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Brianne Diamond looks out the window of the large airplane, truly grateful that she was able to get first class seats for her and her friends, as well as her family and her music producer. For the past two months, they have been touring around South America, performing concert after concert. The tour actually started in November and they travelled all over the United States. The tour would have ended in February, but it was put on hold when Brianne checked into rehab for a long time struggle with alcohol addiction. Her estranged dad got into a almost life threatening car accident, she went crazy, started drinking again, and ended up in rehab after making a fool of herself at her concert in Los Angeles. Once she got out of treatment, she took a couple weeks off, then started rehearsing for the restarting off the tour. THe practice paid off because the rest of the tour went very well. She almost fell of the stage in Argentina, but that was because she was wearing high heels. Luckily, no one noticed. If it had been noticeable, the tabloids would probably have accused her of being drunk again.

"Are we there yet? James asks her. Brianne looks at her wonderful husband, running her fingers through his short brown hair.

"We'll be landing soon." She tells him.


She looks at the baby girl laying in the carrier on her lap. Their twins, Mason David and Allison Marie, are now ten months old. It seems like their personalities are developing more and more every day. They recently started saying "Mama" and Dada", as well as "No." They are becoming more mobile, standing up and walking with support. It's hard to understand them because they mostly babble, but you can even have conversations with them. You can tell them something and they'll respond with gibberish. Most of the time, no one is sure whether to laugh or be downright confused. Maybe both?

"We're almost there, honey." She tells her daughter.

"Lady?" Her best friend, Hilary Carson, exclaims.

"Yes?" The stewardess asks.

"Is there any iced tea on this plane?" Hilary asks.

"Yes. i'll have that out in a moment." The stewardess says before walking away. Brianne looks at Hilary from the corner of her eye, noticing that the girl is examining her perfectly manicured fingernails. She's the shallow one of the group. She loves talking about appearances and celebrity gossip/ She also enjoys any opportunity to pose for pictures, preferably ones that are going to be posted online or in a magazine. She enjoys living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. In other words, she has replaced James as the most self absorbed person in their group of friends. Before James and Brianne started dating, he was all about his hair, clothes, fame, and "washboard abs". These days, Brianne enjoys her husbands good looks more than he does. He still has his moments, but he's not as self centered as he use to be.

"Thanks." Hilary says as the stewardess hands a class of tea to her.

"She's too high maintenance." Camille whispers. "I think that's why she hasn't had a steady boyfriend."

"Don't let her hear you saying that." Brianne giggles.

"You don't need to worry about that." Kendall says. "Because she's too busy enjoying that iced tea."

They all watch as Hilary takes a sip of her tea with a satisfied smile on her face.

Brianne looks at Allie and gently grabs her tiny hands. She smiles and kisses her daughters nose, almost laughing as Allie grabs some of her hair. Both of her littles ones have discovered the softness of hair, which means that their hands immediately go to head of whoever is holding them. It's one of the many things that makes them so cute. But their most adorable quality is their precious smiles. It's not that hard to make them smile. If they know someone well enough, all it takes is a kiss on the cheek. If it's a stranger, they have to warm up to the person before they decide to share their cuteness.

"Dada!" Allie murmurs, reaching out to James. He chuckles and strokes her cheek. Brianne carefully takes Allie out of her car seat and puts it on the floor. She hands Allie to her dad and pulls Mason's car seat onto her lap. Her son is fast asleep, looking as sweet as ever.

She watches as Allie babbles to her dad, who smiles and pretends to understand what she's saying.

"Allie, when we get home, you and I are going to watch My Little Pony! How does that sound?" James asks. "I'm a guy, but since you like it so much, we'll watch it together, okay?"

Allie claps her hands together and giggles. She uses the collar of James denim jacket to pull herself into a standing position,squeaking when James kisses his cheek. He rubs his nose against hers, smiling happily. He mouths I Love You, his smile getting bigger as Allie babbles.
"She's saying that she loves you too." Brianne says with a playful smile.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. We will be landing in Los Angeles shortly." The pilot says over the speakers.

Brianne frowns as Mason's face scrunches up, as if he's going to start crying. She smoothes her hand over his brown hair.

"You can keep sleeping, honey.' She whispers. Mason slowly relaxes and falls back to sleep.

"It's gonna be good to be home, isn't it?" James whispers to her. "I'm exhausted from performing so much."

"Well, the tour is over, so we can relax." Brianne tells him.

"Gustavo wants to take a month off before we start recording again." James says, gently sitting Allie on his lap. She puts he thumb in her mouth, looking at her surroundings. James removes her hand from her mouth and gives it a gentle kiss. He moves her so that he's cradling her in his arms. He and Brianne both enjoy holding their babies like that because they can have more eye contact.

Suddenly, the plan speeds up as it begins to land. Hilary quickly drinks the rest of her tee before she can spill it. THe sudden movement makes Carlos, Logan, Jo and the adults (Allison, Walter, and Gustavo) to wake up from their naps.

"Are we there yet?" Logan asks tiredly, lifting his head off Camille's shoulder.

"We're just landing." Kendall says.

Soon enough, everyone begins getting off the plane. Brianne grabs the baby bags and lets them both hang on her shoulders, then picks up the two baby carriers. They walk off the plane and follow the rest of their group towards the luggage pick up area. Walter and Gustavo bring two luggage carriers and Freight Train begins loading them with the suitcases. A limo is suppose to pick them up and drop them off at James and Brianne's house. Brianne and James thought that it would be fun for their friends to spend the night in celebration of the end of the tour. The adults will only be staying for a couple hours, but everyone else is going to stay.

"Hey, Jessica is coming home tomorrow." Carlos says, looking at his phone. Jessica Valdez is his girlfriend of more than two years. For the past three months, she has been filming a movie in New York City and Vancouver. It's similar to the superhero movies like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, except the hero is a girl. Jessica plays a teenager that gets superhuman abilities after going for a swim in a radioactive lake. Then she has to beat the bad guy.

"Carlos and Jessica sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Logan mumbles with a laugh, shrieking when Carlos punches his shoulder.

Everyone else chooses to ignore them, walking outside to the limo. They begin loading the suitcases into the large trunk. As Brianne is putting Allie and Mason's carriers into the backseat, she hears the familiar snapping that comes from the paparazzi cameras. She turns around and jumps as one of the guys gets a little too close to her face, flinching as she is nearly blinded by the flash.

"Hey, guys." She says, gently pushing the camera away.

"How was the tour?" They all ask her, snapping more pictures.

"It was fun." She says, smiling at them. She waves before getting into the limo, next to Allie and Mason. James sits on the other side of them.

"You know what I was thinking?" Hilary asks, sitting across from them. "We should go on a vacation! A relaxing vacation to Mandelino!"

"What is Mandelino?" Brianne asks.

"It's located near Australia." Hilary explains. She takes her phone out of her purse and hands it to Brianne. The picture shows a beautiful and luxurious island with a lot of sand and a beautiful blue ocean. Since they are so exhausted from the tour, a vacation might not be such a bad idea. James and Brianne had a great time on their honeymoon in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Brianne has never been to Mandelino. She hasn't heard too much about it either. But it seems like a perfect place for a vacation.

"We'll talk about it when we get back to the house." She says, giving the phone back to Hilary.


Twenty minutes later

"Alright, I made Wild Berry smoothes for everyone." Brianne says, handing a glass to everyone person in the living room. She also filled two sippie cups with the liquid, so Allie and Mason can have some too. She hands a cup to each other them, watching as they begin drinking. She sits on the floor and begins drinking from her own glass.

"You two are really messy eaters." James tells Allie and Mason, wiping their mouths with a paper towel.

""Wow, you make really good smoothies." Carlos tells Brianne, staring at his glass.

"I have this book of smoothies and Wild Berry is my favorite flavor to make." Brianne says.

"Okay, we have our fruit drinks!" Hilary says. "Let's talk about this vacation."

"What vacation?" Walter asks.

"She thinks that we should go to Mandelino." Brianne tells him. "It's a island near the coast of Australia."

"I also found a brochure." Hilary says, handing a brochure to Walter.

"It does look nice." He says, showing it to Allison, Gustavo, and Freight Train.

"My cousin went to an island once." Logan says. "He was only suppose to be there for two weeks, but he ended up staying there for a month because he got stranded."

Everyone looks at Logan, wondering if Hilary's randomness has started to rub off on him.

"That's not going to happen." Hilary says. "We'll be fine."

"Guys, we have been on the road for the past two months." Jo says. "Maybe a vacation wouldn't be such a bad thing."

"We''ll think about it!" Gustavo says loudly.

"Gustavo, aren't you getting the next month off?" Kendall asks.

"What's you're point?"

"This would be a good thing for you." Kendall tells him. "If you're going to be a vacation for a whole month, why spend it at home?"

"You know, the monkey dog has a point." Allison says, shrugging.

"I'm your son in laws best friend." Kendall says, surprised that Allison would call him by that name. She's only related to Gustavo by marriage, so it's not like she inherited his somewhat obnoxious behavior. She's never referred to any of the boys as "monkey dogs" before. When she picks on them, she's usually joking around, so she must have been kidding when she used her brother in laws nickname for the boys.

"Mama!" Mason exclaims, holding his sippie cup in front of Brianne.

"Are you done?" Brianne asks, shaking the cup. When she realizes that it's empty, she walks to the kitchen and puts it in the sink. When she returns to the living room, Mason is using James to pull himself up. James drinks the rest of his smoothie, then stands up, holding Mason. At that moment, their two year old maltipoo, Maddie, comes running into the room. Mason points at her, staring at James.

"That's a puppy." James says, sitting in front of Maddie. Mason smiles and reaches for Maddie, touching her head.

"She has really soft fur." James adds, petting Maddie.

"Why do you guys have My Little Pony on DVD?" Kendall asks, looking at the DVD.

"Allie loves it." Brianne explains. She picks Allie up and kisses her cheek. "Don't you, sweetie? Anyway, her daddy promised that he was going to watch it with her."

That one comment causes James friends to laugh, earning them a glare from him. He enjoys watching his daughter's favorite show with her! Why is that so funny? Aren't daddies suppose to spend time with their kids, even if means watching a TV show made for little girls?

"Brie, did you have to tell them?" James asks, pulling Mason onto his lap. Brianne runs her fingers through hair before sitting next to him.

"Hey, it's sweet." She says, kissing his cheek. Mason crawls off of James lap and Brianne hands Allie to her husband. "Why don't you two get started?"

"When you people see this, don't judge me." James says, pointing a finger at his friends. He takes the DVD from Kendall and puts it in the DVD player. He sits on the floor with his back against the couch, kissing Allie's head. She seems to become interested in his wedding ring, trying to grab the ring. He hugs her and kisses her cheek, whispering to her and pointing to the TV. Allie looks at the TV and gives a cute baby smile, waving her arms. She looks at Logan, who takes her stare as her way of asking him to join her. He sits next to James, who hands her to him.

"Aww, the ponies are so cute." Hilary coos, causing everyone to stare at her. It's so hard to believe that this girl is twenty years old. Like Gustavo always says, she has the brain of a cricket. Yes, it sounds mean, but it's true. She's not a very smart girl. She has her smart moments, but she's pretty ditzy most of the time.

"Um, we're going to go home." Allison says awkwardly. She kisses Brianne's head, kneels down and gives James a hug, kisses Allie and Mason on their cheeks, then stands back up.

"I thought you were all going to stay for a couple hours." Brianne says, looking confused.

"Yeah, but you kids seem to have everything under control." Walter says.

"Um, okay." Brianne shrugs. "Bye."

"Wait, what about Mandelino?" Hilary asks, standing up.

"We'll think about, okay?" Kelly says.

"Okay." Hilary mumbles.

"Bye." Allison says before she and the other adults leave the house.

"I hope that they'll say yes." Hilary says as she turns around. "Mandelino looks like fun. Besides, we are all in desperate need of a vacation."

"We'll Google it later." James says. "After we watch this movie."

"Mason really likes Maddie." Camille says. Mason is currently petting Maddie, smiling cutely.


"I'll be right back." Hilary says, looking at her caller ID. She answers it and walks into the hallway. "Hey, girl! Yeah, we just got back. "

"She's probably talking to one of the Jennifers." Carlos says. Hilary is probably one of the only people that could become friends with the Jennifers as soon as she met them. They usually reject anyone that gets anywhere near them. You have to be rich and famous if you want to get in with their group.

"Eh, whatever." Brianne says, drinking the last of her smoothie.

That night

The past few hours have mostly been spent with Allie and Mason. At ten months old, they require a lot of attention. So they've constantly been trying to get their parents and the others to play with them. After a few hours of play, they started to get fussy, so James and Brianne put them to bed for the night. Now the friends can just hang out and mind their own business. They love playing with the babies, but they still need some time to do whatever they want.

"Okay, Mandelino is an island off the coast of Australia. It is a popular tourist location for people from all over the world." Logan says, looking at the computer screen.

"What else does it say?" Kendall asks, looking over his shoulder.

"Well, many stars have summer vacation homes in Manelino." Logan explains. "Like this one."

He clicks on a picture and they get a close up of beautiful beach home.

"And there's a resort." Logan adds. "The Manelino Island Resort."

"I can probably get us reservations." Hilary says.

"Do you think that Jess and Lindsey will want to come?" Carlos asks.

"Of course." Hilary says. "They both love island vacations."

"But let's wait until we get the okay from Gustavo." James says, wrapping his arm around Brianne's waist.

"This resort is amazing." Camille says as Logan pushes the mouse towards her. She scrolls up the page. "It has island sports, scuba diving, arcades, and they even have a little swimming area for children. So Allie and Mason can have some fun too."

"How could Gustavo not want to do this?" Carlos says, motioning towards the computer screen.

"He loves relaxing." Hilary says with a reassuring smile. "So I'm sure that he'll be okay with this."

"Don't be so sure." Brianne says, shaking her head. "He can be pretty stubborn."

"She's related to the guy." James reminds them. "So she knows him pretty well."

"We need to be optimistic." Hilary says.

Every sighs before murmuring in agreement. Since Gustavo hasn't given a definite answer, they just need to stay positive. Gustavo won't want to spend his month long vacation in Los Angeles, so he'll probably be happy to go to a fancy island resort. And he loved Fiji, so he'll probably enjoy Mandelino too. He loves any chance to relax in a lawn chair on the beach with a coconut beverage in his hand. This would be the perfect opportunity for him to do that.

"Let's just wait until tomorrow." Logan says, turning the computer off. "Then we'll go to Rocque Records and ask him."

"Yay!" Hilary squeals, wrapping her arms around him. When Camille clears her throat, Hilary steps away from the boy. Camille gives her a satisfied smile before sitting on Logan's lap.

"Hey, I think one of the babies is crying." Jo says, pointing towards the stairs. Sure enough, a cry is coming from the nursery. So Brianne walks upstairs to check on them.

"They're always so happy, but when they cry, they will really cry." James says, waiting for Brianne to return.

"It was Mason." Brianne say as she walks over to them, carrying her baby boy. His head is on Brianne's shoulder and he's chewing on his thumb. "He was lonely."

"Aww, he's wearing Spongebob pajamas." Hilary coos, rubbing his back. Mason yawns softly and snuggles closer to his mom.

"I'm gonna try to get him back to sleep." Brianne says, sitting on the couch.

"Sing "A Year Without Rain." James suggests. A Year Without Rain was included on Brianne's four album. She always sings it to James or the babies when they're tired and can't sleep.

"Got it." Brianne says with a smile. Then she begins singing.

Mason slowly starts to doze off until he's completely asleep.

"I'll take him back to the nursery." James says, taking Mason into his arms. "I'm sure you woudl rather sleep in your room. Right, buddy?"

He kisses Mason's head before carrying him up the stairs. He walks into the nursery and approaches Mason's crib. He gives his son another kiss on his forehead before putting him in the crib.

"Good night, little guy." He says before walking out of the room.

I got the island name from The Even Stevens Movie. I just couldn't think of an original name. But I think Mandelino sounds like a cool name:D

Hope you enjoyed this chapter!