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Bite Size

Chapter 12: Regrown

Through the air….forward…back again….sideways….effortlessly….following the beats of the two participating hearts….back….forth…..twirl…..float…matching the souls….letting the heart pulse…..forward….back again….forever with the one they'll always love.

The miniatures of Soul and Maka were dancing together, on the more empty space on the desk next to the cardboard box. Early dawn's gentle rays of yawning sunshine shimmered slightly from the window and lit itself upon the pair as Maka carefully followed Soul's lead. She wore a long and pretty pink dress and Soul wore the same clothes that had shrunken with him, jeans and t-shirt, leaving Maka to be the more formal looking one today.

"Hey Soul?"

"Yeah Maka?"

"Thank you so much for taking care of me…"

"Maka, you already know-!"

Maka put a finger on his lips and shut him up.

"No Soul, you still don't understand. I know you feel like this whole thing was your fault. It's not, it's not your fault at all."

"Yes it is Maka. I slept in and you nearly fell to your death, I wasn't alert and you got kidnapped, and I'm the person that suggested that Blair shrink that damned burger in the first place. That means that-!"

"No Soul, because if I don't blame you, then neither should you."

She moved closer and pressed her silky lips to his in a gentle request for him to let it go. He, after pushing aside hesitation, pressed his lips against hers to say he would before tapping his tongue at her lips to request entrance, which she gladly granted. When they pulled back, Maka rested against Soul and wrapped her arms around him. He held her and the pair danced, wrapped together just like so.

"Guys, wake up!" shrieked Blair, bursting through the door excitedly.

"Ahh!" screamed Maka and Soul, both nearly leaping out of their skins.

"What the hell are you doing disturbing my godly rest?" yelped Black Star

"I'm scared," whimpered Chrona.

"Ohh, my head," moaned Tsubaki

"Alright everyone, get naked!"

"What the hell Blair? We aren't you!" screamed Maka.

Soul and Black Star were both blushing while Chrona was fighting with the top of her…Blair approved outfit.

"No! Chrona, stop!" wailed Tsubaki..

"Come on you slow people! I have your cures! Move it already!"

"Shut it Blair!"

Soul and Maka turned from one another, wordlessly volunteering to go first. With a grunt, Black Star turned from Tsubaki and she did the same while Chrona went back to fighting her clothes. Starting with Soul, Blair handed out the small vials of purple liquid.

"Thankfully for you all, it's made in bulk."

She helped everyone onto the ground. Soul and Maka gulped theirs down together first, sending a light purple glow through them, like the others when they drank it. Blair ran about excitedly, finding clothes for everyone so that they could at least get home, which meant borrowing out some of Soul and Maka's clothes.

Painlessly and joyfully, the group of five became their normal heights again. Blair passed out clothes and skipped from the room wordlessly, happy to have been of service. Soon enough, the group turned to each other and burst into a fit of high-fives.

"Yeah!" cheered Maka.

"Cool!" cried Soul.

"Godly!" yelled Black Star

"Nice," sighed Chrona happily.

"Wonderful!" laughed Tsubaki.

Maka in a blue dress, Tsubaki in a white dress, Chrona in red, and the boys in jeans and shirts, the group wandered outside. They headed to Death the Kid's mansion, to greet the son of Death with their symmetrical….and asymmetrical selves.

"Maka, you're back!" cheered Patty

"Good for you!" laughed Liz.

"Symmetry has partially returned!" squealed Kid.

Maka rested her head on Soul's shoulder, unknowingly telling the others as they smiled lovingly at one another. Gazing up at the sky…the world was back to its normal size and all was well again.

"Let's never become bite sized ever again," Maka laughed.

"Never," Soul agreed.

"I, the godly Black Star, was a mini-god and I am now the big god!"

"Oh Black Star…"

"I…I….I though gods….never mind," whimpered Chrona.

Soul and Maka high fived as the group all entered Death the Kid's mansion, ready to celebrate with well-deserved relaxing hang out time.