Well this is my first story so please try to bare with me. A big thanks to the people who gave me the little push that I needed to start as well as the many author's who have inspired me to a great degree!

Chapter One

It had been exactly one month since the team had taken on the Collectors at their base in another life or death showdown. The whole team had performed flawlessly and had even managed to rescue the abducted crew of the Normandy. No casualties. The only troubling issue lingering from the mission was how they would deal with Cerberus since the Commander refused to give the base to the Illusive Man, however with the help of EDI they managed to funnel a significant portion of Cerberus funds that should set them back for some time.

Two weeks after the destruction of the Collector base Shepard had teamed up with Liara T'soni against the Shadow Broker to save Ferron, a friend who had helped Liara in recovering the Commander's body after his death. When the giant yahg who had impersonated the original Shadow Broker was killed, Liara had assumed the position and had promised to pass along any information and help she could against the struggle against the Reapers; a race of sentient machines that harvested the galaxy of its organic life every 50,000 years.

Four days after that Shepard had went on a solo mission to rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson, who had claimed that she had evidence of the Reaper invasion. When she was rescued she assured the Commander that her evidence was absolute. Indeed her evidence did indicate that the Reapers would soon reach the galaxy, the evidence was a Reaper artifact simply dubbed Object Rho. However before the Commander could leave to send his confirmation to Admiral Hackett, the "Project" personnel under Kenson who had been indoctrinated by the artifact had attacked the Commander and had him sedated. Shepard managed to fight his way out of the asteroid base after he activated the "Project" a head on collision of the asteroid in to the Mass Relay in an attempt to slow the Reapers down. While escaping Kenson committed suicide in an attempt to stop the asteroid. Shepard attempted to talk her down but Kenson refused to listen to reason, proving that she had been indoctrinated for some time. As soon as the Normandy made the jump from the system, the asteroid struck the relay causing an equivalent to a supernova. Although the Commander had warned the batarians living in the system to evacuate, none of them had managed to escape the cataclysmic destruction. Hackett had personally debriefed the Commander and informed him that the batarians would want some form of retribution, possibly war. Shepard agreed to stand trial back on Earth for his actions but he knew that it had to be done. If there had been another way he would have done it but he knew he had blood on his hands.

Shepard woke from his restful sleep in the Captain's Quarters. He glanced at the holographic display of his clock. It was only 3:00 AM he thought. The lights in the cabin had been dimmed so that the only real source of light came from the stars and the fish tanks. He glanced down to see his beautiful quarian lover sleeping. He smiled, remembering the night they had shared together only a few hours ago. Tali had come a long way since they had first met each other. She had gone from a young, curious, and energetic girl to a beautiful, passionate woman. Although she was still extremely shy, and often nervous she had become more confident in her actions. 'I must have rubbed off on her a lot more than I thought' Shepard mused to himself. Tali's shallow breathing quickened a sign that she was going to wake soon. Shepard slowly slid Tali's hand off of his bare chest and slowly sat up.

"Shepard? Why are you up so early?" Tali whispered in a sleep smeared voice.

"I was just thinking…" Shepard trailed off.

"Are you worried about your trial again?" Tali said as she sat up next to her human lover.

Shepard didn't reply but instead stared at the fish tank with a vacant look in his sharp brown eyes. Tali covered herself with the silk bed sheets as she leaned her head on his shoulder and nuzzled his neck, enjoying the warmth. Her hand reached down to grasp his rough but gentle hands. Shepard turned to look into her eyes with a faint smile on his face.

"You know I'm not worried about that." He said gently becoming lost in Tali's luminescent silver eyes.

"Then what are you thinking about so hard this early?" Tali spoke with a hint of concern in her voice.

Shepard smiled again, 'Always so selfless' he thought.

"Well I was just thinking about how perfect you were Ms. Vas Normandy." Shepard grinned.

Tali giggled, a sound he had come to absolutely adore.

"You know I'm not perfect Shepard." She purred.

"Oh I beg to disagree." Shepard replied with a sly grin.

Tali giggled again and pushed the Commander back down on to the bed with her on top. They locked their lips together. The two continued thus for several minutes only stopping for breath. She pulled away reluctantly and laid her head on his chest listening to the beat of her commander's heart. She felt his hand slide across her sensitive body, each touch causing her to moan. Tali briefly considered starting another "session" with Shepard, it was still early and there was no assignment the team needed to accomplish. She moaned again as Shepard's hands continued to cause her pure ecstasy. She pushed her hips against his hard body as she placed both of her hands on his shoulders.

'I think Shepard wouldn't mind if we were to go again', she giggled at the thought.

"Shepa-" She started but was suddenly cut off.

"ETA 40 minutes to the Citadel, Commander. Might wanna come down here to enjoy the view." Joker said in his usual sarcastic voice.

Tali groaned and much to her amusement so did Shepard.

"Duty calls." Shepard said with a shrug.

Well that's the first chapter. The series will maintain a focus on the Commander and Tali, the other characters will be introduced throughout the course of the next few chapters. Positive and negative (Constructive criticism please) reviews are appreciated I really enjoy feedback that can possibly improve my work. (Yes I know I'm a huge fan of Tali :P)