Chapter TWO!

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The blinding white light surrounded us as we were pushed and pulled through time itself. Then suddenly it stopped and we were thrown out of the bright white abyss. We hit the ground hard, well at least one of us did. Alexa was thrown on top of me, lucky witch…. I pushed her off and moaned a little, basically asking for pity. "Your not getting any pity from me Zeph. Come on get up, it's going to be dark soon and you don't want to be outside remember?" Alexa stated very matter-of-factly. "Yea, yea. I'm up." I mumbled, pushing myself to my feet. I looked in the bag, checking the contents. "We lost the shoes." I said glumly, "I guess they were to future forward." Which was weird because we still had a pair on.

"That sucks… come on we have got to go now." She said urgently and hurried down the darkened cobble street. The cool of night had set upon us as I quickly caught up with Alexa and pulled her into the nearest ally. "We will have to sleep on the streets tonight Lex. There ain't no way we're gonna get ta the lodging house now." I was fearing for our safety by then because I could hear the men at the bar drinking away. We ducked behind some crates and took shifts guarding, just to be sure. It had to be 12 o'clock when I couldn't wake Alexa, curse heavy sleepers, and I passed out. Well let's hope for the best.

I woke up first, no surprise there. There was a commotion outside the ally some fight was going on. I quickly shook Alexa awake, "Wake up Sleeping Beauty!" I yelled at her, yanking her up and pulling her to the streets. And then I saw where we were. We were at the Distribution Center and the people fighting were Jack Kelly and the Delancey Brothers. We quietly joined the back of the group of news boys watching the scene we have seen countless times come to life. What we didn't notice was that Mush had come up behind us that were until he asked, "Now what are two lovely ladies such as youse selves at the distribution centah foah?" Alexa jumped and I let out a shriek attracting more attention to us. They looked at us as if they have never before seen a lady in trousers in their short lives. "Ehhh… Well it's quite a long and awkward tale…" I stuttered. Alexa looked ate her 'eye candy' and I stifled a laugh.

"Well, now what youse names?" He asked, staring at Alexa. I nudged her and she bounced back into reality. "Oh. Oh! I'm Alexa Maria and this is my friend Zephyr Smith." She said startled. "Well Miss Alexa Maria, youse as beautiful as a sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge." He said winking at her. Alexa blushed a deep cheery red and mumbled thanks. Then the bell rang.

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