It was a dark and gloomy day and Kyo was outside training and he was aware of his surronding he knew that he needed to train to get rid of this feeling in him he knew for a fact that it wasn't anger. It was a feeling for a certain brown head with big blue eyes. He didn't know how to tell her or show her, he didn't want to the curse is remaining and he knew that the cat was not to fall in love with anyone or anything. "I know that Akito would hate it if he knew my feeling for Tohru." he said to himself not realzing that Kuromo was in the nearby tree watching and listening to what he was saying. "I hate to do this to Kyon-Kyon but Akito would be very pissed to know that Kyo the cat has fallen head over heels for his beloved Tohru. Forgive Uo I really don't want to do this but i have to." he whispered to himself then fleeing before anyone noticed.

Kyo's POV

Huh who was that should I be worried?" Kyo asked turning around to see a tree branch waving up and down in the air. "Kyo, Kyo-kun where are you?" a soft voice called from inside the house inching closer to him. I hate to listen to her voice i love it, its so soft smooth and its makes me go deep in thought. I don't ever want Akito to know i have a feeling that he might decide to hurt her. Kyo thought. "There you are Kyo-kun i was looking all over for you." the burnnet said as she skipped over to Kyo. "Oh sorry Tohru didn't mean to worry you." Kyo replied. How can she keep this smile in this kind of weather seriously in a storm where everything is blowing away she will most likey have a smile still on her face. I love that face of hers she is so cute when she smiles but i am never going to tell her that though it will only lead to where I embraessed myself. Kyo-kun why don't you come in know I am making dinner now." Tohru replied looking down blushing. Kyo was staring deep in her eyes and he didn't noctice what he was doing until he saw her blush. "O-oh right i better come in then, so what is for dinner anyway?" Kyo said as he started to walk away. Tohru ran to caught up and replied. "Leek soup, I hope that is alright?" He saw how she was flinching when her eyes shut saying Leeks he knew he had horrible temper he had when he had to eat leeks. I don't want her to be scared of me so I guess I will eat them this one time without a fight. I hope that someday she will learn the true reason why I hate leeks I guess no one knows the true reason. They all think I hate them for no reason and because of the taste. Huh what was that noice again? "Tohru do you hear something?" Kyo asked coldy staring at the trees again. "Huh what was that Kyo-kun?" "Never mind." He replied as he gently boped her on the head for spacing out again. One day she is going to get kidnapped with this kind of attuide.

Tohru's POV

I was out looking for Kyo again and I saw him training out when its about to rain he hates this weather I wonder why hes out there, oh well as long as he is okay I will be happy. I wonder why hes always so mean around everyone eles but always so soft towards me when I look into his eyes when he stares at me sometimes and i see how much his eyes soften when he looks at me. I love this feeling of this tingleness it feels so great, Mom if this is what it feels like to fall in love I love it. I love Kyo-kun. Easier said then done. "Kyo, Kyo-kun where are you?" I always call him kun no matter what I feel like Kyo would be better but Kyo-kun seems to fit right. Why in the world would he feel the same way about me the only word on my mind right now is rejection. I am worried if I tell him that he wouldn't feel the same way about me.

Leeks, why in the world did I make leeks I know that Kyo-kun hates leek why don't I think of this when I was cooking. I always close my eyes at this thought I know that he is going to explode when I make leeks. Huh there is no explosion what happen?

Later that night (no ones POV)

"Tohru are you going to go on the roof tonight?" Yuki asked. Yuki has been calling Tohru by her name now not Miss Honda, Yuki hasn't told anyone why though and he has been clinging to Tohru though. "Huh oh hello Yuki-san I think I might head up now." Tohru replied standing up and bowing to Yuki for reminding her to go on the roof. "A-a-alright then Tohru don't fall okay and be careful on the roof." Yuki called. "Kay." Tohru called back heading down the stairs. Yuki signed. "I really love Tohru I wish she would relized that and leave that stupid cat alone and let him suffer he derverses it. I guess thats Tohru's decision though." Yuki said as he walked to his room and laid down and slowly feel asleep with Tohru's image in his mind.

"Hey Kyo-kun are you up here yet?" Tohru called out. "Huh oh Tohru its you I guess I am a bit jumpy today." Kyo laughed at his own comment and he knew why. He tried almost everything to get her off of his mind but nothing seem to work but he decided just to accept it and just think about her. "Kyo-kun are you alright you look a bit pale?" Tohru stated as she inched closer to him. Kyo saw this and scooted away trying not to transform and ruin this moment. "Tohru if you don't mind I would like to be called Kyo not Kyo-kun okay I think that we know each other enough that we don't need to address each other with an ending. Even though Kyo didn't call her anything except Tohru. He respected her and loved her. "Okay then." Tohru said with a smile on her face. Kyo leaned in a bit, Tohru looked away blushing furiously. "Kyo-ku- I mean Kyo aren't we a bit close?" Tohru asked looking at the sky. "Tohru I have something that I have been wanting to tell you for quite a while now I can't get it off my mind...