At the Potters'

A series of one-shots looking at Harry and Ginny's life as a couple and as parents.

Filthy Hypocrite – May 22, 1998

Ginny pulled her lips away and took a moment to breathe deeply. She looked down at Harry, who was pinned on the couch beneath her, and laughed. His expression resembled one that a runner had after a marathon.

"Definitely a test of stamina," Harry panted, adjusting his glasses so they rested properly on his nose.

"I'd say that's one of our better records," she concluded, resting her head on Harry's chest. He held her close to him, stroking her back with one of his hands.

Today was a slow day for Harry and Ginny, who'd spent much of the morning embracing in the sitting room of the Burrow. They had no problem whatsoever with their public displays of affection, as Arthur, Molly, Ron and Hermione had all gone to Diagon Alley to visit George at the joke shop. Therefore, they had the house and all the time in the world to themselves. But at the moment, they seemed to have hit their ceiling.

"You've improved, have I told you that?" Ginny said, listening to Harry's heartbeat against his ribcage. "Are you sure you didn't practice with any veela while you were gone?"

Harry laughed. "I swear to Merlin. Has it ever occurred to you that I might just be fantastic at snogging?"

"I suppose you're right," Ginny said, playfully pinching him in his side. "But something about it lately has been really excellent."

"What can I say?" Harry said smugly, and Ginny punched him in the shoulder.

"Try for some modesty, Potter."

"I guess I owe a lot of my success to my partner – "


Harry shot straight up and Ginny flung herself to the opposite end of the couch, flattening the front of her wrinkled top. But there was no movement fast enough that could make Ron un-see what he had seen at the bottom of the stairs.

Ron marched straight towards them, the color of his face correspondingly nicely with his ginger hair. He appeared so enraged that steam might as well have plumed from his ears.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Ginny directed at him with an intensity that didn't accompany most polite questions.

"Did I interrupt?" Ron said, eyeing the pair furiously. "I live here, after all – "

"Oh, don't be a prat," Ginny snarled. "You're not even supposed to be here!"

Harry merely watched, wishing to high heaven that he would just disappear into the background. In fact, he wished desperately he had his particular Deathly Hallow with him right now.

"And just where am I supposed to be exactly?" Ron said, brow raised suspiciously. "Where should I have been so that my best mate and my baby sister could snog in private?"

Harry mumbled an apology under his breath, but it came out an unintelligible murmur. He knew better than to interrupt any row between Ron and Ginny.

"You know we're together again!"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean that I have to see it, do I? If that's what we're getting at, I wouldn't want to deny Mum and Dad the show! Let's bring Bill and Charlie and everyone else while we're at it!"

"You filthy hypocrite!" Ginny said scathingly, jumping to her feet. Harry swore he saw her hand twitch once or twice towards her wand in her back pocket. "Ever since you and Hermione got going, you can't even keep your lips off her! Try a Disillusionment Charm the next time you try to snog her in the garden because, for your information, we can see out windows! And where is she now, exactly? In your room wearing one of your flannels?"

Even though every word Ginny spoke was true, Harry had never seen Ron's face as red or as angry as it was right now. He swore blood was about to pour from his eyes from the sheer intensity of the glare he was shooting towards Ginny right now.

"I can't even – how dare you – you should be in Diagon Alley right now!"

Ginny laughed, but it was more a cackle than anything else. She balled her hands into fists that she placed on her hips. "Oh, that's rich! Couldn't wait for me and Harry to get out of the house, could you?"

"You're one to talk!" Ron snarled. But before the argument could escalate any further or higher, there came the sound of more steps coming down the stairs.

"Ron? I thought I heard yell – oh."

Hermione landed in the sitting room, her hair bushier than usual and her blouse askew and wrinkled just as Ginny's was currently. Her cheeks turned a deep pink, realizing what the source of the yelling must have been.

"This is…awkward," she concluded softly, eyes focused deliberately on the floor.

"Hypocrite!" Ginny cried, her long red hair flying behind her as she grabbed Harry's hand. "Come on, Harry! We wouldn't want to deny them their privacy. Let's go snog at your place."

"Wha – ?" Harry began, but Ginny cut him off by yelling, "Come on!"

Harry gave his best friends an apologetic look, murmured another apology, and followed Ginny towards the door. Ron looked absolutely furious while Hermione only seemed more confused by their sudden departure as she was about their unexpected presence in the sitting room.

He hung his head miserably as they marched towards their normal Apparation point. In spite of Ginny's insistence on leaving, Harry had a feeling they wouldn't be breaking another record at 12 Grimmauld Place today.

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