.

"I did no such thing," I answered. "My confrontation with him was one that ended with both of us breathing."

"I'll take note of that," Gin lifted a hand out of his pocket to brush the snow out of his silver hair. "Ya always give this cold reception to me when I'm here?" he gestured to the winter landscape and I bit the inside of my cheek. Did he still understand the layout of my mind?


"Ya know ya can show it to me," he flashed a cheeky grin. "If yer innocent ya should have nothing to worry about." He began to walk forward, taking in the surroundings. "Ya can show me what happened that night." He was searching for traces of the memory, saying words that would make the conscious part of me bring up things I couldn't control. But these memories were suppressed and no amount of random probing would bring them forward without my will.

"Lord Ginrei and I had words and parted ways, what is so hard to understand about that?" I demanded.

"Maybe that his remains were found in Canada, the north specifically," Gin said slyly. "Ya were found in that country by yer friend Abarai right?" If I mentioned Gin had found me before hand, smelling of a wolf… how far would he go to incriminate Ichigo and Renji?

"Yes, I needed fresh air," I stiffly replied. "Scabbard Ambassador Renji Abarai, who serves my brother Lord Byakuya Kuchiki, was to bring me back for important family matters, the likes of which don't concern the Triumvirate."

"Oh…I see." He winked at me and I resisted the urge to strangle him. "And ya didn't know Ginrei was there as well, I don't know, travelling with ya at one point before ya disposed of him."

"No, at that point I had no idea Lord Ginrei was deceased."

"Murdered," Gin corrected.

"Murdered," the word came out harsher than I intended and I pressed my lips into a thin line.

"Sure, I believe ya. But ya gotta prove it to the Triumvirate, not silly old me," Gin smiled. He took a step forward and through his slits I could see his eyes glowing, sparkling like a pair of blood-red rubies. He intended to use force. "So what'll it be, Lady Rukia?"

I glared at him before sighing. I reached into my jacket before pulling out a memory from my pocket. "Here," I tossed him the glowing orb and he fumbled to catch it. "This should suffice."

Gin looked at it before destroying it in his clawed hands, the memory broke free and played before our eyes.

"Where are you going?" Lord Ginrei asked from his place leaning against the wall. His tired grey eyes stalked mine as I made my way to the door.

"Away," I rasped wiping my eyes with my sleeve.

Ginrei took a step forward but his body fell to lean against the fireplace. "Don't you dare leave from here!" he yelled at me but his voice failed to hide the state of his frailty after I tore into his mind. "I gave you an order, and you best obey!"

I turned around in defiance to face him once more. "You won't control me anymore. I'm done here," I moved to walk out when in a burst of speed his wrinkly hand grabbed my wrist. I saw the desperation in his eyes and I hated the sympathy and anger that collided in my heart.

"You will not speak a word to anyone," the Kuchiki elder warned in a gravelly tone.

"Be at ease. Your putrid words will follow me to the grave." I ripped my arm out of his hand. "Goodbye Lord Ginrei," I said with not a hint of emotion.

We were drawn back to the present, I still held my spear in my hand afraid to drop my guard for a moment. Gin paused, his face screwed in contemplation and I held my breath. "Is that it?" he said slowly.

"I did not lie, that was the last I saw of Lord Ginrei," I stated factually.

"I call bull. Don't think I didn't notice Lady Rukia, that was a fragment. Not the real deal," Gin hissed and I had the sudden urge to bolt away from this area, to get away from Gin.

"That is all I can share to the public, that is everything I can provide to vouch for my innocence," I said.

"Come now, Rukia~. Ya know that aint enough. Everyone can see yer hiding somethin' which could be yer motive," Gin said and I saw his other hand come out from its hiding place in his pocket. An envelope opener made its presence known in his hand.

"You will get no more out of me willingly," I seethed tipping the icicle in his direction.

"Then I guess there's nothin' more to say," he finished. "Shinso."

The hiss of a snake broke the silence and not a second later a blade shot in my direction from his hand and I raised my spear up to knock it away. In its place another blade aimed for my head and I ducked. Gin was in the air with his blade tipped down. His blade arced down and I raised my icicle to block, his weight forced me down lower into the snowy ground. He withdrew his blade and when he shoved it forward five different blades were aimed at my body. I jumped back breaking his blades when he raised the envelop opener into the air, his red eyes glinting with killing intent. "Shoot her dead."

I was confused for a moment but then I felt it with my aura. My eyes trailed up to where his blade pointed proudly and I gasped. A shower of at least a hundred blades were aimed over my body. I cursed under my breath and jumped to the side. I turned to locate his body but he was gone, his aura vanished without trace. My eyes traveled from one end of the snowy plane to the other but Gin was gone. He escaped under my watch to another part in my mind.

Where did that bastard go?

A noise came from behind me and I darted in time to see a pure white snake lunge forward with its mouth extended. I pushed my spear forward but it was swallowed in one gulp. The snake latched itself onto my, wrapping around my limbs with its large coiling body. It was Shinso, that damned snake guardian! I pushed with every ounce of strength in my body to get the snake off but he wouldn't budge. I was tempted to let out a frustrated scream but the air was being crushed and squeezed from my lungs. Instead I ground my teeth together and closed my eyes pushing harder. I blew a bang out of my face and freed a hand from Shinso's paralyzing coil.

I swear when I get out of this mess, I'm going to hunt you down Gin Ichimaru.



"You're pretty damn persistent," I growled sarcastically under my breath as the two of us separated, too damn proud to lick our wounds. Instead we circled each other like predators, looking for an opening to pounce with claws and jaws. My muscles were screaming in protest but I ignored them, this was too important to give up and quit.

"Not too shabby yerself," my shadow replied. Blood smeared his white mouth and he licked it away with the flick of his blue tongue.

I grinned and licked away the blood on my muzzle too. "What'll happen if you kill me?" I asked feeling a boldness being brought out in me from the fatigue.

"Whatcha mean?" he inquired in a curious pitch.

"If you're me, then you have a purpose. A dream or something," I said. "What are you gonna do if you win my body? Go on another killing spree?"

His laugh was warped but clear. "I could do that, sounds fun actually." My eyes narrowed at him and I took a challenging step forward. "Ya despise me right?" he growled lowly.

"No shit," I snarled lowly under my breath. "You've killed people and from what I can tell you find it pretty enjoyable."

The other me cackled, his eyes leaving my face to hoot towards the sky. "Ya crack me up Ichigo, ya know what I despise? This rain!" he barked. "When I win, the first thing to go will be this miserable rain from yer willy-nilly pity fests."

I shook my head at his stupidity. "You've caused most of it!"

"Are ya blind or stupid?" my shallow counter-part argued back. "This place is flooding cuz yer weak. Ya get beat down and just lie there like a spineless coward afraid to kill, afraid to take what rightfully belongs to ya. Well I aint gonna get myself killed for some trash beneath me. I'm not gonna wait to get dragged down into this fricken ocean!"

"Ocean?" What ocean? I looked down and immediately the water was deep and dark, as if only recognizing it now the blurry road lines were miles beneath water. Suddenly I was being dragged under. "No!" I screamed trying to resist the undertow, paddling to keep floating but it was too much and I could feel myself falling backwards, down a miasma of darkness and water as I screamed into emptiness.

I was choking on the rain.


"Kisuke, you must end this now you idiot! You're going to kill him!" Yoruichi yelled from her perch on the roof. The moon child fighting below was struggling to stand but still it fired off black crescents of energy one after another. The wolf's healing was no longer working and the on the left shoulder flesh and bone protruded in ways that made Yoruichi want to hurl a hair ball. To her surprise Kisuke ignored her completely, he continued to blast waves of red energy towards the wolf. "Did you hear me Kisuke!" the cat screeched in livid worry.

"He's here!" Jinta announced desperately as he tugged the giant Tessai behind him with Ururu. "We got him!"

"What is it Master Yoruichi?" Tessai asked adjusting his glasses. His eyes were immediately captured by the fight below as Urahara countered every blast the wolf expelled from its body.

"I didn't realize it at the time but Ichigo's powers, they tax his body because he and his shadow are completely out of sync. At the rate he's going, Ichigo's body will deteriorate before Kisuke can even deal a final blow," Yoruichi said. "You must seal Ichigo's movements quickly, he's not ready for this!"

"Understood," Tessai nodded. He clapped his hands together before placing them on the ground, obsidian ink shot down his arms to scrawl across the ground heading in the direction of Ichigo.

"Don't interfere!" Urahara yelled over the noise. "Can't you see that his powers are evolving? They haven't been fully moulded yet, they are still malleable-"

"That doesn't matter anymore Kisuke! If you let him keep going he's going to die!" Yoruichi yelled but her words of wisdom fell on deaf ears. "Screw this!" Yoruichi muttered and she transformed into her human like form, without an inch of clothing. She placed her hands on Tessai's shoulders. "I'm going to give you my energy before this becomes a day full of regrets," she explained to Tessai.

"Now push!" she ordered and together they moved the seal, the inky symbols spurred to life and crawled over the wolf's body.