Brianne quietly walks up the stairs. She gets to be in LA for two days before she has to go back to Chicago. Filming has been a lot of fun, but she is happy to be home. Today is Allie and Mason are one year old today and Brianne would hate to miss their party. It looks like James already decorated. It looks really good. James wasn't sure if he could handle decorating on his own, but Brianne believes in him. Anyway, she's pretty sure that he got the guys and Ms. Knight to help out. She just can't believe that it has been one year since their beautiful babies were born. They are far from being the helpless little newborns that they use to be. James called last week and said that they finally took their first independent steps. She's really sad that she had to miss it, but James said that he got it on video. That's a good thing since she couldn't see them in person. Another cute thing that James told her about? Allie and Mason will give actual hugs and kisses now. She can't wait to see that.

She walks into her and James room. Her husband is fast asleep under the covers, laying on his back with his arms crossed. She is beyond happy that they didn't get a divorce. When she finishes filming the movie, she and James will begin couples therapy. For the most part, they're back to being a happy couple, but they both know that they still have issues to work out. The divorce thing was a close call and it's going to take some time for their relationship to recover from that, but they're together and that's all that matters.

She sits on the bed and pushes his bangs away from his forehead, gently kissing the soft and tan skin. She strokes his cheek and smiles when he shifts slightly, groaning in his sleep. She grabs his left hand and touches his wedding ring, giggling when he holds her hand. When her eyes return to his face, she finds that he is awake. He looks tired but happy. She would normally let him sleep, but she was hoping that they could wish Allie and Mason a happy birthday. Maybe they could even sing a birthday song! The twins love singing, so they'll love the birthday song.

"When did you get here?" He asks her.

"About ten minutes ago." Brianne tells him. "I got myself a glass of milk, then I came here to wake you up. Allie and Mason are a year old today and I think that we should wish them a happy birthday."

"Oh yeah." James says as he sits up. He gives Brianne a hug, then stands up and grabs her hand again. "Let's go."

They walk down the hallway to the nursery. They see both babies standing up in their crib, looking around the room. When they see their parents, they smile and start babbling. James walks over to Allie's crib and picks her up, while Brianne does the same for Mason.

"Happy birthday, loves." Brianne coos, kissing Mason's cheek. "Jay, let's sing their birthday song."

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Allie and Mason! Happy birthday to you!" They sing in unison, proceeding to give both babies a kiss. Then they begin carrying the babies down the stairs and into the living room. They sit them on the floor and watch as they both stand up and start walking around. When Mason starts walking towards the kitchen, James is quick to following him. The kitchen could be a dangerous place for a baby if they're unsupervised. James smiles as Mason walks over to refrigerator, trying to reach for the handle. He's very little, so this is a useless attempt. It's pretty cute, though.

"What do you and your sister want for breakfast?" He asks him. "Do you want applesauce? I know that you love applesauce."

Mason nods and makes another attempt at reaching for the handle. James smiles and opens the refrigerator, taking two containers of applesauce out. He takes two spoons off the island and motions for Mason to follow him. They walk to the living room and James puts the applesauce and spoons on the table, then he lifts Mason into his high chair.

"Come here, birthday girl." He says, picking Allie up. "I got your favorite."

He puts her in her high chair and laughs as she grabs a handful of applesauce, shoving it into her mouth.

"Maybe we should help them." Brianne laughs, sitting next to Allie. She gets a spoonful of applesauce and feeds it to Allie.

After they are done feeding the babies, they let them have a little playtime. While the babies are distracted by their toys, James uses the opportunity to pull Brianne into a kiss. She laughs as she cups his cheek with her hand, smiling into the kiss. She jumps into his arms and wraps her arms around his neck. James gives her a huge hug and showers her face with kisses, ignoring her squeals and laughter. He puts her down and she tries to run away, but he grabs her and plants a big kiss on her cheek. Trying to run never works because he always catches up to he, but she loves when he grabs her and gives her a hug and kiss.

"Okay, you can stop now." She teases, poking his stomach.

Knock! Knock!

"Coming!" She calls out. She runs to the front door and looks through peep hole, smiling happily. It looks like it's time for the party to begin.

"Hey, you're here already!" She tells the guys and their girlfriends. Lindsey and Hilary are standing behind them, looking a bit awkward. It's probably because they're the only single people in the group. Hilary sort of has this thing with Wayne Wayne, but no one knows how a relationship between those two would work.

"Alright, where are they?" Hilary says, pushing the rest of them aside. She skips to the living room, getting the attention of Allie and Mason. Allie even stands up and walks over to her, trying to grab the hem of her pink sundress. To everyone's surprise, Hilary actually picks her up. Normally, Hilary is afraid to even touch them because she thinks that they're going to spit up on her. They've really done that before, especially when they were younger. You know, from birth to about seven months old. Now that they're a little older, they don't spit up on people. Well, not all the time. However, they still drool.

"Your mom , Gustavo, Kelly, Walter, and Ms. Knight are getting the presents out of the van." Jessica tells Brianne.

"I've already got my present." Kendall says proudly, taking two wrapped gifts from behind his back. He puts them on a table sitting against the wall.

Allie walks over to James and tugs at the leg of his sweatpants, trying to get his attention. He picks her up and smiles as she gives him a hug and kiss on his cheek.

"She loves giving hugs and kisses." He tells the guests. Then he looks at Allie. "And she loves getting them."

He hugs her and kisses her cheek for emphasis.

"Do you have the cake?" Carlos asks quietly. Of course, he would ask about food before anything else. That's just Carlos for you. The boy loves food and they've all gotten use to it. It's really quite funny when you think about it. Everywhere they go, he always wants to know about the food options.

"Carlos, you can eat later." Ms. Knight says as she carries some present over to the table, putting them down. "Wow, those are heavy. What kind of stuff did you people get for the kids?"

"Let me see her." Logan says, taking Allie into his arms. "Hey, cutie."

"Mason, don't you chew on that." Brianne says as Mason tries to put a toy car in his mouth. She sits in front of him and pulls him onto her lap. Since he isn't allowed to chew on his car, he grabs a strand of his mom's chair and chews on that instead. As gross as that is, Brianne allows it. It's better than him chewing on a toy car and choking on one of the little pieces. She would rather have her hair drenched in baby drool, rather than have her son choke and have to be taken to the hospital. She doesn't even want to think about that scenario.

"DOGS, OPEN THE DOOR!" The hear Gustavo shout.

"OH, I"LL OPEN IT!" Kelly snaps, pushing the door open. She, Gustavo, Walter, and Allison stumble into the house, holding the rest of the presents.

"You kids have a lot of presents to open." Logan tells the babies.

"I remember my first birthday." Hilary says dreamily. "My cousin threw one of my dolls at me."

"Um, how old was he?" Lindsey asks weirdly.

"He was a year old too." Hilary says.

"Was the cake good?" Carlos asks her.

"It was delicious."

"Hey, let's start the party." Allison says. "Brie, do you have that Spongebob soundtrack CD?"

"Yeah." Brianne says, grabbing it from the coffee table and handing it to her mom. Allison walks over to the Cd player and puts the CD in, pressing play.

"Put it on the Goofy Goober song!" Carlos says excitedly. Allison looks at him with a questioning expression before changing the song to track 2. Everyone grounds when they hear "I'm a goofy goober, yeah. You're a goofy goober, yeah." Carlos and the babies are the only ones dancing to the song. He even picks them up and dances with him. They both laugh cutely, which makes everyone else feel less weirded out and more amused. It's strange for a twenty year old guy to be amused by a song like this, but it's not as weird when he's using the song to entertain two babies. That's when it starts to become adorable.

"I'm a goofy goober, yeah!" Hilary sings, frowning when Jessica slaps her arm.

"Wait!" Walter says. "Jessica, you didn't get them anything dangerous, did you?"

"No." Jessica says.

"What did you get them?"

Jessica whispers something to him and he slowly nods in approval.

"Oh, thank goodness." He sighs in relief.

"Can we please change this to something else?" Gustavo complains.

What do they choose? The FUN song...from Spongebob. As soon as it gets to the "F is for fire" part, James interrupts.

"Okay!" He says quickly, changing the song.

"Aww, James is overprotective." Katie teases.

"Shut up." James says, ruffling her hair.

"Jay, aren't your parents coming?" Brianne asks him.

"I think so." James says, looking at his watch. His dad use to have a habit of making promises and breaking them. If he said that he would come to a hockey game, he would end up working. There were times that he wouldn't even be home for his son's birthday or even Christmas! It was quite depressing, but it's getting better. Mr. Diamond promised to come to this party and James is almost certain that he's going to keep that promise.

Knock! Knock!

He walks to the door and looks at the peep hole before opening the door. Ms. Diamond, Mr. Diamond, and Amanda walk into the room. Mr. Diamond keeps his arm around Amanda and helps her walk, since her baby bump is getting so big. James is surprised by how big she is now. She's seven months along, so it'll only be two months before James gets his half sibling. Is it normal to be a little scared by that fact?

"Hi, sweetie." Ms. Diamond says, kissing her son's cheek. "Where are the kids?"

"In the living room." James says.


He turns around and is surprised when his stepsister, Mikayla, jumps into his arms. He high fives Landon before the eleven year old boy runs to the living room. It's no secret that he has a tiny crush on Brianne. Like, not obsessive, but he can be just a little bit creepy.

"Wow." he says when he sees Brianne's new hair color. "You know, you were hotter as a blonde, but the brown hair could work."

"Dude, just let it go." James says, ruffling his hair. He puts Mikayla down and kisses her cheek before walking over to his dad and Amanda, who are sitting on the couch. He gives each of them a hug. When he first met Amanda, he didn't really like her that much. He always had the hope that his parents might get back together, but his dad proposed to Amanda, which basically told James that his parents will never get back together. His dream of a complete family was crushed and he had to accept that. He was hurt when his dad told him about the engagement, but he soon came to realize that he couldn't stay mad about it. The wedding was going to happen whether he liked it or not. Now he actually thinks that Amanda is pretty cool.

"How's the baby?" he asks his stepmom.

"Good, but she kicks a lot." Amanda says, rubbing her large stomach.

"You're having a girl?" James asks, smiling.

"Yeah." Amanda says excitedly.

"Dad, why didn't you tell me?" James asks.

"I wanted to surprise you."

"Actually, that reminds me." Brianne says, smiling. She doesn't know how to break the news, but she thinks that they'll be excited. They might say that it's too soon, but they probably won't be upset.

"What?" James asks her, grabbing her hands.

"Lately, I've been getting sick a lot and i've been really hungry, so I went to a doctor in Chicago." Brianne explains. "And he told me something really exciting."

"No way." James says, a smile slowly appearing on his face.

"Yeah," Brianne says, kissing him. "We're gonna have another baby."

"Oh my gosh, Brianne, they're barely a year old and you're gonna have another one?" Jessica complains.

"Hey, your soap smells really good." Camille says as she and Jo return to the living room. They must have been fixing their makeup or something because they didn't have that much on when they first showed up. "Hey, what's going on?"

"Um, Brie just told us that she's pregnant again?" Kelly says awkwardly while James gives Brianne a big hug and places kisses all over her face. Kelly is concerned about Gustavo's possible reaction. When Brianne told him about her first pregnancy, he nearly had a heart attack. What will he be like this time? He overreacts to everything, so it wouldn't be surprising if he had a complete meltdown and/or killed James.

"You..." Gustavo says in a low pitched voice, walking closer to James and Brianne. Suddenly, he drags them both into a hug.

"Um, you're not mad?" James asks.

"I thought that you would kill us."

"Allie and Mason have been such a joy to have around! It'll be great for you kids to have another one!" Gustavo says.

"Okay, I think he's been drinking something." James whispers.

"Or smoking something." Jessica mutters.

"JESSICA!" Everyone shouts.

"Allie, Mason, you're going to have a little brother or sister!" James says, picking them up.

"Brie, how far along are you?" Allison asks her daughter.

"About four weeks." Brianne says, putting a hand on her stomach. At least no one is freaking out about this. Well, she can tell that her mom looks a little nervous, but she's not yelling or anything, so that's a good sign. When Brianne found out about her pregnancy two days ago, she was terrified. She wasn't sure if her family and friends would be mad or disappointed or excited and happy. She hadn't really been planning on having another baby yet. I mean, she and James had talked about having another one eventually, but they weren't planning on having another one this soon. But it's happening, so they might as well be happy.

"Aren't you kids a little young? I mean, you already have two kids to take care of and you're only twenty years old." Mr. Diamond says apprehensively.

"Dad..." James says quietly.

"Look, I'm going to support you, but I don't know if you're ready for this responsibility."

"Dad, Brie and I already have two kids." James tells him. "We can handle one more, okay?"

Everyone is silent as Mr. Diamond ponders this.

"Okay." He finally says. "I trust you."

"Thank you." James says, hugging his dad.

"How do you feel about this, Allison?" Ms. Diamond asks.

"I'm definitely shocked." Allison says. "Brie, do you really think that you're ready for another baby?"

"Mom, James and I are ready for this. We can do it." Brianne says, hugging James waist.

"Alright, now that we've discussed that, let's direct our attention back to these two." Walter says, pointing to Allie and Mason.

"I'm a goofy goober, yeah!" Carlos shouts.

"Carlos, please don't sing that song." Lindsey says, rubbing her temples.

"Phooey." Carlos pouts.

"You know, that song is kind of catchy." Kendall says as he starts dancing to it. Jo just looks at him in bewilderment. What? She's never seen her boyfriend dance a Spongebob song. It's strange, funny, and adorable at the same time. Anyway, these are the Big Time Rush guys that we're talking about. They''re suppose to be crazy. It would be boring if they were mature all the time.

"Hey, let's eat the cake!" Carlos begs. "I didn't eat breakfast this morning, so I'm really hungry."

"Good idea." James says, wrapping his arm around Brianne's waist."I'm sure that Brianne is starving."

"My cravings aren't that bad." Brianne says as they walk into the kitchen. "Yet."

"Are you gonna make him go to the store at one in the morning?" Jo asks as they begin putting chocolate cake on the plates, handing them to the guests. "I remember when you were pregnant with Allie and Mason. Those poor boys had to go to three different stores before they found what you wanted."

"I'll try to be less annoying." Brianne laughs as she follows Jo into the living room and over to the dining table. A few people, including Allie and Mason, get to sit on the table, while the rest sit on the couch or the floor.

"Wow, this cake is good." Carlos says dreamily. "Who made this?"

"We just bought it." James says as he feeds some cake to Mason. "And had them decorate it for us."

The cake, before people dug in, had a large picture of a cartoon duck with Happy 1st Birthday, Allie And Mason written in white writing.

"Where did you get it?" Carlos asks as he takes a bite of Jessica's cake.

"There's a bakery a couple blocks away from the Palm Woods." Brianne says. "They make really good stuff."

"Well, I think I'll get them to decorate my next birthday cake."

With that, the friends and family burst into laughter.

They've been through plenty ups and downs. They all had their problems, their imperfections, there were fights and almost breakups, but in the end, they always stick together and nothing will ever change that.

That was the last chapter, but there is one story left in this series. I've decided to call it "My Dilemma". It's going take place when Allie and Mason are seventeen years old, so we're going to fast forward a little bit. It's going to be fun, though.

As for Brianne's pregnancy, I think that it would be interesting for Allie and Mason to have a younger sibling. Just explaining that little twist:)

Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed "Summer's Not Hot" and the previous stories in the series. "My Dilemma" will be posted soon:D