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Chapter 10: Just in Love

(8)Girl I'm just in love with you

Girl I'm just in love with you

No other words to use

I'm just in love with you

I'm just in love with you

Just in love- Joe Jonas (8)

I was getting ready for the party that we were having later. My mind was in other place, I wasn't sure if Johnny wanted us to be something or if he was just playing with me. Or maybe he was doing all that because he thought it was our last day….

"knock, knock" Sue said standing in my door. She looked beautiful in her dress and make-up, with her awesome blonde hair. I was wearing a nice black strapless dress, and for make-up it wasn't that much, just eye-liner and lipstick. And the freaking heels of hell I was wearing. I don't know how girls can walk with these things.

"hey" I smiled at her "you look awesome"

"well thanks, you look pretty awesome yourself, I had never seen you in a dress like that" she said warmly

"yeah, I feel awkward….and don't even mention the heels, they are too high for my liking" I said frowning at the heels

"oh don't be a baby, you look awesome, when Johnny sees you, he is going to faint" she laughed a little. That make my mood dropped, because of what I was thinking before she came.

"hey what's wrong?" she asked me, sitting beside me, in my bed

"It's just, what if he doesn't like me back" I said looking down

"what? Are you crazy, his head over heels for you, I haven't seen my brother looked a girl the way he looked at you. He likes you…I will even say he loves you. He freak out when we found you lying unconscious. He likes you" Sue told me smiling

"you think?" I asked

"I know it" she said

"we better head down" I said

"ohh yeah, the guys went first, we 2 will be going together" she told me

"okay, well let's go" I said standing up, and smiling at her. I then hugged her

"thanks" I told her

When we get there, we saw the boat; I have to say it was really beautiful. It was already dark, and the lights on the boat make it look awesome.

"I'm going to find Reed, are you okay on your own? She asked me

"yeah, I will look around" I smiled at her

While I was looking my surroundings, suddenly I felt someone wrapped his arms around me…

"hey beautiful" Johnny whispered in my ear, making chills ran down my spine

"hey" I said turning around, now facing him, all my nervousness returning once again.

"are you ok? you look a little nervous" he said sounding concerned

"yeah, yeah I'm fine" I said trying to sound normal

"You sure?" he asked

"umhum" I muttered

"oookay, so are you enjoying your night?" he asked me. I think he was still unsure by my answer

"well I just got here" I reply

"well my lady, let me show you around" he said taking my hand and showing me around. We walked around the boat looking at everything.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked after we looked everything in the boat.

"it's beautiful" I smiled. The insecurities and nervous that I felt before; were already gone.

"just like you" he winked at me "I will get us some drinks, wait for me here" He said

"sure" I smiled. I walked outside waiting for Johnny. He was taking a little to get here, so I decided to go check on him. What I found surprised me; there he was, with a bunch of bimbos, talking t=with him and flirting too. I felt horrible but I wait to see what he was going to do. But what he said surprised me the most…

"sorry girls, but this guy and his heart are already taken, and that beautiful girl is waiting for me outside. So if you please let me go" He said politely. I just smiled. When he turned, he saw me. I just head outside, he ran after me.

"look Danny I can explain, those girls were on me, I tried to shoo them away but they just wouldn't go, and I-I, don't get mad, okay. I promised you that I only got eyes for you and-and" he tried to explain, but I put my finger on his lips to shut him.

"I heard what you said back there" I said in a low voice "did you mean it?" I asked him looking in his eyes, trying to search for the answer.

"you did?...YES! I-I mean it, look I know that I had never been stable in relationships…HELL! I didn't ever had relationships, but I look at you and I don't know. You changed me for good, and I get all this feelings and-and" He stuttered

"I love you" he said standing in front of me, looking deep in my eyes, I felt that he could see my soul. He shocked me, I know that I love him, but I never thought that he could love me back.

"I love you too Johnny" I said tearing up a little

After that he kissed me, but this kiss wasn't like the one we shared before, this was more passionate and caring, it was slow, not an urgent kiss. It was one of those kiss that could easily make you melt. I forgot all the insecurities I had felt in my life, because the boy I was kissing right now made me forget them. He put his hand on my waist and I put my hands around his neck. We kept kissing till oxygen was necessary.

We just stood there some minutes just looking into each other eyes, just expressing our love without using words. Who could have guess that we could fall for each other, when we were total opposites

"who could have guess me mister hot head will fall in love with miss 'I'm so strict and have to fallow the rules'?" he laughed "I think that's the reason I fall for you, cause you are the one that will make me realize when something is wrong, and the reason you fall for me is cause I'm that person the will make you go wild, and do crazy stuff" he smiled at me. I just pick him in the lips.

"and who could have guess you were actually that smart?" I teased him

"ohh you will pay for that!" he said tickling me

"stop-st-op!" I giggled

"what if I don't want to" he grinned, and stopped tickling me

"We should head back, and found the others" I said after a while

"yeah" he said kissing my cheek

When we get back we found Ben and Alicia…

"hey guys Reed is about to propose to Sue." Ben told us. We then started to watch them…

Reed dropped in one knee, and told her something we couldn't hear because of the distance. After that they kissed and we started to applaud like freaks.

"whohoo!" I yelled grinning like a crazy person. Those two were like my family just as Ben and now Johnny and Alicia, so how couldn't I be happy for them.

We then went to join Reed and Sue…

"No more cracks about how I look." Ben asked Johnny, while I was with Alicia, Ben's girlfriend.

"Hey, I'm Mr. Sensitivity now." Johnny said walking between the crowd "Clear the way, wide load coming through." He said. I just rolled my eyes at him.

When Ben was about to grab him, he flamed on and jump from the balcony. When he was in the sky he blazed the number 5 enclosing it in a circle. Everyone cheered…

"Showoff." Ben said unimpressed already expecting something like that, he was Johnny after all.

After some time Johnny came down again… he didn't saw me so I decided to surprise him…

"hello mister hot pants" I said while wrapping my arms around his torso

"hello nerdy pants" he said turning around, and kissing me. We stayed there for a while kissing, but as the time passed the kiss kept getting more intense…

"we should take this somewhere more private" he joked

"not now, big boy, not now" I said kissing him one more time, before getting back to the party, after a few seconds Johnny was beside me.

That's my story, the story of how two complete opposites fall in love. Only God know what will happen to us in the future, I just know what's happening now, and I will enjoy it.


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