The Ultimate Antidote

Written By: Matdeception

Revision Begun: 7/16/2011

Revision Finished: 7/20/11

Ranma 1/2 Notes: This takes place after the conclusion of the Manga.

X-Men: Evolution Notes: The timeline is mostly intact, but with episodes switched around in the second year. The story begins after the HeX Factor, but before the Shadowverse episode.

Authors Notes: Kudos to Psyckosama for his assistance in this chapter.

Additional Note: Inverted_helix of the TFF forum deserves recognition for getting me interested in finally doing this re-write.

Editor/Beta: inverted_helix at the TFF forums.

Chapter One: Discovery

Flames filled his vision, buffeting the area with searing death as winds howled around him. Within the cyclone of scorching heat he could see him. Tall, regal, proud aloft wings of purest white. His fierce eyes alight with respectful hate as the flames dancing around him cocooned like an aura that obeyed his merest whim.

He had to stop him.

The God-King raised his fiery claw, holding Kekajan as it's head spun rapidly and absorbed the raging fires and intense heat until it glowed white. "Now, mortal." He hissed, pulling the staff back, "You die."

He snapped awake, "What the..." he screamed, intense mind numbing agony blasting through his skull. He flopped down, scrunching up in a fetal position and clenching his head tightly. It was as if an army of tinker gnomes had descended on him in rage, the sheer intense agony threatening to knock him out.

Genma rolled over, smacking the boy with a sign [Quiet boy!] flip [I'm trying to sleep!]

Ranma didn't even flinch, the miniscule pain of the hit nothing in comparison to the skullsplitting agony he was enduring.

Stumbling into the bathroom, he approached the sink and turned the water on. The pain had finally subsided, and it left him feeling like shit as it always did.. "God..." he grunted, splashing his face.

The headaches had first started a week after he had returned from Jusenkyo with the others. At first it wasn't anything but a dull throb behind his eyes, but just after the failed wedding, the pain had been getting steadily worse. If that wasn't enough, the gods had seemed vengeful enough to cause nearly debilitating waves of nausea to shortly follow the head splitting migraines.

Crawling to the toilet, he hunched over and waited. He didn't have to wait long.

Genma tiredly yawned, completely ignorant as Soun swapped pieces of the Shogi board around.

Feigning innocence as his friend frowned at the board, Soun coolly commented, "Tired, my old friend?"

"Stupid boys been keeping me up all night with his whining." The Saotome Patriarch frowned thoughtfully. Wasn't he about to win this game? How the devil is he suddenly losing the match? He shook that thought off, senility must be catching up to him. "Always complaining about his head hurting, feeling sick, acting like a little girl."

Soun hmmed thoughtfully, "Well, has he been to the doctors?"

"That boy wouldn't go to the doctors unless he had no choice." Genma shrugged, "He isn't hurt physically, no broken limbs or anything, so he doesn't think it's serious."

"Ah, maybe you should make him go anyway? Just to be sure it isn't anything serious." Soun spared a glance towards the dojo, as the boy in question quickly entered. Wasn't Akane training in there?

Genma shrugged, "It's a thought. If he did go, I'd finally be able to sleep again." he chuckled, jokingly adding "Hell, if it gets really bad, we could just set him in front of the altar and make him say yes while he's out of..." he trailed off, blinking.

"I think..." Soun, his mind mirroring his friends, "... yes, I think you may be on to something with that."

Genma smirked, "Right. We'll let him suffer for awhile.."

"Headaches?" Akane glanced at the boy with some concern.

"Yeah. Bad ones too." Ranma grunted, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. "Pop knows about em, but he doesn't seem too worried."

Akane frowned, grabbing a cinderblock from the floor, "When did it start?"

"Eh.. since the China thing." he allowed, closing his eyes. "They just come an go, y'know?"

"Maybe you were hurt more then you thought?" Akane suggested. She hadn't been in her right mind most of that battle, trapped as a doll with her spirit slowly fading away. Everything she knew about it came mainly from second hand knowledge, what she learned from Ryoga and Ranma. Though, the jerk was being quiet about it, mostly anyway.

"Pfeh. Only thing that hurt was getting slapped by a nameless tomboy I nearly died saving." he teased.

Akane bristled. She hadn't meant to slap him out of the blue like that, there was so much happening all at once it had just come out of her. "Meh... you probably deserved that!" No, waking up naked in the arms of a perverted boy hadn't set well with her, not at all.

He shrugged, pushing away from the dojo wall, "Whatever. Thanks for listening."

"Wait a second." she sighed, tone becoming tender, "Sorry about before. I'm just a little stressed since the wedding fiasco."

Ranma spared her a glance, "It's no biggy." shrugging as he headed for the door, "It'll probably go away in a few weeks like pop said." he waved her worries off, "I'm meetin up with Ryoga, later."

Biting her lower lip nervously, she watched him go.

The soft crackling of the camp fire mesmerized him, it's angry tendrils charring the surface of the brittle wood and soft leaves that fueled it's existence. Slowly, the fire burned them into ash, the soft winds raising the fiery particles into the air and beyond. It was just a simple camp fire, but often his only constant companion on the long roads he trekked. He couldn't remember when he first started seeing the flames as anything more then what they were. It didn't matter, he supposed. At least the fire hadn't tried to make his life hell, not of it's own choice, anyway.


Speak of making his life hell. Ryoga waved, "Hey. Didn't think you'd be showin up."

Ranma shrugged, hands over head, "I promised, didn't I?"

"You're late though."

"Heh." he sat down opposite the boy from the fire, "Sorry bout that."

Watching him through the flames of the camp fire, Ryoga remembered why he even bothered to meet Ranma like this. The flames served as a constant reminder of their time in China, a constant note of what happened, and how close they all had come to losing their lives. Thinking of it that way, he descision to do this firmed. It was better to suffer with the bastard, then risk another Jusendo.

"How's Akari doing?" the question came out of the blue, breaking him from his thoughts.

Ryoga blinked, chuckling as he nervously scratched the back of his neck, "Ah... ain't too bad. She's been pretty busy lately with the farm, Katshuhito's got one of their stock pregnant." he sighed, "Yep, little baby pigs due any week now."

"Ahh, Ryoga's going to be a daddy?" Ranma snickered,

"Shut up." he snapped.

"Heh." Ranma shook his head, amused. "We gonna do this?"

"Thought you'd never ask." he smirked.

Ranma stared.

Ryoga stared back.

The pigtailed martial artist sighed, "You have no idea what to do, do you?"

"Er... ah..." the lost boy grimaced, "... no."

"Thought so." Ranma frowned, "Well, we're here trying to figure out how to use Ki without the emotional dependancy, right?"

"That's the plan." he affirmed, adding more kindling to the fire.

Ranma stayed silent for sometime, thinking about the conumdrum. They were searching to purify their Ki of emotions, a dubious prospect as far as he knew. How do you get rid of something that is pivotal in the utilization of a power source? It's like trying to get rid of the oil in a car; Sure it could be done, but would the car work afterward? Okay, maybe he was thinking about this the wrong way. Instead of removing emotion from Ki, why not cancel it after the fact?

He blinked, an idea coming to mind. "Hey, I want to try something."

Ryoga raised an eyebrow, frowning slightly as Ranma scooted around the fire and sat right next to him.

"The whole problem with Ki is, as far as we've been taught, or figured out for ourselves, is that it needs emotion in order to be utilized right?" Ranma explained, "We're sitting here trying to figure out how to utilize Ki with out tapping into our emotions at all, but maybe we're going at it from the wrong angle."

"How do you figure?" Ryoga frowned.

Ranma hmmed, "Well, it's like trying to get a fire with out fuel. Emotions are the fuel, at least for ignition, but once it's burning it can consume something else." he paused, scratching his head, "Okay, that doesn't make much sense."

"No, it doesn't really." Ryoga sighed, "But I think I get what you're saying. Use emotions to generate Ki, then some how cancel the emotion from the Ki."

"Yeah." Ranma looked at the guy, "We're pretty much opposite ends of the Ki spectrum, right? Confidence versus depression..."

Ryoga blinked, "Wait, are you saying we should cancel out the emotions of the other after the Ki is formed?" he boggled at that, "I don't even know how we'd start something like that."

"Yeah, me either." Ranma frowned, thinking. What could they use? Hell, how would they get their aura's to interact and cancel the emotional requirement of Ki from the other? Hell, the more he thought about it the more he realized it didn't even make sense. How could they even mix their Ki together, and even if they did come up with a way what the hell would happen?

"Hey!" The pigtailed martial artist blinked, grinning suddenly, "I got an idea." he glanced at the boy, "We mix our Ki blasts while their forming, see what happens. What do you think?"

Ryoga shrugged, hand snapping out as a small green ball of Ki erupted into being.

Ranma rolled his eyes, placing his hand over the Ki ball. He cleared his mind, slowly, every so slowly summoning his own Ki ball into his hand. At first the ki balls pushed each other away, a sure sign of how dynamically opposed they were, but neither Ranma nor Ryoga gave ground. It almost felt like they were forcing them together, like when crushed rocks together, but eventually they gave way.

Ryoga blinked as two ki balls became one, his depression powered ball mixing with Ranma's confidence powered ball. It was curious, on every possible level he could image. As the compressed together, green mixed with blue forming mix of both, but that was a mere physicality. It was the emotion surging through him from the act, a curious sense of... contentment, yeah, contentment. It was almost an alien experience, but feeling it here and now reminded him of the few times he had felt it...

For himself, Ranma grimaced as the balls mixed, feeling a surge of discomfort before the energies mixed and cancelled each other out. He tasted that feeling, traced it's texture in his mind, let it slowly resonate with the rest of him. How long did they stay there, merely teasing and tasting this strange feeling of mixed Ki? He didn't know, but after a while he pulled his hand away.

Ryoga frowned, still holding the mixed Ki ball. "What now?"

Ranma grinned, pointing to a nearby boulder, "Toss it, see if it's any different from the Shi Shi Houkadan."

The Lost Boy shrugged, idly tossing it. The results were explosive, literally, as the orb came into contact with the boulder and violently erupted in a greenish blue conflagaration.

Ranma and Ryoga both rolled back, thrown by the concussive force of the unexpected eruption. When the dust cleared, they tentatively raised their heads, jaws dropped in awe at the massive crater left by their mixed Ki. In tandem, they breath out in awe, "That was awesome!"

Ryoga blinked, eying the pigtailed boy seriously. "Okay, now what?"

"Now..." Ranma frowned, "Well, now we try to recreate whatever that was without resorting to mixing our Ki."

"On our own?" Ryoga frowned, shrugging. "Let's do this."

"Oh! Auntie Saotome!" Kasumi smiled her bright little smile, stepping back to let the aging Saotome Matriarch in. "How good of you to visit!"

Nodoka smiled pleasantly. Ah that Kasumi-chan, always so polite. She was definitely her favorite. "Thank you."

Closing the door behind her, the Eldest Tendo daughter said, "Oh, if I knew you were coming to visit, I'd have cooked more." she sighed, "I'm sorry."

"You do too much Kasumi dear." Poor girl, Nodoka sigh interanlly. Kasumi was such an angel, willingly sacrificing so much of herself to care for her family. Her heart went out to the young lady, it really did. "I'm not here for long. I came to speak with my husband and son."

"Oh, Uncle Genma's with daddy, but Ranma's isn't here at the moment." Kasumi replied cheerfully. "Here, let me show you to him."

"Thank you, dear." Nodoka nodded, following the girl even as she sighed internally. Where was that son of hers?

"I sense... a disturbance..." Soun suddenly spoke, voice laced with severe worry, enough to set the aging Patriarch of the Saotome clan on edge.

Genma sweated, eyes widening in surprise as the glass filled with sake began to tremble, it's calm surface erupting into ripples each second that passed by. Danger was coming, a danger most ominous to be sure. "Tendo... I have a plan." the vibrations were increasing, the danger was almost upon them!

"What is it Saotome!" the man hissed, eyes narrowed in paranoia with a sheen of sweat trailed down his brow, "Is it the master?"

"When the creature appears, we'll attack it by surprise. Surely the two of us can take it down." Genma intoned darkly, fists clenching in preperation for a most epic of battles.

"Ah, quite right Saotome." Soun grunted, idly pulling a throwing knife from his sleeve.

Noises from the hall sounded, alerting the two men to the upcoming struggle, "We must be quick, Tendo!"

Two figures emerged, Genma nor Soun taking the time to study them anymore then that, as Soun launched towards the women in preparation for a fierce battle. About half way through his trip, he noticed Genma wasn't with him, in fact his friend was rolling on the ground with a beach ball.

[I'm just a cute innocent panda!]

"I'll get you for this, Saotome!" he swore mentally, before the battle was joined!

"Honestly father!" Kasumi frowned, holding a damp washcloth to his forehead, "Attacking Auntie like that! You could have hurt some one! What ever possessed you to do something like that?"

"Ugh..." Soun moaned in response. Who could have known Nodoka was so vicious in a fight?

Calmly sipping her tea, Nodoka smiled sweetly, "Oh, don't worry Kasumi-chan. He only surprised me, I'm sure it was an accident." setting her tea cup down, "I'm here to talk with my son and Genma. Kasumi-chan told me Ranma was out, do you know when he will return?"

"I want the blue dogi, papa!" Soun mumbled, out of it.

"I see." she sighed, before looking to her husband, "Genma dear..."

Genma sweated, "Uh.. yes, No-chan?" he hadn't seen her thrash anyone that bad since they got married. Poor Soun. Whatever had her on edge though, he hoped it didn't have anything to do with him.

"I would like to ask Ranma out tomorrow evening, to get to know my son a little better. He wouldn't object, would he?" she asked with innocent curiosity.

"Ah... I don't think so..." If having Ranma spend time with the woman calmed her down, lest she find some reason to commit Patricide, it's all for the best. Genma nodded; Yes, it was for the best indeed.

Nodoka smiled brightly, "That's good." she stood up eloquently, "Oh... one more thing..."

Genma grimaced. Here it comes.

"... I want a nice quiet evening with him, dear. Could you arrange..." she wasn't fooling anyone with the way she stressed that word. "...for no fiancée interference?"

"Heh... heh..." Bedamned the woman's soft sweet attitude. That wasn't a question, he knew better then to think it was, "Of course No-chan. I'll make sure of it!"

"Good boy."

Ranma groggily walked down the late night streets. He was so damn tired, he wouldn't be surprised if he passed out right then and there. Ryoga's idea to train their Ki had been interesting, to be sure, and after eight long damn hours of meditating and basically blundering around, they had finally yeilded some results. It had been easier for him, thanks to Cologne's training in the Soul of Ice, to focus on summoning his energy with out emotions, but Ryoga lacked any such training. Still, despite the slow going, he, and Ryoga nearly an hour later, had finally been able to summon a small aura comprised of their mixed Ki rather then Ki diluted with a single extreme emotion. The effort had nearly knocked the both of them out, which only served to remind him how much more training they had to go before they truly mastered their auras.

Damn this was going to take awhile.

Summoning the strength, Ranma barely managed to clear the outer wall of the Tendo Dojo. Landing lightly, he slowly stumbled towards the house. At least one good thing came from all that training. While he had been meditating, his splitting headaches all but vanished on him. Just a dull ringing sound in his ears remained. For that he was most thankful.

Sliding open the back door, he quietly crept into the house. "Hope no ones up..." he said with a sigh. Last thing he wanted to do was deal with peoples questions on where he had been. Tip toeing through the living room, he sighed in relief to find it empty. Good. Kasumi didn't wait up for him. It was sweet of her to do that on occasion, but he really didn't want her to suffer on his account.

Quickly crossing the hall, he relaxed when no sign of some one waking up appeared. Last thing he needed was Akane getting up, or that lying Nabiki. He couldn't deal with it. Quickly slipping into his room, he kicked off his slippers before sliding onto his futon. He didn't have the strength to take off his clothes. Sleepy time, ah... yeah...

"Boy!" a rather insistent voice muddled his dreams.

"... g'way." he grumbled, turning over and covering his head with a pillow.

"Boy! Do you want to die?" said that insistant, now very much annoying voice.

"... feel better..." Ranma honestly mumbled.

Genma frowned, then growled as he kicked the boy out of his bed, "Boy! This is serious!"

Groggily rubbing sleep from his eyes, Ranma blearily looked around. Man, he was beat. What the hell was going on now? "What's this about pops? Come on, lemme sleep!"

"Boy! Your mother came by yesterday!" he hissed, sounding as if this was the most important thing to ever happen in his short life. "She's demanded you visit with her today!"

Ranma grumbled. What's the big deal? "So? I'll see her tonight..." lifting the pillow up he buried his head under it.

Genma frowned, "Boy! It's already late afternoon! You've slept the day away!"

Ranma blinked, lifting the pillow to stare in disbelief at his father "Uh... what?" Slept the whole day away? No way!

"She's already on her way, boy!" Genma scowled, ripping his pillow and blanket away, "Hurry up and get dressed!"

"Oi... fine." he grumbled, rising to his feet. Even though his body still felt like dead weight, he was already in a happy mood. Last night was the first night in as long as he could remember where he didn't wake up with a splitting headache. The day was already looking up! And now he'd get to spend time with his mother? Good day, indeed.

Ranma yawned. Man, was he ever tired.

Genma stared long and hard at his boy. Hair combed? Check. Clean clothes? Check. Deodorant? Check. Currently a Man? Check. Fingernails cleaned? Genma scowled, slapping the boy in the head.

"Ow!" The pigtailed martial artist grumbled, rubbing his head, "What the heck was that for idiot!"

"Boy!" Genma snapped, "This is your mother! You know she's going to inspect you ten times worse then I am! How many times do we have to go over this!" Honestly that boy was playing with fire! Didn't he realize this was a life or death matter?

"What? What the hell I do now?" Ranma stared dumbly.

Grabbing the boy's hand, Genma snarled, "Look at these! Are they clean?"

"Uh..." Ranma glanced at his fingernails, before shrugging. It was just a little dirt.

"I didn't think so! If your mother saw these dirty nails, you know what she'd do?" Genma snarled

"Uh..." The gender-cursed martial artist couldn't quite drudge of the needed concern to actually think that question through.

"I'll tell you!" Genma crowed, "She'll sit there, stare at you, and say 'I'm so disappointed.' ... AND then she'll come after me!"

"Uh..." Ranma shrugged, "Sucks to be you, huh pops?"

"Boy! I swear! Once your mothers done with me, you'll be next!" he pushed the boy away, smirking devilishly, "I can see it now. She'll take you to some prissy salon, get your hair cut into something more 'manly', have your nails polished, engage in girl talk..."

"Pfeh, you ain't scarin me with that crap old man. Mom ain't like that." Ranma snorted, stepping around his old man in route to the door. He smirked then, "Heck. If mom really doesn't think I'm manly enough, guess it's seppuku for us, eh?"

Genma blanched, turning slightly green at the thought. Maybe a training trip was in order?

Ranma shook his head as he descended the stairs. Man, pop was just a little too paranoid about mom. Sure she was strict about some things, but it wasn't that bad. Yeesh! He couldn't believe the old fart still believed in that seppuku contract, it was almost like the old panda wanted to be afraid of his mother. It was like a twisted sort of game for him, but Ranma couldn't quite figure out what the prize was.

Passing by the living room, he blinked in surprise at what he saw.

"Recent Mutant activities today were the cause of much alarm in Toyko. An unidentified mutant attacked the Gainax building in a seemingly random act of barbarianism. Reports are sketchy, but eye witnesses state the mutant was capable of generating beams of energy, which it used to destroy the majority of the building. Incoming reports state the mutant seemed upset about some of their work, the mutant screaming, "This is for Death and Rebirth! Oh! And this is for the mind [censored] with End of Evangelion! And damn you for making a live action movie! Live action adaptations always [censored] suck!"

Ranma whistled, "Otaku's are dangerous."

Nabiki startled, glancing back with a scowl "Damn Saotome, don't sneak up on people like that!"

The boy shrugged, mouthing an insincere "Sorry."

"This recent act of terrorism lends weight to Takahashi's mutant screening bill set to be voted on next week at the Fuji Convention. The bill proposes the introduction of mutant scanners, capable of detecting the mutant gene within the local population. The Bill also supports designs to remove these abhorrent pustules of nature from our clean civilization. Until recently the bill had been met with wide spread skepticism, only in recent weeks really gaining popularity among the general populace. With today's attack on the Gainax building, this reporter is willing to bet on the bill's approval."

Ranma winced, "Ouch. That's gotta suck."

Akane snorted, "Serves the freaks right!"

Kasumi and Nabiki both frowned at their sister, but said nothing.

"Pfeh." he snorted, "Whatever. Just doesn't seem right, hating people for just being born."

Nabiki sighed, rubbing her eyes, "Damn it."

"Something wrong, Nabiki?" Kasumi asked worriedly, hand gently resting on the greedy Tendo's shoulder

Ranma frowned, staring at the girl. "Eh... she's probably just tired or something."

The doorbell rang then, Ranma quickly waved Kasumi down, "I'll get it Kasumi." he said. Nabiki seemed rather grateful for Kasumi's presence, so he felt he did the right thing.

He walked down the hall, pausing momentarily at a nearby mirror to make sure he was the picture perfect example of the manly man he was expected to be, before opening the door. Nodoka smiled pleasantly at him, he couldn't help but smile back before calling back, "See you guys later. Mom's taking me out."

"Have fun Saotome." came Nabiki's yell.

"Always do." he quipped, shutting the door. "Hi mom!"

"You're looking handsome, son." Nodoka gushed as they walked down the street, "I can see why the girls are so taken with you."

"Ah, ma." Ranma colored pink, embarrassed, "You're embarassing me."

Nodoka smirked, "And so shy, how cute."

"Gurk!" God, there was no distracting this woman. "Uh... where we going?"

"Just for a walk, maybe some dinner." she said with a smile, "I want to get to know you better. It's been so long since we've been able to talk, what with Genma dear taking you on that long training trip." she frowned slightly, "Or the sudden, unexplainable trips to China. And let's not forget the challenges, races, various schemes that always seem to send you on random training trips."

"Alright." he sighed, she made it sound like the world was out to make sure she never got to see him. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Well..." she shook her head, "Not here son. Let's walk a bit more." it sounded strangely enough like an order.

"Eh?" Ranma blinked. "Something wrong with here?"

Nodoka rolled her eyes, "Ranma. Where are we?"

"Nerima..." What was she getting at?

"Right, and what's in Nerima?"

"Uh... the dojo..." Ranma frowned thoughtfully.


"... School?" Man he was starting to regret bringing this conversation up.

"Son." she began, seriously, "You're fiancées are in Nerima. Not to mention your father, and Soun. Do you understand what I'm getting at?"

Ranma nodded at first, then shook his head, "No clue."

"Dear." she sighed, exasperated, "If we stay in Nerima, chances are we will run into one of your fiancées, one of your rivals, or some other travesty waiting to happen. I think I deserve one quiet night with my son, don't you?"

"Eh..." Put it that way, he really didn't know how to respond. "Sure."

Here was a quaint little restaurant, with bar like stools stationed next to a mini kitchen. The atmosphere was energetic, quiet, and most definitely friendly. Steam rising from the stove gave the room a faint misty quality, almost soothing in its appearance. People, families and the odd couple on a date populated the place, with soft music playing relaxing tunes just a little too low in volume to enjoy. All in all, a nice enough place he figured.

"Decent place." Ranma said, finishing his inspection

"Yes it is." his mother said with a smile, dragging him up to the stools, "It's run by a Mr. Hiashi and his family. He's an old friend."

"I bet." he grunted, sliding up on the stools, "Kinda reminds me of Ukyo's."

"Maybe a little." she allowed, taking her own seat. "Kounji certainly does keep busy, doesn't she?"

"Eh?" Ranma shrugged, "I guess. What with school an all."

"What can I get for... Nodoka?" The chef, a bald man dressed in a dingy yellow dogi addressed them. His clothes might have been white, long ago, but repeated use and age had left it's mark.

"Hiashi-san!" she greeted with a smile, "It's good to see you. How's precious Yumiko?"

"Eh..." he shrugged, smiling, "She got married few months back. Some down town lawyer." he sounded oddly disappointed in that.

"Ah..." she nodded, knowingly, "Didn't marry a chef, I'm sorry to hear that."

"Yeah, that's life I guess." he blinked, noticing Ranma for the first time, "'ello. Who's this Nodoka?" he grinned mischievously, "I didn't think you'd be into em so young."

Ranma gagged.

"He's my son, Hiashi." she rolled her eyes, "Ranma, meet my friend Yorchiru Hiashi, he's a pervert, Hiashi, meet my manly son, Ranma."

"Yo." Ranma was amazed he even managed to get that out.

"Heh. Sorry Nodoka." Hiashi smiled sheepishly, "Jus a bit of teasin, didn't mean any harm."

She waved him off, "Don't worry about it." glancing to her son, she hmmed, "Ranma?"

Tensing, Ranma blinked, "Yeah?"

Nodoka frowned, "Dear? Is something wrong?"

"Eh... no no. I'm just tired... s'all." The pigtailed boy lied, casting nervous glances towards the door. Why was he getting the feeling the fiancee's, or one of his rivals were around? Damn it, couldn't they just leave him alone for one night!

"Hmm." apparently accepting his exucse at face value, she asked, "Would you like to order for us?"

"Eh..." he chuckled nervously, "Sure, I guess." Hope she likes Tempura

Nodoka blinked, laughing lightly, "She used duck tape?"

"Yeah." he sighed, a bit embarassed by this particular story. "Can't blame her either. It was kinda tense, the whole play and all."

"But, duck tape?" she repeated incredously.

"Heh..." Ranma shook his head, "That was a long time ago.. man." Just where did the time fly? Heck, it felt like only yesterday when he and the panda showed up on Tendo's doorstep, soaked to the bone. Had it really been so long?

"Ranma dear." Nodoka leaned over, gently placing her hand on his. Startled, Ranma stiffened, eyes darting all over the room as if something, or some one was there, ready to attack. Gosh, her son was a bundle of nerves. "Dear? Are you sure nothings wrong?" He's been so jumpy all night.

Frowning, he quickly shook off the feeling he got. "Nah... s'nothin."

"You two doing okay?" Hiashi broke in, idly cleaning a glass cup as he spoke, "How was dinner?"

Pulling her hand back, she smiled in return, "Exceptional as usual Hiashi. You really are a wonderful cook."

"And you, son?" the older man eyed him expectantly.

Ranma blinked, nervously shrugging, "Uh, yeah... it was, uh... nice." he finished lamely, cursing himself for acting the fool

Nodoka sighed, givining Hiashi an apologetic look, "Ranma dear, let's go for a walk?" There was something really bothering her son. He's been nothing but nervous since they left Nerima, acting as if he was afraid of something. He was tense, and it was beginning to aggravate her nerves.

"Sure." Ranma sighed in relief.

"Dear, is something wrong?" Nodoka stared at her son pointedly

Ranma spared the lonely park a glance. Only he and his mother, no other soul in sight, which was weird for this time of day. The place should be loaded with families and kids, but it wasn't. Still, while weird, this didn't set him on edge. What did set him on edge was that he could literally feel one of the fiancées around. It figures, it really did. Never a moment of rest for him. "Hey mom, I think your plan washed out." he said as the two sat down on a bench.

"Oh?" she blinked, looking at her son strangely, "What makes you think that?" Is that why he was acting so tense?

"I can feel em." he grumbled, "Some one's followed us."

Nodoka frowned, sparing the lonely park a long look. She couldn't see anyone. "Maybe it's just your imagination? I'm pretty sure Ms. Kounji and the Chinese girl were busy tonight." at least, she was reasonably sure. Passing by their restaurants on the way to the dojo showed both as being extremely busy.

"Eh..." he frowned. That was weird. He knew whoever was following them wasn't any of the Tendo girls. Soun hadn't left his room all day, something about a terrible demon assaulting him. Weird. Maybe pop? Nah... he was so scared of mom, he was probably running for the hills. Ryoga maybe? Or Mousse? "I'm telling you, some one's following us."

Nodoka sighed, "Dear. I promise, it's just your imagination. Now forget about that, I want to talk."

Ranma frowned. Last thing he needed was some one overhearing what he shared with his mother. He rarely ever got a chance to see her as it was, couldn't they just leave him alone for one freaking night? Closing his eyes, he buried his emotions within the soul of ice, focusing his mind to the task at hand.

"Ranma?" she gently shook his shoulder, concerned.

There. Opening his eyes, a brief almost nonexistent sparkle shined within his orbs for just a moment. "Yeah, mom. Gimme a sec." he eyed the area thoroughly. For a brief moment pain flared in his head, but faded away quickly.


Damn. Maybe this technique is messed up? It always worked before. Turning to his mother, "Guess I was wr... WHAT THE HELL!" his eyes widened in shock, instinctually breaking his mothers hold on his arm as he jumped away.

Startled, Nodoka didn't react at first. Shakily she recomposed herself, "Dear? What's wrong?" she looked around, trying desperately to find what could cause her son to react so.

Stumbling back, he rubbed his eyes once, twice, and thrice, each time taking a long look at his mother.

And each time he saw the same thing. A woman with blue skin, red hair, and yellow eyes surrounded by a hazy blue form of his mother, Nodoka. "... Who the heck are you? Where's my mom!"

Startled, the woman cried, "Ranma! What's gotten into you?"

The boy wouldn't have anything of it. Stomping over to the woman, he grabbed her wrists and glared dangerously, "I'm giving you three seconds, exactly three damn seconds to tell me the truth or..." he leaned in close, eyes glinting dangerously, "I'll rip your arms out." His mother was in danger, no one would stand in his way.

Nodoka winced, the strain on her arms were intense. Her son certainly was manly, "Dear! It's me! Ow!" she winced, "You're hurting me!"

Ranma scowled, "Liar. I can see through that damn disguise. My mom isn't nothin like you! Who. Are. You?"

"Disguise?" she blinked, wincing as the presser on her wrists increased, "Please! Ranma.. I don't know what your talking about! It's me, Nodoka!"

"One." he counted.

"Ranma please! I'm telling you the truth! Why won't you believe me?" the thing masquerading as his mother cried painfully.

"Pfeh." he snorted, "My mom isn't some blue skinned, red hair, yellow eyed thing! Two."

Nodoka blinked, shocked. He... he could see her true form? That shouldn't be... wait.. He's a mutant! Like her! He has to be! How else could he see her? But... why couldn't he see her before now of all times? Surely he must have... unless... he just mutated? "Ranma! Let me explain! I am your mother! I'm a mutant!"

Ranma stared into those yellow orbs, stared into them long and hard. If there was one thing he learned in his life, was that the eyes of a person could never lie. What scared him though, was the fact he couldn't see such a lie in her eyes. This.. mutant..

"Mom?" he whispered, releasing the pressure on her arms as he stared in dumb shock.

To be Continued (Maybe)

AN: Most of you will more then likely be confused with the last few segments, specifically, what Ranma used to actually see through Nodoka/Mystiques disguise. The explanation will be given at the beginning of the next chapter.

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