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Sweet Child of Mine

31 October, 1981

Lily called out, her voice seeming like a strange echoing whisper, muffled almost, though she was crying out with all her might. Were her ears broken? No, that was not quite the case. Looking down she could see the dark red hair of herself, her body, laying still and lifeless among the rubble of what had once been her beloved home. The place she had shared with her husband, James, and her precious little son, Harry. "HARRY! NO! HARRY!" She floated across the rubble, not a ghost, but rather, a visiting spirit. She was on the other side now, but that did not mean she couldn't watch over her son… her beloved son, oh where was he? Had Voldemort finished him off as planned? She did not know, for she had died and gone into limbo, and then, when she had returned quickly to search, to see what was happening, the cottage was destroyed and Voldemort was nowhere to be seen. And then she heard it, clear as a bell, that beloved cry she knew by heart, the one of pain and fear, and yet… it was a cry all the same.

A flash of blue captured her eyes and she hurried towards it, her breath caught in her throat. She let out a strangled mixture of laugh and cry when she got to him. Harry was bawling, his eyes wide with fear, his poor little forehead bleeding. He was covered in dust, rubble all around him, yet, blessedly, not upon him. Sure, there were a few bits of rock on his tummy, but, except for the cut on his forehead, he seemed to be in no dire condition. "Oh Harry, my sweet boy." She reached out a hand, wishing to soothe him, but found she could not touch him. Her heart broke at this, but then, what had she expected? To be able to cuddle and coo him until he stopped crying? To wipe the blood from his face and patch up his cut? No, she could do neither of those things, but she would stay with him, at least until someone came. Surely whatever explosion that had caused this mess would not go unnoticed.

"Lily, oh Merlin, thank god you're alright!" A voice met Lily's ears and she turned her head quickly. There stood her husband, tears rolling down his face as he came towards her. He blinked, seeming quite startled that she had heard him, and then, her shook his head, looking downwards. "So he got you too, then… I thought for a moment…"

"Oh James." Lily rose from where she was beside Harry and ran at him. She wrapped her arms around James's neck, hugging onto him tightly, feeling the wholeness of him in this other world that was their own now, despite the fact that they were visiting their previous one. "But James, Harry's alright! He's alive! He's… He's perfect."

"What? How… how could he be? If you died, and I died, then who could have protected Harry from Voldemort?"

"I don't know, I don't know, but at least he's breathing. He's crying, oh thank Merlin he's crying!"

Little Harry lay there, still bawling and sniffling, completely unaware that his parents were watching him at this very moment. As far as he was concerned, he was completely alone… where was his Mummy to come rescue him from this nightmare as she always did when he was scared? Where was his Dada, with the strong arms that held him close, while his gentle voice spoke words of love in his ears, and to make the horrid pain in his head go away?

"Oh Harry, please don't be frightened." Lily sighed, sitting down on a piece of rock beside her crying child, wishing she could do something, anything, to ease his pain. Tears slide down her face as James joined her, wrapping an arm around her waist and holding her close to him. They would stay here together, keeping an eye out for their son. Lily sighed, opening her mouth, an old lullaby flowing out.

Hush a bye, Harry

There is nothing to fear

Even in the dark

Mummy is here

Close your eyes

Sleep my sweet dear

Daddy will hold you

Until the sunlight appears

Harry's head turned and he quieted slightly, his eyes seeming to search, right in Lily and James's direction. Could he hear her? Was it even possible? Babies were precious… so new and close to the beginning of life… perhaps he could hear her… perhaps there was some strange bond between the beginning of life and the ending that had not quite left Harry's innocent being yet. Perhaps he knew she was there, knew she hadn't really left him, even though he could not see her.

A loud noise interrupted the otherwise fairly silent night air, a familiar rumbling. James and Lily's eyes looked directly up to the sky and they stood, watching as a light appeared, and then a large dark mass, growing larger as it came nearer and nearer. It was so loud that Harry began crying again.

"Finally." James gave a sigh of relief as the huge motorbike landed with a noisey thud on the front lawn, not seeming to care where it stopped, just that it did.

Sirius Black climbed off of his bike, his grey eyes staring around in horror at what had once been the home of his two best mates. "PRONGS! LILY! HARRY!" He ran for the still open front door, dashing past the fallen pram in the hallway and nearly tripped over something. He looked down and cried out as though in physical agony. "Prongs! James! Oh… Merlin… James!" He fell to his knees beside his best friend's body, pulling the other man upwards and hugging his limp body tightly. "My brother… James… oh James… Prongs… oh Merlin, please… please…" He sobbed, rocking back and forth for a few moments before shaking himself. He gently places James's body back down upon the floor and looked upwards, up the stairs covered in rubble.

"Lily? LILY POTTER!" He called, dashing up the stairs, the top of which was thankfully, mercifully clear enough for him to climb over bits of rock to get to the landing of the second floor. "LILY?" He came to a halt outside what had been Harry's bedroom door… it was swinging on its one remaining hinge, bits of wall around it, but, otherwise, the whole top right side off the house was exposed. "Oh god Lily." Sirius stepped over a bit of wall that remained, into the mess of what had been Harry's room. He had spotted the red hair peeking out from under the rubble and approached it slowly, cautiously. "Lily? Lily, oh please, don't be dead, Lily… not you as well…" And yet, when he got there and felt for a pulse on Lily Potter's neck, he could find none.

James and Lily were watching him, waiting for him to hear and find Harry, just a few feet away laying beside what remained of his crib. "Oh Padfoot…" Lily stared at him sadly as she watched him cry over her lifeless form. "If only there was something we could do for him."

"He'll be alright, love. He's strong… and when he finds Harry, he's going to be so happy he won't even remember we're gone."

"Harry…" Sirius whispered, his eyes trailing around through the rubble, as though fearful of what he would see. Lily couldn't blame him for being afraid, who would ever want to find the body of a dead child, especially one they loved so dearly as she knew Sirius loved Harry. He may not be Harry's father, but he had been there from day she had found out she was pregnant, always looking after her when James had to go on a mission, always wanting to help with Harry when he could. He was the best godfather a kid could have asked for.

At his name, Harry's head turned in Sirius's direction and he let out a very loud wail, trying to alert him. He was only fifteen months old… he had words, but crying was still his main way of letting it be known he needed something when he was too overwhelmed to speak. Thankfully, Sirius finally turned in his direction, his eyes widening as he made for where Harry was quickly.

"Harry… oh… Harry…" He stared down at the tiny boy who was lifting his arms to him as though Sirius was his only hope. He bent down quickly, scooping up the child he cared so much about and hugging him tightly to him. He wrapped his leather jacket around Harry, to keep him warm in the chill of the late fall air. "Oh you dear sweet boy. Shh… it's alright… I've got you… you're going to be just fine, Prongslet."

Harry sniffled as Sirius did the classic mommy bounce Lily had shown him. Lily and James watched as their son calmed down in the arms of their best friend, the little boy finally stopping his crying with a hiccup. He nuzzled his little face against the front of Sirius's shirt. "'adoot."

"That's right, Harry. Padfoot. Padfoot loves his Harry." Sirius cooed, kissing the top of the little boy's head. "Aw, did Harry get a booboo?" Harry sniffled again and nodded, reaching a hand up to rub at his bloody forehead. "Well, let's get you out of here and cleaned up then, shall we?"

Sirius carefully worked his way through the rubble and down the stairs again, unaware that Lily and James were following after him. In the yard, a large man was staring up at the cottage as though trying to figure out the best way to go about getting up to the second floor. No doubt he might fall through the floor should he try. He raised a pink umbrella and was about to utter a spell when he caught sight of Sirius.

"Ah! Sirius Black, Dumbledore said ya migh' be here." Hagrid smiled, though gravely.

"Hello Hagrid. Bathilda Bagshot Flooed me, said she'd heard a ruckus coming from down the lane and was right worried about the Potters…"

"Well, looks like she 'ad a righ' to be worried then, didn' she?" Hagrid sighed, looking at the house sadly. "Are they…?"

"James and Lily are gone. But Harry here is just fine, though a bit shaken up, I think." Sirius held motioned to the little boy bundled to his chest, his bright green eyes gleaming just above the zipper of Sirius's leather jacket. He was warm and safe here, the familiar scent of his Padfoot lulling him. He was not scared of the giant man either, for he had met him before on several occasions with his Mummy and Daddy.

"Dumbledore said… but I dun believe it… little Harry survived against You-Know-Who!" Hagrid beamed brightly, waggling a friendly hand at the one year old who gave a giggle and buried himself deeper in Sirius's jacket. "He sent me to get Harry."

"Oh, let me take him, Hagrid. I'm his godfather after all."

"'fraid I can', Sirius. Dumbledore's orders. I'm supposed ter take him ter his aunt and uncle's."

"You can't mean Lily's retched sister?" Sirius made a face. "Harry doesn't even know them!"

"Oh please no…" Lily shook her head, stepping forward. "Hagrid, let Sirius take him. He's the one who's supposed to anyway if anything were to happen to us!" She pleaded, but James put a hand on her shoulder, shaking his head.

"They can't hear us , love."

"You know Dumbledore, Sirius. He has his reasons."

Sirius sighed, unzipping his jacket and handing Harry over to Hagrid. Hagrid took him with one hand, gently, the little boy fitting quite easily there. "Wait here a moment… he'll need his blanket." Sirius headed back into the house and up into the area of rubble. He dug quickly through where he knew Harry's crib had been and quickly came upon the quilt Lily had made when she'd been pregnant from old bits of robes and clothes, some of which had belonged to Sirius himself. He brought the quilt back down to the yard and took Harry from Hagrid once more, wrapping the little boy up in it snugly, swaddling him the way Lily and James always had.

"You be good for your aunt and uncle, Prongslet. I'll see you again, I promise." He gave the little boy a very tight hug and cuddle, kissing him gently before giving him back to Hagrid. "I love you."

"Well, best be off then." Hagrid stated, holding Harry closer now so as to keep him nice and safe.

"Take my bike, Hagrid. It'll be faster and I won't be needing it."

"His bike?" James looked shocked, turning his head from the motorbike to Sirius and then to Lily. "He loves that damn thing! I remember when he first got it, he slept in the garage with it for the first two weeks!"

"Something is wrong…" Lily nodded, knowing exactly how much Sirius's motorbike meant to him.

"Are yeh sure, Sirius?"

"Yes, take it. Get Harry to where he's safe, as quickly as possible." Sirius nodded, offering up, forcing his keys into Hagrid's hand.

"Alrigh' then." Hagrid nodded and climbed onto the motorbike, his weight sinking it slightly into the ground, but it was so large, it held him just fine. "Off we go then, Harry. Be seein' you, Sirius."

"See you, Hagrid. I love you, Harry."

Harry laughed at him, wriggling slightly in his tightly wrapped quilt. "ub 'adoot."

Hagrid reved the engine, making Harry cry, and then, they were going up into the air. Sirius stood, watching as the motorbike went higher and higher, and then grew smaller… his eyes on the sky until the last glimmer of the headlight was no longer visible.

Lily burst into tears, burying her face against James's chest. Her poor precious son was off to live with her horrid sister of all people! Why had Dumbledore decided this? Why couldn't Sirius take Harry as had been planned? Oh, it was just so awful. She wanted to hold and snuggle her baby close to her, where she knew he was safe. With her sister, she was sure he would not be as loved as he would be if he were with Sirius.

Sirius sank down to his knees, staring at the wreckage of the house. His face hardened and he rose suddenly, drawing his wand. "You're going to pay for what you have done, you dirty lying rat… You're going to pay!" Without another word, he disapparated with a crack.

"Merlin… he's going after Wormy." Lily blinked in shock, looking at the place where Sirius had just been.

"I'd go after him too if I could, the rotten, lying piece of shit. That bloody bastard deserves whatever Sirius gives him, for giving us away."

"But if he was tortured into telling…"

"It's his fault that Harry is going to be raised by that bitch, Lily! It's his fault!" James seethed, kicking his foot at a piece of rubble, but unable to make it move. Lily sighed. Wormtail had been acting funny lately… had he given them away already the last time they had seen him? It had been only just a week or so ago… "If it had been Wormtail in our position instead of us, and I had been his Secret Keeper, I would have died before I betrayed my friend. I would have died."

"James… I hate to break it to you… but we're already dead."

James faltered in his rage, a small smile playing on his lips. He took his hands. "Yes, but at least we're together. Sirius will take care of Wormtail, let's go keep an eye on that boy of our's."

"Yes." Lily nodded in agreement. "Let's always keep an eye on him."

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