Opposites Attract by: emorandomgirl

Summary: Like everyone says opposites attract, there will be now 6 in the journey and 6 who will be exposed to the cloud and will have powers, she is a shy conserved girl, and he is a careless and man-whore guy. She have a nice heart and care for others feelings, he in the other hand will make heartless comments. Johnny/oc (hate/love relationship)

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Chapter 1: About Danicia

(A/n: In this chapter I will tell you about Danny, so you will get to know her, and get a little better the story)

Danny's POV

Hi my name is Danicia Almana Engel (Danicia is pronounced 'dan-ICE-ee-ah'), I'm 20 years old. About my physic, I have curly black hair that goes a little down of my shoulders. I have green-hazel eyes, that look a little like cat's eyes. I have a curvy body, but I kind of hide it, because I'm shy and conservative like that. About my personality, like I said before I'm shy and conservative, so cause of the conservative part, I dress a little 'professional', and not like a girl my age.

When I was 16 I lost my family in a car accident, lucky for me I didn't died, but unfortunately for my parents and big brother, they died. After that I was destroyed, I buried myself in my studies and end high school early. So since I have always love science and space, I decided to study that. Now I have received a call from two of my best friends and kind of big brothers, Reed and Ben, who ask me if I will like to join them in a travel they are making to space, to investigate some cloud. The thing is that they said that by going I will gain experience. So I accepted, unfortunately Victor Von Doom will be there (arrogant prick), since he is the one that is making the whole trip possible, also Susan Storm and his brother will go, I meet Susan some time ago, when she was dating Reed, Susie is a nice girl, kind of the only friend that is a girl that a have, kind of my sister too, but after some time she and Reed broke up, and our little circle of friends broke too. Since both where our friends Ben and me decided to stay neutral, but cause Susie move, we stayed with Reed. Those 3 became my family after my real one died. It was a little sad when those 2 broke up. Now Susie is with that von doom jerk. I have never met her brother, but from what I heard he is a man-whore but a funny dude. I believe that those two get how I feel, since they lost their mother at a young age and his father was arrested, but at least they still have each other.

I think that the death of my family affected me, because I am now more shy, reserved and independent. I am kind of stupid since I always see a good side on everyone (even on Victor). Because I have the need of people to accept me, since I kind of always feel alone.

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