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Today would be just like any other normal Friday for me. Pick up a package, ride on my bike, and deliver it. But If I couldn't get to my bike for whatever reason, I would climb. Sure I would have to climb where no body would be able to see me, like say in a dark ally. But after running around Empire City for as long as I have, you pick up on a few things. All right, there were some times that I got busted for it but I got let off easy. My name is Jack Vampa but most people call me by my nickname, Blaze. Considering the fact that my last name is the Italian word for Blaze. Thankfully today was my day off. I was just sitting in my apartment located in the historic section of Empire City. The building I stayed in was a bit run down but had good people.

My apartment was on the first floor. It was a simple home to say the least. The front door would lead straight into the living room and the entrance itself would be in the far right corner of the room. You would be able to see that i had a black sofa propped up right next to the left of the entrance and a high definition TV on the opposite wall of the entrance, facing the sofa. On the right wall, you would see an entrance to the kitchen at the far right corner. It would have a black stove, a sink, no dishwasher, a small fridge, and limited amounts of food. On the left wall you would see a mantel place holding pictures of my family and friends. But to the right of the mantel place would be a door that lead into the bedroom. The bedroom would be very bland. Just one bed, one blanket, one pillow, a window, and a small table located at the left of the bed holding an alarm clock. But on the left wall, there is a door that leads into the final room, a modern day bathroom with a counter, a sink, one bathtub, a shower faucet, and a mirror. Now you could probably ask me, "Why do you have such limited stuff in your home?" and I would reply frankly, "Because I'm a courier and I'm always on the move." Which is true, no matter how you look at it.

I then remembered that I made dinner plans with my sister Amelia and her husband, George. Amelia was a tough girl and a very loving one at that. She never really did approve of me taking a job as a courier when I have already finished college with a Bachelors degree. But I have no regrets on my decision, She chose to work part time over at the clinic George owned, and i chose to deliver packages. George is a nice guy though, he respected my decision and we kept in touch. George is one hell of a friend and a great doctor. I can still remember what they looked like on they're wedding day. Amelia had blond hair that went from her head to her hips. She also had these gorgeous blue eyes. But her smile on that day was so bright that it could light a way in the deepest of caves. Now George had brown hair that was neatly cut in a military like profession. George had brown eyes and he once served in the military. He worked under the medical department and healed all kinds of injuries back in his day. Now Amelia and him help the people of Empire City.

I got up and started to dress myself in the same clothes that I usually wore almost every day. A pair of dark blue jeans, my gray T-shirt, and a black hoodie with a zipper. I zipped the zipper only to the middle of my sternum. Now that I had my clothes on, I smoothly slipped my feet into my custom-made black dress shoes. What made them so "custom made" was the fact that they may look like dress shoes. But in reality they're running shoes as well. I went over to my bathroom and looked over my features.

My Black hair was a little long but only to the point where it went down to my shoulders. I had to brush some of my black hair that dangled over my face away. As usual, my ruby like eyes were glowing a fiery red. I had a five o'clock shadow so I decided to shave. After my shave I noticed my phone was vibrating, I decided to pick it up.

I spoke clearly and fluently, "Hello, this is pyro delivery services, how may I help you?"

The voice spoke through a speech modifier. I was used to this because I worked with a lot of shady characters in my line of work. "Can you possibly pick up a package for me by the historic's bridge that leads to the neon?"

I thought to myself and answered with a calm yes. I was heading over there anyway so why not. As I left my apartment building I flipped my hood over my head and realized that my bike was exactly where I left it. This was a relief to me because I let a kid named Jimmy Crane use it from time to time. Sometimes when he used my bike, he would lose it somewhere. I one time found it on top of a building in the Neon District. He was a good kid, lived on the second story, had a loving mother named Christy Crane, and a bright future. If it weren't for his pathetic excuse of a father, Mike Crane I wouldn't have to worry about him. There was a reason why his mother divorced that loser. His father used to beat Jimmy whenever he got drunk and I think he secretly hated Jimmy. Sometimes he would go over to his father's house on the weekends in the Warren section. When he came back though he would come with a fake smile so he wouldn't cause any more trouble for his dad. But I could sense that something was going on. When I finally found out on one of my deliveries to the Warren that Mike was beating Jimmy, I knew that I had to tell his mother. But he somehow knew that I had figured out what was going on and he made me swear to him that I wouldn't tell his mother.

As I rode to the bridge that connected the neon to the historic section i decided to take a break and stopped at a local intersection. Then suddenly I saw that there was another courier that I knew ride by. His name was Cole McGrath, I would from time to time hang around with him and his buddy Zeke Dunbar. Zeke would usually start telling me about all the crazy adventures he and Cole got into after a couple beers. Like this one time he told me that he had to take a leak at the dead of night, But theirs no sign of a bathroom anywhere. So he decides to do his business on a local malls wall. Suddenly a mall cop notices him and yells at him to put his hands up. But when he finally did, he pissed all over the guy. Then he jumps back in the car and they take off. But at the end, they meet a wall of cops, but still a funny story nonetheless. When I was done with my rest I felt my phone ring again. I answered and it was the same distorted voice as before. But a guy caught my eye on a motorcycle driving by at break neck speeds that just rode past a red light. I couldn't get a clear view on his face because he was wearing a helmet. The distorted voice interrupted my concentration on this mysterious biker.

It said, "The package will be under the controls of the bridge. When you have it, hold onto it until exactly 14 days from now. Then deliver it to Archers Square."

I was starting to get a little worried that I was delivering a bomb. I replied in a worried tone, "Umm…I'm not delivering a bomb, am I?"

The distorted voice let out a small chuckle and said, "No, no…I'm merrily a humble customer that needs this package for her nieces birthday."

I was a little skeptical considering this person was speaking through some kind of voice modular.

As I rode up to the bridge controls. I peered down and found a small package. The box was roughly the size of my hand and filled to the brink in what I guessed to be Styrofoam. I didn't hear any ticking so I decided to open it. It reveled to be a cell phone wrapped in plastic almost to the point where the plastic filled the entire box. I shrugged and put the package in my pocket. I looked at my phone and realized it was 9:00PM, which meant that I had to haul it over to the Neon. As I past by other buildings and stores I began to have this eerie feeling. When I met the bridge to the neon, that eerie feeling only intensified. As I began riding down the bridge I couldn't help but feel this presence of danger. I could always sense when something bad was about to happen no matter how small the matter was. Like from that time when Jimmy broke his leg from tripping down the stairs, Or from that time when our parents died on that small plain back from New Marais. When I was halfway down the bridge I felt it, A shockwave that came from behind me and stopped all the cars and shut down the lights on the bridge. When I turned around to look at what had happened, I saw a giant explosion coming from the right of the bridge and it was increasing in size. A lot of people abandoned their cars and ran to the Neon, I almost did the same until I heard someone crying. I looked back and saw a little girl standing next to the guard rail of the bridge crying and yelling, "MOMMY! MOMMY! WHERE ARE YOU!" I quickly pushed my way past the crowd running to the Neon. As I was making my way to the abandoned girl I could feel that giant blue sphere of destruction making it's way closer to the bridge. I finally made it to the girl, but the giant sphere of energy was right behind her. Seeing that she was about to be engulfed by this sphere I did the only thing I could do. I grabbed the little girl's arm, held her close, and shielded her from the blast.

As the blast enveloped us I could feel every part of my skin cells burn. Every muscle, every nerve, even my bones felt as if they were on fire. The strange thing was that it didn't really hurt that much, but it was uncomfortable. The sensation continued until I finally blacked out. When I woke up I found myself on my back on a distorted version of the bridge that connected the Neon to the Historic. The bridge had been twisted and looked as if a giant hammer began to wail down on it, Forming giant holes or dents on the bridge. The remaining light polls on the bridge were either bent or just hanging off the railings by a couple electrical cords. Not only that but the sky was red and the clouds were thundering, I thought to myself, 'Oh God, who could have done this?" I then felt that the girl I was protecting was still alive and still in my arms. I got up while carrying the girl in my arms. I realized that all the people who were racing across the bridge were gone. I could see a few burnt up bodies here and there, but they all had this face like they wear screaming. I looked myself over and noticed that I too was covered head to two in burn marks and scratches, even my hoodie was burned a little bit. The girl I was carrying had burn marks as well. I quickly noticed that she was wearing light blue shorts, a pink blouse, and flip-flops. The girl was unconscious and not gonna wake up anytime soon. This girl had long brown hair that went down to her shoulders and her button noise was starting to twitch a little bit.

As I finally limped my way over to the Neon District, I saw a bunch of cop cars and ambulances all herded around the entrance. One of the Ambulances belonged to George's Clinic and Amelia rushed out to me as I almost fell over. Amelia was wearing jeans, a doctor's coat that wasn't buttoned, a gray long sleeved sweater, and sneakers. Her hair was also tied up into a ponytail. George also rushed out from the driver's side of the ambulance and took the unnamed girl out of my hands and put her in the ambulance. He was wearing an orange jacket, a black turtleneck, jeans, white sneakers, and had bandages wrapped around his head. Amelia hugged me, which made me wince because of the burn marks and then guided me into the ambulance. Before she had time to say anything I felt that sense of danger return and within a blink of an eye, I saw it. Lightning was crashing down on the historic side of the bridge and it was making its way over to the Neon.

I yelled out, "George, drive!"

Without a second thought, George stepped on the pedal and we were off. I was beginning to fell really weak. I could only hear faint voices of Amelia's worried voice.

"Jack, you okay? Jack wake up! George he's blacking out, get to clinic and fast! Oh god, I think he may have a fever…" Everything after that just becomes dribble.

Next thing I hear are the sounds of wheels rolling. I could feel my body lying still, but moving at the same time. I assumed I was being rushed to a room of some kind before I heard Amelia's voice again.

"George, he's got a temperature over 350 degrees! What's happening to him?"

I heard George reply back in a frustrated and worried voice, "I don't know, well just have to pray and hope for the best."

I smell the scent of burning metal and find myself in a white room; I'm lying in a bed with white sheets. I turn my head to the right and see the girl I was protecting lying in a bed almost exactly identical to mine. The only things I could hear is the heart monitor mimic my heart with a beep. I Felt good, infact better then ever, I could feel a pulsating energy go through my body and it felt great. Suddenly my door swings open and Amelia comes rushing in. I could see the amazement in her eyes, probably amazed to see that I'm alive.

Then she asks in a stuttering manner, "h-how ya feeling?"

I could clearly see that she had lost a lot of sleep. She had obvious signs like the bags under her eyes.

I hugged her and said, "I'm alive thanks to you."

She then released herself from my hug and said almost depressingly, "Jake, we didn't do anything for you." I was a tad shocked by this but then remembering what I heard from George while I was unconscious. Amelia continued, "You had a fever of 350 degrees Jake. That's not normal for a human at all. Plus you were unconscious for five days and a lot was happening during those days. Things are still happening, even now."

I was confused about what she meant as she continued. "There's a plague spreading through the Neon and people are acting almost like zombies if there healed. We've been trying to heal as many as we could but if we heal one, ten come to replace it. Not only that but there's a quarantine now. Empire City is completely cut off from the world. Were not getting enough food, we cant even drink clear water without finding a floating piece of the plague in it, and people are dying each day…Each life that we save is only done by chance, and if we do they just wander out and disappear." I was completely at awe. I had no idea that things have gotten that bad. Then I heard a small yawn come from the right of me. I look over and see the small girl open her green eyes. She was startled at first but then slowly began to whimper. Probably because she just remembered everything that had happened.

My sister then went over to her and said, "Hey, what's the matter?"

The girl spoke through the whimpers and tears now coming down her face, "W-where's m-my m-mommy."

Amelia then asked, "Hey don't cry, how old are you?"

The little girl wiped away the tears and stuttered over her words as she finally answered, "I-I'm e-eight."

Amelia then said, "good, now what's your name?"

The girl spoke a little more clearly now and said, "M-my name is G-Grace dester."

I saw a grave look on Amelia's face. She then asked me, "Jack could I speak with you outside?"

I nodded my head and got out of my bed. I felt a slight draft and realized I was wearing one of those patient outfits.

She led me out of the door and spoke in a whisper. "Jack…that girl's mother died from the plague just last week. Infact she was one of the first cases we saw when the outbreak came." I felt a wave of sympathy go out to Grace.

My sister then asked me, "Look I know that this is much to ask but. Could you please look after her? Her mother was a single parent, and her dad died in a car accident. If we let her out into this city alone, who knows what would happen." I looked back at the door and thought for a moment, 'could I really be this girl's guardian. I mean I know that I was the one who brought her here. But if the state of this city is as bad as Amelia says it is, then it's going to be tough for me to provide for her let alone myself. But then again, she is just a kid, I don't think she'll even know how to provide for herself.'

I then turned back to Amelia. "I'll make sure to keep her safe. Now what happened to my clothes?" Amelia then brought me to a neatly folded pile of my clothes on a chair next to the bathroom. There were no signs of the burns or tears on any of my clothes.

Amelia then informed me, "I stitched, washed and cleaned them. It'll be like they never got burned…Although your phone was completely destroyed, sorry." I said my thanks and got dressed. I then went over to wash my hands, but while I did, I felt extremely weak by doing so. But the odd thing was that steam was coming off from my hands when I was done.

As I went back to the room that housed Grace I heard a loud crash, three gunfire shots, and a lot of screams. The screams were coming from the front entrance and I rushed as fast as I could to the screams. I had to push my way past a couple individuals before I got to the entrance. When I did though I saw two patients lying on the blue tiled ground bleeding and a busted up door. Amelia cowered behind the half circle desk but peered her head over to see the man who was making all the commotion. Five other patients were backing against the wall, fearing for their lives, wondering what to come next. George was on his knees as this armed robber pointed a gun at point blank range at his head. The robber had a black hockey mask on, a gray hoodie, nothing but bandages on his feet, and black gloves.

This armed robber was yelling, "Give me all the medicine you have, or this guy dies."

Amelia was screaming, "PLEASE DON'T SHOOT!"

The armed robber then pointed his gun at Amelia and said, "Would you shut up!"

I could see him about to pull the trigger. I reached out with my right hand and screamed, "NO!" but as I did this, everything went in slow motion and a remarkable thing happened. I saw flames start to pulsate out of my arm and they concentrated around my palm. The next thing happened as if I knew what to do. I straightened my fingers in an abrupt fashion and the fires that formed around my palm released a fast fireball. The fireball flew at great speeds, almost as fast as lightning. But when it made contact with the robber, the robber burst into flames. The masked robber was screaming as he dropped the gun and ran out of the clinic. I was totally awe struck along with everybody that saw me do it. The flames then retreated back into my arm and George came rushing to me As Amelia, though frightened, tended to the wounded patients.

George then asked, "Are you alright?"

I was still mesmerized by what just happened when he asked me again, "Jack, are you alright!"

This time I replied with a small chuckle, "Yeah…I think I'll be just fine."