Me:I wanted to thank a bunch of you guys reading New life, my most viewed story! Like Hero tales, this will be updated when I feel like it cause the whole story is a filler, taking place between New Life and Darkest times. We can experince what happened after the rescue. Because the time of place, Saru is back being four years old...maybe five? He'll be wearing that black shredded cape and black shoes with red pants again. Enough chit chat and let's get on with the fireworks! Enjoy! (oh and Monkey Blue is dead during this time since he was brought back till the Darkest times, which was after this!)

Chapter 1: Wait, whut?

Saru wakes up in the morning in his room, goes to wash his teeth and face. He was confused why his father wanted him to sleep in another room. He got curious and goes to Specter's room, opening the door slightly. The albino see him and Pink asleep, sneaks in. He froze to see their clothes were lying on the floor, his jaw dropped. He hears a grunt and see Specter wake up, sits up and sees that his son stood there, staring at the clothes." Er...Saru...?"

" Dad, why are you two naked and why are you're clothes on the floor?" he asked, curious as the albino felt embarresed. Specter rubbed his head, not sure how to put it to Saru due to his age." Uh...I can't describe it, you'll know when you're older," he said as Saru shrugged and walks out of the room. Pink wakes up and snuggles against Specter. He smiled and hugged her for a moment before getting off, gets dressed and goes to get his breakfast. He sat in the table, drinking coffee as Pink comes in later, sitting next to him. Saru sat on the other side of Specter, eating toast and glances at everyone. White was haivng the same thing as Specter; coffee and Red was just stretching his muscles. Yellow was eating pancakes so he could control his urge on not trying to eat in the fridage in front of Specter.
" Dad, can you tell me why you and mom were naked, now?" he whined as White, Red, Yellow and the monkeys in the dining room stared at their leader and his wife." Specter...what is he talking about?" Pink whispered to Specter, who was blushing furiously from the stares." Saru, can you get out for a moment?" he muttered as his son left and looks at the rest." Specter, if you keep this up, you might actually have to get nudered..." the old monkey said as the albino rolled his eyes.

" So? We can't help it if we love each other! What could go wrong?" he said as White facepalmed himself." Well you banged your freedom will last," Red said as Pink ran out of the room. The albino glared at him." Oh, so that makes you the smart one, huh?" he growled as the monkey shrugged." Pretty much...hey, at least you got another bundle of joy to company Saru..." he said as Specter rolled his eyes, puts his cup away and walks out. Pink comes back and hugged Specter, the albino surprised, but hugs back." Specter...I'm pregnant..." she whispered in his ear, the albino puts a hand on her stomach." I know..." he whispered softly and pressed his lips against hers, Pink returns it. It was a makeout and they stopped to see that Saru stood there, staring." How long were you standing?" Specter asked as the younger albino shrugged." For a while..." he said as Pink tugged on Specter's sleeve of his suit." Specter, I want to talk with you in private..." she whispered as they went back to Specter's room.

Specter lied back on his bed." What's on your mind, my queen?" he asked as Pink looks down shyly." Well on breakfast, what did Saru mean about us...being naked?" she asked as the albino blushed a bit." It's a long story short. I woke up in the morning and he came in the room and was staring at the floor..." he replied nervously as the female monkey sighed." First Red and now our son sees us, Karma is such a bitch..." she mutered as Specter yawned." I wouldn't say that. The thing we gotta worry about is the baby..." he muttered drowsily and fell to sleep. Pink smiled and kissed her husband on the cheek before quietly leaving the room.

One hours later...

Specter was now lying upside down on his bed, his head barely touching the floor and keeping him from falling. A soft mew came in the room." Not now, Blue...anyways, you look very sexy tonight, Pink..." he giggled in his sleep, drooling. Bluetail came padding by, sitting there and watching his master sleeptalk." want me to kiss you there? Okay..." he muttered and puckered his lips, only getting a lick on his lips from Bluetail. The albino woke up, freaked out and lands hard on his head. He then fell backwards on the floor, whimpering in pain as Bluetail purred with it's Bluetail wagging." Ugh...what do you want, you little maggot?" he growled as the tom tilted his head and chewed on his bowtie. The albino rolled his eyes, picked up the cat and walks out of the room. He went to the moniter room, as he usually does and stared at the screen of the globe, petting Bluetail on his lap. Saru comes in, looking bored and stands by his father's side, silence in between.
" Dad, Pink said that you are gonna tell me about something happening...a baby?" he said as Specter froze, taking thought before looking at him." Yeah. ever thought of having a baby brother or sister?" he said as Saru looked a bit concerned." But...what if the baby doesn't like me?" he said as Specter puts a hand on his son's shoulder." There's only one way to find out..." he remained silent. Saru said nothing and walks out the room.

Specter then looks down at Bluetail, who looked at him and showed him his pink tongue." Oh no. I don't want another kiss..." he said as the feline mewed sadly, hops off and pads out the room with it's tail drooping. The albino rolled his eyes and crosses his arms." Okay, only onc-GAH!" he yelped as the cat comes racing back and as licking at the monkey's face.

Me:Bluetail must love his leader's kisses, though it does not mean that he likes him THAT way. CatXMonkey? will this go for Saru? Will Bluetail not drown Specter in his saliva? Find out next time!