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"You're going to give him a second chance?" boomed a thunderous voice.

"This is madness Clockwork. Nothing but sheer madness… as observers, we CANNOT just stand around and let you do this!"

"But Gentlemen, as I've said before, it is merely your job TO observe. My plans will turn out well in the long run, because keeping him locked outside of time, seems to have made things in the future.. Well, his future, unstable."

The ghosts were silenced. They watched Clockwork as he levitated upwards and onto a rock formation that floated silently in the hazy green purgatory that was known as the ghost zone.

"How will you ensure that he doesn't start another rampage? Rip a hole in our dimension? A monster like him will not stop until existence itself has come to an end!" The panicked ghost shouted up at the Time Guardian.

"That's easy, and it's also the reason I've brought you here." Clockwork smiled as he pressed his staff against a small opening in the rock.

The rock began to glow as several small cracks began to form and the rock formation slowly began to disintegrate.

Where once a rock had been, now stood a pedestal with an embroidered pillow atop of it, and on top of that pillow, lay a beautiful gemstone that shimmered brightly. Each and every color of the rainbow had been stuffed into that one tiny little stone, and with each wave of light it emitted, the air around them would pulse, grow warm, and then get cool again.

Warmth was something that did not exist in the hollow ghost zone, everything was dead or inanimate, no life…no warmth, only the ghosts that wandered around the afterlife provided any form of movement to the realm.

"It cannot be…" The first observer's eye widened as he took in what now laid before him.

"That artifact was only rumored to exist…" The second observer quietly whispered.

"That's right boys… It is the fabled Humanity Crystal." Clockwork was not facing the two Observers, but it was obvious that he was smiling.

"Without ghostly powers… one cannot do ghostly damage." Clockwork mused as he changed from his adult appearance to that of an old man.

"A lot of ghosts might see that as a threat..."

"I agree! a tool like that must not fall into the wrong hands!"

"And those ghosts might also see it as a ray of hope… a hope to escape this ghostly wasteland… or in Daniel's case…" Clockwork picked up the gem and held it above his head to get a good look.

"A second chance." Clockworklifted his staff as he vanished with a puff of ghostly smoke.

The two observers stood, with horrified expressions on their eyeball-like faces.

"I hope he knows what he's doing."

"If he doesn't, then who is he and what did he do with the real Clockwork."

Valerie woke up later that day, she was in a daze. The last she remembered was Danny's smiling face looking down at her after he rescued her from certain death. She wasn't sure if it was all a dream. Phantom had been terrorizing them for 10 years… and once they had been able to build a defense against him, he managed to tear it down, just like everything else in the wasteland city.

Rubbing her eyes, Valerie stood up, and took in her surroundings. There wasn't as much damage as she thought there would be. Off in the distance, a few buildings were still intact.

"Did… did Danny stop Phantom?" Valerie questioned out loud to herself as she began to climb over a heaping pile of rubble. She could see the remains of the nasty burger off in the distance.

There were no signs of Phantom, or Sam, Tucker, or Danny. She looked down at her wrist and saw that her communicator was damaged beyond repair. There was no way of contacting anyone.

"Was it a dream… did I really see them…?" She walked towards the same area where they first appeared. She blinked for a second as she glimpsed two shining medallions lying on the ground next to what used to be the Nasty Burger.

"They were wearing these…" she said as she picked them up and stared at them.

Alright… so it wasn't a dream, Sam and Tucker were really here! When they took these off, they must have escaped to their own time!

"Thank goodness they're safe." She sighed with relief

"I got to find Dad. DAD! Did he manage to get away…? Oh no, I hope he's not…" She was too wrapped up in stopping Phantom to even think about her own father. She tried to swallow her guilt but it simply lingered there as a knot in her throat. She could feel tears welling in her eyes as she began to search for her jet sled.

"Daddy… I hope you're still alive." She choked a sob as she sifted through rubble and debris for her signature mean of transportation.

"When I return to the city, you're going to be the first one that I find."

She lifted another rock when she saw a large shining metal plate, similar to that of her jet sled, but gasped when she saw that it was only half of it. It must have been destroyed when Phantom knocked her off of it.

She cursed under her breath and looked back towards the buildings that were still in tact.

"Guess I'm going to have to walk the whole way…" She stood up, dusted herself off as she began to walk in the direction of civilization.

She sighed as she scouted the damage that Phantom had inflicted upon them… devastated homes, over-turned tanks, bodies buried beneath the rubble. She couldn't help but think of her father. She didn't even think to help him after Phantom had destroyed Fenton Works. She managed to escape because she was in hot pursuit of him, the monster that was to blame for all of the misery around her.

"Monster…" Valerie whispered. Flashes of the past began to run through her mind as she recalled the kind hearted boy that that monster used to be.

"Hey! Valerie… wait up!" Danny yelled as he rushed up from behind her.

"You left your backpack in the lunch room." He handed her the backpack. In the backpack was the same ghost hunting gear that she had tried to waste him with.

He gave her that longing sideways puppy dog smile. The same smile that she never thought could possibly turn into a sadistic death bringing smirk.

She had found out his secret after his death. Vlad Masters called her and told her everything, about the ghost, about the gear, about the surgery with the gauntlets, about the monster he created, and how the monster had wasted Danny's human half. He left out the gruesome details but said that he had gone quick… an explosion incinerated him instantly. There was no body.

At first though, she didn't believe him. It was inconceivable to believe that her Danny was the ghost boy that she solely loathed, the ghost boy that had destroyed her social life, the very ghost boy that drove her to hunt ghosts in the first place. The cheeseheads crackpot story sounded even sketchier over the phone, and of course, she didn't believe him, at least until Danny returned to Amity Park.

There was a light tapping on her window. Valerie had been asleep in her bedroom when she heard the noise. Quickly tossing the covers off of her, she got out of bed to investigate the noise, her ecto-gun loaded and ready.

Her heart almost stopped when she had seen the boy she liked, standing outside her window, or rather…floating.

"Danny? Is that you?" She didn't even think about the fact he was levitating. Only that he had finally returned from Wisconsin after his emotional breakdown.

It had been two days after the explosion when Danny finally gave up on his life and skipped town. He sobbed and kept mumbling and shouting things about how he could have stopped it, and how he was stupid for ever cheating on that C.A.T exam, and how everything would have been better if he was dead, so his family and friends would still be alive. She had tried to stop him from leaving, but he was just too torn up about everything,talking to him only made it worse. Seeing him there at that moment though, gave her a new hope, hope that he had returned to seek comfort and reassurance from her.

"Oh my god! Danny! You're back!" She yelled as she lifted her window open.

"Are you alright? I've been worried sick! After your family and Sam and Tucker, a..at the nasty burger and the explosion.. I thought something horrible had happened to you too! You never returned my calls...! Oh Danny, I'm so glad you're okay."

Danny merely floated there, not saying anything.

"Come inside, It is freezing outside." It was late December, only a week before Christmas and there was snow, all around Amity Park.

Though, the thought never crossed her mind that there was something off about him. His hair, for instance, was a ghostly white and his skin, was considerably paler.

Valerie wrapped her arms around him, embracing him as tears of joy and relief began to fall from her face. He was freezing to the touch.

"D..Danny.. you're so cold!" She released him and stepped back, her gaze trailing towards his face.

A pair of glowing red eyes met hers.

She'll never forget those eyes. Those, lifeless, red, eyes, and the look on his face. A look that which a wolf would give its prey before slaughtering it, tearing it apart limb from limb and devouring it.

"Hello Valerie… It's good to see you again." He glared down at her.

"Though I think I'd much rather see you dead." His hands began to glow a brilliant ecto-green as he grabbed hold of her. She could feel electricity shooting through her body as he zapped her. She toppled over and hit the floor, her body twitching as maniacal laughter echoed throughout her room.

"Vlad… he was right… you really are a-!" Valerie gasped

"Ghost..?" He finished her sentence for her. "Why yes. I'm surprised you didn't find out sooner… it was only obvious. Danny Phantom, Danny Fenton? Come now, Valerie. Are you really that naïve? All of those times that Danny Phantom appeared, Danny Fenton had always managed to make a convenient get-away before hand, despite Sam and Tucker always being around, But… we won't be seeing them around much anymore now will we?" He spat, glaring at her as she lay on the floor helplessly paralyzed.

"You're not Danny… What happened to Danny! The real Danny! You're a fake, an imposter! The real Danny would never try to hurt me or anyone!" Even when he was Danny Phantom, he always tried his best to avoid hurting her despite all of the times she had tried to literally waste him and now she was regretting it, because compared to this evil Danny, Danny Phantom was almost an angel to her at that moment.

"I'm not Danny, not anymore. Vlad removed that weakness from my body some time ago… and it's definitely an improvement." He smirked and began to laugh again, his forked tongue twitching with laughter.

She got a good look at Danny when he stood behind the light. His hair.. it wasn't white. It was on fire! and his skin had a greenish blue tint to it.

"So Vlad Masters wasn't lying when he told me about you…" Valerie grimaced as the electricity began to surge through her body once again.

She began to scream, hoping maybe someone would hear her and come to her rescue.

"Another good thing about being rid of my weaker half is that it has purged me of a weakness that has long kept me from doing THIS!" He yanked her up by the collar of her pajama shirt with one hand, as he brought his other fist inches from her face.

It began to glow green again. She gritted her teeth and looked away as she waited for it to all be over. She would be soon joining Danny's family, Sam, Tucker, and the real Danny himself in the afterlife.

"Goodbye Valerie."

"VALERIE!" Damon shouted as he shoved the door open. He was wielding an ecto gun. He fired it at the imposter.

Phantom was caught by surprise as the beam of energy shot him; he dropped Valerie as he fell back gasping and screaming in agony as the blast sent a surge of ecto-electricity throughout his body.

"Daddy!" she gasped as she managed to pull herself off of the floor.

The startled Phantom looked towards the source of the blast.

"You'll pay for that old man. You and your daughter will pay with your sorry lives!" Phantom began to charge another ecto blast from his palms, only to find that his powers were shorted out by Damon's gun.

"YOU FOOLS! YOU HAVE JUST SEALED YOUR FATE! YOU JUST WAIT!" He screamed as he dashed towards the window. He flung himself out and flew away, he would definitely be back, and he would be after blood. Her blood.

"Daddy…" Valerie choked.

"Its okay sweetie, He's gone now." He wrapped his arms around his daughter reassuringly.

"You don't have to worry about him anymore." Damon said quietly as he stared down at his gun.

Oh, how Valerie wished that were true. The worst was yet to come, for the next 10 years; Phantom would be terrorizing not only them, but every living person in Amity Park.

Valerie took a deep breath; her fists were clenched tight around the time medallions that Sam and Tucker had been wearing. She would keep them as proof that what she saw wasn't a dream and proof that she wasn't going crazy with guilt and grief, and that they had managed to stop Phantom from doing more damage throughout the city. She was just hoping that they got away alive.

"The towers…" she mumbled to herself as she climbed into a pile of rubble to get a good look of what was left of her hard work.

She had almost finished her routinely shield check when she had gotten in touch with her father.

"Ghost shield tower 9, 100% operational." She told her father into the communicator.

"Great sweetie, check the last tower and get back—" it cut off as her fathers face vanished from the screen, only to be replaced my a familiar set of ruthless red eyes.

"Hello Valerie."

"You Again? I don't care how powerful you are ghost! you can't break through the shield." Valerie shouted into the communicator.

"Until today…" She could hear the smile in his voice.

"All 34 of them, destroyed." She tried not to think about what caused it. That noise, that ghostly noise, pitched at such a high frequency that not even the shield itself was able to withstand.

"5 years of research, and hard work, gone…" Valerie recalled how he simply wiped them out, as easy as blowing the candles out on a birthday cake.

"I have to get in touch with someone. The mayor, the city council members, we have to start rebuilding as soon as possible. This time, we'll make the ghost shields twice as a strong, and if that monster ever does come back.. We'll be ready." She clenched her fists even tighter and took a deep breath as she continued her journey on foot to what still remained of downtown Amity Park.

She never realized how big of an area Amity Park consumed. She was so used to flying around on her jet sled, walking was never really necessary for long distances.


Valerie stopped. She had sworn she had heard someone.

"he..hello?" She called out, hoping she could get a better idea as to the direction the sound had come from.

"…help…me… mommy..."

Valerie heard a voice from beneath the destroyed foundation of what used to be a church.

Raising her eyebrow, Valerie began to move towards the noise, sifting through debris and pushing them aside. She stopped when she saw the arm of a child sticking between several pieces of fallen wood.

Valerie gasped as she hastily began to throw the wood posts over to the side. The child appeared to be a little boy with blonde hair and severely bruised skin.

"MOMMY!" The boy choked and sobbed. He was badly injured and mangled in an awkward position. She couldn't imagine how long he must have been stuck there.

"WHERE IS MY MOMMY!" The child was panic struck.

"Calm down sweetie, everythings going to be all right." She leaned down and picked the child up. He couldn't have been more than 6 years old.

She placed her hand on his head and stroked it gingerly.

"We'll get you to safety. Don't worry… Sweetie, can you tell me your name?"

"Eliott." He choked between cries.

"Alright Eliott, my name is Valerie. I'm here to rescue you. You're hurt and you need to be taken to a hospital." She looked around, hoping that the hospital too, wasn't destroyed.

"Damn... I wish I had a ride…" she thought to herself. It isn't going to be easy climbing over heaps of rubble, let alone heaps of rubble with a child in your arms.

"VALERIE!" She heard a voice calling down at her.

Valerie looked up, shielding the glare from the sun with her arm. She looked up to see a familiar high school face looking down at her.

"Paulina?" She called back up.

Paulina was in the passenger seat of a hover vehicle.

"You're alive! I'm so relieved! Hey! Kwon, land this thing will you?" The man in the drivers' seat nodded. The vehicle slowly began to descend until it touched the ground.

Paulina had matured quite well over the past 10 years. She had stayed pretty close to Valerie and the two of them had remained best friends for as long as she could remember. Her long black hair was tied back into a pony tail. She was very beautiful, and now she was married with a little one on the way.

Valerie's gaze fell to the little bump on Paulina's stomach.

"You wouldn't answer our calls, and we were worried about you, so Kwon and I decided to come back and find you."

"We were going to skip town. We didn't want anything happening that would endanger our unborn child, but once we heard that Phantom simply vanished, we thought it would be the perfect time to get you and get the hell out of here." Kwon explained as he adjusted his glasses.

Kwon was always one of the jock guys back in high school. He played Defense on the Casper High foot ball team, but he always had a good eye for science and mathematics. When he got into college he had started building a foundation around a medical career, and now he was a Medicine Doctor.

Valerie had inspired Paulina to become a ghost hunter. After hearing about what Phantom did to Danny and the rest of the city 10 years ago, she had sworn to defend against the horrible things that he did and will do, but because of her pregnancy, Paulina would have to take a long break before she could hunt ghosts again.

The Latina smiled at her, but her gaze quickly fell to the child that Valerie was holding.

"Speaking of child-OH MY GOODNESS!" She hopped out of the vehicle and rushed over to Valerie, Kwon quickly following behind her.

"What happened to the little guy?" Paulina asked, as she pressed her hand against his forehead.

"Paulina, not so loud! He's scared. He's lost his mother, and running around flailing your arms like a mad-woman is only going to scare him even more." Valerie held the child close to her.

Kwon leaned down and looked at the child and then at Valerie. "Let me see him. I think I can help."

Valerie nodded and passed the child over to the doctor.

Kwon settled him onto the hood of the hover-car so he could examine him.

"What's your name little guy?" Kwon asked, a hint of kindness in his voice that always came to him when dealing with pediatric patients.

"..Eliott." he sniffled softly, his big blue eyes looking up at Kwon nervously.

"Well, Eliott. Can you tell me where you are hurt?" Kwon asked.

Paulina smiled as she and Valerie watched.

"He's very good with kids." She whispered, and Valerie nodded in agreement.

Eliott pointed to his wrist and then to his shoulder.

"It hurts really badly when I move my hand..."

Kwon took his hand and gently began to move it until Eliott whimpered in pain.

"I see. Well.. other than a sprained wrist, and some bruises, I'd say you're in tip top shape Eliott. You got lucky… and you were very lucky to have been found by Miss Valerie over there."

Eliott smiled and nodded.

"T..thank you ma'am…"

Valerie blushed. "It was nothing.. I was just doing my job."

"Do you have any family? Anyone we can take you to?" Paulina asked as she began to climb into the passenger seat of the car. "We can take you somewhere safe until we can get a hold of your parents."

"You can find my mommy?" He jumped off the hood of the car and ran to the door of the passenger side where Paulina was.

"Thank you ma'am! Thank you so much!" he shouted at her with a hopeful smile.

'Let's just hope your folks are even alive kid.' Valerie thought to herself as she climbed into the backseat of the car. The kid would be pretty torn up if he found out that his parents were still buried underneath that fallen church.

Kwon lifted the child into the backseat and Valerie helped buckle him in.

"Make sure he doesn't move his arm alright?" Kwon said as he circled the car, opened up the drivers' side door and got in. He slipped the key back into the ignition and the vehicle roared back to life as it began to ascend into the sky.

The vehicle started moving towards the downtown area where most of the buildings still remained intact.

Hopefully they could get some help, and figure out what exactly was going on.

"It's time." Clockwork said as he removed the thermos from its place on the shelf.

Clockwork observed the device, and then looked at the crystal that he held in his other hand.

He unscrewed the lid to the Fenton Thermos, and allowed its ghostly contents to spill out.

The ecto-plasmic material began to take the form of a man.

There he stood, Dan Phantom, in the ghostly flesh.

"Clockwork… so good of you to finally release me…" his cold voice echoed throughout the time keepers' chamber.

"Was the thermos not to your liking, Phantom?" Clockwork asked as he held the jewel in one hand, his staff in the other. The unsuspecting Phantom, completely unaware of Clockworks plans.

"I don't know… Why don't we shove you in there and you can find out YOURSELF!" Phantom was ready to lunge at him when Clockwork held up his staff.

"Time, OUT." Clockwork stopped time, leaving Phantom frozen with an angry contorted face.

"I thought you would have learned already… this is my home playing field… I can control time, with the simple click of a button." Clockwork said, as he transformed into his child persona.

"I control everything here. I dictate the flow of time; I choose what happens, how it happens, and when it happens." Clockwork held out the Humanity Crystal. The crystal began to pulsate and glow.

"You see Daniel. Time is a lot like a film strip. If you cut an important piece out, it will skip, and continue to play at that spot over and over and over again. It's a lot like puzzle. It just needs the missing piece."

Clockwork moved towards Phantom, his hand becoming intangible with the crystal inside of it. Clockwork glanced at the crystal and then to Phantoms chest.
He phased the crystal deep into Phantoms chest cavity, leaving it there as his hand phased back out.

The pulsating began to grow even stronger as the heat from the crystal consumed Phantoms entire body.

Bbbdmp. Bddump. Badump…

The sound of a heart beat echoed throughout the deathly silent time chamber.

"Time in!" Clockwork hit the button on his staff, causing time to flow once again.

Phantom gasped, and screamed as he toppled over onto the ground, clutching his chest.

"What..! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!" He screamed as he continued to clutch his heart.

His appearance began to change. His flaming white hair turned into jet black hair that had grown well past his shoulders. His ghostly jump suit vanished from his body revealing a white t-shirt and jeans that had appeared to be several sizes too small for him.

"I just gave you mortality… and like all mortals, you don't belong here in the ghost zone." Clockwork answered quietly.

"You.. what?!" Phantom choked as he continued to writhe in agony.

"You heard me… and as a bit of advice… I'd stay away from Valerie if I were you. I may have spared your life, but I highly doubt that she will." Clockwork smirked, and with a snap of his finger, Phantom was transported to his own time.

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