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Epilogue: The Journey Begins

By nightdragon0

45 Years Later….

I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. The years may have come and gone, times and changes all flashed by. And yet, that memory will forever remain fresh in my mind.

How I wish you could see what we've all accomplished, Sekata.

The Akchenedash region was supposed to be a pretty remote place, but somehow the word must've gotten out. For we were met by all sorts of Digimon along our way home, all having heard about our exploits.

Perhaps they'd read about the legends too, and I guess it helped that I was holding the Omega Blade in my hand. Others were skeptical, but the stories and rumors still spread and we became pretty famous for a while.

Many sages, wizards and such come down to the region after sensing the strange disturbance, only to find the signature of CHAOS gone for good. I suppose they had a hand too in spreading the tale of that great battle.

Life was never really the same back at the store after that.

Even with CHAOS gone, it's not a perfect world. Evil natures and characters still exist….the darkness and the light remaining in perfect balance, as they should be. People began to call on our place, hiring our help for this quest or that battle. So it was inevitable that I'd improve greatly.

I've become very good with swords, so much that I now wield the Ryuukonken and the Omega Blade together.

Of course, I wondered time and time again whether you'd placed your soul within the Ryuukonken like before, but all my psychic senses have told me otherwise. And the Omega Blade has lost most of the power Omegamon placed into it, leaving only faint traces. It's just an ordinary weapon now.

Eventually, we left Katsu and Adrian at the base and moved on our separate ways. Aero went back to his old life of wandering and drifting around the globe, although he's much better known now.

Steve and Janet are a mating pair now, and they've started up this mechanical and electronics business. Be it computers, machines, weapons….they're the ones to look for.

And Steve never did go back to the Digimental Knights, mainly because he didn't want to risk stirring up any lost memories there. But he still sees his brother, Rain, and their secret is still kept just between the few of us. Rain has grown up a lot, and he's actually looking up to be the next commander of the knights.

As for me…well…to tell the truth, I didn't really know what I wanted to do at first. Like Aero, I drifted and traveled around for a few years, going where the winds and the trails would take me.

But I guess I couldn't really get out of the spotlight, for I was recognized almost everywhere I went. I've had my fair share of both good and bad encounters, but that's life I suppose. I was the big hero and everything, however I always felt that I got more credit than I really deserved.

The true, unsung hero of the CHAOS battle was you, Sekata.

Eventually, I did settle down. A couple of youngsters came up and wanted to train to fight under me. It was kinda awkward at first, but I took them under my wing. Then, more and more came….and before long, I had an entire combat academy under me.

The other all pitched in to help out, but finally everything was up and running. You'll never believe it, Sekata, but the place where I established the dojo was the cavern where you and I spent our first night in the Digital World together.

I've been there ever since, and I'll never be able to thank you enough for everything you've taught me.

That day began like any other.

I was doing my usual checks around the building, making sure the students were all up and the instructors were running the place when I suddenly remembered. Today was the anniversary of our final battle against CHAOS.

Steve and Janet would be dropping by today, and I wanted to look my best. I've never thought of myself to be vain, but I spent hours in my quarters choosing what to wear.

Despite having our D-Dragon powers, I still preferred to remain as an XV-mon most of the time and simply outfitted myself in the academy's colors.

First was a pair of loose-fitting black leather pants that left plenty of space for my tail. Over my upper body was a thick, sleeveless white vest decorated with the black patterns of dragons. The back had holes designed for my wings while the front was left slightly open, so I could easily use my X-laser ability without damaging the material.

Finally I pulled on a black hakama around the pants. It was more of a martial artist's formal skirt, but I like the looseness and the feel of the material. Then, I picked up the Ryuukonken and the Omega Blade, twirling them around before placing them into the two sheaths between my wings.

Steve and Janet were late, but any time I could meet them was always worth the wait.

"Hey Zoe." Steve winked as we took seats around the garden. "My, you're looking good. What's with all the formal wear?"

"Don't be so rude." Janet scolded. "You don't want to make fun of the Sensei in front of her students."

"Well, it's a special occasion, isn't it?" I laughed.

Steve was a Flamedramon, as always, although he had his gauntlets hooked on his belt. On the other hand, Janet had taken a liking to her Cyberdramon look, choosing to stay mostly in that form. It did look a little odd as she was significantly taller than both Steve and me, but we were all used to it by now.

"Oh, and how are the eggs?" I asked.

"Ours? All three of them are looking good." Steve grinned. "The incubator's keeping them all nice and warm back home."

"Is it a good idea to reply on it so much? You're gonna be a father soon."

"Haha, well I expect Janet to help out. Eh mommy?"



"Quit making fun of me." Janet quipped. "Especially when I'm the one doing most of the work while you're lying around the house."

That got all of us laughing. As much as the inevitable changes came, it was good to know that some things would always be the same.

"By the way, we came across something you might be interested in." Janet pulled out a CD and handed it to me.

"What is it?" I asked, placing the disc into my laptop.

"Watch and see."

I brought up the main screen and hit the play button. There wasn't much to see at first because the view was dark and jerky, with a lot of screaming and explosions in the background. I then realized that it was that way because the cameraman was running too.

Finally, the cameraman stopped and turned back, pointing the camera to the top of a volcano. He was still reasonably close as lava and rocks were blown out of the crater, shaking up his view even more. However, he was either brave enough or stupid enough to keep his camera pointed there.

"There! Pause it and look there!" Steve pointed.

I hit the pause button, though slightly confused.

"Zoom in, right there." Janet gestured.

It was only then that I spotted what had Steve and Janet so excited. And my heart skipped a beat when I did.

Something or someone was emerging amidst the stream of lava, which was what the cameraman had really been screaming about. It was a distinctive…almost familiar dragon-like shape, whose upper body could just be seen above the smoke.

As blurred as it was, it was still relatively easy to make out the shape of the head and wings. Especially since I had become used to seeing one exactly like this.

Could it really be?

"Dorugoramon?" I asked. "Is that what you guys were thinking?"

Dorugoramon was a form that not just any Digimon could take on. But I had to get something else…some other sign to proof to myself that…

"There!" I gasped.

On the dragon's right fist was a small device. It wasn't very clear either, but it seemed to be shaped like a miniature version of a dragon's head.

"I never saw that before." Janet muttered.

"Hey, that almost looks like a D-Dragon…." Steve began.

All of a sudden, I was up on my feet.

"Where did you guys find this?" I asked, quivering.

"This is the town and the name of the store we got this from." Steve handed me a palmtop.

Immediately, I snatched the device and scanned through the words before bolting for the gate.

"Wait! Hey! Where are you going?" Janet called.

"To find out." I held up the palmtop. "I just have to know. Know if it could really be him!"

"Hold on! We're coming too!" Steve and Janet yelled, running after me.

However, I already had quite a bit of a head start.

In truth…our journey never truly ended on that day. I told myself. That was only the beginning…


Author's Closing Comments:

To all my friends, readers, and everyone who's gotten to this point, I have to extend my gratitude to you for reading this tale all the way through.

I may not have replied to each and every one of you personally, but I did take your comments, suggestions, notes and everything to heart.

Sometimes, I really couldn't think of anything to respond with other than 'Thank you'. Others would involve revealing too many spoilers, or sometimes there just wasn't an e-mail address for me to reply to. But I still appreciated all the feedback.

This story has pretty much been the longest project I've done thus far, as you can probably tell from the start date and completion date. A total duration of 4 years.

I'm sure I could've finished it up much earlier, but that's how real life works with getting in the way of this dragon.

It started off as following a trend, never intending for it to go too far along, but somehow things worked out differently. There are a lot of 'could haves', from could've been different, could've been better, could've done this or done that, but in the end, I'm happy with how this story turned out.

The ending may seem to some as just 'trailing off', but it's part of the feelings I have for this story. This has been one great journey for me, one that I don't want to come to an end.

As such, the story goes on…it's all up to one's imagination. Of course, I'll gladly answer any closing questions through e-mail and such.

Once again, my thanks and to one and all.