"Huh where are we what happened?" A drowsy Kyo asked rubbing his forearm as he awoke. Everything after Kisa and Hiro were kidnapped was a big blur. Akito. "Huh Tohru where are you Tohru?" Kyo started flipping out. He knew that Hatori still was able to wipe memories he knew that Tohru was in danger. "Huh Kyo? What's wrong?" Tohru asked extending her hand out to help him up. "It looks like Akito just wants us to be locked up here." Tohru said as he jumped up. He quickly put an arm around her waist and hugged her. After a minute of that he stepped back gazed in her eyes again. And pulled her into a deep kiss, she tensed up by surprised and automatically tensed down. They pulled away as they heard someone walking by their cell. "So I see that the two groups of lovebirds are awake now." Akito said as a drone Shigure followed behind her. It seemed like Shigure was still head over heels in love with Akito and it showed. Hatori still had no one. Tohru often wondered if he wished that Kana could ever come back and still be in love with him. Anytime Tohru heard the sad story she would always break into tears. "AKITO what do you plan to do with us?" Kyo asked he shot a glare in her direction. "Oh nothing other than having both your memories erased by the pre-dragon Hatori." Akito replied with a smirk. A sinister laugh came from her mouth. Tohru was shocked at the fate that awaited them. Shigure took off the lock that was on the cell. (They are in a dungeon like cell in the basement of Akito's house. It might happen to someone or it could not.) Akito pulled out a chain that Kisa and Hiro were in to when they saw them on the beach. As they were chained up they both had thoughts on their head. What is going to happen, and more one of them including how did people not notice Kisa and Hiro chained up. Kyo shook that thought out of his head he had more important things to think about. Tohru begin the main thought of his mind. Akito pulled them down a long hallway and took a turn into a dark room. In the center was the drone Hatori sitting with his hands ready to erase their memories. Shigure pushed both Tohru and Kyo to the ground and Hatori got his hands ready. Tohru started to let tears fall from her face as well as Kyo. Hatori looked deep into their eyes and snapped out of his brainwashed trance.

"Kyo and Tohru what in the world are you two doing here and where am I." Hatori asked truly confused. "Hatori do what I say erase their memories." Akito snapped. Hatori looked up and at Akito and quickly relized what was going on and quickly took his hands away and jumped off the floor. He reached his hands for Tohru and Kyo they both quickly took them without giving a second thought. Hatori turned around after helping them up and picked his hand up and jogged up to Akito placed it against her head and in 10 seconds her memories of what just happened and kidnapping Hiro, Kisa, Tohru, and Kyo were erased. She fell to the floor with a thump. Hatori once again took Kyo hand and he took Tohru's would was standing there in a trances of her own. As she looked up she saw Kyo was pulling her along and she was overjoyed that they still had their memories. "We have to find Hiro and Kisa I myself only remember a few things about what happened when we are. Like this is North America and also that Akito is pissed off at you two and the rest of the zodiac and also that he kidnapped Hiro and Kisa. I know that he also kidnapped you, you two would never come here willingly." Hatori said as all three of them ran into the cell again. There was Kisa and Hiro sleeping. Kyo picked up Hiro while Tohru carefully carried Kisa out of there and out of the house. "Let's take that white car over there." Kyo pointed out. Hatori ran to the driver's side while Kyo and Tohru put the two in the back. Tohru got into the backseat along with those two while Kyo took the passenger's seat. Kyo looked back when they were far away from Akito's house and saw Tohru, Kisa, and Hiro all fast asleep in the back. "So do the others know that you two were also kidnapped?" Hatori asked as he drove the silent car. "Right now I could care less Kureno blamed Tohru for Kisa and Tohru begin kidnapped I wish that I didn't have to go back." Kyo said as he stared out the window. "Well this will cheer you up you aren't going to go back for one I have a feeling that you and the other three shouldn't Akito would just keep coming after you so I say another state would do us all a favor one that Akito would not think about looking in." Hatori stated as he put the air on. It was the middle of summer and it was burning hot outside. "Really what state?" Kyo asked as he turned his head to look directly into Hatori's eyes.

"She will think that you would try to get away from her so be right under her nose not too far away I was thinking North Carolina. The western part of it that way we don't have too much heat of storms. Like here." Hatori said with a small laugh as he ended the sentence. "Hmmm so be right under her nose I like that." Tohru said as she awoke with a yawn. "But what will the others do if we don't go back?" Tohru asked. "We can't have any contact with them or they might give us away." Hatori replied taking a sharp left turn. Hiro bumped his head on the window and awoke. "Okay who did that?" Hiro asked more like snapped. "Oh sorry Hiro." Kyo said with a smirk. "Great I have to live with two other guys that are both in the rebellious stage why me?" Hatori asked himself. "Sorry Hatori." Tohru said as she once again looked out the window. What a peaceful place too bad that we have to leave, but I really want to say "hi" to my friends I guess I am mad at Kureno for blaming for getting Hiro and Kisa kidnapped. Oh well I will think about this later. Time for more sleep I think we wouldn't be there for a while. She laid back against the seat and fell into a deep peaceful slumber. Anywhere Kyo was with her she always felt safe and protected.